tagBDSMBecoming The Office Bitch

Becoming The Office Bitch


I sat at my desk at work and tried to look busy. In reality I was looking at pictures of Michelle Keegan (the stunning brunette barmaid in Coronation Street) and imagining her being under my desk sucking me off. Every so often I risked a reach down with my hand and rubbed my stiffening dick. The office I shared with three other people was pretty empty ( Dave was on holiday and Linda had called in sick) with just left me and Susan. Which in itself was kinda awkward because we had shared a quick fuck'n'suck at the office Christmas party just three months ago and she seemed to think that had made us a couple whereas I had shown absolutely no interest in her. Still we worked away fine but there was always a bit of an undercurrent to the atmosphere.

She was typing away rapidly (hard working cunt that she is) and was wholly focused on her computer screen. So was I because my little slide show had moved to a sexy picture of Michelle naked in a bath with bubbles covering her nubile young body and it was now nearing impossibility to stop myself wanking off. But just as I contemplated a swift visit to the gents toilet to finish myself off in burst our boss Brenda and I hurriedly got the picture off screen and inwardly cursed her. Brenda was nearly double my age having just hit the big 50 and had not that long ago been pretty decent looking, but time and drink had caught up on her in a hurry (she had quite the reputation as a piss head) and although her dark hair was still nice and her figure was OK her actual features had aged badly. She said hello to Susan and chatted to her, they were great friends and spoke too much for my liking, while I fumed and waited for her to fuck off into her office so I could get Michelle back on screen for one last bit of inspiration before going to knock one out in the toilets.

"John, go and make me a coffee, would you?"

Brenda spoke to me like I was an office junior and if I could have I would have slapped her face for that but I bit my tongue and mumbled an ascent and headed for the small kitchen the sales people shared.

"Fucking bitch!"

I spat to myself, angry at the way she had spoken to me, being asked to do this menial task and at missing out on a much needed climax. And as I entered the kitchen an idea came to me that would satisfy all my aggravations. I boiled the kettle up and scooped coffee and sugar into Brenda's cup and then unzipped my trousers and slipped my hardening dick out and set to work furiously on wanking it. That bitch Brenda was going to get an extra 'creamy' coffee this morning!

Amazingly the thoughts of all the perverted things I would like to do to some TV tart were forgotten and replaced by the prospect of that bitch of a boss of mine unknowingly drinking my cum. God I was raging hard and I gripped hard on my cock and pumped it for all my worth. I was oblivious to any risk, thought no one was likely to discover me and knew I would cum very quickly wanking as I was. My body tensed up and I screwed my eyes shut with intense feelings and somehow managed to hold her mug down and fired a fair load of my thick cum into the steaming contents. Unfortunately just as the last load fired it's way into Brenda's mug she entered the small kitchen holding a packet of biscuits she had clearly bought to add to the office biscuit tin.

There could be little dubiety as to what I was doing, it was her mug, it was full of coffee and my cum and my offending cock was hanging free and she was staring at it. I just stood there, not having a clue how I could get out of this situation. Brenda clearly reacted to the situation quicker than me.

"That meant to be for me is it? Well you'd better give it a stir, hadn't you?"

I looked dumbfounded at her, totally surprised at her reaction. In a kind of daze I reached for a tea spoon. She grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

"Not with a spoon John, seeing as that pathetic little thing is out (she pointed at my dick) I can only assume you intend to stir the coffee with it."

Her voice had a definite edge to it and I realised I had a choice to make here - either tell her to fuck off and at the same time accept that I was going to get the sack or do what she asked and hope that I could work my way out of this and somehow keep my job. I was married with a kid and the economy was shit and the chances of scoring another job never mind one that paid as well as this one, especially if I got dismissed for gross misconduct (emphasis on gross) was pretty fucking low. So I looked at the hot mug of coffee, watching the steam rise and looked at Brenda and tried to stall for a bit.

"Listen Brenda, I'm sorry, look I'll pour it out, it was daft, can't we just forget this happened, please!"

I was as contrite and humble as I could manage but she again stilled my wrist holding the coffee and prevented me pouring it down the sink.

"No John. We can't just forget this. We can do one of two things. One, you can pour it out and then I can go and report you to HR and fire you or you can do as I say. Which is it to be?"

She had always had a hard side to her nature in the two years I had worked under her but there was an even harsher edge to her voice now, commanding, domineering and standing there like that, limp dick still out it was easy to be intimidated by her in that situation. So, with a gulp I resolved to take my medicine and I lowered the cup of hot coffee and gingerly dipped my dick into the brown liquid.

I held back a squeal as my cock entered the hot coffee but I had to grit my teeth and my discomfort must have been all too visible to Brenda. She treated me to a cruel smile.

"I said stir it John, get your filthy cum nicely mixed in."

Tenderly I used my free hand to gently swirl my dick around in the mug, what a pathetic sight I must have made, wincing as the coffee seeped under my foreskin. She made me keep going until I had 'stirred' it with twenty rotations and finally she allowed me to lift my hot, wet dick free.

"Now put that little thing away and I want to see you drink that nice cup of coffee you wanted me to down."

Poetic justice I guess you could call it but still it was a repulsive thought and again I tried to summon the courage to rebel. But again I did not have it in me. Under her hard glare I lifted the cup to my lips and took a sip.

"The whole lot you filthy pervert. That's it drain the whole vile cup. That was a favourite cup of mine you know, I don't think I'll be able to drink from it again! Right once you've finished it get yourself together and come into my office and we'll discuss exactly what I should do with you from a disciplinary point of view."

Once the cup was empty and the last dregs of the sour tasting cum infused coffee was inside me she turned on her heels and marched off leaving me wondering what the hell was going to happen next. By the time I made it back to the office Brenda was in her own room and Susan was still at her desk typing furiously, she barely looked up as I entered and walked right across and knocked then entered Brenda's room. It was quite a large room, dominated by a massive desk in the centre that she sat behind. There was a large window on the back wall that overlooked a field and as we were on the second floor there was nobody who could realistically see in. The door had no window and if it was shut then everyone knew she was busy and not to interrupt, she told me to shut it behind me as I entered.

I stood across from her and looked uncomfortable as she stood up and stalked around the desk all the while staring at me.

"You've put me in a bad position John, haven't you? Really I should just report what you did and have you fired on the spot. I wonder what future employers would make of it, eh? I wonder who'd look after that wife and kid, eh? Or do you not care about them, given the way you have one night stands?"

Obviously fat Susan had told Brenda about her time after the Christmas party.

"But you know the work and do it well so maybe you and I could come to some arrangement, eh? Another kind of discipline if you like. How does that sound? Workable? Thought so. Well if you agree to do what I say this afternoon I think I could be convinced to let that stand as your actual company disciplinary procedure. Saves me writing out reports and filling in forms too. Ha, ha."

I stood stock-still and listened, I could smell gin on her breath now, obviously a liquid lunch before she came back to work. Still I could only do one thing now, I realised that.

"Yes, Brenda, I would be really grateful if we could work this out without informing HR about what I did. Once again I'm really sorry, I don't know what came over me. It was just a rash, heat of the moment brainstorm. It'll never happen again, I promise."

She was circling me as I spoke and it was most off putting, just as she got in front of me her hand snaked out and grabbed my balls through my trousers and squeezed hard.

"It better fucking not worm."

As I teetered on my feet and fought the urge to shout out I looked at her and saw a mad look in her eyes. There was insanity and power there and scarily enough I was in her debt big time. She slowly released her grip on my nuts and took a step back from me.

"Ok then I think we can work out the discipline ourselves. For the duration of this afternoon you will call me Mistress Brenda, understand. And it will be convincing, if I sense you don't mean it then this is over and I'll be straight down to HR. Understand?"

I half mumbled.

"Yes...Mistress Brenda."

As well as rumours of her fondness for alcohol there had been plenty rumours that Brenda was a kinky slut, who had been with quite a number of colleagues and was into some pretty far out stuff. There were also plenty of rumours about how she had secured some contracts and although I put some of that down to scandal mongering clearly the woman had a very dark side too. "Now worm, you will undress and let me see that little maggot you were using earlier."

Boy! This was a real make or break decision for me but I could see nothing else for it but to do what she demanded. Somewhat reluctantly I tugged my tie off and followed that with my shirt, my shoes, my trousers, socks and finally pants until I stood in the centre of her room stark bollock naked. She sat on the edge of her desk facing me and took in the sight before passing comment.

"My god you are a pathetic specimen, aren't you? Bit overweight, you reek of BO and that thing between your legs? I've seen bigger baby carrots? Let me measure it."

She spun around and lifted a grey ruler from her desk tidy and made a great production of getting it ready.

"Hold that thing up unless you can actually get it hard."

As I had just cum this was a bit unfair and I held my limp member up with my right hand as she gave a cackle and pressed the edge of the ruler against it and measured it against the ruler. She certainly never measured from the base of my dick but I blushed as she read out her measurements.

"Three inches, just. You have a three-inch cock John. My god that is tiny, isn't it?"

She stared at me, clearly expecting a response.

"Yes Mistress Brenda, that is tiny, I have a tiny penis."

The words choked in my throat but were clearly what the vindictive bitch wanted to hear.

"Yes you do you wimp. You've been a very naughty boy, haven't you?"

"Yes Mistress Brenda."

"And naughty boys need to be punished and disciplined, so what I want is for you to moved forward and bend over my desk. That's it get that ass of yours pushed out for me."

My bare chest pressed against the cool of her wooden desk and I realised how exposed I was like this and how weak and feeble I felt submitting to her like this. I forgot that though when she brought the flat of her ruler down hard across my upturned ass cheeks. I was so surprised and gave out a really pitiable little yelp that she seemed to find very amusing.

"My god you're a wretched little sod, aren't you?" Without thinking I answered.

"Yes Mistress Brenda."

She spanked me with the ruler ten more times before moving on to use her hand and just lay there, prostrate over her desk and took it as my arse cheeks were turned red. Finally she relented and I gulped and hoped my humiliation was over.

"Just keep that position wimp and don't turn around. I see you moving your head and the whole deal is off understand?"

"Yes Mistress Brenda."

The really pathetic thing was that I was saying this without prompting and as she had ordered it I was not going to go against her and look around to see what the mad bitch was up to. I heard a drawer in her filing cabinet being unlocked and slid open and then rustling of clothes and I had no idea what was going to happen next. A minute or so later a felt something soft being shoved in my mouth, it was a stress ball, she then used my discarded tie to tie it over my mouth, effectively gagging me. If that was worrying then what I felt next was a hundred times worse as I felt her hands on my ass cheeks and then something, cold and hard sliding between them!

I cried out into the gag but was totally muffled and Brenda slapped my ass again and chided.

"Shut up wimp and just lay there and take your discipline like the bitch you are!"

With that she shunted forward and I felt my tight anus being invaded and pushed apart and forcefully invaded. She was not gentle with me and pressed further and further into me until I felt like my arse was full, then she pulled back and shunted forward again, then again and again until she had a hard rhythm going. It was sore to begin with but the more she fucked me another feeling started to build up inside me and it was oddly pleasurable though completely humiliating and degrading to me.

Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse she leaned forward (while still deep inside me) and grabbed her phone off her desk, pressed a button and spoke.

"Susan, have you got a minute? Could you come in here? I've got something to show you."

That was too much. There was no way I could allow anyone else to see me like this, far less someone I had shared an awkward one night stand with and then casually dumped and far less someone I had to work across a desk from every single day! I bucked and tried to get up but with a hard, plastic object ramemd up my asshole and Brenda's hand pressed hard against my head she had all the leverage necessary to keep my pressed in position and I listened in horror as Brenda's door opened then closed and I heard Susan's voice.

"Oh ha, ha. My god Brenda, how did you manage that?"

I gave up then, there was nothing for me to try and hide and just lay over her desk as Brenda continued to ass fuck me as she addressed my colleague.

"The little wanker tried to spunk in my coffee, I caught him and I'm just showing him where he stands in the order of things around here. Do you want a shot?"

My heart sunk at the question and the prompt reply.

"Fuck yeah, the bastard deserves everything he gets!"

Brenda unstrapped the dildo and left it buried in my ass as Susan took her place and took some time arranging it all so she was in place. I groaned because not only was Susan a good bit bigger and heavier than Brenda but she clearly bore a real grudge against me as there was relish in her voice as she spoke. Just as she got in prime position to ream me she tossed a small object over to Brenda, who was now back in her skirt and sitting at her desk.

"I found that in the perverts computer, guess that's how he spends his work time. Have a look at it."

If I thought things couldn't get any worse then I was being proved wrong yet again. That was the memory stick from my computer that held thousands of pictures and stories that I used to entertain myself at work, there were sexy pictures of hundreds of celebrities, cat fight stories, videos of porn stars and porno photo shoots too. There were no illegal images but some pretty disgusting ones.

I watched in horror (as did Susan, still leaning on me but not yet actually fucking me) as Brenda inserted the memory stick and then started navigating through it. The first image she opened was a fake of Jennifer Anistion on her knees, face covered in Cum and surrounded by five cocks. Not a good start, and Brenda quickly flicked to the next a video file of paris Hilton performing oral sex on a cock that I had downloaded ages ago. The third picture was another fake, this time of the girl band The Saturdays, all naked and fingering and licking each other. I was so fucked it wasn't even funny.

Brenda looked at me with ill-disguised disgust.

"You dirty little bastard. Susan, thanks for this why don't you get started now and show him where he belongs. And worm? You are to refer to Susan as Mistress Susan from now on too."

I made one last hopeless appeal with my eyes but Brenda just went back to looking at the porn on screen and refused to acknowledge me and then seconds later Susan pushed forward and leaned right into me and started ass fucking me. She was harder than Brenda, she was heavier and obviously more angry and her anger transmitted itself into a furious pounding of my asshole. I was broken by then and just lay across Brenda's and took my medicine. Bizarrely Brenda quickly turned the sexy pictures off and got down to some work, reading and writing several emails while two of her subordinates did the dirty on her desk in front of her.

After what seemed an age Susan finally slowed up and pulled the strap on from my ass and stepped back. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up off the desk and before I could say or do anything she reached down, grabbed my balls and gave them a hell of a squeeze.

"On your knees wimp!"

I was going down anyway but gratefully sunk to my knees before her and groaned into my gag. It was a gag which was swiftly removed and as it came off I gasped and pleaded for this to be over.

"Please Mistress Susan, Mistress Brenda. I'm sorry, I'm a pathetic bastard and I'm sorry I've been so bad to you. Please tell me what I can do to make it up."

The two vengeful women shared a look and then Susan pointed at the strap on dick which adorned her crotch that had just been removed from my ass.

"Suck it! I remember how you asked me to give you a blow job after the party and I was so desperate to get with you I just did it. Well now you can return the favour bitch!"

It had just been in my asshole and it looked and smelled terrible but as Brenda came around the table I realised I had no option and reluctantly I leaned forward an took it into my mouth and fought back the urge to gag and wretch and began to suck the plastic cock, much to their amusement.

"You know worm, you look like you've done that before."

"Yeah, I always did think you were a bit of a cocksucker and now here you are sucking my cock!"

They left me kneeling on the floor as they tidied up and got sorted back to normal and then both stood over my cowering form and Brenda spoke.

"From now on you are going to be the office bitch. What are you?"

"I-I'm the office bitch, Mistress Brenda."

"Yes you are. And you are my and Susan's bitch too. And whenever you are alone with either of us you will call us Mistress, won't you? Yes. And tomorrow to show just how obedient and submissive a bitch you are John you will come into work with a pair of pink, frilly panties on under your trousers instead of these filthy boxer shorts you insist on. First thing I'll call you and Susan in here so that you can show them to us, understand?" "Yes Mistress Brenda, but I don't have any."

She stepped forward and kicked my in the balls and as I groaned she barked.

"Well go and buy some bitch, or steal them from your fucking wife! Either way be here in those panties or this afternoon will seem like tea party! And if you ever speak back to either one of your Mistresses again I promise you those pathetic balls and cock of yours will get introduced to this filing cabinet!"

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