tagIncest/TabooBecky, My Older Sister

Becky, My Older Sister


May I suggest you read "Aunt Pat", "Gram Connie" and "Wednesday Night With Mom" prior to reading this story. I also apologize for my poor editing on the preceding stories, I have been very busy and trying to cram a lot of things into a few hours. I will try to do better beginning with this story. Thanks!!

* * * * *

Mom called me at the store about 10 a.m. on Monday morning and asked me if I would fly down to Miami next Sunday and drive home with Becky. Becky is my 28 year old sister who has made a career of college. She has so many Doctorates and letters after her name it takes two lines to type them all. She originally got a swimming scholarship to a university and then went on to advanced studies. She was coming home for a short visit before beginning work at the local college as an associate professor in some obscure course of study.

One thing I did have to give her she was smart and she applied herself. Everything she ever pursued she achieved. But' she wasn't your typical bookworm. She took after Gram Connie a lot. If she thought it she said it and she was blunt in the way she said it.

She was also smart where men were concerned. She was a little pixie, just barely 5' tall and she looked the part. Becky was really pretty and she had the most beautiful emerald green eyes you've ever seen, must have been the Irish influence on my dad's side. She had short brown hair, small perky breasts and she weighed about 120 pounds. Now for Becky this was not heavy because she had a swimmers body. Hard muscular legs which made a swift and smooth transition into a well rounded muscular butt, flat stomach and small waist with somewhat broad shoulders. She told me one summer when I asked if she was ever going to get married that both men and women had sexual needs. She said the primary difference as she saw it was men got their rocks off any way they could and went about their business. Women on the other hand got their rocks off and still felt a need to take care of and nurture a man. She said until Mr. Right came along she intended to take the pill and get her rocks off when she felt like it and go on about her business, just like a man. Just a matter of achieving and satisfying two peoples basic sexual needs with no attachments or hang ups until the right guy came along.

Becky and I were about as close as a brother and sister 7 years apart could be. She was leaving for college about the time I was starting 6th grade. I really got to know her when I turned 16 or 17 and she would come home during the summer. She gave very good but blunt advice on any number of subjects I could not ask my parents about. In some strange way I guess I looked upon Becky as more of a grown up friend than a sister.

On Sunday morning Mom and Dad took me to the airport with instructions to call upon arrival and to call twice a day to report our progress. We were to be home by Tuesday night. No side trips, period. Just before the plane began to board Mom pulled me aside. She looked me right in the eye and told me to remember that Becky was my sister and I was honor bound to treat her with the utmost respect. She then asked if I understood exactly what she meant. Sure I did. I knew I was a scum bag. So far this month I've fucked my Aunt, Grandmother and my Mother. Mom didn't know I'd fucked the other two but she was probably thinking I would try to fuck my sister if I got half a chance. You know what, she was right. I had found out that two generations of females in my family had multiple orgasms during sex and given even half a chance I was going to see it it went down to a 3rd generation.

Becky met me at the gate in Miami. She looked great. Her tan was about 4 shades darker than her normal skin tone. She had her car packed and was ready to get on the road. She talked nonstop for about 200 miles about what a great opportunity it was for her to be given an associates position at this university. I mostly drove and listened, every now and then sneaking a peek at her perky little breasts under the thin fabric of the sleeveless tee shirt she wore. I tried to keep a vigilant eye out because when she turned just right I could catch a glimpse of the aureole's and sometimes the nipple. Her shorts were nothing to write home about, they were baggy and long coming almost to her knees.

We drove until about 9:30 that night and decided to stop at a small motel somewhere in Georgia. We got a room with 2 double beds, dropped our stuff in the room and went to the greasy spoon down the road to eat. When we got back to the hotel Becky told me to take a shower first because she wanted to plug in her laptop and check her e-mail. I showered, shaved and got into the pajama bottoms Mom insisted I bring and wear on the trip. I went back out into the room, got in my bed and flipped on the television.

Becky opened her suit case gathered up some things, went into the bathroom and took her shower. When she came out she had a towel wrapped around her short hair and was wearing a tee shirt that came down to just below the cheeks of her butt. She unwrapped the towel from her hair and plugged in her blow dryer. She stood by the dresser where the television sat and began drying her hair. After drying the top she bent over and began pulling the brush through the back of her hair. I looked over at her and at first thought she had cream colored panties on. However, she had no panties on. What I saw was the tan line on her naked butt. I asked where her underwear was and she playfully called me a little pervert and asked if I'd never seen a girls butt before. She then pulled her shirt up teasingly, exposing the most perfect and well rounded ass I had ever seen. We laughed and she finished up her hair and got in the other bed. We agreed we would be up by 7am and on the road by 8:30. Becky was really ready to get home and get started on her career.

Next morning we were off at 8:30 after a decent breakfast and a full tank of gas. We drove until 6pm. Becky said she wanted to stay at a hotel with a nice pool. We stopped at a couple and Becky looked at the pool and said no way. At the third hotel, there was a really handsome guy of about 25 sitting by the pool taking in the ray's. I admit he was a hunk. Becky said this was the spot. We checked in and Becky hurried to the room to put on her suit. When she came out of the bathroom my bottom jaw damn near hit the floor. She was wearing a bikini so small the material on top just covered her nipples and left some aureole clearly visible. The bikini bottom was while not a thong, was the next best thing and it had the smallest little patch of cloth in front I'd ever seen. Before she put her terry cloth beach jacket on she reached down and with her index finger pushed the fabric of her bikini bottom into the crease of her pussy lips to ensure that her pussy could be clearly seen. I was amazed and asked what she was doing. She stated without hesitation that she hadn't fucked anyone in 6 weeks and she had just seen someone she wanted to fuck and she was going for it. She said a girl with her pussy lips showing attracted guys like a guy with a 10" Dick in a Speedo attracted women. She said she would walk by this guy, give him a peek, swim a couple of laps and get ready to be fucked. She told me to call home and say she was in the shower and she would see me in the morning. With that she put the room key into the pocket of her terry cloth jacket and took off to the pool.

I went downstairs found the bar and had a couple of beers. In about 45 minutes I walked out by the pool and it was deserted. I figured my sister was getting her wish. I returned to the room and Becky's bikini was laying on the bed and I could hear the shower running through the closed bathroom door. I sat down on the edge of the edge of my bed facing Becky's bed and turned on the television. In a few minutes Becky came out of the bathroom dressed just as she was last night complete with towel wrapped hair. I asked if she always got finished that fast. She said no, the guy told her he was not married, but just as he got her hot and bothered the telephone rang. She said she could tell by the way he was talking it was his wife he was speaking with. She said she just got up and left the room. She said now not only was she horny, but she was primed to get fucked and was stuck in the same room with her little brother.

I knew she was both blunt and open, but I could not believe she said that. Becky bent over and dried her hair just like last night and I got the same view of her bare butt. She reached into her suitcase and instead of retrieving her hair dryer she pulled out a bottle of lotion. She sat down on the bed, leaned against the headboard, pulled her legs up, spread them and began applying lotion to her freshly shaved legs. I stared in shock as she applied lotion to first her right leg and then her left. She started at the top of each foot and worked her way up to the very tops of her thighs ending at the outer lips of her pussy and being very careful to apply lotion in the crease between her pussy lips and inner thigh. In order to do this she lifted her foot off the bed and turned her leg outward. I had never gotten a better look at a woman's pussy then I did just then. Becky's pussy had large puffy outer lips. There was no pubic hair on the lips but she had a very well trimmed brown patch ofhair over the mound below her stomach. When she finished with her legs Becky placed her hand under her tee shirt and applied lotion to her stomach and each breast. I sat there without saying a word. My Dick was rock hard and if she would have touched it with that lotion on her hands I would have come in about three seconds.

When Becky closed the top on the lotion, I asked her how she could do something as erotic as that in front of me. She just laughed and asked if she had made her little brother hot. I pointed to the bulge in my shorts and she howled in laughter. I told her we were both hot and horny and could help each other if we so desired. She said she couldn't fuck her brother. I said if we couldn't have real sex how about oral, that was a means of satisfaction with no complications. She asked if I'd ever eaten pussy before and if I was good at it or just a clumsy fool. I told her to give me a try.

She looked me straight in the eyes for a moment, then without saying a word got up, stood between the beds and pulled the tee shirt off. She then leaned over and with her hand cupped under her left breast guided the nipple into my mouth. I began to suck her breast softly. She placed both her arms around my head and pulled me tightly to her chest. I moved my head and took the left nipple into my mouth at the same time wrapping both my arms around her body and placing my hands on the firm, muscular cheeks of her ass. I caressed and fondled her butt then slowly eased my hand down between the cheeks and after pausing for a moment to feel the warmth of the crevice continued down to the waiting warm, wet lips of her pussy. The instant my fingertips touched her she began to moan. I pushed slightly with the tip of my middle finger and found no resistance in entering her. Becky crouched ever so slightly and spread her legs widely to allow deeper entry of my finger. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her tight wet pussy to her continued moans. She rolled her head from side to side and her face was contorted in ecstasy. I felt her juices flow down my finger and onto my palm as she came for the first time, going up on her tip toes and then falling down on my finger repeatedly. She held my head so tightly in her arms I was finding it hard to breath.

As her orgasm subsided I gently laid her down across her bed. She looked up at me and told me to take my clothes off. She assisted and we both pulled at my clothes until I was naked also. Before lying back down on the bed, she gently took my Dick in her right hand, ran her hand along the entire length of it and cupped the head for a moment in the palm of her hand. She then kissed it lightly on the head. She took the head into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it several times. She removed my Dick from her mouth kissed it lightly again and said that was just a teaser of what I was going to get when I finished with her. She then laid down on the bed put her feet on the edge of the mattress and opened her legs widely fully exposing her pussy to me.

I got down on my knees between the beds and began to kiss the tops of her feet. I continued upward alternating from one leg to the other until I reached the softest part of her inner thighs. Then I ran my tongue on the sides of the outer lips of her pussy between the lips and her inner thighs. Becky was squirming and moaning. I placed both my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled her to my face ever so slightly. As I pulled her hips up I kneaded the firm flesh of her buttocks as I parted the wet outer lips of her pussy with my tongue. I sought out her clitoris and began alternately sucking and lightly liking it. Becky exploded in an orgasm which was so intense she uttered several curse words and my name at the top of her lungs. I brought her to three successive orgasm's by paying a great deal of attention to her clitoris. As she came down from one orgasm and entered the plateau just before another, I moved my hands over the tops of her thighs and with both my index fingers pulled her pussy open as far as I could. I entered her pussy with my tongue and literally drank in her juices. She came in convulsive waves which seemed to last forever. She hit orgasm number six and seven in this manner.

I heard her calling my name in a low voice as she came down off the last orgasmic peak. I looked up and she asked me to fuck her. She was asking for my Dick. I stood, picked her up and literally threw her into the middle of the bed. I then jumped right on top of her in a fit of passion. My Dick found its mark with no assistance. I raised her short legs up and hooked her heels on the tops of my shoulders. I drove it in as hard and fast as I possibly could. Becky exploded into orgasm's number eight and nine almost simultaneously. I then picked her left leg up bent it at the knee and crossed it over her body. This put her on her side and placed my scrotum directly on top of the inside of her right leg. From this position not only could I see most of her body but I could grasp her tiny sweet breast in my left hand and her firm left buttock in my right hand. The intense feeling of her tight pussy, the friction of her inner thigh against my balls and being able to feel two exquisite parts of her body at once were more than I could stand. I exploded inti the tightest pussy I had ever felt. At the same time Becky experienced her tenth orgasm in a little less than 25 minutes.

I fell forward onto the bed and we lay for a few minutes intertwined in each others arms. I kissed her deeply and told her bluntly that if she were not my sister I would marry her right now. She replied that was lust I was feeling not true love. She looked deep into my eyes and asked a question I had heard before, did I think I could handle what had just happened. I replied she could bet her sweet little tight pussy I could.

We fucked three more times that night. I lost track of haw many times Becky came each time, but in the morning she said she was having trouble walking. After about 2 hours on the road, I reminded Becky that I'd never gotten my oral sex as promised. She told me to stop at the next rest area.

I stopped and she delivered on her promise in a most gratifying and memorable manner.

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