tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeach Camping Trip

Beach Camping Trip


In the late 1970s I moved to southeastern Virginia and learned about the beaches of the outer banks of North Carolina. One summer there were reports of an un-official nude beach at one of the islands. Apparently there was a gap in the laws or the policy of enforcement. Public nudity on the national seashore, patrolled by the federal rangers, seemed to be tolerated. These were remote beaches and outside the ability of the county sheriff to enforce any local ordinances. This window of opportunity for openly enjoying an un-official nude beach might have only existed for that summer, because later the feds agreed to enforce local laws prohibiting public nudity.

When I heard about it, I decided to make a reconnaissance trip to check it out. I had never been all the way to that remote island. Later in the summer my girlfriend Sandra from up north would be visiting, as would Jack, a guy we both knew, and Pam, a close friend and one of my girlfriend's college roommates. We decided to plan a camping trip in August to a beach location, and I was hoping this remote island would be the perfect spot.

So I planned my recon trip for mid-summer. With the long drive and ferry trip ahead of me, I left at about 3:00 am one Saturday morning, hoping to do the trip without staying overnight. I took food and drink in a cooler, beach gear in a small backpack, and just in case I did decide to stay, some minimal camping gear -- tent, sleeping bag and not much else. I got to the island about mid morning after a refreshing ferry ride. I didn't know exactly where to find the nude beach, but had heard you could get to it from one of the parking turnouts or the campground that was also on the ocean side of the island in the national seashore.

I drove all the way to the town at the far end of the island, checked it out, and then started heading back with the ocean on my right. I drove in to check out the campground. At that point I did not want to commit to renting a camp site, and asked the ranger or attendant if I could park somewhere to use the beach. She indicated the place where daytime visitors could park. I asked, "Where is the best area to go sunbathing?" I think she caught my drift.

She winked and said, "Oh there is plenty of good beach for sunbathing -- just hike your way down past the campground beach and keep going, you'll find it." She smiled at me and I was on my way.

Back then I was a slim young man, about 6-5, athletic and mostly suntanned. I was wearing a ball cap, a t-shirt, an old Speedo type swim suit that fit better when I was a teenager, and over that some old cut-off jean shorts. That summer I trimmed my pubic hairs and completely shaved my cock, balls and asshole area. I liked the smooth feel and my girlfriend loved it. I felt my cock stirring in anticipation of being liberated for some nude sunbathing. I also wanted to get some suntan so I wouldn't look like a total newbie on the nude beach next month with my friends.

I parked my car, grabbed my beach back pack and a couple drinks from the cooler, and then quickly walked through the campground. It had a loop road and the camp sites were on either side of the road. The outer ones abutted the dunes and beach on the ocean side and the flat vegetated area on the back side. After getting past the campground I went down to the water's edge and surveyed the scene up the beach to my left. It was an expanse of unending beautiful beach, and I could see no one, except two or three surf fishermen off in the distance. I walked ahead and up onto the wide flat part of the beach, and angled toward the dune grass line, crossing some tire tracks as I walked away from the camp. I continued a ways and didn't see anybody else. It was still early. I surmised others would be getting to the beach later in the day. Then it hit me when I saw two people laid out on towels, back in sort of a depression in the low dunes. If I weren't 6-5 and walking near the dunes, I would have missed them. It was two girls, nude and oiled up, lying on their stomachs, skin glistening. I didn't want to disturb them so I made a mental note of their location and continued on. Now I was thinking this was the place. After walking maybe 50 feet I saw another couple laid out nude in the dunes, this time a man and woman. They saw me going by, smiled and waved. At this point I felt like I had found the supposed nude beach. By then I had stripped down to just my skimpy old Speedo suit and put my clothes in the pack.

I decided to find my own private area back in the dunes to sunbathe. There was a section that had two low dune lines and a sandy depression in between. It was shielded from people's view that might walk by on the beach, but could be seen if you walked into the dunes. It seemed private enough. I laid out my towel on the soft sand, sat on it and slid off my swim suit. Before lying down I applied sun lotion, making sure to cover my white pubic area. Being nude and in the sun, and rubbing myself, really started getting me aroused and my cock went stiff. But I figured I better not be seen with an erection, as I wasn't sure about the etiquette of this un-official nude beach. So I downed the couple warm beers I had in my pack and tried to think about anything but sex -- baseball, golf, my old Ford Mustang that I had driven down here -- and that had the desired effect. I was really sleepy from getting up so early, the warm sun and the beer. I lay back on my back using the pack as a pillow, pulled down the visor of my ball cap to cover my eyes, and drifted off into a nap.

I awoke abruptly to the sound of some giggling, disoriented and not knowing how long I had been asleep. But whatever I was dreaming had gotten me into a raging hard on. I lifted my cap, looked up and there were two nude girls ogling me.

"That looks nice, but you better cover that big thing before it gets burned," said one of the girls and the other just laughed. They might have been the two girls I had spied earlier in the dunes. I was really embarrassed, didn't know what to say, and all I could manage was to say sorry. They smiled and went on their way, toned, sexy butts wiggling as they hiked out of the dunes toward the shore.

I got up and quickly put on my cutoffs, and stashed my swimsuit and the empty beer cans into my pack. Then I headed out onto the beach. There were now a few small groups of sunbathers actually out on the beach, some nude. The two girls were heading toward a spot where there were several others laid out. I was still embarrassed about what had just happened, so I figured it was time to head back. I was hungry and thirsty anyway, and had accomplished my recon mission.


When I got back to Virginia that night, I called my girlfriend to tell her about my trip. "I found the perfect place for our camping trip next month, " I told her. "It even has a nude beach."

"No, you're kidding me! I can't do that. And what about Jack and Pam...."

I interrupted her, "Sure you can, and so can they if they want to. And I know Pam will be up for it, I think she has been to nude beaches before. I'm not so sure about Jack."

And so our plans developed and came about on a weekend in late August. It was hot, but my apartment had air conditioning. Jack and Sandra arrived first, Sandra riding in his car from Pennsylvania, on a Friday afternoon. Pam arrived a bit later from Greensboro in her dad's old car she had inherited. Neither car had a working AC system, so it would be a hot trip. We decided to pack that night, then relax and load the car for a morning departure to beat some of the heat on the road.

Jack was my age, of average height, well built and athletic. A few years later he would take a job as a personal trainer. Sandra knew him from high school; he could be a little wild especially when he was drinking, but on this trip he seemed subdued. Pam was taller and heavier than the average girl her age, voluptuous almost to the point of being chubby. She had blonde-brown hair, a nice face, suntanned body, and lots of curves and flesh to grab onto. I had fantasized about her especially after hearing some of the rumors and innuendo among those college roommates. What I had heard was she liked guys, but also had fooled around with at least one of her female roommates in the big bathtub at their rented house, maybe even with my girlfriend Sandra. They sure had some interesting winks and inside jokes about that bathtub. Sandra on the other hand, while having the same hair color, was otherwise almost the opposite. She was petite, about 5-6, with a slim build, yet juicy luscious thighs and ass. Her tits were small and perky. She was not athletic but had kept in shape from hiking and working a summer job at a national park out west. She did not have much suntan -- light skin and very attractive features. Both of the girls were a year older than us guys.

My apartment was small, and after dinner and packing we had gravitated into my bedroom to watch TV. I had only a mattress and box springs with no bed frame. Sandra and I got into the bed under a sheet, and Pam and Jack lay on the floor to watch a movie that was on. We had the volume turned up enough that the others could not hear, we thought, nor see, what we were doing on the bed. Sandra reached into my boxer shorts and expressed surprise at what she felt -- "Oh, you're shaved!" she whispered in my ear. That was all it took to get her wet, as I found when I pulled down her panties to feel her pussy. It wasn't long before she had a small, quickie orgasm and surprised the others with her moan. I think they knew what happened. I was hot for her but knew I would have to wait until later to give her a good fucking.


The drive down to the outer banks of North Carolina to the ferry was long, hot and uneventful. We all wore a minimum of clothes. The guys wore cutoff shorts, and flip flops, no shirts. The girls were in their bikinis, flip flops, and t-shirts on top for cover. I rode in Jack's car and Sandra with Pam. The need for two cars, was that Pam planned to take a different ferry back to the mainland of North Carolina to head back to Greensboro, rather than detour to Virginia. Jack would drive the three of us back to Virginia.

I asked Jack, "What do you think about the nude beach? Who do you suppose will get naked first?"

"I don't know yet, it's new to me," he replied. "But it won't be me. I'm guessing Pam will be nude before any of us. She told me she loves nude beaches."

We met up with each other at the ferry. That was a real rush -- a nice breeze and feeling we were really getting away, and anticipation that we were going to have some fun. I was hoping Pam had talked up the nude beach idea to Sandra to get her into an open mind.

We got to the campground around mid afternoon and it was blazing hot, with only the slightest breeze off the ocean to help. After checking in, we decided it was too hot to work on setting up camp, so we parked at our site and went right for the beach. We took a small cooler with drinks, towels, and my backpack which had two bottles of lotion. That day there were more people on the beach than the day of my recon trip. The families with children seemed to stay on the campground beach, and farther up, so far as I could tell it was all adults, at the nude beach. Still, it was not crowded at all, and there was plenty of space to find a spot with relative privacy. We picked a place we thought would be out of the way of the 4-wheel drive vehicles, and far enough back from the shore that we would not have oglers walking by.

We all laid out our towels and the girls removed their shirts. Pam was the first to strip down, as predicted. She kicked off her flip flops, unceremoniously pulled off her bikini bottoms, and announced "I'm going for a swim, who's in?" as she unclipped her bikini top. I couldn't help notice the absence of any pubic hair -- she was very smooth and completely shaved below the waist. Her breasts and ass cheeks were not completely white -- she obviously had worked on getting an overall tan.

No one replied to her, and she went down to the shore by herself. I wanted to go for a swim, but Sandra didn't. I was a little concerned about leaving my girlfriend alone with Jack right away. I figured I had better see how things develop before going out for a swim. I watched Pam as she walked toward the water, her ass and legs looking sweet.

"Well here goes!" Sitting on my towel, I leaned back on my elbows, lifted my butt and pulled down my cutoffs. I hadn't put on any underwear or my Speedo suit that morning. As casually as I could, I folded my shorts to use as a pillow, and lay back to see what the others would do.

Sandra said, "Well I'll take off my top -- that's it for now." After removing her bikini top, she lay face down on her towel. Jack took off his cutoffs, but he still had on a tight fitting Speedo type suit, which he left on. You could clearly see the shape of his semi-hard cock. He also lay face down on his towel. I managed to stay flaccid in spite of seeing my girlfriend's cute tits with erect nipples, and having seen Pam's shaved pussy. This surprised me, as I thought for sure I was at risk of getting a hard on once I was nude.

With the two of them laid out and settled, I said "You guys enjoy the sun -- I'm ready for a swim."

Pam was already well out past the breakers, floating on the ocean swell. I walked through the shallows and the small breakers, and the water and surf felt fantastic on my nude body. I was still conscious of my nudity but enjoying every minute. I waded out between breakers, dove into one, and then swam out toward Pam, who hadn't really seen me nude yet.

"Hey Ron, what's up? I watched you walking in, and it looks like you shaved." She was floating on her back, and I had a nice view of her tits and pussy.

"Yeah, Sandra really likes it, and I do too. She can't keep her hands off me!" I joked.

"I heard you two last night and I was jealous. Jack doesn't seem too interested in me. Let me see how it feels."

I looked back to the beach. I could barely see Sandra and Jack lying there, and they were facing away from us. "OK, but only if I get to feel you as well. I see you're shaved." I floated alongside her, with me also on my back, but I was not as naturally buoyant as Pam. I had to keep paddling and kicking a little to stay afloat at the surface. I sidled up to her head to toe, took a deep breath and reached between her legs. Her pussy felt smooth and slippery in the seawater. I rubbed her mound area while using my thumb to feel her pussy lips and clit. Meanwhile she was rubbing my smooth pubic area and started squeezing my cock and balls gently.

I was looking her in the eyes and starting to get hard when she said, "OK that's all, we need to get busy swimming or something. Sandra is looking this way. But I need to tell you something before we go in."

We swam and body-surfed for a while. I was totally refreshed and relaxed. Pam came alongside of me again. "Sandra is not looking now, she's lying down again. Here's the deal. On the ride down she confided in me how frustrated she was about not being able to fuck you last night. She wants to get you out on the beach after dark to make love to you. You know I won't sleep with Jack." We had already decided the girls would take one tent for the night, and the guys in the other tent.

"So here's what I want you to do. I am going to drink a fair amount tonight, and will fake getting real drunk, then go to my tent to pass out. Sandra is going to try to get you away to fuck you in some private area on the beach. But try to steer her away from that -- tell her you're afraid someone might see or hear you, or maybe there are too many mosquitoes. Wear down her resistance with some touchy-feely and plenty of alcohol. Then get her into my tent, she'll go along with it if you coax her."

I was thinking about that and starting to get hard again. I was floating, facing the shore, waiting for a good wave to ride in.

"Alright, I'll try. But what then?" I asked. Pam had floated alongside me but slightly behind me. The next swell came and gave us some forward momentum. It was not a big enough one to ride, but Pam used it to maneuver on top of my back and wrapped one arm around my chest and the other around my waist. I sucked in a breath before her weight pushed me under. She pressed her tits into my back and started grabbing and stroking my now hard cock. I knew we couldn't be seen from the beach, but I had to break free of her hold to surface and catch my breath.

"Pam!" I gasped. "Sandra will never let you have my cock. What do you plan to do in the tent? Just watch and listen?"

"Don't worry, I'll figure out something after the timing is right. Sandra is horny for you and won't be paying attention to me. Now let's go in and get some sun."

We body-surfed and swam our way into the shallows, and my dick managed to shrink back to a normal state. We kept our distance from one another as we strode in to the beach and back to Sandra and Jack on their towels. Jack still had his Speedos on, but had turned over onto his back. Sandra had allowed her suit to get bunched up into the crack of her ass, probably intentionally as a compromise, and the bottoms of her ass cheeks were spilling out. She looked absolutely sexy like that, and with her bare tits, but was starting to get too much sun.

"Hey you guys need to put on some lotion or cover up before you get burned," yelled Pam as we approached. I got out the two bottles of lotion we had and gave one to Sandra. She opted for pulling on her t-shirt to cover up on top and just put lotion on her exposed ass cheeks, legs and feet. I applied some lotion on my whitest parts and was careful not to stimulate myself, which was not easy with the view I was getting of my girlfriend.

Then I handed the bottle to Jack but he said, "No, I'm going for a quick dip to cool off, then I'll go back and start setting up camp." I decided to sun myself for a while as I dried off, then join him when he came back from his swim. While waiting I lay on my stomach on my towel. Pam was sitting cross-legged with her legs spread, and though I couldn't see, I knew she was giving Sandra a perfect view of her moist pussy. The girls were chatting and having a beer, and I enjoyed watching the view of their exposed breasts and Pam's nude ass cheeks. I didn't want to risk getting an embarrassing hard on, so I got up after a while and put my cutoff shorts back on. By then Jack was getting back from his swim; he dried off and we both left to set up camp. It was noticeably cooler by then, and still a breeze off the ocean. We left the girls there with the small cooler to chat and have a beer.


Jack and I took our time getting things set up, sipping a beer or two in the process. We had picked one of the sites that had no occupants next to us. It abutted onto the back of the campground in the direction of the salt bushes and grasses. Soon we had both tents set up, the cooking gear on the picnic table, four folding chairs set up, other gear out, and a charcoal fire started in the grill. In addition to the beers in the big cooler chest, we had set up a mini-bar for tequila and whiskey shots. I don't think Jack was hoping to get lucky with Pam, but I know he liked to drink. "Jack, did you like what you saw with Pam nude out on the beach?" I asked.

"Not really. She's not my type, plus I think she's a bit of a slut." That ended our conversation for a while, I didn't reply. It was late enough, the charcoal fire was hot, so we started cooking. Nothing elaborate -- just some smoked sausages and hot dogs on the grill. We had some chips, and some cole slaw on ice. Pretty soon we could see the girls approaching. Sandra was still in her t-shirt, had not put her bikini top back on, but had modestly pulled her bikini bottoms in place to cover her ass cheeks. Pam likewise only had a t-shirt on top, you could tell she had not put her bikini top back on. But below was a mystery -- she had wrapped her beach towel around her waist and it draped down almost to her knees. Pam was lugging the small cooler.

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