"Darling...come back to bed" Alex whined, trying to pull his lover back under the covers beside him. Faith simply grinned at him, slipped out of the bed and flounced out of the room; giving him a mischievous wink on her way out. He thumped the pillow like a spoilt child and rolled on to his back groaning, unhappily. Faith laughed wickedly, picking up Alex's discarded t-shirt from the sofa and pulling it over her head before going into the kitchen to get some food. "For fuck's sake!" she heard Alex curse from the bedroom before he came stomping through into the living room. She ran her fingers through her dishevelled hair and opened the fridge door to find something to eat.

"Right, if you don't get back in that bedroom in five minutes, I'm going to go and have a wank" he stated, defiantly coming into the kitchen. Faith shrugged her shoulders and took out a bowl of strawberries from the top shelf. Slowly, she turned and looked at him; running the seductive looking berry round her mouth before slipping her lips over it and biting it, pretending it was something else. Alex shuddered erotically, watching hungrily, licking his lips with delight as Faith licked the juice from her mouth.

He bit his bottom lip causing a guttural moan to come from the back of his throat. "Hungry, baby?" she asked, innocently. He nodded, stalking over to her and taking the bowl out of her hands, "I want you, now. Get your arse back into that bedroom so that I can feed you after pinning to you the wall and doing you until your weak from sex" he laughed before popping a strawberry into his mouth and eating it quickly. Faith purred deeply in her throat and leaned into him, kissing him lightly on the neck. "Come on then; take me, use me, fuck me..." she whispered, shuddering with anticipation and need. Alex growled, pulling the t-shirt off Faith's body and up over her head before tossing it on the floor.

She sauntered back into the bedroom and sat on the bed waiting for him to come and take her. Alex grinned evilly, placing the bowl down on the bedside table and pulling Faith to her feet. He pushed her hard against the far away wall and started kissing her passionately; slow and steady, his lips slightly off centre as his tongue ran along Faith's bottom lip before arching up and tracing a tickling line across her palette. One hand still held her face tenderly, his finger tips resting against her scalp and his thumb brushing along her cheek bone as he tilted his head and recaptured her mouth. Faith caught his lip between her teeth and nipped at him playfully a few times before releasing him, she felt their tongues meeting clumsily before sliding over one another. She teased him, sliding her tongue over his before pulling away and forcing him to lean forward inch by inch until she was sprawled against the wall but still connected at the mouth.

"Stop teasing me and just fuck me already..." she breathed, feeling his cock dig into her thigh. He kissed her once more before leaping across the bed to get a condom from the top drawer in the bedside unit where he kept his condoms, lube and post-coital cigarettes. He quickly ran round the bed, opened the little blue foil packet, rolled on the condom and slipped into Faith's wet walls. "Uh!" she moaned, taking in a shaky breath. Alex laughed, pressing his lips to her mouth to keep her quiet so that they didn't disturb the neighbours. "Hush sweetheart; we don't want to disturb the neighbours now, do we?" Faith shook her head, biting her lip as he pushed in another inch of his deliciously long cock. He shuddered, feeling her squeeze her muscles round him. Then he pushed her hard against the wall, pushing all of his length into her.

Faith took his hands and put one on her waist, and the other on the back of her neck. Alex finally let his fingers drift through Faith's hair and drop down their bodies until he hand both hands wrapped round Faith's knees and lifting her up so that her legs were wrapped around his thin yet muscular waist; his lips slipping from her mouth and latching onto her neck with a less than playful bite. It was Faith's turn to lose her fingers in his hair; sliding her hands up from their position on his shoulders she twisted one finger round a lock of his hair. When he bit down again, her fingernails dug into his scalp and made him hiss in erotic pain.

He slipped out of her completely before ramming back into her; Faith's back arched once more, her hands gripping his shoulders so hard that her knuckles turned white; a perfect, beautiful arc of skin and muscle. Alex's fingers glided over her stomach and wrapped round that arc, fingers splaying out along her spine as she relaxed into his touch. There was now haste to their movements, Faith wrapping her legs tighter round Alex's waist and rocking her hips up to meet each thrust. Alex's mouth had returned to its exploration and prolonged examination of Faith's neck, his tongue licking gently over the bite mark he had left there before.

Faith was placing a haphazard line of kisses over the side of his face, tasting sweat and hair gel. Her hands slid back down his shoulders and then lower, her palms flat against the small of his back as she pulled him close before reaching lower and cheekily squeezing his arse. He bit her again, more deeply and harder than the previous time, raising a large bruise on the side of her neck. Then he pushed harder and deeper and faster into her until her back arched almost completely, forcing her body hard into Alex's chest causing him to stumble back and land on the bed; which was luckily only a few feet away from where they had been screwing. Faith kept riding him until they were both left spent on the bed. "God...I kinda regret saying that I was going to feed you after pinning to you the wall and doing you until your weak from sex..." he laughed, running his fingers through his hair.

She laughed back and leant down to kiss him, "don't regret anything Alex. Sex between us should never be regretted. Or at least it shouldn't be" she whispered, running her hands up and down his chest. Alex rubbed her back lovingly and rolled with her so that they were lying on their side. "Sex with you is never regretted sweetheart, I was only regretting the fact that I said I was going to do you until you were weak. I think that I'm weak from sex instead of you" he admitted, slipping from her tight body to remove the condom before returning to her side. "Food?" he managed to say, wrapping his arms around her curvy waist. Faith shook her head, "too tired..." she yawned, letting her head fall onto his shoulder. Alex nodded, agreeing with her.

So he pulled back the white cotton sheet and helped her into bed before getting in himself and laying the sheet over their waists. He kissed her softly and stroked her cheek as he watched her eyes slowly close and fall into a bliss induced sleep. A little while later, and Alex fell asleep as well, whispering three little words to her as he did so; "I love you..."

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