tagRomanceBecoming Veronica Ch. 03

Becoming Veronica Ch. 03


Arm in arm we approached the large double doors as the Excelsior's doorman opened one door for us.

"Good evening Sir." The middle aged gentleman said with a clear Irish accent his eyes roaming over me while he spoke to Angelo.

"Hello Mickey." Angelo responded.

We slipped inside the extravagant lobby of the Excelsior Hotel its marble walls and support columns contrasting sharply with the deep rich wood of the lobby desk and the doors leading to other rooms off the lobby.

"Evening Sir." The young woman behind the desk said as Angelo and I walked past the lobby desk toward the brass doors of the elevator.

Angelo smiled at her then said, "Please hold my calls tonight Samantha."

Samantha smiled and replied. "Yes sir I understand."

Angelo clearly was considered an important man to these hotel employees, and I was about to discover why.

As we reached the elevator doors Angelo let his hand slid around my waist and gently pulled me close to him. He pressed the call button and the heavy elevator doors instantly glided open. We stepped inside his arm still around my waist his long fingers gently caressing my hip through the fabric of my dress.

The elevator doors slid closed as Angelo reach and pressed the button marked "12". There were no numbers higher which told me that my companion rented a penthouse apartment in this exquisite uptown hotel.

I glanced at Angelo and asked. "The penthouse baby?"

"Nothing but the finest Veronica." Angelo replied as he gave my hip a firmer squeeze and pulled me even closer to him.

I turned to face him shaking my head so my long blonde tresses fell behind my shoulders and with one finger lifted my bangs above my eye. I moved even closer to him pressing my hips against his and moistened my ruby red lips with the tip of my tongue inviting him to kiss me once again.

Angelo only stared into my eyes his lustful gaze exciting me more than the anticipation of spending intimate time alone with him in what I somehow knew would be an elegant apartment. As we searched each others eyes he placed his hands on my hips and pulled me tighter against him. I could feel the growing bulge of his cock pressing into my loins and I ground my pelvis against his ever hardening cock moaning softly as I felt him surge toward complete erection.

Just as I thought he was about to engulf me in his strong arms and kiss me passionately on the mouth the elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open.

Before we exited the car Angelo smiled widely at me and said. "You are so damn sexy Veronica."

"Thank you baby you're pretty sexy yourself." I whispered in reply.

Angelo took my hand in his and we stepped into a rather narrow hall outside the elevator. To the right was an oversized door with the letter "P1" marking the doorway. We turned to the left and walked to its companion door marked "P2". The entire top floor of this rather large hotel building was divided into two penthouse apartments.

Angelo slipped his key into the lock and turned it. I could hear the dead bolt slid back into the door with a resounding click. He reached for the door knob and turning it pushed the door open wide. The dim light in the hall did little to illuminate the entry to his penthouse except to show a deep red, almost maroon colored carpet inside.

Angelo placed one hand softly in the small of my back and said. "Go ahead Veronica make yourself comfortable."

I stepped inside and my attention was immediately drawn to the far left corner of the living room. Two large picture windows one on each side of the corner afforded an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. As I walked toward that corner of the room I remarked, "Oh my Angelo what an awesome view."

"That's one reason I took this apartment Veronica." He replied.

Out the left side you can see the twinkling lights of lamp posts in Central Park which is rather romantic, but to the right the shimmering lights of mid-town Manhattan looked even more incredible. I stood and stared at the view for several minutes as Angelo turned on a couple lights, removed his suit coat and neck tie, and poured us each a glass of red wine then wound up his gramophone.

I felt his presence behind me just before he touched my shoulder leaning close to my ear Angelo whispered, "Dance with me Veronica."

I turned to face him letting my wavy blonde bangs hide one eye. His hands slid to my waist as I placed mine on his broad strong shoulders. Angelo slowly pulled me close to him as we began swaying to the soft music. I moved closer to him letting my hands circle his neck and pressing my breasts into his silk covered chest.

"Oh baby this is so romantic." I whispered as I let my cheek come to rest on one shoulder. Our hips and feet moved in unison slowly about the small open area just in front of the windows. Angelo is a very good dancer and I easily followed his every move.

"You smell so sexy Veronica." Angelo remarked as he turned to nuzzle his face in my hair.

I lifted my head from his shoulder and gazed into his dark passionate eyes. With one finger he lifted the blonde mask off my face and slowly closed the miniscule space separating our lips.

"Oh baby yes kiss...." I began to whisper his lips making contact with mine and cutting me off mid-sentence before I could say the final word, "Me."

His soft kiss sent a shiver through my body. Tender lips barely touching mine sending sparks of sensual anticipation flashing between our mouths.

"Hmmmmm." I moaned softly as our kiss grew in intensity and the very tip of his tongue pressed between my ruby lips.

Angelo's hands slowly caressed me sliding from the small of my back up to the very base of my neck gently massaging me while pulling my tits tighter against his chest. I pressed my hips against his pelvis and could feel his growing erection trapped between our bodies.

I parted my lips inviting him to probe my mouth deeper with his soft tongue. We continued slowly dancing in the small space at the corner of his living room. Our dance becoming more and more like love making as we moved in unison our bodies almost coupled together.

"Ohhhhhhhh hmmmmmmm" I moaned when Angelo's tongue slipped deeper between my moist lips and circled my tongue seductively. I was quickly realizing that he is an excellent kisser and expected his oral talents to be equally impressive.

The quiet music coming from his gramophone ended and Angelo broke our passionate kiss turning me to again face the spectacular view of Manhattan.

"I can give you all this Veronica." Angelo whispered through wavy blonde locks his voice sounding almost promising.

I lifted my wine glass from the window sill and turned to face him. His eyes stared at my face as I sipped the sweet liquid letting it coat my already shimmering ruby lips.

"You've given me more than I could hope for already baby." I whispered adding, "I've never been with a more romantic man Angelo."

I was standing with my back in the corner of the twin picture windows the faint glow of the city lights illuminating his face as I opened my arms placing my hands on the window sill on either side of the corner.

"Kiss me again Angelo." I whispered.

He moved close to me his hands coming to rest on the window sill on either side of my waist capturing me between his strong arms and the wood trim behind.

Slowly almost imperceptivity his sexy lips approached mine as I tilted my head back slightly and parted my succulent lips in anticipation of what we both knew would be a very sensual kiss.

"So sexy!" Angelo whispered just before his lips touched mine.

I grasped the solid wood under my palms tightly as Angelo probed my mouth with his tongue slipping and sliding over and around mine.

A deep passionate moan escaped my throat as my mind and body melted into him.

His hands moved to my waist holding me firmly in place. I lifted my right knee and rubbed it along the outside of his leg letting him know his kiss was arousing me intensely.

Angelo let his left hand slide down to grasp my thigh just above the knee and then lifted my leg even higher along his thigh.

Our mouths crushed together tongues dancing seductively over one another.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." I moaned as his tongue probed my mouth and his hand slid along my thigh as I lifted it higher.

His hand continued along my thigh finally reaching my ass. His fingers spread and he pulled my pelvis closer to him. I could feel the bulge of his erection and moved my left hand between us to slowly stroke his length through his trousers with my finger tips.

As my nails slid over the head Angelo broke our passion filled kiss.

"Oh baby that feels wonderful!" Angelo exclaimed as my nails teased his hardening cock.

From the moment Angelo had asked me to dance with him through two incredibly passionate kisses his tender caresses and soft sexy spoken words had their affect on me. I was totally aroused my nipples hard and piercing at the lacy fabric of my bra. My pussy wet with sexual anticipation. I wanted this incredible man. I wanted to taste him, to feel him inside me. I wanted his soft hands exploring every inch of my body. I wanted and needed to experience what I knew would be the best orgasm of my life. I stared deeply into his dark sexy eyes their almost in detectable movement the only response as he gazed over my face.

"Angelo make love to me." I whispered.

A smile came across his lips acknowledging that I'd asked him to do exactly what he'd wanted to since we entered his home.

He released my thigh and slipped his hand around my waist once again as he turned to lead me across the living room toward his bed room.

A shiver of anticipation swirled up my spine as we approached to closed door. Angelo reached for and turned the door knob pushing it open. I stepped through the doorway into what I hoped would become our bed room. The room where we would experience sexual pleasures beyond description where we'd take each other to heights unknown by either of us.

The room was dark with the exception of the glow of the city lights coming through a single window.

"Turn on some lights baby." I asked.

Angelo slipped past me and as he moved across the dimly lit room I said. "I want you to be able to watch me Angelo."

Angelo turned on a lamp on the night stand beside the bed. Its soft light washing across the room and making it possible for me to see him and he I.

He turned and sat on the edge of his bed lustful eyes peering at me through the dim light. Slowly his fingers began un-buttoning his silk shirt. One two three buttons fell open before I spoke.

"Baby let me do that in a few minutes." I said.

His smile widened as his fingers fell to his sides resting on the bed. Angelo stared at me intensely as I began to sway my hips seductively side to side. I leaned forward just enough to let my dress fall open in front revealing soft succulent cleavage to his piercing eyes.

Smiling seductively at him I took a step forward and let my feet come to rest shoulder width apart as I slid my right hand to my waist and slowly pulled the fabric belt holding my dress closed in front.

"Oh my god!" Angelo exclaimed as the red fabric parted revealing my black lace under garments to his lustful stare.

As I slowly stepped toward this awesome Italian stud the movement of my legs caused my dress to part even wider giving him an opportunity to see the creamy white flesh of my upper thighs contrasting with the dark fabric of my garter and support straps and the top hem of my silk hose.

His lower jaw dropped and his eyes became saucer size as I approached and said, "Am I sexy enough for you baby?"

Angelo's instant reply was, "You couldn't be any more sexy Veronica!" His eyes fixed on mine as he spoke.

I came to a stop with the tips of my shoes almost touching his and grinned seductively at him. "You wanna bet baby?" I whispered as I let my dress slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor behind me.

Angelo shifted his hips somewhat apparently trying to give his rock hard cock more room as it stretched the fabric of his trouser leg along his thigh.

I leaned forward again letting my tits sway just in front of his eyes.

"Do I get you hard Angelo?" I asked.

"Hard as a fucking rock babe!" He replied as his hand slid across his thigh to push on the bulge in his pant leg.

I straightened up again and slowly slid my hands up over my stomach and onto my tits pressing them even tighter together and pinching my erect nipples through the lacy fabric. My eyes instinctively closed and I tilted my head back as my fingers teased my very sensitive nipples.

I slid my hands behind and unclasped my bra letting the lacy fabric hang loosely over my heaving tits the satin shoulder straps keeping the garment from falling off my chest. Angelo's lustful stare moved from my face down to my lace covered tits his eyes almost begging me to let the material fall and expose the twin objects of his sensual desire.

I moved my hands to cover the cups and let the shoulder straps slip down my arms to the bend at my elbows. I was enjoying teasing this Italian stud and loved how his eyes roamed over my body studying every inch of creamy flesh as I exposed it to him.

"God Veronica you are so sexy!" Angelo whispered.

I smiled at Angelo tilting my head slightly forward so my wavy bangs fell seductively across one eye as I lowered my hands. The satin shoulder straps slipped down my forearms taking with them the lacy cups that covered my tits.

Angelo's eyes widened as my soft tits finally were exposed to his lustful stare two tiny circles of pink areola tipped by hard erect tingling nipples. My bra lay in a heap between our feet one lacy cup covering the toe of Angelo's shoe.

"My tits are very sensitive baby. I love having my nipples sucked and nibbled on." I explained as I slid my hands up to cup each fleshy orb and lightly pinch the nipples between thumb and forefinger.

"So beautiful Veronica." Angelo whispered acknowledging that my soft tits met with his sensual approval.

I let him enjoy the view for a few moments slowly massaging them myself and teasing him with the taut nipples I was certain he wanted between his lips.

"Do you like my tits baby?" I asked already knowing from his stare that he loved them.

Angelo's instant reply was. "I love your tits Veronica! Can I please touch them?" He asked.

I dropped my hands to my waist and took a half step forward bringing my soft sexy tits within his reach. Angelo lifted his hands to gently cup one heaving orb in each and slowly slid his thumbs over the taut nipples. His sensual touch sent a shiver along my spine and elicited a sexy moan from my throat.

As much as I would have like to push him backwards on the bed and mount him there and now I want more to continue my sexy strip tease for him.

I slid my hands up to cover his and after pressing them firmer against my chest I pulled his soft hands away. As he dropped them again to his side I slowly turned to face away from him my hands sliding behind me to slip across the black lace panties covering my ass.

I took a step forward and bent slightly at the waist my wavy blonde hair falling around my face. I knew Angelo's stare was concentrated on my ass as I hooked each thumb in the waist band of my panties.

I heard him kind of growl sensually as I slowly peeled the lace fabric off my ass exposing the milky white flesh framed by black garter and stocking straps. The panties slid easily down my silk covered legs and fell around my heels. Bent over at the waist I could slide my hands up the back of my thighs over silk stocking hems and the soft naked flesh above.

"OH MY GOD!" Angelo exclaimed as my hands reached the confluence of my sexy legs and slowly spread my ass cheeks open giving him a first sexy glimpse of my ass and dripping wet pussy.

"Do you wanna fuck me baby?" I asked with an innocent tone of voice.

Oh yeah Veronica I wanna fuck you so bad!" Angelo replied his husky masculine voice reflecting the desire and lust he had for me. "I've wanted to fuck you since I first laid eyes on you baby!" He quickly added.

I slowly straightened up and turned to face my sexy Italian stud. His eyes almost burned into mine and then moved down to forever burn the image of my sensual body into his mind. I moved forward between his thighs and bent to kiss his soft lips. My wavy blonde locks formed a sensual canopy around our faces.

Angelo slipped his tongue between my lips parting them so I could suckle him and circle his tongue with my own. I slowly began bending at the knees bringing my mouth to the same height as his and then broke our sexy french kiss off. My moist ruby lips trailed light kisses along his jaw around his ear and finally down his neck.

He moaned softly as my scarlet nails began scratching lightly at his chest through the white silk shirt he wore. My thumb nails trailed down his exposed chest where Angelo had earlier began un-doing the buttons. I followed my thumb nails with my lips and elicited a sensual groan from his throat as my lips and tongue preformed their oral magic on his exposed flesh.

I looked up into his sexy eyes and smiled before I said. "Close your eyes baby let me entice your sense of touch."

I watched his eyes close and his head tilt back as my fingers adeptly began un-doing the remaining buttons that held his silk shirt to his torso. I moved from a crouched position to kneel before him letting my long scarlet nails entice his flesh. His toned muscles twitched involuntarily as my light caresses tender touches and scratches had the desired effect on him.

"That feels so good Veronica." Angelo whispered.

"Hmmmmmmmmm...." I cooed while sliding my finger tips up through his chest hair toward his shoulders. Reaching their goal I slipped the silk shirt off his strong shoulders and down his back to gather at his waist where it was still tucked inside his trousers his wrists still surrounded by white silk as I again began kissing his chest. My soft ruby lips trailed kisses all over his torso only pausing to suckle lightly at his taut nipples. I flicked the tip of my tongue against one then the other.

"Yeah Veronica suck them." Angelo whispered hoarsely.

My left hand and its sexy nails continued to tease his flesh but I dropped my right hand to his thigh where I found his erect cock throbbing along his thigh. I slowly began stroking it through his trousers. It twitched as my fingers moved over the swollen head. Even through the fabric I could feel the outline of his wide flaring corona. I could hardly wait to feel that solid cock naked in my hands. "God Veronica you are driving me absolutely insane." He said.

I moved my mouth from his chest and glanced up again toward his handsome face. Angelo had opened his eyes and was studying my every move intently. It was almost as if he needed to watch me pleasure him.

"Do you enjoy watching me baby?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" He replied instantly.

I stroked his cock slowly as I asked. "Do you want to watch me take your cock out Angelo?"

"Oh yeah!" Angelo said.

I stroked his cock several times using my nails to lightly scratch as his very sensitive corona and cock head. Angelo moaned deeply every time I pleasured his head this way. I had discovered a caress that drove him completely wild and knew I'd use that technique many times in the future.

My fingers moved to unbuckle his belt and twist the button holding the waist band of his slacks closed. While I opened his trousers I stared up at him intently his wide eyed stare acknowledging that he was enjoying the view very much.

As I pulled the tiny metal tab of his zipper down with my right hand I reached to slip my left hand inside his trousers. My hand slid easily over his silk boxers which had allowed his cock to grow erect down his thigh. It felt incredibly hot and twitched several times as my fingers massaged its length and girth.

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