tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 07

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 07


Her room had been untouched since she left. Her bed was made, her mirror and comb lay as they had on her small vanity. Her night gown hung from the back of her chair just the way she left it that horrible day. Pearl didn't have the heart to set foot inside. Even the smell, Belle's smell, made it so her heart felt like it was being ripped away all over again.

"Pearl," she turned at the sound of Melody's voice and closed Belle's door.

"I'm sorry, Melody." Pearl said, clearing her throat. "I didn't hear you calling me."

Melody smiled softly. "Oh, it's alright. I just wanted to let you know supper was ready."

Pearl nodded, following Melody into the kitchen. She glanced, as they passed, into Rose's room. Rose too had not been the same since Belle had been chosen as the monster's sacrifice. She had become more serious, more withdrawn, and she had allowed her body to be used more frequently. As much as Pearl hated Rose's choice to be a prostitute, it was their main source of income, despite her meager pay at the bakery.

Pearl sat at the table where Rose was cutting the bread Pearl had made at work at the bakers. She didn't even want to look at the bread, remembering how the baker's son had proposed to her.

"What's the matter?" Rose asked, voice flat and cool.

Pearl smiled up at her, folding her longer fingers under her chin. "Oh nothing, just thinking is all."

Rose averted her eyes, looking at the bread. "What are we supposed to do tomorrow."

Melody stilled at the oven, her auburn curls didn't even seem to want to move. Pearl closed her eyes, pressing her lips into a hard, pale line. "I...I'm not sure." She whispered.

Rose sat down. "I don't have any clients tomorrow. Just in case I thought..." She said, her voice shaking a bit. "I had a dream about her, and she was happy." She looked at Pearl directly and swallowed. "She was holding roses and she was smiling."

"She loved roses." Melody murmured, placing their meal on the table.

"We go about our normal lives." Pearl seethed. "We go on, we live, we try to be as happy as we can. That's what she would want of us." She then covered her face with her hands and began to cry.

"Pearl, don't." Melody mewed as she went to her sister's side, embracing her. Rose turned her head away, looking out the window and seeing the towers of the beast's castle. She furrowed her brow and stood, going to the window and opening them. She stared hard at the towers, hoping she could see in the beast in the windows and curse him for taking their beloved Belle.

That evening, Rose went out to meet a customer. He was knew and she hadn't met him yet. But Rose was no fool, she had tucked away in her bodice a knife in case something were to go awry. She came to his door, he lived in a small brick cottage near the edge of the forest. It was a pleasant looking place, but at the same time Rose could never remember the place. She didn't recognize it all despite the fact she had lived in the village her whole life and knew every inch of it.

She knocked and a moment later a woman with long black hair answered. She smiled down at Rose, her silver eyes gleaming. "Come in, you must be Rose." Her smile widened, showing her teeth. "I've been waiting for you."

Rose hesitated, staring at the woman closely before she made her move. The woman was beautiful and had a body Rose could only dream of. "Thank you." Rose whispered as she walked into the cottage. She looked around, seeing nothing out of sorts here either. She looked back at the woman who was closing the door and locking it.

Rose licked her lips. "I was told to meet someone here."

"And here I am." The woman said with another lovely smile.

Rose's face flushed. "Oh! I was...I've never..."

The woman came forward and put her hand on Rose's waist and slid it down, caressing Rose's slender hips. "Hush." She then held up a small cloth bag and placed it in Rose's hands.

Upon opening it Rose saw it full of gold. At least twenty pieces total! "So much." Rose whispered in awe.

"And there's more if you do your job right." The woman whispered, walking around Rose and removing her cloak. She pressed her face into Rose's red hair and breathed deeply. She then knelt down and pulled up Rose's skirts, placing herself between Rose's legs.

"For someone of your profession you have an awfully pretty cunt." The woman cooed. Rose jumped as the woman touched her pink folds, finding her clit with ease and teasing it with gentle raps.

"Th-thank you." Rose squeaked, nervous for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

The woman stood back up and led Rose to the bed. She stripped off Rose's skirt, her shoes, and her top, but allowed the bodice and Rose's tights to remain. "What a lovely girl." The woman whispered as she laid Rose back on the bed. She slipped her hand between Rose's legs again, strumming away at Rose's clit with skilled fingers.

Rose began to feel light-headed and airy. It had been such a long time she had felt this way. She could feel her moisture being to pool inside and seep out to help the strange woman's dexterous fingers.

"That feels amazing..." Rose murmured dreamily.

The woman just smiled. She then sat on the bed, lowering her head and kissed Rose's inner thigh. She brought up Rose's legs and spread them open so she had easy access to her pussy. She kissed Rose's thighs, suckling on the soft, moist flesh. Her fingers doing a tormenting dance on her swollen vulva.

Rose wondered how this woman was tormenting her so deliciously. She hadn't felt this lusciously captivated since she was a teenage girl being seduced by the beautiful boy next door. The woman's fingers brought back old sensations of stolen touches in the barn, or behind the school.

And then the woman kissed her wet, aching vulva. Rose gasped in surprise as the woman's lips clamped around her clit and began sucking. Rose gasped and heaved, feeling her climax coming heavy and strong. She thrust her breasts in the air and gripped at the sheets. The woman thrust her fingers inside Rose's sopping hole and she clamped herself along them, grinding and thrashing at her touch. The woman's tongue lapping up her sweet nectar as it spilled.

"Oh yes! Oh please! Yes!" Rose gasped, her fingers tangling in the woman's hair. She rolled with the exquisite pleasure, feeling her orgasm in every limb, her whole body electrified.

Rose fell against the bed, gasping and shaking with tremors. "That was the best I've ever had." She giggled, eyes closed.

"That's only the start." The woman cooed.

Rose felt something prod at her entrance, something cool and slimy. Opening her eyes and looking down Rose screamed. Between her legs was a horrible ball of wiggling tendrils. She thrashed and tried to escape, but the tentacles held her down fast. One shot up into her mouth, injecting a sweet, sticky fluid down her throat.

A tendril thrust into her wet channel and began thrusting in and out rapidly. Rose moaned and thudded against the bed, being ridden by this odd creature and yet she couldn't stop. It felt so good! A slimy limb prodded at her ass, and god help her, Rose wanted it. She wiggled her ass about, feeling it lube her up and then slide easily inside. Rose had never had double penetration before, and lord knows she had always wanted it.

She let out a long moan, closing her eyes.

Melody sat at her vanity, watching herself as she carefully brushed her precious ringlets. She looked out her window, wondering what was keeping Rose so long. She then stood and looked at herself, naked in the mirror. She ran her hands down her body. She wasn't as thin as Rose, and she was more bottom heavy than Pearl. She cupped her plump breasts and then ran her hands down her stomach and touched herself below.

She brought her fingers back up, licking off her sticky juices. Rose wouldn't allow Melody to help her with her clients until she turned twenty. She was eighteen, Melody thought, surely that was old enough! She then laid back on her bed, gently thrumming her clit and thinking about the men she saw in town. Burly Mr. Harrow with his broad shoulders and back, and that huge bulge in his pants. She had seen it move once as she came down the street. His massive hand cupping her plump ass with a tight squeeze.

She slicked her fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt. "I want it." She mewed to herself. "I won't your fat cock." Her fingers picked up rhythm, and she inserted three instead of two. "Please take my little pussy. Fuck me. Oh fuck me!" She rolled over onto her stomach, her ass in the air and her fingers continuing to work in and out of her.

Her door suddenly banged open and she screamed, sitting up and covering herself, expecting Pearl to come in and scold her. Instead there was a big hulking shadow in her doorway. She stared in fear, unable to move or say anything. The figure closed the door behind him, and Melody could see his features in the candlelight.

"Mr Harrow..." She gasped, letting her blanket drop from her breasts. She looked down, seeing he was as naked as she was. His massive cock stood high and against his stomach, throbbing with his anxious heartbeat.

Melody licked her lips hungrily and reached out as she came towards her. She slipped her hands around his waist, his cock touching her lips, coating them with his sweet, sticky precum. She licked it up, swallowing it greedily. He was bigger than she had imagined. His penis rock hard and throbbing. It curved slightly and the veins were thick.

Melody began to feel light headed and hazy and desperate to devour him. She took her tongue, licking circling around the little slit on the hood. He groaned, arching his hips slightly. Her tongue glided down the sensitive ridge and she suckled his heavy balls.

She let her hand go down to continue touching herself, thrumming her clit and making her wild with desire.

She took as much of him into her mouth as it would allow and suckled on him. Tasting his manhood and feeling his power rush through her. Her fingers dug into his hard ass, her head bobbing up and down vigorously. She heard him grunt and moan, his hands clamping down on either side of her head and forcing her forward, forcing his thick cock down her throat. Melody gagged for a moment, waiting for him to pull away. He moved, bucking his hips and fucking her throat. Melody sighed, feeling her gag reflex go away. And now she was free to finger fuck herself as he used her mouth to his pleasure.

Mr Harrow then released himself and shoved Melody down, pushing her down onto the bed like she had been when he entered, her ass high in the air. Her juices slid down her thigh and she giddily awaited to feel him cock deep inside her.

"I've been waiting for this for so long." She cooed. "I've often dreamed of your cock and fucking you, Mr Harrow. I'm so happy."

His thick hands clamped down on her plump ass and spread her open. She felt him nudge at her entrance and she let out a happy giggle. He slid in, pushing to gain entrance. Her pussy tight, but it gobbled his hard length up eagerly. It hurt slightly, she had never taken anything bigger than a candle inside before. She felt the rough brush of his hairy thighs against her soft legs as he plunged in deeper.

"My lord..." Melody gasped happily.

He began to move, slow at first. His thrusts driven to gain accommodation in her tight, virgin pussy. There was some blood on her white skin now, but Melody didn't feel any pain. She was beyond any sensation other than his fat girth and the joy of being ridden.

His thrust grew surer, faster, harder. His balls clapped against her and she was jolted forward so suddenly her head hit the wall. She let out a long, high pitched wail as she felt her climax bloom and then wash all over her.

She looked up through the haze into a pair of silver eyes and long black hair swept over her face.

Pearl sat alone in her room, absentmindedly brushing her hair. Her mind kept wandering to Belle and how things used to be when they were girls. She then thought of the baker's son and of his proposal that afternoon. Perhaps it was time now that she married and started a family. The idea of having children suddenly swelled inside of Pearl, and she pictured their faces and gave them names. She stopped that and sat her brush down. How could she have children here where a beast ruled? Where a beast devoured her sister? She felt tears well up fresh in her eyes again.

"Pearl." A voice whispered.

She turned, expecting to see Rose or Melody in her door, but her door was closed. She furrowed her brow and turned back.

"Pearl." The voice whispered again.

She looked up, seeing something move in her mirror. She turned back around to see if there was something behind her, but once again nothing. She turned back to her mirror and stared, seeing visions inside. She saw the beast towering over a woman, his penis in her mouth.

Pearl's breath hitched inside her and she froze in place. She recognized the girl! It was her Belle! She watched in horror as Belle gobbled up the monster's cock, licking hungrily at it. The beast seethed and moaned as Belle's head bobbed up and down on him. Belle pulled back, revealing how monstrous the beast's penis was.

Pearl stared, awestruck and afraid. Was this real? Was she seeing things?

Belle stood up and then bent herself over the mattress, presenting her ass towards the beast. The beast knelt behind her, gently caressing her buttocks and kissing down her creamy thighs. His fingers slide delicately along her slit, coaxing coos and awes from Belle who wriggled her ass towards him.

The beast's tongue lashed out, licking up Belle's sweet nectar and rapping against her hardened clit. Belle let out a cry and buried her face into the sheets.

Pearl shook her head and then banged her fist against the glass. "Belle! Belle! Stop!" Tears were flowing from her eyes. "Make it stop! Please! What is this?" But nothing she did could make it stop.

The beast was straddling her thighs now, prodding at her wet channel with hungry anticipation. "Are you ready, my beauty?"

Belle turned her head, looking up at him. She bit down on her bottom lip and nodded. "Yes. Please, thrust has hard as you can into me."

Pearl's eyes widened. That couldn't be her Belle!

The beast entered Belle, easily gliding inside her hot canal with not much resistance despite his size. Belle let out a gasp of relief, feeling him fill her up and stretch her deliciously.

The beast began to move his hips, thrusting in and out of Belle with shovel-like movements. Belle made a small cry or groan each time he thudded all the way inside her. Their bodies making healthy noises as they clapped together.

Despite her horror, Pearl felt a bed of wetness seep from between her legs. Her loins were slowly burning, aching. How could this possibly be? This was her sister and that monster! But no matter how hard she tried to fight it she couldn't resist the exquisite ache coming from between her thighs.

Her nipples were erect, hard and taut under her nightgown. Touching them with delicate fingers, they ached and sent electric shocks to her belly. She moaned slightly, massaging her breasts harder now, pinching her nipples as hard as she could, feeling her juices pool, soaking her nightie and her seat.

What was happening to her? She had been aroused before, but never like this, never because of something like this vision.

She lowered a hand down, brushing passed her fluttering belly and lower, pulling up her nightgown so she could see her pussy and the large, wet stain growing beneath her. Tenderly she touched herself, hot tremors flooded her body and she let out a whimper. Her clit jumped at her touch, hardening and becoming a tight ball of fragile nerves that when her finger pad glided over it caused her to spasm.

She slicked her fingers across her slit, her rhythm matching the hard thrusts on the beast on her sister. Her breath became shallow and rasp, her pleasure mounting ever higher. She threw her head back, focusing only on her own exquisite torment. She thrust her fingers in and out, swirling around and thrumming against her aching clit. She kneaded at her breast with her other hand, coxing her nipples to respond as eagerly as her pussy.

Looking back into the mirror she saw Belle in the throes of ecstasy, her head thrown back, mouth wide open and screaming out in her climax. The beast howled and plowed harder into her, driving himself to his own orgasm, only to intensify Belle's.

Pearl's own climax bloomed, sending her into tremors shaking throughout her whole body. She whimpered and cried, shaking with the rolling pleasure, her juices squirting between her fingers.

She collapsed, falling off her chair and onto the floor. Panting heavy, she smiled in relief. She'd never cum like that before, perhaps it was what she was needing all along. Maybe if she asked, the baker's son could help her again tomorrow.

Pearl opened her eyes and saw a pair of bare feet before her. She seized up, hoping Rose or Melody hadn't seen her act so shamelessly. Propping herself up she saw it was neither one of her sisters, it was a woman with long black hair and she was as bare as could be.

Pearl gasped, sitting up and backing away. "Who are you?" She gasped.

The woman smiled. "I'm here to help you." She got on her knees before Pearl, gently sliding her hand up Pearl's moist thigh. "I can help you to save Belle from that horrible monster."

Pearl shuddered, her sensitive flesh tingling at the woman's touch. "B-but who are you? Why are you here?"

The woman's fingers caressed Pearl's pussy causing her to cry out from shock and pleasure. "Please stop!" Pearl cried.

"I am Mirena." The woman whispered, inching closer to Pearl. She pushed a finger inside Pearl, and involuntarily Pearl's inner muscles clamped around that finger hungrily, greedily.

"Please...stop..." Pearl chocked out.

"I need your help if we are to save your sister." The woman cooed, now laying on top of Pearl. She kissed Pearl's neck, licked inside the channel of her ear. She grinded feverishly against Pearl.

"H-how?" Pearl whimpered.

The woman sat up and ripped open Pearl's nightgown, shredding it and throwing it about the floor. Pearl screamed and tried to get away, but the woman had her pinned down.

The woman tapped Pearl's clit, first slow then fast. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. Pearl wriggled and struggled, feeling another orgasm wrench at her belly. She felt strange, something wasn't right. Looking down she saw that her clit was growing! It was becoming long and thick, almost like a penis. She screamed, climaxing as she did, enable to do anything else.

Mirena smiled, pleased. She stroked Pearl's newly grown penis in her fist. "It's bigger than I thought!" She licked her lips hungrily looking at it.

Pearl was sobbing. "What have you done to me?"

"It's all to help your sister!" Mirena gasped. "You do want to save her don't you?" While still rubbing Pearl's new cock she lowered down, suckling on Pearl's breasts.

"No!" Pearl gasped. "Oh...oh but..."

Mirena giggled. "Yes! It feels good doesn't it?" She nipped at Pearl's nipple causing her to jerk. "Enjoy it! Don't fight it anymore. Just enjoy the pleasure and the torment."

Pearl gasped for air, unable to take her eyes off her new dick. It was grotesque and amazing at the same time. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked at Mirena nuzzling her breasts. Was it crazy to ask? She thought.

"Can I stick it in?" Her words were not her own anymore. She didn't recognize this person agonizing on the floor.

Mirena smiled. "I thought you'd never ask." She sat up, straddling Pearl's hips and easing herself down on Mirena's rod.

Pearl gasped, panting hard as Mirena eased herself down. "This...this is what men feel?" She whimpered. "Oh...oh!"

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