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Beach Boys


The beach was empty. It was almost cold, but the boys stayed out on the beach, tossing a Frisbee back and forth, running barefoot on the sandy shore. The figures were distinguishable in the fading light. They were all about the same height, but Paul had dark hair and eyes and a muscular build. Both Dave and Sean were light haired and fair skinned, Dave slim next to the other two boys. They were all attractive physically, and each had a dazzling smile and a charming personality. The combination had drawn stares all afternoon from girls on the boardwalk.

Paul tossed the Frisbee at Dave, who smiled and spun around wildly when he caught it. Paul laughed, and called for him to give up the Frisbee. Dave ran over near Sean, letting Paul trail after him in pursuit of the Frisbee.

They all went down in a heap with the collision. Arms and legs tangled, and they all laughed and wrestled with one another. Paul came up on top of them both, and declared himself the winner with a vicious grin.

Sean was breathing hard. He tried to slow his breath to hide his excitement but it was impossible. He could feel Dave’s breath on his neck, and realized that he too was panting. Though probably for a different reason, Sean thought, feeling his pants grow tighter. The warmth from the two bodies against him nearly made him moan out load as his hardening cock grew in his cutoff jeans.

Paul’s victory cheers subsided, and he looked conflicted for a minute, then almost helpless as he unexpectedly leaned down and kissed Sean’s lips.

Dave moved back, bewildered at the intimate moment he was almost a part of. He couldn’t help but watch as Sean’s surprised lips responded, seeking Paul’s lips, wanting to explore his strong jaw lined with stubble.

Dave had moved closer again now that the surprise was wearing off and his body was taking over. Sean held very still as he felt the warm breath return to his neck. Dave’s lips ever so slightly brushed Sean’s neck as Paul looked on in awe. Both Sean and Paul looked at Dave in surprise, since Dave was the only one there who supposedly thought of himself as straight.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Dave said, his lips still close to Sean, buzzing against his skin, “and I don’t know what I’m thinking or doing, except that I’ve never been so turned on from a kiss I wasn’t involved in.” His hand crept up Paul’s ribcage, wavering slightly as a decision seemed to pass through his head. It was over as Dave gripped the blue and white striped shirt that hung from Paul’s body and pulled him down into a kiss.

Sean watched longingly. He had always been attracted to the other two boys but had never acted on it. He couldn’t believe that he was really watching these two hot guys kiss inches away from him. Paul broke the kiss, panting with desire. He lifted Dave’s thrift shop teeshirt and started kissing along his stomach, continuing along his back as Dave turned onto his side to face Sean.

Dave looked nervous, then smiled his fantastic smile. Sean rolled to face Dave, then cupped Dave’s face in his hands and kissed him the way he had wanted to for months, their eyes closed and lips meshing. Sean opened an eye as he felt Paul’s lips move to his torso. Dave laughed at Sean’s startled reaction, and sat up and peeled off his shirt. Paul pulled Sean into a sitting position and tugged Sean’s shirt off, then stripped off his own.

The next few moments were like the free-for-all that had occurred when they all fell to the beach earlier. Arms and legs were tangled, lips were searching, hands were caressing, and sensation was all that guided them. The touches grew desperate as the heat rose in the boys. Dave hesitantly ran his hand over Sean’s jeans. He pressed on the hardness he felt inside, and kissed Sean’s bare chest as he unbuttoned the pants. Paul smiled and grabbed hold of the jeans and Sean’s boxerbriefs underneath and tugged them down, throwing them in a pile with the teeshirts on the sand.

Sean protested. “Wait a minute, that’s not fair,” he said, feeling self conscious before the two guys.

Paul laughed and began to unbutton his pants. He leaned in close to Sean and whispered, “That’s alright, you won’t be alone for long. The sight of you has me so hard that I have to take these off right now.”

Dave nodded his agreement and shoved his pants down, staying close to Sean and letting their skin touch as he wiggled out of his khaki shorts.

They all stayed still for a minute, looking at each other’s bodies. Dave was lying on his side next to Sean, who was flat on his back on the sand. Paul was kneeling in front of Sean, and leaned back down to cover Sean’s body with his. Paul exhaled, “Sean,” sharply as their cocks rubbed against each other. Their kiss was harder this time, fiercer, pressing forward. Dave still lay next to them, his mouth slightly open, his hand now on his cock. Sean kept one eye on Dave, stroking his cock slowly at the sight of the other two grinding together. Sean reached his arm around Dave and pulled him closer, so that the head of his cock rubbed against Sean as he jerked. Paul left Sean’s lips to Dave, and Sean pushed his tongue into Dave’s mouth as he gripped his hair. Dave was starting to feel the throbbing desire that the other two were running on. Their need was getting so instinctual. Paul suddenly rolled onto the other side of Sean. Sean knew what was coming; he craved it. Paul’s hands circled around Sean’s chest, and Sean pushed his ass back to meet Paul’s cock. Sean groaned as Paul entered him, biting Dave’s bottom lip. Dave rested his hand on Sean’s body and felt Paul thrusting into him and Sean responding, bucking back against him. Dave inched closer and closer to Sean until their bodies were pressed together with no space between them. Dave was terrified, but wanted so badly to be a part of this, to feel someone else in him. He rolled around so that there was once again no space between he and Sean, but this time it was hi s back against Sean’s chest. Sean bit Dave’s shoulder and wrapped a secure arm around him. “Relax,” he said gently, and began to slowly jack Dave off. His own cock was twitching from being fucked and aching to take Dave. Dave pressed his ass against Sean, insisting that he wanted it. Sean slowly worked his fingers down, rubbing Dave’s balls, then playing outside Dave’s asshole. Dave pushed back against him, moaning, so Sean carefully put a finger inside him, rubbing gently. “Sean,” Dave gasped, “fuck me.”

Sean pulled Dave closer to him, trying not to cum just from hearing Dave’s words. He pulled his finger out of Dave and returned his hand to Dave’s dick. Sean slowly put the head of his cock into Dave’s asshole. “God, Dave, you feel so good,” Sean groaned. He slid slowly until he was all the way in Dave. Paul was watching this process, and was running his hands over the other two boys wildly. “You alright?” Sean asked Dave quietly, still stroking him up and down.

Dave finally let out a moan he had been holding in. “Sean, I want you,” he said at the end of his sigh. “I’m so close, fuck me.” Paul heard this and let out a groan himself. Sean was trying to hold back and be gentle with Dave, but Dave was pushing back against him hard. Sean started jacking Dave off faster, and began sliding in and out of him quickly. Paul watched Sean’s cock pumping into Dave’s body and began bucking harder against Sean. “You two are so fucking hot,” Paul grunted. Dave reached his arm back and gripped onto a body, at this point no one was conscious of who’s it was. Dave cried out, and Sean could feel Dave’s cock twitching as his own was, ready to cum, hard. Dave and Sean came almost together, hot cum spilling onto the sand and into Dave. Paul held on until he watched the cum shoot out of Dave, then groaned and pressed up against Sean hard as he pushed deep into him.

“Jesus Sean…” Paul said, resting his head on Sean’s body.

Dave leaned back into him also, gasping. Sweat poured off their three bodies. The sky was completely dark now; the half-light that they had played Frisbee in was gone. Sean slowly pulled out of Dave, and Paul lingered for a minute before doing the same. The three lay breathing hard on the beach, covered in sand, sticky from their own bodies. They kissed and lay close to one another before Paul said, “Race you to the water,” and the three jumped up and sprinted down the sand to the salty water.

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Hot Story

Love the intensity of this story as I have had a very similar experience. Great detail about kissing and exploring gay male sex.

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