tagLoving WivesBecoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 04

Becoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 04


We were actually posted back to the same place where we met both Brian and Sharon and also Ahmet and we were only back a few weeks when I bumped into Sharon in town. She and Brian had split and she was now living with her boss. Brian had been posted away and they didn't really speak, she enquired how Erica and the kids were but was in a hurry to be away.

Erica and I were still chatting on the internet and we had got quite a lot of people on our contact list that we had been speaking to from overseas. Whilst before, the distance involved was huge, now some of these people were right on the doorstep. This kind of frightened Erica and she wasn't as keen to go online as often.

I think secretly, she was scared to have a black man in case she liked it too much. Anyway, several months went by and we still had not met anyone, I was disappointed but tried not to show it too much. We went out for a night out and ended up in a club and who should we meet but Ahmet. He was overjoyed to meet us but for some reason Erica was a little off and said, we are not doing anything tonight, I said ok fine.

I just thought she was having a bad night. Anyway, we chatted for an hour or two and the drink flowed. I went to the loo and when I came back, Erica said drink up; we are going back to Ahmet's house. Complete 360 turn around.

As we went out the door, I asked if she was sure, she said yes, it was just she didn't want anyone back at ours as the kids were older and might catch us. So we went back to Ahmet's, we had a great night and Erica returned home with a sore pussy and several loads of come. Ahmet again came back into our lives and it wasn't long before a visit to his was a weekly occurrence.

We still played online and one night while we were on chat and completely hammered. We swapped numbers with a black man called Tommy who had sent us a picture of the biggest dick Erica had ever seen, 10 inches long and very thick. Erica and I had good sex thinking of her taking it. In my drunken state, I had invited Tommy round the next evening.

The kids were away at their grandparents so we had the house to ourselves. I had forgotten all about it until I got a text from him asking for me to pick him up from the station. I panicked and told Erica who nearly had kittens and said she was not doing it.

I said he has travelled all this way by train; we should maybe just meet him somewhere local for a drink and see how you feel after that. With reluctance, she agreed but only if I took him to a pub first then came back to pick her up when she was ready. She jumped in the shower, starting to shave her bits which I thought was a good sign.

I opened her a bottle of wine for some dutch courage and jumped in the car to go and pick Tommy up. I nearly had kittens when I met him; he was nearly 7 feet tall and a huge bloke. I thought if Erica doesn't want to meet him, and I have to tell him, he is going to pulverise me for wasting his time.

I explained her nerves and her request to meet him first in a local bar. He was ok about it and I left him with money to get the drinks in and also gave him the money to cover his train journey just in case.

I went back to the house to find Erica, dressed and ready but nearly drunk as she had downed more than half a bottle of wine. I told her what Tommy was like and she was going to call it off. I assured her he seemed nice enough so the least we could do is spend an hour having a drink with him before he went home.

I got her in the car and we made our way to the pub. Tommy had a drink and seats for us, introduced himself to Erica and we sat down. She looked like she had just seen a ghost and said, my god, you are a big bloke. He laughed and said, don't be intimidated, I'm a real big softy in heart anyway, not in other areas.

This pub got quite crowded and someone I knew came in so I suggested we move somewhere closer to home and they both agreed. We stopped in a really quiet pub and he went to the loo while I got drinks I asked Erica what she thought. She was like, I'm not sure I could handle him. I gave her a reassuring kiss and said you will be fine. We will go home after this.

So we had our drink, got back in the car and headed home. When we got there, Erica went straight for the wine bottle and was guzzling it down. We all sat on the living room floor and chatted having a few drinks. Erica went out for some air, saying I don't know if I can do this. I said to Tommy, I would speak to her and she would be fine.

She was anything but fine; she was puking up in the back garden. I made her a coffee and she went to get cleaned up. I sat chatting to Tommy explaining she had drunk too much with nerves. He was fine about it, he even said, he would come back another night if we wanted. At that Erica appeared in the door in a silk dressing gown with a pack of cards in her hand saying who is for poker.

I was both excited and relieved. She said, I only have four items on so you two get your socks and shoes off before we start. Well, the next five minutes saw her down to her lacy bra and pants and Tommy and I in our underwear. Her eyes nearly popped out as he took his trousers off to display novelty g string with an elephant's trunk which was huge. She said there is no way you fill that and reached over and copped a feel. She turned with mouth open and said, my god; it goes right to the bottom. He said, that's it just soft.

The next few hands saw us naked so the dares started. I won first and my dare to Erica was to make the monster hard. She went over and knelt down in front of him, I could see her shaking like a leaf. She slowly licked round his foreskin and his cock started to swell in her hand. Two seconds later, she had it fully erect and what a monster it was. I all of a sudden was frightened for her.

She was too busy to be frightened licking and sucking on him, taking him deep in her mouth but there was still over half of it out. I started to play with her pussy which was flooding and so I licked her from behind, tasting how sweet she was. After five minutes she said, I want this thing in me, I passed her a condom and she rolled it on as far as she could with her mouth. I had insisted we use them if we did this, I didn't want to breed her so to speak.

I watched very closely as she inserted his length into her an inch at a time with a look of agony on her face, she didn't get all the way in and was bouncing up and down when it all got too much for me and I ejaculated, right over Tommys leg. I thought I'm dead now but he said don't worry about it, shit happens. I wiped him with a towel and lay back out of the way; I guess I wasn't needed on this one.

He fucked her in all sorts of positions and I have never heard her being so vocal, I was worried the neighbours might think I was beating her. After an hour or so, she said, she was going to bed and Tommy was going with her, I was to sleep on the couch.

I woke up in the morning at 6am and they were still at it. I know Erica hates condoms and had a moments panic. I ran up the stairs into the room saying I hope you are using condoms tearing the covers back at the same time. Right enough they were and Erica was saying, this is the last one though out of a box of 12. My god she had taken some pounding.

Her pussy was soaked and she was taking his whole length now up to the hilt. I had an instant hard on and she grabbed me and took me in her mouth. Tommy fucked her hard and deep and she loved it. He came again and as he pulled out with another full condom, I spurted in her mouth.

She said, I need some sleep now please. Tommy came downstairs with me and we chatted for a while him telling me about all the white women he had met, most in front of their husbands. I searched the internet and found him a train.

I suggested we all go out and get some breakfast so went to tell Erica to get ready, she could hardly drag herself out of bed but she did and went for a coffee while I went for a shower. When I got dressed and got down the stairs, he was fucking her again; she was quick to say she had found a condom in my drawer, this women was insatiable I decided.

Anyway, we went to the train via a little café and stopped and had breakfast. All the while he was playing with her pussy under the table. When we eventually dropped him at the station, and in front of everyone, she snogged him goodbye having one last feel of his dick. He left and she said, drive me home before I fall down, I can barely walk. We woke up that evening and she jumped on me, she was still so horny.

Over the next few months we continued to meet with Ahmet, kept in touch with Tommy but didn't have him back over as kids were always there. We did meet another black man online, he wasn't as big as Tommy but he gave her a good seeing to all the same and I got to try out my new camera and took some amazing pictures, the first of which has turned into quite a collection on Flikr.

Our sexcapades were interrupted for a few months as I was sent away on an overseas operation. By the end of my next submission, we should be pretty much up to date.

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