tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBecoming A She-Males Bitch

Becoming A She-Males Bitch


I just got into town and spent the whole day moving in and cleaning my new apartment. I didn't have much furniture but the place needed a lot of cleaning. I saw their was a bar a few blocks away from my apartment and decided to go out for something to eat.

It was around five o'clock when I walked in noticed the place was pretty much empty. It was a dark but a clean bar with a lot of tables along the sides of the club surrounding a huge dance floor. I sat at the bar and ordered a burger and a draft beer. After working all day moving in the beer tasted real good and went down smooth. So smooth in fact, I finished two beers before my burger arrived and two more beers by time I finished my burger.

The bar started to fill up by that time I finished eating. It looked like people were coming in after work for drinks since most people were in suits and dresses. I was relaxed and decided to have a shot of scotch. I was watching the television behind the bar was showing the movie "Exit to Eden". It's a comedy about cops going undercover into a bondage camp. I enjoyed the movie so much I did not even notice how crowded the bar was getting.

I was feeling pretty good by this point when a beautiful girl sat down next to me. We started to talk and laugh about the movie. Feeling pretty buzzed I mentioned that a bondage camp sounded fun. I realized that was a pretty bold thing to say since I didn't even know her name. I started to blush at what I had just said but was happy she actually agreed with my statement.

This took our attention away from the movie and on to each other. She told me her name was Kim. She was Asian American with long straight black hair, green eyes and she looked like she could be a model. She was in her mid 20's, about 5'10'' and weighed maybe 120lbs. Her breast looked like a 36c cup and had great legs. Kim was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a blue jean shorts and thigh high boots. Talking about bondage she asked me if I preferred to be dominant or submissive. I told her I have only been submissive. I mentioned I didn't really have the training and confidence to be dominant with out possibly hurting my partner. She stated she has a lot of experience in domination and if I would like she would teach me.

Now I am thinking what a town, I never walked into a bar at home and had a beautiful girl hit on me. Don't get me wrong, I am not an ugly guy but I am not the manliest looking man. I am 21, 5' 7'', 105 lbs, long brown hair, with kind of a pretty face and only a little body hair. I tried to hide how excited I was but I think by her smile she could see right through me. We paid our tabs and we left to go to her place.

Since I have had a good amount of drinks at this point and did not know the area she offered to drive. She told me she would bring me back in the morning. Her car was a Red Corvette and it made me think she was well off. She gave the impression she always took control of whatever situation she was in. The drive took almost 30 minutes and I got so excited my cock was rock hard by time we got there. As we pulled up the driveway I could tell I was right about her being well off. She lives in a very large country style house with a wrap around porch in a wooded area. The attached garage is in the back of the house and could fit four cars. As we pulled up to the garage door she stopped, turned to me, looked me straight in my eyes and said, "Are you sure you want me to dominate you? Because once we go in you are to do what I say, when I say, and how I say with no questions. If you want to change your mind now is your chance." Being drunk, horny as hell and not having a clue where I was I agreed.

We pulled in and the door closed behind us. We both got out of the car and she locked it. Then she told me to take all of my clothes off and drop them on the ground. Kim watched and smiled as I removed my clothes. Once I was fully naked I was told to pick up the clothes and to give them to her. Then she ordered me to stand in the square that was painted on the floor with a chain hanging down above it. Kim then walked over, placed handcuffs on my wrist and hooked them to the chain above my head.

She left the garage with my clothes and I got a shock of realism. I thought I can't get my clothes back and I am chained up in a stranger's garage. I have only tried bondage with people I knew. I don't know where I am nor do I really have a clue who I am with. This is the first person I met so no one would even know if I ended up missing. The longer I stood there my heart also began to pound and I started to sweat.

After what seemed like an hour Kim entered the garage wearing leather bra, leather skirt and wore very high heels. She now towered over me and placed a leather hood on my head. The hood was put together with snaps so it could be used in as a hood, half hood or a blindfold. At this point the only opening was for my nose and there were small speakers in the ears. I could hear the sound of an orgy or a porn flick sound track. When she was talking I could hear her but when she was not, I only heard the sound track. She unhooked me from the chain and guided me into the house.

We went down a flight of stairs into a room, which was very warm. She told me to kneel down and assisted me so my knees were on some kind of pads. When all of my weight was on the pads she placed some clamps to go over the back of my leg locking my knees in place. Then she removed the handcuffs and had me lean forward so I could grab a bar with each hand. Now I am on all fours and my hands were also locked in place. She told me to get ready for a wild evening. Between the heat in the room and being scared I was sweating like a pig.

Kim's voice came through the speakers and I heard, "From now on I will command you to do and say what I want. What I tell you to do or say, you do it immediately and with feeling. I want to believe these words and actions come from your heart. Do you understand? " I nodded, as if I had any choice at this point. The bottom and top of the hood was removed so now the only thing left is the blindfold with the speakers inside. Kim told me to say "Mistress Kim, please make me a woman." I couldn't believe what I was supposed to say so I said nothing.

That's when I felt pain shoot through me, which came from a paddle striking my ass real hard. "I will only say this one more time, if you are told to say or do something, DO IT!" As she is saying this, my eyes start to swell up with tears from the pain. She repeated the command so I said it but I guess I didn't say it with enough feeling because I felt more pain from another hard smack. I heard the command again so with as much feeling as I could give I said, "Mistress Kim, please make me a woman." I must have said it with enough feeling because instead of another smack I received more instructions. Sometimes I just said things like "yes" or "please mistress". Sometimes I was told to lick my lips or rock back and forth.

It seemed to have no real rhyme or reason when suddenly the pads my knees were on started to spread apart. The platform I was on started to tilt forward. I felt lube being applied to my ass hole and something small was probing me a little bit. I have never had anal sex much less being the receiver. Suddenly I felt fluid filling up my rectum. The pads between my knees closed again but I'm still facing down. Kim tells me to not release my bowels or I will be punished harder than before. The platform starts to tilt back so now I am ass down and I'm trying my best not to release. Suddenly I couldn't hold it any longer and I unloaded everything. I begged not to be hit because I tried my best. I was smacked hard and was told it was because I spoke with out permission. I felt a damp cloth wiped up my legs and ass.

After I was cleaned up I was instructed that the blindfold would be taken off and to keep my eyes close. If I opened them I would be paddled even harder that before. The paddling Kim gave me was the hardest I ever received. Her strikes are truly painful.

The blindfold was removed, my hair was combed, and make up was applied to my face. I could feel eye lashes being applied and lipstick also used. I was pissed, when I first thought of being a sub-male for Kim I never thought nor did I want to be treated like a sub-female. I wished I had never moved here. If I hadn't I would be safe at home and not in this position. After everything was applied, the blindfold with the speakers went back on. I felt something being strapped to my chest and I was told me to rock back and forth. That's when could tell they were fake breast.

I was told to thank her for making me look like a woman and ordered me to beg to make me feel like a woman. I had to say how I have always dreamed of sucking cock and being fucked like a slutty bitch. She told me she had a strap-on that squirted and felt very real. Having never touched any cock other than my own nor a strap-on I had no idea what to expect.

I was told to open my mouth. I felt the soft head of the cock rub against my lips. I didn't say what I was suppose to say and I got paddled again a few times in a row. I could not take anymore paddling because the pain was so severe. I heard the words to say in the speakers again and this time I said them. "MMMMMM, I love how your cock feels against my lips. I always dreamed about it but it feels better than I ever could imagine. Please quit teasing me. Slide your cock in my mouth and fuck my face so I can taste your hot cum."

She slowly started to fill my mouth sliding in and out. Each time she slid in a little deeper. Before I knew it she was sliding so far in I started to gag. In the speaker she coached me how to bring my head up a little and to relax my throat. It helped because I was taking the whole thing. I could feel balls hitting my chin. The pace picked up to where my mouth was getting fucked with a fury. Suddenly I felt a lot of squirting in my mouth. I was told to swallow all of it but I couldn't. I swallowed as much as I could but a lot ran down my chin and some got shot on my face. With my face and chin covered I was told to smile and thank her for letting me taste her cum. I stayed on all fours with cum dripping from my chin as I thanked her over and over for cumming in my mouth. My head was pushed down to the platform and I had to lick up what dripped off my chin. I wondered by the smell and saltiness if it really was cum.

Listening to the porn sound track my dick started becoming getting hard again. A few minutes later I felt her press the strap-on against my asshole. I guess the lube she used earlier was a numbing lube because I felt the pressure but no pain. It actually felt kind of good as she teased my ass. As my asshole started to spread I was slapped on the ass. Not like the painful paddling but nice hand smacks.

I was surprised I like how it felt to be fucked in the ass. She fucked me with care making sure she didn't go to fast. "I can't tell which I like better, having you fuck my mouth or my ass. You are filling my every fantasy by making me your slutty bitch." I said this with a smile and some remaining dried cum on my face. The pace picked up and the slapping became harder. She continued to pound my ass sliding in and out, faster and faster. I begged for her not to stop and I moaned like I loved every minute. Finally I felt her pull out and then felt squirting on the small of my back. She smacked my ass one final time. I thanked her for making me a woman hoping this would get her to let me go. I felt her wipe up the liquid from my back with her hand. I had to lick her hand clean and thank her again for more cum.

I stayed on all four for a long while before anything happened. I was wondering if she would ever come back. This time seemed even longer than when I was chained in the garage.

She returned and released my blindfold. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. When they did I noticed the room looked like a dungeon porn stage. There were cameras set up and lights.

I was still secured to the platform and there was a large screen TV in front of me.

What I saw then horrified me. She filmed everything that happened to me starting from us walking into the room. First of all, she was a she-male and as you can guess it was no strap-on. In the film you never heard what she told me in the speakers. Now I know why I said what I was saying. It made it look like I gave up almost everything to become her bitch. My sole purpose in life was to become a she-male porn star and to service men.

Second it looked like a professional porn flick. There were close up and shots from all angles. This made me wonder how many people were in the room when all of this took place.

She then climbed on the platform under me and sucked my cock as I watched the video. I was angry as hell but she was so good at sucking cock I was hard as a rock. She slid her wet lips up and down my dick until I came. I came harder than I ever had before and this is while watching myself looking like a she-male getting fucked by a she-male.

She told me how I now had to work for her and be her bitch or the video would end up on the Internet. She let me stay on the platform for a while alone to think. I couldn't believe what I got myself into. I move to a new town and before I get a chance to get on my feet I have been tricked into becoming a she-males bitch.

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