Beach Bums


It's amazing, and really rather wonderful, what too much sun and wine, and a conversation about films, can do. I had known Kara a good few years, and I had always appreciated the firm trimness of her body, even if her face was more distinctive than pretty. But she had a serious boyfriend and I had a wife, so it had always been an arms length appreciation.

Sitting on a rug by the sea, with a group of friends all around us, we had fallen into a kind of conversation we had never enjoyed before. Almost without us noticing, a few friends went off for a long walk, and the others began to head back towards the cars and home. The fact we were accidentally all alone dawned only gradually.

Kara had straight brown hair, cut neatly rather than stylishly, and she was dressed simply in a white t-shirt and jeans. The jeans, I knew, were a mistake, as the temperature had unexpectedly soared; I was sure she couldn't be feeling comfortable. She looked great in them, mind, and in particular the occasional peek she had offered of the denim curving tightly round her ass made my throat catch and my cock begin to stir into interest.

It still seemed impossible that anything would happen, and it was only as we discussed a film that she had watched the previous night that the conversation took a genuinely erotic turn. Kara had been convinced she said, that the two female leads would "get it on", and she thought it was a typical piece of male bullshit directing.

"I always thought a lot of women enjoy that sort of thing in films too," I suggested.

"Yeah right," Kara scoffed.

"I bet you've been turned on by something like that," I said, topping Kara's glass up before mine.

"Oh yeah, of course every girl really wants some girl-girl action. That's such a stupid male fantasy."

"So when your friends used to sleepover at school, you never made out?"

"Did you make out with any of the guys at school?" Kara retaliated.

"I sucked a guy off once," I lied coarsely, hoping that Kara was the type of girl who might like that sort of thing.

"No way."

"Uhuh. So you ever taste pussy?" The speed with which the conversation was degenerating was impressive.

Kara shook her head. "I made out with a friend at college."

"Made out?"

"Kissed. Felt her up. So what was it liking sucking a guy off?"

"Like you don't know," I laughed.

"You know what I mean."

"Actually quite awesome," I said, making it up frantically. "The sense of power I had as I moved up and down, the look on his face..." The "experience" was taken from stuff I'd read. Who cares.

"Mmm yeah I like that." Kara had a dreamy look.

"You like giving head?"

"Oh yeah."

I looked at Kara's lips. The thought of them moving up and down my cock gave my stiffening member another shot.

"I'll bet your good at it," I said.

Kara laughed. "Why?"

"Because you have cock-sucking lips, my dear."

"So do you," Kara giggled. Somehow we had moved much closer, and our faces were only inches apart. There was that brief heartstopping pause and then Kara and I were kissing, wild and shameless.

Now I said we were alone, but we were on a beach, and there were other people on it too - not close, but close enough. It actually gave our frantic kissing and groping an extra edge - there was so much we wanted to do but couldn't, and the restriction was delicious.

I wasn't in any mood for wasting time, and rather recklessly I slid my hand down to the crotch of Kara's jeans. She was on fire, the heat in her sex burning the rough material. I concentrated on the seam below the zipper, knowing that pressing and rubbing it would excite her clit even more. Kara's slightly stifled moaning told me I was doing the right thing. She was returning the compliment, so as to speak, by stroking my cock through my shorts.

There was something wonderfully adolescent about the whole scenario, like we were too afraid to go too far. But we both knew exactly what we were doing, and the way we were teasing and fondling each other's genitals was anything but naïve.

"I'd love you to suck my cock Kara," I murmured, figuring we could make even more out of the restrictions of our exposed position.

"Mm yeah," Kara replied throatily, "I'd love to take your salty cockhead in my mouth, stroke and play with your balls." She was stroking around them right now, albeit through the material of my shorts.

"Let me cum down your throat?"

"Maybe. Maybe pull your cock out and make you shoot your spunk all over my face."

"Oh yeah, make me cum all over your face."

"Mm your cunt's so hot, Kara," I said, feeling up and down the seam, up and down her pussy lips.

"My cunt's wet, too. I'd love you to push your hot cock inside my hot wet cunt."

Although I had been concentrating on Kara's pussy, my other hand had been rubbing around her glorious firm bum. Although Kara's jeans were deliciously tight, I was just able to slip the tips of my fingers under the waistband and tease the inviting shallow valley of the top of her asscrack.

"God I love your bum, Kara," I said, trying unsuccessfully to slide my fingers further down past the waist of her jeans, down between Kara's cheeks and into her nastiest and most intimate region.

"I know, I've seen the way you look at my ass. It made my cunt so wet seeing you staring at my bum. Go on, feel my bum, feel all of my sexy bum."

As I continued rubbing Kara's pussy and ass, I could feel she was getting close to cumming.

"Yeah, make your sticky cunt cum on my fingers, Kara, let me finger your cunt till you cum..."

It was enough, and Kara was shuddering in what almost seemed agony as she silently burst and burst as the wonderful waves of her orgasm passed through her, just as the waves were crashing onto the beach behind us.

I held her while she shook, and then as she slipped a little back I could see her nipples poking stiffly through her tee shirt. She blinked several times and then looked down at the bulging groin of my shorts.

"What are we going to do about you?" she asked, her appetite clearly only whetted. Before I had a chance to reply she continued "I reckon, if I scoot down the rug, it'll only look like we're lying down."

She slid her whole body down the rug until she was facing my groin; I looked around us, it was true, there was nobody close and it might well look like we were just crashed out near each other.

All thoughts of other people disappeared as she undid my zipper and carefully extracted my cock from my boxers. Just the touch of Kara's fingers was electric, but this was almost immediately replaced by the cool liquid sensation of her mouth sliding over my cockhead. Did she ever have cocksucking lips.

Perhaps because she didn't want to make it obvious to anyone else what she was doing, Kara moved her head very slowly up and down the length of my cock. It was delicious teasing, like she was extracting every last ounce of pleasure from having my cock in her mouth.

Even as I could begin to feel the spunk rising from my balls she continued the same slow desperately deliberate speed, almost making time stop with the anticipation of shooting into her throat.

Then, after an agony of waiting, I felt the fantastic sensation of my cock spurting out, spurting, spurting, cumming again and again into Kara's willing mouth. She held herself there, obediently, taking every drop of my spunk down her throat.

Eventually it was my turn to stop shuddering, and Kara nimbly zipped up my shorts and slid up to face me. There was a delicious smile on her lips, wanton and hungry, lips that had only just finished licking my cock and tasting my spunk. "I reckon," she said softly, "it's about forty minutes to my place. And there, if you like, you can get yourself better acquainted with, if you want, my sticky cunt and my sexy bum. What do you think...?"

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