tagLoving WivesBecky's First Double

Becky's First Double


Out for drinks last night with friends, old college buddies and the like. My 35 yr. old wife offered to take our friend Rick home, as he'd "had too much to drink." They'd played together once before and she has been eager for a return engagement.

So they left the club, he in her car, and made for home an hour or so before we all abandoned ship. I had left the option open to her as to whether or not she wanted to come home or stay with Rick until morning. Our kids were at the grandparents and sometimes the anticipation and waiting for her to return home are a great thrill. Plus, I trust this lover of hers and she enjoys his company.

As the group broke up and we prepared to disperse many were unready to head home. I was the only one living in town and sans children at home so it was decided to 'after-party' at my house.

How to explain the absence of my wife I hadn't decided.

Made it to the house, got people settled, and of course all were crowded into the kitchen consuming. Eventually the conversation turned to, "Hey, where's your wife?" Some jokes were made about her 'Probably fucking Rick ...' and I laughed it off with a "Somebody needs to ..."

One particular guest was a friend named Jim we'd met only two months earlier. A mutual attraction was obvious upon he and Becky's first meeting and they'd spent a great deal of time talking and flirting. Later she'd said he was an excellent potential playmate and that she'd like to get with him. Of course I gave her permission, as he seemed decent enough. Divorced, lived an hour away, respectful, etc.

Things progressed at home and Jim asked suspiciously, "Will Becky be here tonight? Or is she coming home?" His hopeful grin as he asked this hinted that he might suppose where she was and what she was doing.

"I'll call her," I replied.

When my wife answered her cell phone she was a bit breathless and somewhat giggly, as if she'd been laughing about something. "What?" she answered with a feigned annoyed voice.

"How are you doing?"

"Oh, well we're almost done cleaning the bathroom and we'll start on the kitchen next."

"You're doing it in the bathroom?"

"No, damnit, Rick's been fucking my brains out here in his big bed. He's so damned good ..."

My dick was just rock hard at this point.

"In fact if you'd let me off the phone I'm going to make him stop eating me, suck his dick hard, and have him fuck me from behind. Again," she continued.

At this point I wondered if I could actually come in my jeans without manual stimulation. I think I could have that night.

So I told her, "Well, I don't know if you were planning on staying the night or not but we have some house guests looking for you."

"Oh shit," she said, "what did you tell them."

"Nothing. They know you drove Rick home but that's it," I told her.

"Who is there?" she asked. Then, to the side of the mouthpiece, "It's okay, don't stop ..."

I gave her a list of guests then ended with, "... and Jim. Remember Jim?"

She was silent a half second then replied with a half-panting, "Oh God ... don't let him leave. I'll be there right after Rick makes me cum again."

With that she sat the phone down proceeded to tell him in a voice loud enough for me to hear, "There are people at my house, get up here and fuck me before I have to go."

I listened for a minute or so as she grunted and panted encouragement for Rick's pounding of her pussy. Since I was in our bedroom I considered getting myself off as I listened but was afraid both of being caught and of losing the sexual high I was currently experiencing.

I had to terminate the call too soon, I was being beckoned from the other room. While I tactically positioned my hard on and brought the phone from my ear I could hear, "Cum in me! Cum in me hard, Rick! Oh FUCK ME!" with Rick's guttural coming noises in the background.

Hard to tear myself away from that.

Returned to our guests and assured them all was well. Told the group I'd called and Rick was a little sick so Becky stayed with him but was on her way home now.

Some time later most of the guests left and there were only a few remaining. As they all began to filter out I approached Jim and suggested, "Becky asked if you'd stay around til she got home. Said she hadn't gotten to talk to you in a while. You know ... if you're not in a hurry to get home."

"Oh, I'm not," he assured me.

Soon enough she pulled into the drive, came through the door, and upon seeing only Jim and I left in the kitchen breathed a sigh of relief. She sat down her purse, came around the counter, kissed me, then gave Jim a very friendly hug. The hug ended with her long fingers caressing the side of his face and a quick but very passionate kiss on his mouth. She pulled away and said to us both, "I need a shower," and walked away.

While she disappeared Jim just looked at me dumbfounded, guilty over the kiss he'd very much enjoyed with my cute little wife. To break the silence I told him, "Hey, she likes you a lot, and I think you're a hell of a good guy. Becky and I have an agreement where if she finds someone attractive and wants to spend time with them she tells me and we decide is it's a good idea. If you'd like, I know she'd love to have you join her in the shower."

He looked excited and bewildered at the same time. "Bullshit." Was all he could say.

So I reassured him, "No, I'm serious. She lets me play sometimes but right now she came home from Rick's because she's been contemplating you since your first meeting. Go ahead. She's running hot water in our bathroom. I'll either crash in the extra room or just watch TV. Really, it's okay. In fact, she's been looking forward to this for some time."

After more back and forth and a couple dozen reassurances I finally said, "If you don't go fuck her she's going to be really disappointed."

With that he turned and headed towards our bedroom. One glance back at me as he opened the door and he was gone. Into my room, where my wife was undoubtedly naked readying for a hot shower.

The remainder my wife had to relate to me, but as he entered our room she said he saw her in the mirror and gave her a nervous, "Hi." She answered with, "I was hoping you'd come help me," and proceeded to drop her robe revealing her incredible body. Jim let out an audible "wow" just under his breath and stared. My wife has taken a great deal of pride in her body, especially after having 2 kids. And she looks incredible.

Becky said she helped Jim undress in the foggy bathroom while accepting his groping hands and eager kisses. Once naked she stroked his member, happy at what she found. According to my demure wife, "A nice thick hard dick, not clean shaven but trimmed in all the important places. I didn't have to pick hair from my teeth after sucking him."

They progressed to the walk-in shower with Jim hungrily massaging her hard ass. In the shower they kissed a great deal, and soaped each other extensively. Soon he had a soapy finger rubbing vaginal lips as she sucked on one of his nipples and stroked his raging hard on.

Becky stood straight and kissed Jim. Asking him, "Do you want to fuck me here, or in my bed?" "Both," he replied.

That was all she needed and my wife turned away from her newest lover, offering her petite little ass and willing used pussy for him to use. Jim positioned behind her and timidly started probing for just the right entry angle.

By this time I'd snuck my way into the bedroom and was listening to their progress. Trying desperately to glean some idea of their actions from what little I could hear. At this point I heard my sweet little mother of two say, "It's okay, you're not the first one in my pussy tonight, just put it in me." And then the slapping skin started.

Soft at first, then pounding with both of them breathing in unison. Wet and hot, their moans turned to my wife's screams as the man we'd met a scant few months earlier worked her over with a capable hard cock. Her second in the past few hours.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck, Becky! Where do you want me to cum?" were the first words I'd heard from Jim as he had his way with my bride in our shower.

"In me! Cum in me!" was all she could say between moans.

With that the grunting and clenching started as another load was added to my wife's well-fucked pussy.

I made my way back to our living room, cock aching from the permanent hard on I'd managed to sustain the entire evening. Within thirty minutes or so my wife came out to the couch wrapped in her favorite white robe and asked me, "Do you want to come to bed with us, or do you want to sleep in the extra room?"

Well, of course I want to double team her. But I asked, "Isn't it a little early to freak Jim out with a threesome?"

"He suggested it," she replied.

Now it was my turn to be dumbfounded. The neighborhood's soccer mom giggled at me and said, "He fucked me in the shower, came in my pussy, wanna feel?" Of course, so I slipped a finger in her and felt warmth and wet. Not clean shower wet the way her hair smelled and neck felt, but the slick seconds only a good hard fucking - or two - can give a pussy.

Noticing my hard on she said, "I can blow you real quick, or you could come sleep with us."

"He's up for that?"

"I told you, he suggested it."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want you both to fuck me."

With that I was up and at it.

Becky kissed me deeply and said, "I love you. I think we may need to keep Jim around. He's nice."

We made our way in the bedroom and Jim was sitting on a towel on my wife's side of the bed. He looked at me and said, "She's incredible. Do you want me to leave you two alone?"

"No," I said, "Stay and help me fuck her."

With that we went to work on Becky. She dropped in from of Jim and started sucking him hard. I stood back and undressed slowly, taking in all of the sensory over load: my wife in her robe, wet red hair draped over her newest lover's groin as she greedily sucked his dick back to life, a man we'd barely known earlier playing with the mother of my kids' hair as he moaned his approval of her cocksucking skills.

Soon I was behind her, sliding her robe up over her ass to expose the clean sphincter I'd entered so many times before, and the sweet slits of her vagina two men had been into this evening. My fingers probed her opening again, spreading the cum of two different men to the opening to lube my entry. As I slid in her I felt that familiar and wonderful enveloping warmth and wetness nothing but sloppy seconds can give. My wife's moans and pressure back against me reassured me she felt the thickness of my cock inside her.

We worked into a nice steady rhythm, me slowly stroking my dick-crazed wife, her meeting my gentle thrusts and matching them with her mouth on our new friend's cock. The stimuli of her warm pussy, the semen leaking from her and running down my balls, and the sight of the community's sweetheart and perfect PTA mom sucking a cock she's not married to combined to bring me right to the edge of orgasm. I pulled out to keep from coming too soon and rested back against the wall as Becky repositioned and continued to suck her newfound friend's dick.

As I calmed down and watched the show she stood up from her knees in front of Jim, kissed him lustily, then climbed up his legs to mount his rigid penis. She knows I love to watch her fuck, and she was giving me an incredible show here. Her stretched and swollen pussy slid easily down Jim's sloppy wet rod, and her audible sigh was muffled only by the kiss Jim laid on her. She rode him expertly, looking as much like a porn star as a housewife. Her slight moans had turned to gasps and near-screams as she impaled herself on what looked to be from this angle a huge dick.

She was into it now, working her way to orgasm number who-knows-how-many for the evening. Slamming herself down onto Jim's pelvis, he meeting her every thrust and kneading her hard, red ass cheeks as she now screamed for him, "FUCK ME, JIM! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" I watched in awe as her body clenched, stiffened, and ground that engorged clit up against the slimy sweat-soaked body of this man who was fucking her so well. Several rippling full-body orgasms ran through her body causing her to shudder and clench her lover. Sweat glistening on her smooth muscular back, and her long red hair now thrown to the side as she came down from orgasm to kiss him hard and bury her face in his neck.

Jim's eyes were closed, his face drenched in sweat, and some of her hair stuck to his satisfied face. When Becky came back to the world she kissed Jim again and started to move ever-so-slightly on his still-hard cock. "You didn't come yet," she said to him.

"No," he replied, "I loved watching you come though."

Becky turned to me, now standing to the side of them and grinning like crazy. She said, "You like that, don't you."

"Hell yes, you're beautiful," I told her.

"She is," Jim added, "She's fucking incredible."

Beck laughed and kissed Jim. Then looked at me, smiling. She said, "I can't believe I'm not sore yet. I just want to fuck. Will you try and get in my ass?"

Oh, gee, do I have to?

We'd discussed double penetration before. Even simulated it with my dick in either position and a dildo in the other. Her orgasms were always hard, and her speech incredibly filthy when filled on both holes. But we'd never tried actual two cock entry.

After asking me she looked back to Jim and asked, "Is that going to weird you out if he fucks my ass while you're in my pussy?"

"No," he replied, "But my dick is thinner. Would you want it in your ass?"

With this she practically came again and said, "Oh fuck yes!" Then looked to me as she climbed off Jim, "Is that okay dear? Can I take Jim in my ass?"

"Absolutely." Who am I to deny my wife what she wants?

Becky went to her bedside table and retrieved a tube of lube. Popping the cap she smeared a generous portion from her fingers into her own ass, probing with a finger and sighing nicely as she did so. Following that she turned to lube Jim's cock then threw the tube towards the table and looked at me.

I laid down on the bed and my adorable little wife lie on top of me, facing me and inserting my hard cock in her sloppily wet pussy. So incredibly hot, so wet, so well lubed. I grabbed her around her back and kissed her hard. She told me, "God, this is so good," then pinned my arms to the bed and told Jim, "Go easy, it takes a while to work in."

"I've never tried anal," Jim confessed.

To which my wife replied, "It's all right, just like my pussy only tighter and you need to go in easier."

With that I could feel Jim positioning over us. His legs up against my bride's caused her to clench in on my own as she straddled them. Her breathing immediately became short and the loose wet pussy I'd been soaking in tightened noticeably. Her vaginal muscles constricted on my cock and she buried her head in my neck, mouth breathing hot in my ear.

"That's it," she panted in my ear, "you're doing perfect. Ahhh ... "

I was starting to feel Jim's cock through her vaginal walls. Reminiscent of the fleshy dildo I'd held in there as she'd gyrated against me in DP simulation, this was much hotter. Much better. Much more taboo and twisted.

The pressure increased against my penis as my Becky laid rigid against me, her sphincter accepting the long thin penis invading her ass. Her pussy continued to feel more and more full as he entered her fully. Finally Becky exhaled in my ear. A breathless and relieved, "Fuuuuucccckkkk ..." as Jim bottomed out in her ass.

We were froze there for a few seconds. Jim panting above my wife's back, her sucking my ear lobe, and me trying desperately not to come. Eventually Jim started working her. In and out of her ass. I followed suit and we slowly worked to a team rhythm. Both of us pulling from her well-lubed orifices then sliding back in in tandem. Her vaginal muscles gripped my dick incredibly tight as I'm sure her sphincter did the same to Jim. Meanwhile Becky's breathing and excitement level increased markedly with each repeated thrust.

Only a few seconds of this synchronized entry led to her patent lustful full-bore behavior. Soon she was moaning maniacally and grunting beautifully as we filled her in tandem. The moans changed to commands as our orgasms grew and our cocks met in the middle, scraping her internal walls and magnifying her arousal exponentially with each thrust.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned. "That is so good! So full ... Fuck me you bastards. Fuck my ass. Fuck my pussy. Oh Jesus!"

She was in another world. Full of cock and loving it. I've never seen her so intensely focused on an orgasm. As she neared another crashing crescendo all Jim and I could do was try not to come and continue to please her.

"Pull my hair, Jim! Pull my hair and fuck my ass! I want your big cock all the way up my tight ass! Oh Fuck! Oh God I'm coming! Oh fuck me! Pull my hair and fuck me hard!"

With that command Jim started pounding her ass. Slamming his cock in her and grunting as his balls bottomed out and slapped her tight little cheeks. I couldn't move, all I could do was stab my dick in her and hold it there as he probed her ass and pulled her beautiful hair. She was screaming now, obscene demands for anal punishment and loads of cum in her ass. "Suck my fucking nipples!" she yelled at me. And then started the single most intense orgasm I've seen her have in 15 years of marriage.

She bucked, she convulsed, she screamed, and she started crying as I felt Jim's buried shaft began pumping semen in her lubed and fucked ass. With that I lost my own load and added a considerable amount of cum to her now vise-like and cum-filled pussy. The single longest orgasm she or I have ever had finally subsided with her contractions nearly hurting my tired and emptied penis as Jim struggled to hold himself off her back.

We were sweaty, we were worn out, and we were very satisfied. I felt Jim lean down and kiss my wife in the small of her back before feeling his limp penis pull from her ass as he rolled off on the bed. She purred like a kitten and said to me very softly, "I love you ... thanks for this."

We fell asleep like that, then woke this morning to find Jim in the shower and late for work. He came out naked, toweling off, and said, "I would love to stay and play again but I have one more day of work before Thanksgiving." He then leaned over, kissed Becky on the forehead, and said to me, "Thanks, man. That was amazing."

Becky smiled at him and suggested, "I may be healed enough for another round in a month or so."

"How about Christmas?" he said.

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