Beach Sashimi


I first saw her walking along the beach shoreline, tall, blonde, white skirt, with a slit on one side, blue sweater. It was late August, a Saturday night, at almost sundown, with cool easterly winds coming in off the ocean.

She picked the time and place. I had parked a few blocks north of where we were to meet, because the beach parking was limited along the north beach road. Arriving and not seeing her, she phoned me on my cell phone, telling me she was walking northward along the shoreline.

I pulled our dinner, sashimi for two, blankets, and water from the car, closed the door, and then walked toward the beach finding a perfect spot just as she was closing in.

We had met online, chatted for weeks, and found mutual interests in our backgrounds, and education. She had a remarkable intuition, which was her guidance system. I had sent her several of my fictional stories, which can only be described as personal, and sensual.

I knew that she would read the stories I sent her before she went to sleep, which aroused her, causing her to masturbate. When we were online chatting, I had the feeling she was aroused, then one day we spoke of it, and she was open with me about her sexual energy, we simply matched.

Now here she was, walking toward me to sit on the beach at sundown and share Sashimi, with wine she had brought. She was younger, a widow, tall, proportional, and beautiful. I felt attracted to her before we met, now seeing her, my feeling was to kiss her, taste her lips, touch her and feel her response.

We Kissed, embraced, then spread the blanket on the sand under a group of palm trees. The north beach road traffic was normal, and people who had been on the beach were leaving as the sun went down.

She opened a bottle of Shiraz wine, poured two glasses, and we toasted, then kissed, toasted, and kissed.

Her lips were a perfect fit to mine, but her taste was unlike any taste I have ever tasted before, perhaps a light touch of French vanilla would describe her taste best. When we kissed, her light perfume scent wafted up into my nostrils, making an indelible impression, now etched in my memory.

As we sat on the blanket, sipping wine, kissing, chatting in idle conversation, both of us overcoming our nervous tension, at the shock we had actually met, and now were relaxing at sundown. All anxiety had left when I first laid eyes upon her. I felt a strong bond with her, as she felt with me, quite unlike any other relationship before.

She had large breasts, with perfect aureoles, peaked with the most sensitive nipples. Through her clothing I could see her arousal, and wanted to touch her, but not now, it was just still too bright on the beach, despite sundown.

She had no real concept of how much I was attracted to her, nor did I let on, from first, I felt arousal deep within my body, wanting more than anything to touch, lick, and taste her.

Opening the Sashimi, we fed each other, first me, then her. For weeks I wanted to take a strip of tuna, run it between her vaginal lips to suck then slowly on it. One night weeks ago, I told her of my fantasy of taking tuna between her lips, soaking it with her, and then sucking it slowly down. She reacted in a most positive manner, telling me she was wet, but that tuna would never taste the same again.

Our fresh seafood was excellent served with aromatic wine. She felt our energy and wanted to share sexual energy with me while sitting side by side on our blanket looking through a private window on beach, seeing ocean boats, bobbing, rocking relentlessly on gentle Ocean swells as evening tide came in. Ocean had reflections of colored lights dancing on glossy rippled surface waters washing onto shore. Gradually it grew darker; we held hands finished our wine, touched.

I reached under her skirt, moving my fingers upward to her vagina, without hesitation, she quickly took a towel placing it over my hand, while opening her legs finding a comfort zone to remain to relax and feel secure. I spared no detail in telling her just what I wanted from her, touching, tasting, feeling, and kissing. She is unique, statuesque, beautiful sensual, and erotic.

We idled away last moments of dusk touching, feeling, and kissing. Her pussy opened like a flower. She showed me her arousal, with her responsiveness in wetness. My fingers penetrated warm moist lips, then massaged, and teased her clit. She orgasmed several times, we both instinctively knew a whole night together would be spectacular. Yet, we were limited in first meeting on a public beach, constrained by an open setting. Yet our appetite hungered to touch

During our preceding weeks of meeting, we gradually built up from an initial email to chatting. After several weeks of chatting, sending her fictional stories, and some personal photos, I put on my web cam. Three days later, I asked her if she wanted to see my cock, quickly she responded with a healthy YES. In short order, I showed her my cock over the small web camera, and began to masturbate. Something came over me, and I am not sure what took hold of me, but being with her naturally seemed quite ok.

As she watched me, she made a few comments, like she was wet, enjoyed watching. My cock began to ooze precum, making myself look very wet. I am sure she looked and looked. At one point she said she was touching the screen, and her viewing of me was driving her nuts.

As she watched, I became more and more aroused, then in about 30 minutes erupted with a healthy orgasm, continued masturbating, then erupted again, continued to milk myself, erupting again, and again. She was going nuts. She enjoyed seeing me masturbate, I wanted to see her.

Now here on this spot, in real time, I was touching her. As I touched, she touched me, feeling my cock and erection. I had worn long beach trunks, with a satin bikini underneath, which made easy access for her to feel and massage my cock. She was enjoying the touching.

We touched, bonded, felt, kissed, tasted, and now darkness had fallen upon us, surrounding us.

"I'm really wanting you right now" she said, while I had three fingers gently and deeply inside her, gently massaging her most sensitive areas. She responded in waves of soft moans.

I heard her moan, with each touch, waves soft moans, building to a crescendo, in a wave, then her release, followed with a flood of wetness. She is a tender gentle person.

I just knew if we had more privacy, with her legs were spread wider, perhaps if she was in a chair, sofa couch, or even a bed, she would squirt her sweet nectar all over me.

Both of us wanted to share our intimacy of discovered adventured pleasures.

Her touch on my cock was especially tender, dedicated, tender, and arousing. She gently stroked me, then took her fingers, licking them with her saliva, and back to my cock, massaging slowly, feeling my mushroom head, and its slit. She looked at my cock with intent interest, almost a desire to take it, possess it.

Her eyes memorized each fold of skin, each unique part, and then she felt my balls. She realized they were large. A feature she particularly liked, as she envisioned maybe somehow having them inside her totally in some way. She had thoughts, which were not revealed, yet thoughts which penetrated the veil of our casual dinner meeting.

I stated; "My cock is hard, my lust for you increases with each passing minute". In the background, our Caribbean ocean rumbles softly, waves surging against beach sands.

Touching each other intimately, exploring with adventuresome touches, we pull each other into a warm embrace kissing passionately. Sucking tongues, lips, tasting each other, her body yields to my embrace, pressing against me, feeling our urgency, yet we are constrained by this public place, doing all we can to enjoy each drop of each other.

My hands ran over her body, caressing her back, ass, finding, then fondling her perfect large breasts with rising passion. She knew that taking her bra off would make her passion more compete, and thought perhaps it was dark enough for me to suck her nipples. I reached under her blouse, behind, and unclasped her bra, which she slid off, down her arms, placing it in my tote bag.

With gentle fingers massaging her breasts, I bent over, then began to suck her right then left nipples, tasting her, freeing her breasts to my hungry lips. I suck, nibble and lick at them the darkness of dusk, as her hand massages then squeezes my swollen cock, which now is completely exposed. My need is to feel her lips sucking me.

Our whole beach is nighttime quiet as I listen to her moans, with each rising wave of orgasm, while my fingers are back massaging her vagina, seeking her warmth inside her lips. Her quiet waters flowing in my hand, while warm night air with a subtle scent of seashore fills our senses. I have a vision of undressing together, continuing beyond this initial experience, yet know we cannot reach that shore with our passion, until another time. She is beautiful without panties, beautiful without a bra, and more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

My hand fits her warm, wet, responsive pussy, while her hand grasps my hard cock, squeezing and stroking in rhythm with me. Our lips meet again in another warm and intimate farewell night kiss. My hands measure, then map and memorize her body engraving her image in my mind with an indelible precision. Tinkling Ocean lights bid a farewell to us, as we pack it up, and ease slowly away from the shore. Its last goodnight as our twilight watches us fading into nightfall.

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