tagBDSMBecky's Beck-and-Call Weekend

Becky's Beck-and-Call Weekend


Monday morning, and Becky lay in bed, drowsing in the silence of the house. It had only been a short time before when she'd seen her Master climb into the van to ride to work, and although she missed him terribly she was also glad for a little time to relax. This past weekend had been very taxing on her. In her mind she reviewed the whirlwind of the past three days.

Master had been in one of those moods. What he called a "beck and call" mood. He had these about four or five times a year, and Becky was frankly glad they didn't happen more often. She ached inside from the exertion he'd put her through.

She'd been literally at his beck and call for sex all weekend. Friday, he'd emailed her from work and told her to be ready when he arrived home. Told her to be showered and fresh, double-checking to ensure her crotch was completely bare and lightly smoothed with cocoa butter, and wearing only her slave toga. "Meet me at the door," he'd told her, "on your knees." Of course she had followed his orders to the letter, as a slave should. She'd even gone the extra mile, dabbing a bit of his favorite perfume behind each ear, and when he walked in the door she'd been waiting on her knees with her arms raised and wrists crossed before her bowed head. "Great Master," she had said, "your slave welcomes you home. I wait to serve my Lord. Command me, that I may please you."

Master Benton had smiled, although she couldn't see his face from her position. "Stand for inspection," he had commanded. Becky quickly stood up straight and Master looked her up and down. She was wearing a slave toga of pastel peach, which consisted of a loose, low-cut satin blouse that left her arms and midriff bare, and a skirt which ended just below her crotch. No underwear, of course. He touched the material as he walked around her, and then he stopped behind her. "Grab your ankles and spread 'em, slave," he said. Although his tone was conversational, Becky sensed the raw power in his voice. It was an order and he knew it would be obeyed. She immediately did as he demanded, bending far forward and wrapping her fingers around her slim ankles, making the short skirt ride up onto her smooth ass. She spread her legs wide to please her wonderful Master.

His fingertips brushed gently over her smooth mound, searching for stubble. Finding none he grunted, and his thumb rubbed the hood over her clitoris. A bright spark of electricity arced through her body at the caress, but although a slight gasp escaped her lips she did not dare move. She watched between her thighs as Master rubbed the soft lips of her sex, and immediately a warmth began to spread through her body. "Your Master has missed you, little slave," he said. "I hope you're ready for this weekend."

"My only joy is to please my Master," Becky replied. "I live only to make you happy. Please, Master, use this slave's body for Your pleasure. I will enjoy all that You do to me."

He chuckled then, and she felt her heart leap inside her. Her Master was pleased with her! Then there was the metallic tinkle of his belt buckle, and he dropped his pants to the floor. She watched, hypnotized at the sight, as Master Benton took his semi-hard member in his fingers and began teasing the mushroom-shaped head of it against her lips. Her arousal increased and she felt a rush of hot nectar into her belly as her body prepared itself for her Master's entrance. She could see that his body was responding as well. Before her eyes her Master's penis thickened and grew dark with blood. She could smell his musk, clean and virile, and it made her swoon.

Master began to tease Becky with his dick. He rubbed the head against the opening of her vagina, making her hotter. She couldn't help but moan at the touch. "Please, Master, please don't make me wait. Please have mercy," she panted. "Please fuck your little slave." Experience had taught her how those words enflamed her Master's passions, and she played her cards well. He stopped, the tip of his manhood pulsing in her opening, and she knew what was coming. Becky steeled herself but it was impossible. Master stabbed into her body like a blade, piercing her to her very core. In one move he established his dominance, claiming her physically as his. She tried not to scream but a faint cry of pain came out between her clenched teeth.

Master began to pump Becky's wet opening. First he moved slowly, letting her feel every inch of his prick as it possessed her body over and over. His heavy balls swang back and forth with his movements, slapping her lips and clitoris. Becky tried to watch the shining shaft as it disappeared into her, but her toga kept getting in the way. So instead she closed her eyes and held on, just enjoying the rhythmic ride.

"Don't cum, slave," Master Benton croaked. "You're not permitted to cum until I say so." Becky's heart skipped a beat at the words. Part of her hated having to hold back her orgasm this way, because even though Master must be obeyed in all things, he made such perfectly beautiful love to her that holding back her climax was as easy as pushing a car uphill with a rope! She could feel the friction inside her as he moved, and how her body shuddered and knotted as it tried to find release. But she fought it down as best she could.

Master stopped pumping her slit and pulled slowly out of Becky's body. She was sorry to see this moment arrive, but it wasn't entirely unexpected. At His command she turned around and while he braced himself with his cane she pulled His shoes and pants off His legs. Master was already stripping His shirt off. Then he strode to the couch and sat down. "Come sit on the table, slave," he said. "Entertain me."

Becky moved quickly to obey her Master. She stepped around the coffee table and sat down on it. Raising her knees, she planted her heels on the mirrored table top right against the cheeks of her butt. Leaning back and raising her short skirt Becky spread her legs wide, exposing her most intimate parts to her Master's appreciative eyes. Her vagina was reflected perfectly, a pink lotus floating on still water. Becky reached down between her thighs and began to stroke the soft petals of her sex. Her Master was slouched on the couch, his manhood still hard and stiff and wet with her juices. She stared at his erect penis and thought about how beautiful it was and how wonderful it had felt inside her belly and how she was wishing to take it in her hungry mouth while she masturbated for her Master's pleasure.

Becky spread her lips wide, dipping one finger deep into her hole until it was all slippery, then using it to rub her hard, little clit. She could see that Master was slowly stroking his erection while he watched her, and this just made her more excited. His cock gleamed wetly and as he masturbated a glimmering pearl of precum formed at the little eye of the dark red organ. The room positively reeked of sex.

"Ohhhh, Master," Becky moaned. "You're driving me crazy. So hot...I'm so hot. Please, Master, let Your little slave cum."

"Not yet, slave," he rasped. "Not yet." Then he was standing up and moving closer to her. She was still rubbing her clit furiously, a firestorm of orgasm building in her crotch, as his erection bobbed closer to her face. "Suck my cock, slave," he ordered.

Immediately, Becky opened her mouth and pulled the length of his hot dick down her throat. She sucked on it as though her life depended on the act, nursing hard and fast on the length of muscle Master offered. Her covered breasts were pressed into his naked thighs and his heavy balls kept tickling her chin as she milked him. Her fingers danced beneath the hood of her clitoris, sending trickles of fire down her legs until her toes burned. Master grabbed the soft hair around her ears and began to fuck her mouth. He was grunting deep in his chest, fighting to catch the elusive phantom of his orgasm. "Don't you cum, slave," he groaned. "You're...you're not allowed...to cummmmm..."

Becky didn't know what to do. She must follow her Master's orders and deny her body the release it wanted so badly, but she didn't know if she really could hold back. She was feeling just too good!

Suddenly, Master pulled back, his erection popping out of Becky's mouth like a cork. He roared hoarsely, grabbing his dripping dick and pointing it upwards. "Gaaaaaah, yesssss, cummmmmmmingggggg," he growled as thick gouts of pearly, hot semen began to spit from his cock. He roared again, his orgasm ripping through him, as long ribbons of sticky jism spurted onto Becky's face and hair. Three thick squirts hit her, then the stream stopped and Master flopped backwards onto the couch.

"Quick, slave, come here," he barked. Obediently, Becky leaped to her feet and he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. His cock was still hard and he pulled her onto himself, forcing the bullet-headed staff into her vagina again. His hands grasped her satin shirt and ripped it open. His mouth found her left breast and quickly sucked the nipple in. His hands grabbed Becky's hips and yanked her onto his length cruelly. She cried out in pain as the hard spike of his sex pummeled her cervix. But Master did not stop. He was fucking her brutally, as fast as he could move. One of his hands reached up her back and knotted in her long hair. He pulled her head back and she had to dig her nails into his shoulders to stay upright. His teeth pinched hard on her nipple, and tears sprang to her eyes. But she loved it. Becky liked to have her nipples pinched hard, and sometimes she even liked to have her Master fuck her savagely like this. She was hurting all over, but God it felt good, too!

Master was snarling against her tit as his cock ripped into her. Although he was not especially well hung, Becky's Master was an expert at sex and he was hitting places inside her that nobody else had ever touched. She was losing her mind. The sharp pain in her scalp and belly and breast were fighting to overwhelm the delicious orgasm that was threatening to melt her to a puddle and she was crying and begging for more. "Gonna cum, slave...gonna cum inside you," Master gasped.

"Oh yes, Master...oh God, yes...do it...cum for me...fuck your little slave so hard, Master!" Becky was in another world by now. But she wanted to cum with her Master more than anything on earth. "Master, may...may your slave cum? Please, Master? I beg..."

"Yes, slave...cum with me...now...NOWWW!!" With that, he stabbed upwards hard, and she felt the bright bolt of fire inside as he pierced her cervix. His muscles locked into iron bars and he threw his head back and screamed her name. Burning lava began to jet from his cock, scalding her inside as Becky came. Stars nova'd in her eyes as an incredible climax slammed into her. She peaked over and over, her body bucking against Master's furry chest. The sheath of her vagina was in spasm, milking his thick scepter inside her belly. Master Benton gave one final deep-throated groan and collapsed against the back of the couch, pulling Becky against himself.

The two lovers sat there for long minutes, Master's softening penis still inside Becky's sore cunt. When their breathing finally slowed to normal Becky whispered to Him. "Master, that was incredible! Thank you for taking your little slave to the stars again. God, you are such a fantastic fuck!"

He grinned. "Flattery will get you everywhere, slave." His eyes were closed and his head rested on the cushion behind him. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on his skin, and the pheromones in it were intoxicating to the woman he held. She rubbed her face against the side of his throat, her eyes shut, and immersed herself in the damp, hot, musky afterglow. Gently she sucked at the skin, tasting his sweat. When she did this it pushed one of his most sensitive buttons, and he gasped in surprised pleasure. Inside her belly Becky felt his soft organ twitch in answer. She smiled, knowing that her Master loved her so much.

"Would you like me to clean you up, Master?"

"Yes, little one. Do a good job. Slow and easy." His voice was drowsy, his body relaxed and sagging with fatigue. Becky carefully lifted herself from his lap, feeling the sticky movement of his penis slipping free of her body. He spread his legs wide, and she knelt between them. She gripped his limp organ and slowly milked it, treating it as gently as if it were a fragile piece of glassware, coaxing the last dribbles of his precious seed to the eye of his cock. This liquid was Becky's addiction. She never got enough of her Master's semen. Many nights she had literally begged him for the pleasure of drinking his load. Fortunately her Master had big testicles and they produced copiously. She said a silent prayer of thanks to God and to her kind Master as she licked the pearls of cum from his spongy member. The salty flavor, like weak chicken soup, tingled across Becky's tongue and she savored it for a minute before swallowing. Then she began to lick her Master's genitals clean. She could taste herself on his flesh and this, too, she enjoyed. Not just the flavor, but the knowledge that every lick was a reminder of the life she shared with her perfect Master.

Becky finished cleaning Master up and asked to go into the bathroom to clean herself up as well. While she was there she could hear him begin to snore. She took her time, soaking in a hot tub. She hoped that the heated water would prevent soreness in her pelvis. Master had really fucked her hard and she knew the "Beck and Call" weekend had just begun. Sore or not, she was due for more sex, and probably a lot more, before Monday.

Becky had been right. That night as she cuddled on the couch and ate buttery popcorn with her Master while they watched "Roadhouse" for the fifteenth time he had ordered her to slowly stroke his semi-hard penis with her slippery, butter-coated hands. They'd done that for more than an hour, her grip loose enough and pace slow enough that he would not orgasm. At his order she kept him on edge that way during the movie. After the flick ended he popped a porno movie into the VCR and they continued. Finally, halfway through the skin-flick Master told her to masturbate him with one hand while she stroked her pussy with the other. After nearly two solid hours of playing with his shaft Becky was already sexually over-heated and only too happy to comply. Her tiny hands brought them both to a shallow, fun climax together. This time Master wanted her to wash his scepter with soap and a washcloth. Sad that she wouldn't get to lick the spilled sperm off Master this time, Becky did as told. But before she went for the washcloth she caught as much of his creamy cum as possible on her fingers. Once out of sight she licked them clean while the water was running. She just couldn't help herself.

Saturday they had slept in, finally rolling out of bed just before noon. Master had ordered Becky to kneel on the bed with her backside towards him and masturbate again while he watched. Then, before she reached orgasm, he had turned onto his stomach and commanded her to lick his anus. He got on his hands and knees, his prick dangling beneath him, and she'd tongued his tight sphincter and the sensitive area behind his heavy balls. As his arousal increased his cock stiffened and she'd watched in wonder as his scrotum contracted, drawing the testes up towards his body in tense preparation for ejaculation. She'd stroked his erection while she wormed her agile tongue against his rectum, making him squirm and moan. When he'd been almost to the peak of climax he had rolled onto his back and commanded her to jerk him off. Becky gladly complied with her Master's demand, stroking his beautiful prick with her tiny fist until the muscular staff leaped and jerked in her grip, spitting a long stream of white cream up over his furry chest. Cum dribbled down her fingers, and she begged for the privilege of licking her beloved Master's seed off his smooth skin. Given permission, she lapped the juices up like a starving kitten, purring to her loving Master that she adored the sticky treat and promising to drink all he would bless her with.

After he was licked clean, Master told Becky to dress in a t-shirt and loose terrycloth shorts. He wore a similar outfit and surprised her when he said to get in the car; they were going on a trip.

They'd gone to a sexy lingerie shop, and he had told the clerk that his slave needed an evening gown that would make women hate her and men want her. He purchased a slinky, black sequined gown with an open back and laces across the bodice. Next they drove through the country until dusk, finding an out-of-the-way restaurant for supper. During the meal he kept reaching under the table and inside the leg of her shorts. He would tickle her lips with his fingers, making her hot and wet. It was driving Becky crazy.

Back in the car he handed her a small box. Something he'd bought at the lingerie shop while she was in the fitting booth. It was a thumb-sized vibrator, and when she twisted the base it came alive, buzzing and trembling in her fingers. "Put it inside your pussy, slave," Master had ordered. Immediately, Becky did as told. It felt very good, except it was not enough vibration to get her off. "Keep it there," he told her.

More driving, stopping to look at the changing fall colors of the leaves. But Becky could barely concentrate on it. The little vibrator hummed softly inside her and Master's hand kept reaching over to play with her breasts or caress her face or stroke her hair. Finally he ordered her to turn sideways on the car seat and lean against her door. She did so, pulling her left leg up onto the seat. "Pull your shorts down, slave," he ordered. Once she had done this, he ordered her to play with her pussy while he drove. "But you may not cum," he commanded.

Becky had followed his orders, pulling out the small vibrator to rub it against her clit, then pulling her lips wide apart so her Master could see deep inside the secretive well of her sex. How far they drove, she did not know, but she was hanging on the cusp of orgasm every mile of it.

At last Master Benton had pulled over on a quiet country road and ordered Becky out of the car. "Assume the position, slave," he had barked. She had quickly leaned forward, putting her hands on the warm hood of the car. Master stepped in behind her and yanked her shorts down to her ankles, then slid his own down and grabbed her rounded hips. He pushed into her slowly, gently this time. Once his stiffness was fully sheathed in her he held still, feeling her body throb around his sensitive scepter. Then he was moving, rocking back and forth as he screwed his loving, appreciative slave. Pale moonlight sparkled off the car's chrome and off their shiny, sweat-damp skins as they moved in rhythm. "Cum for me, slave," Master purred. "I want you to cum all over my hard cock." Becky did as instructed, gasping and whimpering as the tremors spun through her. Her cries spurred Master on, and he growled savagely as his cock squirted a fresh load of hot semen deep into her cunt.

Sunday was begun with a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, flapjacks, home fries and sausage gravy. Master was positively ravenous, and even Becky went back for seconds. While she was loading the dishwasher, Master had told her to turn around. Once her back was to the counter he grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto the hard surface. Then he pulled a chair closer and sat down, placing her legs over his shoulders. He pushed her into a prone position and buried his face in the silken folds of her vagina. His hands toyed with her breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples, and alternately teasing and squeezing the firm globes. He had licked her slit until she was writhing on the counter, her eyes shut tight and her back arched as Master drove her crazy with his agile tongue. Becky reached down and held his head, humping her crotch against his stubbly face. He devoured her, licking her stiff clit until fireworks spun through her head and she felt the earth beneath them heave and shiver.

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