Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 06


Tim rolled off of his wife and the couple hugged. After half a minute, Tim said, "So tell me about the nipple jewelry you're buying..."

Mary said, "There's nothing to tell. I'm going to talk to the designer and see some of her work. I think I'll probably try something heavy that pulls on me but who knows. I have no idea of what her prices are and I haven't seen anything she's done. It's just an idea. Actually, though, I do have a surprise for you. Well, I don't have it in hand yet but I will in a few days."

Tim raised his head and said, "Oh, what?"

Mary replied,"I've been working with one of my corset suppliers-Danielle. She's the one who works mostly in leather and suede. I'm having her make me a new custom leather corset. I met with her and she took countless measurements. She then created the corset and I've had two fittings to refine the fit. I should receive the finished corset by the middle of this week. I'm sure you'll like it."

"Oh, wow. I thought you loved the corset you have," replied Tim.

"I do love my corset and it will probably continue to be my every day one. The new one is different. Its leather in an over bust style. I thought we might include it in next weekend's photo session."

"Tim said, "So as I understand it you're talking about a Victorian style that pushes your breasts up as mounds that I'll want to bury my face in?"

"No, not exactly." replied Mary." I told Danielle I wanted actual bra cups; Victorian corsets don't have cups. Effectively, the new corset is a pushup bra sewn onto an under bust corset- in the softest black leather I've ever touched. As I said, I think you'll like it. There will be plenty of flesh for your face if you want to bury yourself. On the other hand, it's largely a means of displaying my breasts. You may not be thrilled with the limited access it affords to my nipples. It's a corset so it's tight everywhere. At the bust the leather cups surround the lower portion of my breasts and push them up blatantly. Anything that's covered is cinched pretty tightly- my nipples won't be reachable without unlacing and removing the corset."

As she spoke Mary got out of bed saying she'd demonstrate the different styles. She gestured to Tim to move so that he was sitting at the edge of the bed. Standing about two feet away, Mary held her hands flat and placed them over her breasts. She drew her hands inward and upward which pushed the soft flesh of the upper half of her breasts into generous mounds above her hands. Holding that position, Mary said, "This reflects the Victorian style. I'm sure you like this look but I thought I could do better. Also, this style isn't very practical with most modern clothing. It really only works well with strapless ball gowns and I don't have occasion to wear those very often."

Mary removed her hands and then curved the palm and fingers of each hand as she returned her hands to cup her breasts. She adjusted her hands to cup the lower half of each breast from below on their outer sides. She drew her hands in and up. While the nipples were covered, her hands created dramatic cleavage and mounded her upper breasts. Mary said, "With push up cups, clothes will fit better and I think you'll enjoy the view. There should be as much or more exposed flesh as there would be with a Victorian. Oh, I should probably mention that there's no front busk. I'll need you to lace me up and won't be able to take the corset off without you. Danielle also added two more stays than usual so even though the leather is soft the garment is very unforgiving. It couldn't be worn by someone who wasn't used to routine corseting. I know you like the bondage element of corseting me- I thought you'd like to know this will be my strictest corset."

As she caressed her breasts Mary dropped her eyes to Tim's crotch and saw his cock growing. She then adjusted her hands lower to expose her nipples and said, "I'm sure your cock thinks that cups cut low enough to expose my nipples would be even better. Danielle and I tried to get that look but the cups don't give my breasts enough support. My flesh gets distorted and my breasts don't look very attractive. I think your cock will like the design we settled on. You can lace me into it on Wednesday evening after Fed Ex delivers it. Now that I've awakened your cock let me suggest how we're going to get it much harder right now."

"Okay, that sounds good," replied Tim.

"Since we were speaking of rediscovering my naked body, I think standing right in front of you might be one of the best positions to make it all available to you." Mary paused and sensuously ran her tongue over her lips. Her hands moved to fondle her breasts and Tim's cock jerked. Mary continued, "My breasts would love more attention but my nipples are still somewhat over sensitized. I'm going to step closer to you and invite you to make love to my breasts. You can be rough or gentle with them but please be gentle with my nipples."

With her right hand still fondling her breast Mary's left hand slowly descended over her body as she said, "I do have a pretty sexy body, don't I? In a second I'm going to let you worship my body as you wish." Mary's hand caressed her Venus Mound and she said, "I'll just check to see how wet I am...oh... I'm more than wet. After you enjoy me standing here for a bit I think you'll enjoy burying your cock in me. You'll be having 'sloppy seconds' with your own cum. I know you've found that exciting in the past." Mary smiled as she watched Tim's cock jerk. It was noticeably harder.

Mary stepped forward, separated Tim's knees and took another half step. Her breasts were just a few inches away from Tim's face and her whole body was within easy reach. Tim's hands came up to her waist and he said, "Fantastic. You're so sexy. This is a great position for me to enjoy your body."

Tim buried his face between Mary's breasts and she brought her hands up to the outside of each breast- cradling her breasts and pressing them together against Tim's cheeks. Tim moved his head a bit and kissed the inner slopes of each of Mary's mounds. Meanwhile, his hands hugged Mary's waist and held her body in place. He pulled his face back a few inches and said, "Drop your hands- let me enjoy your breasts fully exposed. In fact, put your hands behind your back- that'll push your chest forward. Hold your wrists. Pretend I've bound your hands behind you. Don't move them until I tell you I've released them."

Mary did as instructed and Tim stared at her breasts which were projected forward as he'd expected. "Beautiful," he said. His hands trailed up her body and then grasped her breasts- appreciating their soft weight. Mary moaned with pleasure as Tim's hands gently but firmly caressed and fondled her breasts for over a minute. Tim watched his hands as they shaped and reshaped her soft flesh. "Your breasts look a full cup size bigger with your slimmer waist. It's as if you had a breast enhancement operation but were able to keep fully soft natural breasts. Fantastic."

Tim continued his worship of Mary's tits using his mouth along with his hands. Mary's arousal built slowly as she enjoyed being the object of his attention. After several minutes Tim included her nipples- using his mouth to gently tease them. Mary gasped and said, "Oh, yes. That feels good. I can feel it in my pussy."

For the next several minutes Tim varied his approach but became more and more aggressive in his ravishing of Mary's breasts. Mary became more excited and didn't seem to have any problem with his biting and sucking of her nipples.

After awhile, Tim pulled his head back slightly and said, "I'm going to slide back onto the bed. Consider your hands released. Come ride me cowgirl style. I'll still be able to see and feel your nakedness while my cock enjoys my 'seconds'."

Tim moved onto the bed and within seconds Mary was kneeling over him and lowering herself onto his fully erect cock. His hands returned to Mary's waist. He told her again how her waist felt so small and how her body looked great. Mary settled herself on Tim's cock and ground herself down onto it. Tim pressed up into her as he enjoyed being buried deeply in her. After grinding on him a little, Mary slowly lifted and lowered herself on his cock to increase their mutual pleasure. She continued her movements and Tim moved his hips in time with her.

Tim and Mary each grew markedly more excited. His one hand stayed at her waist while the other grabbed her ass. He told her how her wet pussy was teasing him; it was so wet there was much less friction than usual. It was driving him wild. After a while both of his hands grabbed Mary's hips and held her body in a raised position. He then fucked her as fast as he could from below seeking to get himself off. Tim enjoyed watching Mary's tits bounce wildly as he fucked her. He wanted to grab them but knew holding her lower body at the right distance above his cock was critical to his getting off. The lack of friction was tantalizing; he was on the brink of cumming for a long time but couldn't quite get there. Finally, with one last powerful thrust he added his cum to Mary's already drenched pussy and his body collapsed back onto the bed bringing Mary's hips down with him. Mary's orgasm was close behind. She cried out with her release and pressed her pussy down onto Tim's sated cock. Tim held Mary's waist as she spasmed violently. He then guided her down to lie next to him in mutual exhaustion.

On Monday Mary called the jewelry designer. They had a long talk and Mary got the address of the woman's website. Later that day Mary spent a half hour reviewing the website. She then called the designer and had an intimate, arousing conversation centered on nipple clamps. During the call Mary was required to put the phone down, tease her nipples to full erection and then measure the length and diameter of her aroused nipples. She then had to pick up the phone and recite the measurements to the designer. She found the whole process very erotic. By the end of the call Mary had teased herself to a silent orgasm and ordered two pair of custom clamps using base models shown on the website. One was to be somewhat ornate. They bordered on jewelry but had a fine tightening mechanism- perfect for gradual tightening and teasing of the wearer. The other pair was more basic in appearance but featured the ability to suspend from one to five weights from each nipple. Ten weights came with the set. Mary was excited by her purchases but frustrated since there was at least two weeks' lead time. After work Mary told Tim of her purchases and showed him the base models on the website. Her description of her phone call, nipple play, and purchases turned into foreplay for that evening's sex.

As expected the leather corset arrived on Wednesday at Mary's shop. She couldn't wait to get home and have Tim lace her into it. She texted to remind him to be home at 6PM. He arrived on time. Mary was waiting for Tim wearing a silk robe. She had already removed her latex bra and washed the remnants of cornstarch off. She handed Tim the new corset. He felt it using both hands and said, "You were right. The leather is incredibly soft. It's almost like fabric." Tim put the new corset aside and removed Mary's robe. Mary moved close to Tim and turned so that her back was to him. Tim was then able to unlace and remove her day time corset. He left her bikini panties in place.

Mary picked up the leather corset, brought it up under her breasts and held it in place on the front of her body. Tim picked up the long laces and began the tedious but sexy job of threading the laces through the numerous eyelets on the two rear panels from the top and bottom. As he gradually proceeded with the threading he pulled the laces in and the garment started to take shape snuggly around Mary's torso. This was just the prep work; the actual tightening would follow as a separate step. As he worked Tim said, "There's certainly something special about leather. My cock is already stiff at the thought of you corseted in leather."

Mary said, "As you've probably noticed the leather is thinner than many hides. It'll stretch more than thicker leather. Danielle said she'd expect it will take about a week's wear to reach its final shape which means my body and the leather will have yielded to each other and molded to my shape. I find the notion that the corset will stretch to conform to my body to be very sexy. It'll be like a second skin."

"My cock just got hard with that description," said Tim. "I guess we're both a little weird."

"In some ways, perhaps," replied Mary. "But when you see my cleavage you'll appreciate that just about any man would love my choice of corsets so we're not that strange. My tits aren't huge but squeezing them in leather push up cups while corseting my waist makes them look twice as big."

Tim's cock throbbed as he tightened the laces in increments from the top and then from the bottom. He knew how tight to pull the laces from his daily experience but confirmed Mary's satisfaction before tying off the laces. When he was done he ran his hands up and down Mary's body from behind saying, "You feel great but, of course, you always feel great. Turn around and let me see these breasts you've been telling me about." Mary turned around and took a step back to give him a better view. "Wow," said Tim. "You look incredible. Walk around a little so I can appreciate your body from different angles." Mary did as he requested.

She stopped about four feet in front of him and brought her hands up to her breasts in a blatantly sexual move saying, "So, I guess you like my tits all trussed up and displayed for you. Your cock looks like it's trying to break out of your pants."

Tim replied, "You look like any guy's wet dream. Obviously, my cock is hard."

Mary moved closer. She stopped and posed again. She dragged a fingertip over the mounds of flesh above the corset saying, "You can have a feel now but then I'm going to put my robe back on and we'll fix dinner. You'll be able to enjoy my cleavage visually during dinner but no heavy grabbing- pretend we're in a restaurant. After dinner we'll address our sexual needs." Mary took another two steps closer and stood still as Tim buried his face in Mary's soft mounds and lustfully ran his hands over her breasts.

Mary said, "As you can feel, most of the cups are thin leather which I think looks and feels pretty sexy. The only padding is in the bottoms of the cups; obviously, without that I wouldn't have the 'Elvira" look your cock seems to like."

Tim replied, "Your breasts look and feel great. It's different from the latex bra that showcases your nipples but just as sexy. You're certainly not a librarian anymore."

The couple prepared and ate a simple dinner. Mary left her robe unbelted so it remained open to various degrees giving Tim lots of views of her corseted body and bold cleavage. After cleaning up the dishes Mary said, "I'm guessing we'd both like me to keep my corset on during sex. If so, the cowgirl position we used last Sunday is probably the best way for me to show myself off for you."

"Great," replied Tim who was already moving toward Mary for a passionate kiss. After a prolonged kiss Tim gently pulled Mary toward the bedroom. Once there Tim removed Mary's robe and then knelt in front of her. Her panties were trapped under the lower portion of the corset. He immediately saw that removing them was going to be a challenge.

As Tim worked his fingers under the corset to grasp the panties Mary said, "Danielle warned me about this. She wanted me to wear the corset first and approve it but now she'll make me some snap-in panty panels that will substitute for panties. The snaps are already in place; she just needs to get the final measurements for the panel pattern. She'll make several panels since they'll need to be washed. Some will be in leather and others in silk. On by the way, she mentioned she's even made a locking chastity panel for a customer that's an extreme submissive. I told her I wasn't ready for a lock- at least, not yet."

"Oh. Wow," said Tim in an uncertain voice. He finally got the panties off and then stripped himself in record time. Tim lay on his back on the bed and Mary climbed over him. She positioned herself so that Tim's cock was between her thighs but couldn't reach her pussy. She then held that position.

Mary enjoyed watching her husband staring lustfully at her breasts and said, "When I first spoke to Danielle about this corset she asked me if I thought of myself as a Dom or a Sub. I told her 'neither' but then we discussed that leather corsets are frequently associated with Dominatrices. On the other hand leather bondage is for submissives and I'm definitely bound tightly. She offered to make custom leather cuffs for me- or for you. Which path do you see me following? And, of course, be careful what you wish for."

Tim's cock twitched between Mary's thighs. He hadn't been anticipating a discussion- just penetration. Finally, he said, "I don't see you as either a Dom or a sub; I think you're an Exhibitionist."

Mary hesitated. She smiled and then lowered herself onto Tim's cock saying, "Very perceptive. I think you've just summed up my past several months. I don't need to be a Dom or sub. I just want you- and to varying degrees, everyone else- to see how sexy I am."

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