tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 04

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 04


Belle wandered through the palace halls and despite all the beautiful things the beast had, it all seemed so empty. Was there no one else besides the two of them? Then who kept everything so clean? Who cooked?

As Belle thought on this, a set of French doors opened suddenly. She stopped, waiting, hoping she might see someone. But no one came. Belle inched towards the doors, peeking inside. Still no one!

She walked inside, looking around she saw it was the library. Where she entered it was a rounded arch with shelves stuffed with books all around. It then narrowed into a long corridor with more shelves and more books. At the end of the corridor was another round room, the walls completely made out of glass and white iron. The room had a large sofa, a love seat, and several chairs around a table. The reading room.

Belle sat down on the loveseat and picked up a book from the floor. There were many surrounding it, a whole stack on each side and others littered about the floor. She opened the book and blushed at the pictures within. There were pictures of men and women inside, posing and fucking followed by instructions on how to achieve that pose and its benefits. Belle laid it aside then picked up another and found it too was quite erotic. It told stories of conquests and passions.

She soon became engulfed in reading, barely noticing time flew by. She soon realized aroused she was becoming. Her cheeks flushed, breasts swelling, nipples erect and aching, and she was so wet too.

She touched her breasts through her tunic, feeling her pert nipples and how they yearned for touch. She laid back, pressing the book against her chest and she remembered the beasts touches. His long tongue. The rough pads of his fingers. His monstrous cock.

As she thought these things, she eased the book between the legs, grinding against the binding to find some relief.

Her thoughts trailed to the beasts hands clutching her plump ass. He'd hold them, thrusting hard into her, grunting as he did so. He'd lick her breast, bite teasingly at her flesh. His cock pumping hard inside her, filling her up, tearing her apart, and making her loose everything she knew about herself.

A hand came down on her mouth and Belle nearly screamed then, until a voice whispered in her ear. "You're not allowed to please yourself alone."

Belle swallowed, sagging in the beast's grip. He released her and she sat erect, tossing the book back onto the floor. He then sat beside her on the loveseat and pulled her into his lap.

"I'm sorry." Belle whispered, suddenly remembering he could actually eat her at any moment.

The beast grabbed her breast, rolling it and squeezing it in his hand. Belle moaned softly, his touch exactly what she was needing. He then touched her below, feeling up under her skirt. He smirked some, noticing instantly she wasn't wearing any under garments. His finger slid inside her easily. Belle gasped. He smiled.

"Allow me to thank you for last night." The beast whispered.

"Oh?" Belle was heavy lidded, already hazy. "I didn't realize it was so special."

The beast laid her back, spreading open her legs and pushing her skirt up. He propped her ass and thighs up on his hip and he continued working his finger inside her, swirling it and thrusting.

"That feels amazing." Belle whispered, actually wishing it was his cock.

"You make a lot of juice." The beast leaned down, licking her thigh.

Belle whimpered, biting on her knuckle.

"I'm so glad you came to me, Belle." The beast purred. "It isn't every day you find a girl willing to give her body to the lusts of a beast." He pulled his finger out, much to Belle's dismay, and he spread her lips apart with his fingers, looking intently at her full flower, inside and out.

"Don't-" Belle's voice hitched.

He looked up at her expectantly. "What? Don't look? Don't stop? Talk to me my beauty."

Belle licked her lips. "B-both."

He smirked wickedly. "Oh my darling girl." He stood up, dropping his trousers and presenting his heavy cock to her. "I'll make sure you're happy." He removed his shirt as well and sat back between her legs, placing his lips on her clit and sucking.

"Ah!" She gripped onto his broad shoulders, wrapping her legs around him. "Yes! Yes!" She shuddered. "I'm going to cum."

He shoved his finger inside her. "Then cum for me, my beauty."

Belle's clinched up around his finger, surging with a powerful orgasm. It crawled up through her like an electric pulse, quickening and tightening in her belly. Her juices oozed out, drenching the fur on his hand.

He pulled his finger out and then removed Belle's clothes so she bare before him. He caressed her breasts gently. Belle moaned, arching her body to meet his touch. He smiled, picking her up moving to the plush sofa. He sat down, placing Belle on his lap, his cock between them.

"Do you think you'll be able to keep up with me?" The beast asked, stroking Belle's hair away from her face. "I'm an insatiable beast. My appetites aren't like those of a normal man."

Belle brushed her fingers across his cheek and he flinched at her touch. "I'll try to keep up for as long as I can." She whispered.

"You're so sweet." The beast breathed. "Don't you have any questions? Ever wonder how I came to be this monster?"

Belle licked her lips, rubbing up against his dick. "I thought you'd be angry if I ever asked anything."

The beast lifted Belle's hips, easing his cock inside her. Belle seized up, the feeling of his thick penis sliding into her had become one of her most favorite sensations. She bit down on her bottom lip, hiding her face in the crook of his neck.

"Still so shy?" The beast stroked her back as he began to move in and out of her. He breathed in the scent of her hair and shuddered. "After I have sampled every inch of your delicious flesh?"

"It feels so wonderful." Belle gasped into his mane. "My mind gets all white. All I can concentrate on is the sex."

The beast smiled. "That pleases me." He shakes his hips, thrusting up deep inside Belle and making her shudder and cry out. He can feel her juices splash out, and she twitching and convulsing inside, coming again already.

The beast roars, shooting his hot load deep inside. Belle gasps, shuddering and quaking as his arms constrict tighter around her.

They are still for the longest time, he remains inside her, even as he melts. Belle holds tight onto him, not wanting to let go of the moment or the glow.

"It's a curse." The beast whispers.

Belle pulls back, looking at him. "A curse?"

"A witch...she cursed me in a fit of rage." The beast answered, brushing his claws through her hair. "She filled me with animal desires and cursed me so they would never be satisfied."

Belle cupped his face in her hands and kisses him, he twitched inside her. "Why did you do that?" He gasped.

"I-" Belle hesitated, shivering some. "You just looked so sad."

The beast chuckled. "You surprise me all the time." He lays Belle down and stands, looking down at her naked body, flushed with sex. "I have many secrets Belle. So much more to this curse that might terrify you."

Belle sat up. "Like what?"

"Like I said, the witch cursed me with desires strange and wild. More than I think you could bare."

Belle touched her hand to her chest. "I am willing to try. I want to help you, sir."

He looked down at her again. "And what if you are not prepared for this lusts?"

Belle shook her head. "We won't know until we try."

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