tagLoving WivesBecky's Racing Sponsors

Becky's Racing Sponsors


"as told by Dave... Becky's chief mechanic and husband"

Ever since Becky got the bug for racing, our off seasons have started to fall into a pattern. She spends the fall and winter months "glad handing" potential "sponsors" for next year and me.... Well, I go to church.

I usually sit as close to the back as I can. I generally come here by myself. I wouldn't say that this is my pew, but I can usually find a wide enough space, not too close to anyone else. It's not that I feel awkward or unwanted... It's just that, well, sometimes I get interruptions and I don't want to disturb the others. This morning is no exception.

The preacher has been going on about hell fire and condemnation of the media for what feels like 45 minutes now. My thoughts have bounced around, catching some of what he's going on about, but in between Bible verses, I have been wondering about Becky's motorcycle. "Do we have enough filters for the entire season? What about crush gaskets? Did I ever order that tube of sealant? Damn, the synthetic racing oil is going to be expensive. Becky said she had the tires covered... I bet I know how, but I wonder who she's talked into it...."

The single buzz from my phone draws my attention back to the church. I dig my hand into my trousers and pull out the phone. It's an image file from Becky. I swallow hard as I look at the screen, turn a little red, and then look around to make sure no one can see the screen. I pensively look again, this time harder and with more intent. It's a picture of her sitting on her helmet. The camera is zoomed in framing her thighs, the top of her helmet, and dead center is her glistening pussy. The lips are slightly parted. The bass boat red fleck paint job on her helmet reflects onto the folds of her labia. The second half of her name written on her helmet is visible. My mouth is instantly dry. I am lost in her pussy.

I turn the phone over and stare at the animated preacher. My mind is full of one image and nothing else. Just her pussy. I think I'm trembling a little bit. At least I think I am. That's when the phone buzzes a second time. I turn it over to find another picture. This one is of the same pose, but it is pulled back. I can see her entire body and face. She's slumped over a bit. One hand is on her hip, the other arm rests on her knee. Her breasts are slightly hanging and beautiful, but her smile is electric. She's not smiling... she's laughing! Her eyes are slightly squinting and they are electric. Her smile is instantly contagious and I grin like a stupid idiot at the preacher. I'm lost in the trinity of Becky – her pussy, her smile and her eyes. My mind is full of the new image, I'm lost from all other thoughts. I don't even wonder who took the picture...

"Let us Pray!" Commands the preacher. I bow my head, not really listening to the prayer of the Padre, but in that moment I voice my innermost appeal to the Big Guy. It's the reason I even come to church. "Please God, don't make me live without her!"

The congregation says, "Amen," and the shuffle and commotion of people exiting and visiting begins. I'm always a little slow, (Becky says I'm old and I linger too much), but today my exit has been blocked. A rather stout and demanding Eileen Balsam has blocked my row. She's scowling at me, and in a condescending voice announces, "well, Becky hasn't been coming to our weekly Bible study groups for some time now. You really need to make her come!"

"Well, Becky has been pretty busy lately, but I'll let her know that you invited her and that you're concerned for her wellbeing..." Just then the phone in my pocket buzzes again. My hand digs in and holds it in case it goes off again. Eileen grunts as I step beside her inching my way between her and the pew. I don't exactly run to the car, but I'm making better time than my regular bumbling gate. Once inside I look around to make sure no one is looking, and I check the phone. Another picture. This one is a selfie. It's Becky's pussy with some hairy mustache licking her clit. I recognize that bushy salt and pepper mustache right off! Bill from Bill's Plumbing and Heating is there with her. He was the one that took the other pictures!

I put the key in the ignition and crank over the motor just as the phone buzzes again. One last picture. She's got Bill's cock half in her mouth. Saliva is running down her chin. My brain shuts down completely. My cock twitches and instantly starts to leak pre-cum. I have no idea how I get from the church parking lot to my house, because all I can see is the picture of his cock in her mouth. His truck is parked on the street in front of my house. I pull in behind him. My heart is racing, my breathing short. In my desperation to get to the door I just about hang myself in the seatbelt. It's a good thing that the door isn't locked! I'm stomping around through the house trying to find them and as I turn the corner into the kitchen I can see her bouncing body. She's propped open the door into the garage, pulled the cushions off the old couch and laid them on the concrete floor next to the motorcycle work stand. Bill's naked white body is laying on his back, his bright white chest a stark contrast to his well tanned arms and her smooth bronze skin. I walk into the garage and sit on the threshold. Bill looks over and grins. Becky's eyes clench shut. She starts to really grind her pussy into him. She's pushing her hands into his shoulders to hold herself up. Her breasts bounce and flatten on Bill's abdomen. Her ass clenches and flexes. She throws her head back and lets out a series of yelp-moans... "Ahhh..uuuuuhhhh....eeee...rRRRRRRr" followed be a long deep exhale. Watching Becky orgasm is like watching fireworks on the 4rth of July. Every time they are a little different and every time you are left with a feeling of awe and amazement.

Becky's freckled nose crinkles and her face wrinkles. Her nose always itches with her strongest orgasms and this one must have been a doozy! She's grabbing at her face with both hands rubbing her nose to stop the itching. Bill watches in amazement and starts to giggle. His full body laugh bounces her tight body and her breasts sway with his movement. I have the biggest grin that my face could ever hold!

When the itching stops, her eyes open, and she looks at both of us. "That was a good one!" She announces.

Bill beams at the compliment.

"So, how was church?" She asks, Bill's dick still buried in her snatch.

"Good. The media is sending us to hell you know. Eileen Balsam is worried about you because you don't go to her Bible study meetings."

"That Bitch just wants to boss everyone around!" Becky announces. Bill grins at her furry.

"How are you Bill?" I ask. "How's business? You guys busy?"

"We're actually doing pretty good, thanks!" He winks, pulls Becky down onto him and sucks in her left breast. She wiggles free and his head falls back onto the cushion. "Becky says she's excited about the next race season. Sounds like you guys are set up to move to the next level! She's a great racer! I enjoyed watching her run last season! She says you guys could use some help with tires for next season...."

"Yeah, we ordered up four sets. That should cover us. Jimmy's got them down in his shop. Racing is expensive, and every little bit helps.... That's the curse of loving Becky.... She's only happy when she's winning or fucking! And, she'll take your soul to make herself happy!"

"Four sets of tires is hardly my soul..." Bill suggests. He grabs her ass cheeks with both hands. His thick fingers push deep into the flesh and he pulls them apart like he's ripping a phone book in half. Becky jumps and squeals, trying to free herself from his strong hands. "WE REALLY LIKE TO MAKE BECKY HAPPY!!" He swats at her ass as she stand up over him. Straddling his strong torso she leans back, thrusts her hips forward and contracts her abdominal muscles. A glob of semen slowly plops onto his stomach, almost right into his belly button. Becky bends at the waist, licks some of the cum into her mouth and rubs the rest into his belly and chest. His brain has shut down. So does mine. She stands up, turns herself around so that she's facing his feet and squats down on his face. She smears her pussy on his face and chest. He finally grabs her hips and pulls her hard into his mouth. When his tongue presses into her clit she jumps up off him and runs past me into the kitchen.

From the kitchen we hear Becky scream back at Bill, "You can tell that bitch wife of yours that I don't come to her goddamn Bible study classes for a reason!"

Bill grins.

"You can't go home all covered in Becky's cum..... you better get washed up Bill" I make a friendly recommendation. He comes to his senses and shrugs his shoulders. "Nah... I'm supposed to be at the golf course this morning playing a round, so I'll just clean up there before going home. She won't expect me for another hour. "

"You could tell Eileen you got a hole in one..." I offered.

"I'll just tell her I been practicing with my driver.." he smiles back.

Becky bounces back into the garage holding Bill's clothes. "So Bill..." she starts, "does Eileen let you fuck her in the ass?"

Bill grunts and snorts in a half laugh. "Fuck No!" he barks. "She won't even have sex with the lights on.."

In her best bedroom voice Becky says, "Have you seen those new forged magnesium racing wheels!??!! They are SOOO Sexy!!"

I grab her in a head lock, my hand covers her mouth. She is squirming to get free and finish her sentence.

Bill laughs at the conniving sex goddess in my arm.

"You better escape now man before she bargains for your soul!" I announce. Becky continues to wiggle and fight. She stops long enough for Bill to kiss her on the forehead. She kisses my hand in return. I won't let her go until Bill has safely driven away. Our front door is still wide open. I've got Becky in my arm naked as the day she was born and as Bill pulls out, the old lady across the street walks her dog past our house and smiles. I wave to her and finally let Becky loose. She's whirling through the room just like the Tasmanian Devil. She's bouncing off the couch, jumping and spinning. Her arm reaches out and slams the front door shut and begins tearing my clothes off. She jumps on me so hard I stumble to the ground. I can barely breathe from all the kisses. She spends the rest of the day fucking my brains out, kindly letting me catch my breath and eat a little. Thank God for Viagra.

I'm glad I went to church. I may need to go next week too. I need to make the Big Guy understand..... "Please God. Don't make me live without her..."

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