tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeast of Rage Ch. 01

Beast of Rage Ch. 01


She paces, her heart beating wildly, a red haze is all she sees. The beast inside her roars to be free. She stands at the window, her palm pressed to it as she stares out blankly into the night. She can feel danger lurking in the air but she must give in. She can feel the beast inside her screaming to be freed and she pushes away, only the outline of where her hand once was remaining.

Obscenities whispered as she paces, her chest tight and her body growing more and more restless. She longs to scream out her rage, to break everything in sight, but she knows that won't help. The beast in her screaming for freedom, for air...

She grabs her running shoes and hastily places them on, the house shrinking on her. She hasn't seen him in awhile and her life is spinning out of control. Shoes laced she heads out into the warm night.

She runs not seeing where she is going, the streetlights sending shadows dancing around her, her heart racing, her feet steadily trying to keep up with her. All she hears is her breathing, strong, labored. Her feet pounding in her ears, blissfully running. The beast in her released.

A scream comes from the darkness of the night; she realizes its her and frantically looks around as the ground comes up to her fast, the heavy body on top of her. She fights him hard as she growls fiercely at him. Her fingers raking across his body tearing deep. She can feel warmth of blood as she fights to be free of him.

Panic rises in her as he begins to overpower her. A stinging blow landing across her cheek, this only fuels her rage more as continues to struggle with him. His growls mix in with hers as he grabs her long auburn hair and twists her head roughly to the side. He pins her beneath him, his weight and hands keeping her from moving.

"Let me go you fucking asshole. Let me go!" she growls at him. Her eyes focus beyond the red haze and tears, her beast slowly calming waiting for the moment to burst free of him.

He leans close to her ear and only growls. Turning her head towards him in fury she bites at him, her teeth barely grazing his skin.

"Let me go you stupid fucking asshole. I can kick your ass. Come on and be a man. Lets fight you stupid fuck." She thrashes against his hold her rage bursting through her as she rambles on. He only holds her in place as his eyes peek through at her, watching her slowly wear down.

His eyes burn into her as she continues to struggle. He positions himself on her to keep her beneath him, one hand is free so he reaches behind his back and comes up with zip ties. Her emerald eyes widen in fear as she sees her situation going from bad to worse. Violently she struggles against him but to no avail. He struggles with her as he slips the zip ties on her wrists and subdues her.

"Please, let me go." She whimpers to him, "please." With a zip tie on each wrist he leans up on his knees and tries to turn her on her stomach.

"No!" she screams as she fights him, trying to stay on her back, she couldn't allow him to put her hands behind her back. She couldn't be made that vulnerable.

SMACK! Resounds in her head as she sees stars. She can taste the copper of blood in her mouth. In this daze he has her on her stomach and secures her wrists together. Her whimpers and moans go unanswered as she licks her now tender lip. Her eyes narrow as he roughly pulls her to her feet.

With swiftness he didn't expect she knees him hard in the crouch and takes off running. She heard his initial grunt and what sounded like him going to his knees. She knew she had to escape him. She headed into the woods knowing she could lose him there, and society was miles away. She knew all the bad horror shows where you scream at the girl not to go into the woods.

She was at home with nature, it was her second home. Silently she made her way through the woods, cutting here and there to throw him off. Her heart beating wildly in her ears she forces herself to calm down. She has to think this through. The first thing she has to do is find a sharp rock to cut these zip ties from her. Until she can have her hands back she is at a major disadvantage.

Her emerald eyes adjusting to the darkness, she looks around for something to release her from her bindings. Her catlike eyes scanning her surroundings as she listens for him. Unable to find what she seeks she keeps moving. She has to keep distance between them.

Maybe he was looking for an easier target, maybe she was in the right place at the wrong time, and maybe he didn't even follow. Too many maybes for her comfort so she keeps going. If he was only looking for an easy target then she was safe, but what if he was after her? She shakes her head and continues.

Meanwhile he is on his knees groaning, his breath taken from him. He leans forward and is on his hands and knees taking steady breaths. The pain still licking through his body, screaming for him to stop moving.

"Bitch" he growls out to the air. So much for him being nice about it. So much for the surprise. She wants to play rough, then lets go. He stands himself up on unsteady legs and pursues after her knowing she got a good head start. But he moves slow, examining the ground before him.

With a slight smirk on his face he follows her trail into the woods. 'So she thought she could hide from me. We will just see about that.' He thinks to himself as he sees the broken bush branches and sees each jagged turn she took. He walks silently through the woods; trailing after her like the predator she has forced him to be.

Slowly her pace and her breathing becomes more controlled. She can almost feel him stalking her but she hopes it's her imagination. She makes her way through the woods and continues to scan for a sharp rock. She growls softly by having to slow down more to find a way to release her from those damn zip ties.

He smiles to himself hearing her growl. He knows just how close he is to obtaining her. His steps are methodical and silent as he sees her, his eyes set on his goal. He took a moment to watch her. She moved with a grace that always awed him. Her long auburn hair appearing to glow red in the little light of the night. He smiled tenderly as he snuck up silently behind her.

He rushes that last few steps propelling both of them forward. She hits the ground and her air is pushed from her lungs. She coughs and struggles for air. Her mind spinning wildly as she had thought she had more distance between them.

"Let me go you fucking asshole!" she screams out into the night. Her fury again rising. She tries to struggle against his weight on hers, her hands still bound behind her. He grabs her hair and slams her face in the dirt. Leaning real close to her ear his voice seething with anger.

"You will walk. You will listen to me. You will be a good little girl that I know you can be. Any problems and you will regret it." With that he yanks her up by her hair and she cries out as she is pulled to her feet.

His hand wrapped tightly in her hair, he pushes her forward, this time careful not to get into kneeing distance. She stumbled a few times only to be met with his unrelenting hold to keep her going. He pushed her towards a dark van with no windows. Her eyes widen in fear as they head towards the van. She begins to pull against his grip, gritting her teeth at the pain, determined not to get in the vehicle.

"You want the easy way or the hard way?" he whispers in her ear.

"No. No. No. Please. No." she rambles on as she plants her feet trying to keep from being pushed forward.

"The hard way it is" he mumbles more to himself than her. With that he brings his knee hard into her stomach. She doubles over gasping for air, her skin suddenly pale.

"Doesn't feel good does it?" with her still bent over gasping for air he slides open the side door and picks her up and tosses her in. he follows her huddled body in and positions her towards the center of the van.

She's too busy gasping for air to notice the chain connected to the metal frame of the van. At the end of these chains were cuffs. He connected her ankles to the cuffs and pulled off his mask. If she had looked up at that moment she would have known who had her. But she was being stubborn and she bit at his hand as he put his mask on her. Making sure the mask was secured and on backwards so she couldn't see where they were going.

"Finally." He said as he crawled into the front seat and started the van. He can hear her screaming obscenities at him and he only smiles. He had her, an empty road and plenty of time.

He turns up his music and begins the journey to his house. After about 30 minutes she finally calmed down but he was not going to risk it yet. He pulls the van into a long driveway that leads him to a remote house. He places it in park and leans over to the passenger seat, pulling a syringe from the open black bag he shifts to the back of the van where he hears her sobbing beneath the mask.

"Sshhh." He says softly as he pulls the sleeve of her shirt off. She begins to struggle and he pins her arm down. Then with a swift jab the needle goes in her arm and he plunges its contents in her. Pulling the syringe from her and replacing her sleeve he returns to the front of the van. He goes in his bag and opens a hard plastic container placing the syringe in it.

"No. No no no..." she mumbles. She can feel the drug working through her. She was already exhausted and weakened from her battle and now the drug swiftly took her into darkness. That sweet blissful place where nothing could touch her. When he thinks she is finally sleeping he removes the mask and watches her for a little longer.

She looks so peaceful; her lips are plump from where it looks like she had been biting. The slow rise and fall of her chest, her tear streaked cheeks, he can't resist tracing his finger down her soft skin. He shakes his head and turns the van off and taking the keys with him. He slips out the side door of the van, closing it lightly behind him.

Making his way in his house he makes sure the doors are all unlocked. He places everything he will need in reach of her final destination. Content with everything he returns to his prize waiting in the van.

Light pours in on her form as the door opens. His breath is taken away by the beauty that lies before him. She finally looks calm, he had watched her and the stress she carried on her shoulders broke his heart until he finally had to do something about it.

He unlocks the rings holding her to his van and scoops her delicately into his arms cradling her close to his chest as he carries her inside. He lays her on the carpeted floor, and picks up the knife. Cutting the clothes from her bound body he makes the clothes into strips. Placing the strips in the large metal cage covering the body he does this with all her clothes.

Turning his attention back to her nude form he takes a deep breath, then carefully cuts the zip ties from her wrists. Kissing each wrist, his warm mouth lingering on the red spots she had created by fighting him. He growled that she had hurt herself. He took a little salve and placed it on her injured wrist and then placed her body in the cage. He closes the door to it with a small clang, the click of the lock still in his ears as he checks the thermostat to keep the room comfortable for her naked form.

Slowly her eyes flutter open, this dark haze upon her, she blinks confused at her surroundings. She doesn't know how much time has passed or where she is... then as her focus returns she notices she has no clothes. Panicked she tries to sit up and bumps her elbow on the metal bar. Looking beneath her she sees what is left of her clothes. The small tatters beneath her would not provide her with any cover.

She growls to herself as she begins testing the bars. Growing more and more panicked tears begin to fill her eyes. More and more she tests the bars, and the door, her heart racing in her chest. The tears now flowing freely down her cheeks as she tries to get out. She never hears or sees him standing in the doorway as fear and panic grip her.

She can't breath, her hands going to her neck defensively as if pulling unseen hands from her. Her breath is labored and she can't even scream.

"Calm down little one." He was leaning against the doorframe; he looked like he was out of a book. His hazel eyes examining his captive, his strong form ready to over power her, she recognized the look of a predator. But his voice was so soft, so loving. Deceitful is the first thing that came to her mind. She had to escape.

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