tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBecoming Slave Girl Rita

Becoming Slave Girl Rita


Disclaimer: Please note that the story contains themes of SM, cross-dressing, feminization and homosexuality. Please do not read it if this offends you.

The story describes how my life changed and I was transformed from a regular guy into a slave girl.

It all started when my wife Janet and I decided to go to an erotic mask ball. We were both really excited about it even if we were not sure if we really wanted to fully participate in any swinging or swapping activities at the ball. All of these were optional and many couples just came to the ball to enjoy the erotic atmosphere.

Anyway, the ball was indeed very exciting with many attractive couples involved in erotic activities. My wife and I, we decided to simply enjoy the view. Stage performances were also part of the evening's programme. The person leading and announcing the performances was Master Rob. He was a tall, 200 pound guy, a kind of hairy bouncer type, certainly someone no one wanted to mess with. We were told that in the fantasy world of the ball, his orders had to be followed.

One part of the performances was called 'magical transformations'. Master Rob announced that one of the performers, a stunning beauty called Donna, would take someone from the audience and transform them unrecognizably within an hour. Master Rob then looked around the audience and to my surprise eventually pointed at me.

"You! You look like the perfect volunteer! And you look like you have not had enough fun tonight!"

I was to follow Donna who would change and magically transform me for the audience. Master Rob assured me that I was in good hands and would be well taken care of by Donna. I didn't really know how to react but the prospect of following this stunning lady didn't sound too bad. She took my hand and led me away from the stage into a sort of dressing room in the back. This looked like fun. Donna explained to me that she had a sexy costume in mind for me based on my build and physical features in which no one would recognize me. But first, she'd have to give me a quick bath to clean up.

What I didn't know was that the bath she put me in had hair removal in it. I was quite shocked that all my body hair was gone when I got out of the bath. Donna ignored my stunned reaction.

"How pretty you look!" Donna said when she saw me coming out of the bath looking me up and down.

"Now let me show you the beautiful costume I picked out for you. Here you go!"

I couldn't quite make out what she was holding up but I could see that it looked very feminine with a lot of nylon. Donna handed it to me and told me to put it on. I didn't want to be a spoil sport. When I was finished putting it on I realized that I was basically sort of looked like a prostitute complete with corset, nylons and suspenders.

"How lovely! Master Rob will be very pleased. You are almost look transformed!"

Dona then led me to a makeup table where she put makeup on me and a blonde wig. Then she handed me a pair high heels

"Put those on and you are done!"

I decided to go along because I didn't want to ruin the performance. When I looked at myself in a mirror, I almost didn't recognize myself. I had to admit to Donna that I actually looked like a sexy woman! I felt quite attractive in a strange kind of way. Donna led me back to the stage and announced to the audience that I had been transformed into 'Rita'. Judging by the audience' applause, the transformation must have been very convincing.

After my performance, Master Rob complemented me on how convincing I looked and he made me the offer to do this on a more regular basis.

"We were looking for a performer exactly like you for a long time!" he said and patted me on my back.

"How does this sound, you and your wife can come to the club for free anytime if you help us out with our performances once a week?"

I told him that I would have to speak to my wife first.

"Don't worry. It's already taken care of. I asked her already and she said she would even help you to prepare for your performances if necessary."

I was kind of intrigued by the excitement associated with it all. I thought, why not. I only live once. So, I agreed.

"Good, be here next Saturday early around 5pm and we'll get you ready for the performance."

When I went home with my wife, we talked about the whole thing. To my surprise, Janet was happy with me doing the performances and she also complemented me on how convincing I looked as a woman.

"You are made for this!" she said.

When I arrived next Saturday at the club, I went through the usual process of being dressed by Donna. This time I was dressed in a very revealing kind of tight leather outfit which scarcely covered my private parts. She told me that in today's performance, I was going to be 'slave girl Rita'. This didn't sound too good but it was too late to back out now. Donna then called Master Rob into the dressing room to help me with the rest of my preparation. Master Rob came in with a pendulum in his hand. He said that in order for me to perform my role convincingly, he would have to hypnotize me. I was sitting down on a chair and he stood in front of me with the pendulum swinging from side to side. He told me to keep looking at the pendulum without actually moving my head. He then talked to me in a low and soothing voice. I can vaguely remember that he repeated things like:

"Be a good girl for your Master."

"Good girls know how to behave."

"Good girls want to obey their Master."

While sitting there and looking at the pendulum, I couldn't help noticing that I was also looking at his crotch and the large bulk in his pants. It was so big that I simply couldn't ignore it. I found myself wondering how big his penis must be when it is fully erect. After a while, I was probably unwillingly paying more attention to his penis than the pendulum. To reiterate his hypnosis, he asked me questions like

"Are you a good girl, Rita?"

"Do you like to obey?"

"Who is your Master?"

I then had to repeat the answers. The hypnosis really seemed to work. It just felt more and more natural to just repeat what he was telling me. I actually started to feel like a 'slave girl'. This was also one of his last questions.

"Are you a good slave girl, Rita?"

I had to repeat it over and over.

"Yes, Master Rob. I am good slave girl Rita"

"Tell me Rita, what do slave girls do?"

I answered, "Slave girls like to obey their Master"

"Who are you?"

"I am good slave girl Rita"

"What do slave girls do?"

"Slave girls like to obey their Master"

This went on for quite some time. I was in a kind of trance by the time we were finished. Master Rob then put a leash around my neck took and told me to crawl on all fours. I felt compelled to follow his instructions. And I felt good when I heard Master Rob's soothing deep voice.

"Good girl! That's it Rita, crawl like a good slave girl!"

"You are a natural!"

I didn't want to admit it to myself then but I somehow felt really good about hearing him praise me like that. Master Rob then led me onto the stage and introduced me as slave girl Rita to the audience. He announced that I would be part of the evening's performance every Saturday night from now on and that I would perform different tasks for the audience' entertainment.

"Rita, show the audience what you can do. Be a good slave girl and lick my shoes!"

Part of me wanted to protest but somehow the easier option seemed to just comply.

"Yes, Master Rob." I began licking his shoes.

"Good girl!" I heard him say.

My first performance wasn't too bad really. After I had licked Master Robs shoes clean, he got me to lick those of some other audience members. At the end of the night, Master Rob complemented me what a good job I had done and that I had been very convincing. He handed me an mp3 player with headphones. To prepare for next weeks performance, I would need to listen to it every night before I go to bed.

"Don't disappoint me, Rita!" he said with a smile when I was my way out. Back at home, I thought no way I am going to listen to those mp3's. By the time I got to bed, Janet was already asleep. Curiosity caught the better of me and I put on the headphones and switched on the mp3.

"Hello Rita!" It was the soothing deep voice of Master Rob.

"Are you a good slave girl for Master Rob?"

I wanted to take the headphones off, but I had to admit to myself that I actually secretly found it arousing and I enjoyed listening to his voice. The recording went on to tell me to imagine myself in a place where I was secure and without worries, where everything was taken care off. All I needed to do was listen and obey Master Rob and all would be good. I found myself feeling very relaxed and I dozed off into sleep after a few minutes.

The next night, I told myself that I'll try to actually hear what the rest of the recording was about. There was no way to fast forward on the mp3 player so I had to start again from the beginning. Again, after about 10 mins I must have fallen asleep. I repeated the same thing every night and every time I could only remember the first 10 minutes. Well, at least I did what Master Rob had instructed me to do. That felt good. I somehow enjoyed following his instructions. I felt very safe.

At next week's performance Master Rob again started with the same routine of having me lick his shoes clean but it didn't stop there. This time, Master Rob brought an old fat guy onto the stage and asked me to lick his ass clean! I was afraid to disappoint Master Rob, so I began licking the man's ass. As soon as I began, I felt better. The audience applauded loudly.

Every week the performances on stage became more and more extreme but I found myself unable to refuse any of Master Rob's instructions. One week, I had to suck cock on stage. Another, I was being fucked in the ass with a gigantic dildo. Another week, I was tied up and forced to eat sperm from different members of the audience. Then another, I was instructed to drink someone's piss directly from his penis. Despite these humiliating acts, I found myself looking forward to the performances more and more. My other life became kind of a blur. All I cared about was being in a happy place on stage with Master Rob. I found myself even answering the phone as Rita. Maybe it had something to do with the mp3's I was listening to each night.

One day my wife Janet told me that she had spoken to Master Rob and that he was very pleased with my performances. She told me that he wants to come and live with us to help me with my performances.

"How do you feel about that darling?"

"If that's what Master Rob wants." I found myself saying. Janet smiled at me and patted me on my head.

"You are such a good girl, Rita."

The next evening when I came home, Master Rob was already there.

"How is my slave girl Rita?"

I instinctively found myself down on all fours crawling over to him.

"Good girl!"

He then handed me my usual slave girl costume from the performances and instructed me to put those on. It felt very natural. When I was dressed like slave girl Rita, he took out his cock and told me to put it in my mouth. Then he looked directly into my eyes and gave me a long explanation of what had been happening to me in the last weeks.

"Rita, it is time for you to know the truth about me and Janet. We have been a dating for over a year now. Janet was going to divorce you but it would have been a financial disaster for her. Instead we came up with the plan together to turn you into slave girl Rita. I have turned other men into slaves before and I knew it would be easy with someone as naturally submissive and feminine as you are. To help you in your transformation, Janet has been secretly feeding you female hormones and drugs to make you more obedient and open to suggestions. The mp3's I gave you gave you did the rest. They slowly moulded your brain into that of a slave girl who is unable to resist any instruction from her Master."

I am not sure I understood completely what he was telling me but I did know that I was slave girl Rita. I felt very happy and safe being his slave girl.

"Now, you may suck my cock, Rita!"

I sucked his cock until he came in mouth.

"Thank you, Master."

"Good girl!" he said and patted me on my head.

Please tell me your comments and thoughts on the story or if you have ideas for other ones.

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