tagErotic HorrorBeautiful Nightmare

Beautiful Nightmare


The night was warm and moonless as she slept in her room. A thin sheet lay over her body as she tossed and turned in the night desperately trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep. Her long black hair sprayed arcos the bed and her small body was stretched across it trying to get air to her soft tanned skin only covered by a thin nightshirt that went to her thighs. Her large breast moved slowly up and down as she tried to find a comfortable spot. Her sides ached from the long hard day, and she never liked sleeping on her stomach. She finally settled for sleeping on her back. By this time the thin sheet twisted around her feet trying so hard to stay on the bed. She arms lay on she bare stomach because the night shirt had crept up her body. She lay there in the still night, caught in the fantasy of all her dreams.

A warm breeze brushed up against her skin, making she smile, and sigh softly. She could feel a warm finger tip guided gently down her arm, making her toes curl and the hair on her arm stand on end. The finger turned into a hand as it moved to she stomach.

Her feet started to tingle, as it gently rubbed her skin slowly and softly teasing it.

The thin sheet fell as another hand moved its way up her leg. Her body filled with heat and desirer, her whole body ached with passion, it was almost painful yet so desirable at the same time. She started to moan but it was quickly silenced by soft lips pressing against her slightly fierce but more gentle then anything. She wanted to open her eyes, but knew that if she did everything would be lost; she is longing to touch him gently as he touched she but she knew she couldn't. All she could do was lay there and with all that heat and desire filling she, and let him try to ease it away with his soft touch, his gentle kiss.

She felt her shirt creep up more as he moved his hand slowly up her body. She felt him gently caress she breast, moving his fingers softly and fluidly over her nipples making them firm with each pass.

She wanted to moan but she couldn't find her voice. She wanted to arch her body but she couldn't move a muscle. She felt like she were made of stone, unable to move, or speak. She could only feel the heat in her body rise making she hot and sweaty even with the cool breeze blowing across her body.

She felt his other hand reach the other breast and gently stroke it touching it lightly playing with it and making it hard. She felt like she is on fire slowly simmering.

She felt his legs rubbing gently against hers lightly pressing into her slightly, making her body hotter.

Her whole body ached so much that warm tears fell from her shut eyes and down her cheek, bur quickly evaporated against her flaming skin.

She felt him nibble gently on she bottom lip tugging at it slightly as he gently played with her large hard breast. His hands slowly moved up her arms caressing her skin as he went and gently moved them above her head. His hands moved seductively down her body touching each curve of her body. He took hold of the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head completely removing it leaving her skin completely bare except the panties she wore. He kissed she passionately licking the bottom of her lip with his tongue. He moved his lips down and started to kiss down she neck sucking on the skin lightly licking it with his tongue. He started moving lower and lower down her body.

Each kiss felt like fire, making she arch more. He seamed to know this and went slower making it feel like torture for she making she fill with heat and desire but never helping she only making it worse, always worse.

He did this to she every night, every single night. Making she fill with this heat but never extinguishing it.

He reached her panties and started to pull them off slowly. He caresses she legs softly with his hand moving it upward, slowly spreading them apart.

She could feel light pressure on her pussy; he was gently rubbing it, slowly and carefully.

Once again she had the urge to moan but once again she couldn't find her voice it was loss somewhere in her body. She were desperately trying to find it searching everywhere with no avail. He began to rub harder, she wanted to move her body with the pleasure rippling through her body, but she limbs would not move.

She could feel him slid two fingers into her, slowly gently.

Her body was completely on fire, a raging inferno when he started to move them in and out of her. She wanted to scream from the heat but her voice was still lost, it had run away the first time he touched her. She wondered why she even bother looking for it anymore, it was never there she were always silent. Silent and tormented, with everything he did to her.

She felt him move up she body slowly, his hard cock grinding against her now soaking wet pussy. He kissed her softly on the lips, as she felt him position himself over her. Finally she were going to have relief finally the fire would be gone her skin would cease to burn; she would be cool once more. She licked she lips in anticipation. She could feel the end on his cock barley touching her pussy. She knew he was about to help ease her pain, her torture, her longing.

Then she took a deep breath, cold air entered her lungs, making them slightly sting, her eyes shoot open and she quickly sat up in her bed. She breathe heavily as the sweet dripped off of she. Her clothes were still on the sun was out and the birds were singing there morning tune.

She sighed in relief it was nothing more then a nightmare. A beautiful nightmare she thought with a small grin.

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