tagNonHumanBeautiful Seductive Teeth

Beautiful Seductive Teeth


I see you smilin'! You have beautiful teeth indeed. Very dangerous teeth they are.

I see in your eyes how you would love to run them gently caressingly against my neck. You would tease me as you play your seductive games. Oh how you love to seduce!

You draw me in with your eyes as you softly whisper to me. Come my innocent let me show you the way...

I slowly come to you. I see the lust in your eyes as I draw nearer. I feel my blood heating in passionate anticipation of finally being with you after all this time. The months of longing, dreaming and, waiting, has caused a fire that must be quenched.

I am finally there before you, reaching out to touch the cold paleness of your skin. You are so beautiful standing there in the moonlight.

You pull me close and finally I feel the touch of your lips against the heat of my neck. A shiver of pleasure ripples down my spine as I turn and meet your lips with my own.

We embrace in a passionate kiss that fires our blood. I must have you now!

I begin to tear at your clothes pulling them wanting to feel the coolness of your body against my own burning hot skin.

You take my hands and tell me to take it slow, as we have the whole night ahead of us.

I cry out in my frustration. I want you so bad.

Shhh my little one you whisper caressing the tears away from my eyes. You then pick me up into your arms and carry me to the bed. There you lay me gently upon the sheets and slowly begin to remove my nightgown. You kiss each inch of my skin as it is revealed to your deep dark eyes. Your eyes fall upon the pale globes of my breasts. They tingle as you stare, and then slowly lower your head to devour them with the moist heat of your lips. You nip and lick the pebble hardness of my nipples. Making the fire that burns in me all the more hotter. You then slowly you move down my belly and hips discarding the nightgown you have just removed. Hum what's this you ask raising an eyebrow? No panties? I smile sheepishly, and I reply I thought I'd save you a little trouble.

I reach up and rip buttons off your shirt revealing your chest to my hungry eyes. You are so beautiful I whisper.

You pull away and shrug your shirt off and let it fall to the floor. You then catch my eyes as you unbuckle your pants and slip them down your long muscular thighs revealing the proof of your desire for me. My lips part in pleasure as I stare at the long full length of your hardness.

Come to me I softly call, reaching for you. I enfold the hot maleness of you in my hands, running my fingers along the length of you. I lean down and take you into the warmth of my mouth sucking and licking your hardness. Mmm you taste so sweet! I tease and play until you are mad with desire.

With a roar of lust you push me down onto the bed. You find the moist hot opening of me and quickly drive your hard length deep into my wetness. Thrusting fast and hard you ravish me. Taking what you have longed to have for oh so long. Never again will we be apart you cry out! You are mine for all time and no one will ever separate us again! Then as we reach our climax you sink your beautiful teeth deep into the tender skin of my neck.

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