Beach Vacay


They nodded.

A minute later, Aly's and Jessi's moms called them to the cars, and they left.

And then there were two.

: : : : :

Dani and I moped around the pool for a few hours, then we told our folks we were off to the beach. "Be careful," our moms said.

"Don't go in the water for an hour," we whispered, laughing.

The beach (the regular beach, that is) was eerie, almost completely deserted. There were probably ten other people, total. The tide was out, and we strolled down by the water, where the sand was packed and the walking was easier.

"So, Dani," I began. She knows that beginning, and didn't reply.

"Obviously, you were the ringleader of that bikini top thing."

"Well," she said, and I knew from her tone that this wouldn't be a simple answer. "You weren't here last year." She saw my eyes widen and laughed. "No no, we didn't do that last year. We were down by the water, and there was a group of college kids. About half and half, guys and girls. They were obviously drinking, and after awhile the girls all took off their tops. They were topless for over an hour, until the beach patrol came and made them cover up.

"We watched the whole thing, and I don't think any of us said a single word the whole time they had their tits out. When the beach patrol left, we were all, like, 'that was HOT.' It affected all of us. I know for me it was INTENSE, I mean seriously erotic, and I think it was for Aly and Jessi, too.

"I think we were all ready to do something like that. I bet if you had been here, the way you have of making things happen, we probably would have done it, but none of us took charge the way you would have, so we did nothing.

"Saturday at the ice cream shop, we were trying to figure out, how do we tell Cait about that in a way that she'll see how deliciously arousing it was. No one had a clue. We tried a bunch of different ways of explaining it, but they all just sounded lame.

"So, this year, the three of us met in the lobby before you guys arrived. Topic number one was, we've gotta get Caitlin in on the topless thing, how do we do that? In a way, you're right, I was the instigator, because I'm the one who suggested that we should get you to experience it, to live it, rather than just describing it to you. The three of us together came up with the plan of yanking off your top."

We were in the process of walking past three older guys, who couldn't have been more obviously ogling us. As Dani continued talking, I started to think that there might be some fun here, that we could not only make these guys' day, but ours too. I said, "You want to have some fun?"

Dani's eyes sparkled, she had noticed the old guys too, and she said, "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking, my boobs haven't gotten nearly enough sun, maybe even my other parts, too, and I wonder if we can get their eyeballs to explode."

Dani giggled, and we both untied the lower knots on our tops. Timing is everything, though; right then a beach patrol officer rode past on his four-wheeler. He stopped, and said, "No nudity, girls."

"Just adjusting, officer," Dani said, and we both retied.

He rode off, but Dani said, "He'll be back, soon, to check."

I was crushed. I hadn't planned on getting naked today, but once even that sliver of an opportunity had presented, I got my hopes up. Now I was aroused, and I didn't want to give up.

A mischievous look came over Dani's face, and she asked, "I'm feeling hot all of a sudden. Are you?"

She took my hand, and we resumed walking, slowly.

"I'm not sure what you mean," I said, but I kind of did, and my kitty was tingling at the thought.

"I'll take that as a yes. What I'm about to do, just go with it. Just go with it."

Before I could wonder what she meant, she took my hand, positioned it on her shoulder, put her hand around my waist, pulled me in, and kissed me. Full on the mouth. With lots of tongue.

I must have been somewhat tentative, because she said, her lips brushing mine, "Hot, Cait, feelin' hot, we're going to put on a little show, and turn those old guys on. I'm feeling HOT, and I think you are too. I bet we can get them to cream in their Speedos. When we're through, they'll always remember the day they got to watch a couple of hot lesbians."

"Lesbians? I'm not a-" and she laced her fingers through my hair, pulling me in tight for a deeper, longer, hotter kiss. My kitty flooded in response.

Our whole week had consisted of a series of incremental steps, one after the other -- taking off our tops, taking off our bottoms, fingering ourselves in public. Now, since we couldn't get naked again, the next step to top that might as well be find some old guys, and make out with a girl in front of them.

Getting into the role, and glancing over at the guys to confirm that we had their undivided attention, I lowered my hand from her shoulder, sliding down until I had a handful of breast. I squeezed it, found her nipple through the fabric of her bikini, and rolled it between my thumb and fingers.

We let our kiss end, she took my hand again, and we resumed walking, slower, more dreamily. I turned to her and kissed her cheek, allowing me to check the old guys. We were definitely the center of their universe. I turned, locked my lips onto hers, and dipped both hands down inside the back of her bikini bottom, massaging her bare ass. She slipped a hand inside my top, found my nipple, and began vibrating her finger across it. "Shit, Dani, you're going to make me cum..."

"If you do, you better make sure I do too," she whispered. We disconnected and resumed walking, the other way this time, so we had to pass right by the old guys again. She had her arm around my shoulder, while I resumed cupping her ass, outside her bikini this time.

We stopped, Dani turned to me, and we locked lips in another deep soul kiss. I worked my knee between hers, and pulled her ass in, so that my pussy contacted her upper thigh, and hers contacted mine. We both started a humping, rubbing motion with our hips, and I thought I was going to cum on the spot. I pulled us apart, very difficult, as all I wanted to do was finish things right then and there.

The sun was settling toward the 'golden hour' point, where the light is the prettiest, and the late afternoon sea breeze was nearing its peak. I released Dani's hand, and put my arm around her, low, caressing the curve of her waist. The breeze, the sun, our shared sensuality, all combined for one of the most serene moments I've ever experienced.

We had walked far enough past the old guys that they had 'released' us. By the time we cut across the sand for the walk back to the hotel, they were way off in the distance, walking the other way.

: : : : :

When we got back, our folks were in the lobby bar having cocktails. We agreed to meet them in half an hour or so, and all go to dinner. We hit the bathroom to clean up, wash off the sunblock and the salt.

"Cait," Dani said, "I'd never do anything that might affect our friendship."

Well, earlier on the beach, she already had, and somehow, I had a feeling she was about to again. I nodded, and noticed she was slipping off her bottoms. "But," she said, "I'm a few seconds away from the biggest orgasm of my life. I think if you would lick me maybe three or four times, I'd explode." She didn't verbalize the question, but she sure implored me with her eyes.

I nodded again -- I couldn't seem to find my voice. I should say, I'm not "into" girls. I have nothing against girls who are, that's cool, but it's not me. But at that moment, I was so aroused, so intensely stirred up, that it wasn't about the other person being a girl. It was about us both being consumed with a deep, primal urge. There weren't any male candidates available for satisfying that urge, and Dani is someone I love and trust. So, sex with a girl, bring it on.

She positioned herself half on, half off of the counter top, allowing me full access to her sensitive parts. I got on my knees, and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I'd never done this before, I'd never had it done to me before, I'd never even read about how to do it. All I knew about the geography down there is kind of a braille map I'd built of what feels good to me, with my fingers, along with what little bit my boyfriend had done that felt good.

I tried to extrapolate the layout of what my fingers knew, and turn it into a guide book for my tongue. I knew that, with my fingers, I like to start at the bottom of the slit, and slowly slide up to the top. So I did that with my tongue. I was immediately overwhelmed with sensations that aren't there when it's fingers in your own pussy -- the texture of what I learned later are the inner and outer lips, the flavor of her honey, and the intoxicating aroma.

Dani seemed to be a different type of overwhelmed. She shuddered, and made a deep, purring sound from the back of her throat.

I repeated the slow glide from the bottom of her slit to the top, trying to push my tongue in a little deeper. Her breathing became very fast and deep, like she had been running, hard. She laced her fingers through my hair, and pulled my face hard down over her pussy. I assumed that meant she was ready to finish.

When I'm fingering myself and I'm ready to finish, I vibrate my finger over the nub at the top of the slit, which I found out later is my clit. I started vibrating my tongue over her nub, and she sucked her lungs full of air and began a low moan, squeezing my head tight with her thighs. I felt an earthquake vibrating through her abdomen and thighs. It emerged and rumbled, building in intensity, and she wiggled, and bucked, and shivered, and shook, until I could barely stay connected to her. I kept my tongue vibrating on her until she relaxed the hold she had on me, and her breathing returned to normal.

"O. . . M. . . G. . ." is all she said. She slid off the counter, nearly collapsing into a boneless puddle. She pulled me up to my feet, knelt in front of me, and pulled my bikini bottoms to the floor. She stood, gave me another one of those soul deep kisses, and said, simply, "Now. . . You. . . "

Having her take off my bottoms to lick me was far more erotic than merely revealing my naked pussy to hundreds of strangers. As I said, I'd never had this done to me before, but based on her reaction, I expected it to be freaking awesome. I took my position, my ass half on the counter, half hanging off, leaning back against the mirror. Just the act of spreading my legs in front of her face was so charged with sexual energy, I almost came before she could get started. She took her position between my thighs, and I parked my feet on her shoulders, my knees as far apart as they would go.

It had taken two licks for her to cum. It took me one. Now I got it, "O. . . M. . . G. . . " indeed! Cumming on her tongue was the sweetest sensation I'd ever felt. I thought I had cum hard back on the beach -- by comparison, that was nothing! I have no idea how she stayed connected to me, the way I thrashed about. I peaked, and caressed the back of her head, while she slowly stroked my slit with her tongue, letting me float gently back to earth.

: : : : :

Saturday morning, poolside. It was a very different day than our last day usually was. The sky was even uncharacteristically grey.

We decided to skip the ice cream shop. Without our other friends, it felt like an empty gesture. In light of all that had happened this week, it seemed naïve, elementary, childish.

"Dani," I said, at the same moment she said, "Cait."

"You first," I said, at the same moment she said, "You first."

I paused a second, to see if she would start, but she didn't, so I started.

"Dani, yesterday was..." and I faltered. Finding the right words was not going to be easy in this conversation.

"...wonderful," she filled in.

"It was, wasn't it?" I said. "Yet, it was also..." and I faltered again.

"...not who we really are," she finished.

"No, we're not, are we? I hope it doesn't..." This time when I stopped, it wasn't because I faltered. She was doing so good at finishing what I started, I thought we should stay with what was working.

"...affect things going forward."

"It shouldn't, should it? Do you think it will?"

"Not if we both just take it in stride. I mean, it was something that happened once. We just shouldn't imagine that it's the beginning of something."

"It's not the beginning of something, is it?"

"No, it's not. Are you disappointed?"

"No. No, I'm relieved. You?"

"Relieved is a good choice of words."

We sat in silence for a minute.

I started, and this time I finished my own sentence. "It was really special, I wouldn't change a moment of it."

"Me either."

"About Jessi and Aly..."

"I don't see any reason for them to know. You?"

"No, I don't. And unlike what you guys did with my top, I don't feel the need to set anything up so they can have a similar experience."

"I agree, completely. I mean, how could we possibly put it in perspective?"

"I'm glad you understand. You're a good friend."

"You are too, the best."

I was in the process of agreeing, when our moms called us in, to change into traveling-in-the-car clothes.

"One more quick question."


"Could I get you to call my boyfriend, give him some pointers?"

We both laughed.

: : : : :

In the car on the way home, I recalled the chapter on addiction in my Psychology class. The current thinking is, some people have what's called an "addictive personality." Their brains are wired so that they are more susceptible to getting hooked on a variety of substances and behaviors -- heroin, alcohol, nicotine, or gambling for instance.

When someone is wired this way, they're not necessarily doomed to a life of uncontrollable substance abuse. It's very possible for them to stay addiction free. The analogy in my textbook was, they have an "addiction switch," and if they never taste anything highly addictive, then their "switch" remains off, and they have a much easier time staying clean.

But, once they taste and enjoy, their "switch" is thrown to ON, and resisting harmful substances will be much more difficult from then on.

Looking back on my time at the beach, I realized something about being naked outdoors, and in public: I love, love, love it. I want to do it more. Lots more. There's no doubt about it, my switch got thrown. And of the four of us, I know I'm not the only one; possibly, probably all four of us.

I can't wait to see what happens next year.

: : : : :

p.s. I was looking back at the calendar recently, the one with the dates of our beach vacay. Wednesday, our trip to the nude beach, was on July 14th. I didn't know then, that's National Nude Day. Very appropriate.

The four of us are attending college together now, and I was right about my friends: all their switches got thrown, too. We are continuing to have adventures together, frequently involving public nudity -- it's amazing what four inspired minds can come up with. Those stories are for another time. For now, Happy Nude Day!

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