tagNon-Erotic PoetryBeauty Of A Soul

Beauty Of A Soul


The human soul is a lifeforce unto itself,
Some are bright, vibrant, powerful, passionate and many are old.
There are those souls that are wounded & scarred, some dimmed.
Nevertheless...they are souls.

My soul shines bright with vitality, strength, nobility, and depth.
The ancient myth is correct: our eyes are the portals to our souls,
In our eyes, we see pain, passion, hate, love, strength, kindness.
Each soul is unique, and ours to cherish and hold.

An old soul is one of depth, deep thinking, times gone past.
Our soul may yearn for lives or places left behind.
A word...a scent..and perhaps a touch...
Can trigger the love and/or pain of memories that will last.

Our hearts may weep at the loss of beloved spirits,
That once graced our lives, but will forever be remembered.
And, although the scars of time and loss may take its tole..
Perhaps that is what reminds us we that are still alive......

........The Beauty of A Soul.......

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