Bed and Breakfast


As she mixed up the biscuit batter he stood behind her. "Do you think they will go for it?"

"No one has turned down the offer in over a hundred years," she answered. "So how hot was she in bed last night?"

He grinned. "A wildcat. She wanted to do it everyway I could think off and I think we came up with some new positions. How about Ted?"

"Shy at first but he quickly caught on to how to please a woman. He's one of the longest I've had."


The younger couple showered and dried off before walking naked back to their rooms. "What should we wear downstairs?" She asked.

"I don't think it matters," Ted smiled. "We don't have any secrets left." However he pulled on new white boxers and jeans. He turned and saw her pulling a white sundress down over her braless breasts and naked stomach. "I think you've changed."

They held hands walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Good morning," Ted said to Bob sitting at the table and Betty Lou at the stove.

"Good morning," Bob grinned at Tammi remembering her sweet lips locked around his hard shaft last night. "We thought you might sleep more."

"You know after the night we had I would think that I would be tired but I'm not," Ted grinned looking at Betty's white robe. He wondered if she was naked under it.

"We have a lot to tell you about this place," Betty Lou said carrying biscuits, eggs, sausage and toast to the table. "But first we need to eat."

It was after lunch when Ted and Tammi sat on the patio overlooking the river. "We have to do it," Tammi said holding his hand tighter. "Last night was unbelievable."

"They seem so happy," Ted said glancing back at the house. "They both said the stay here has been wonderful."

"I think we both know what we want to do."


"Quick back to the table," Betty Lou said seeing the youngsters stand up and turn. They sat drinking coffee and looked up when the door opened. "Well?" Bob asked.

"Yes," Ted answered for both of them.


It was a month later when a new car pulled up to the old southern home. Tammi peeked from the living room window at the cute dark haired woman getting out of the car. "God I'm so nervous."

"You don't have to be," Ted grinned. "The plant will do all the work for us." They watched the couple grab their bags and head up to the door. He opened it and smiled. "Come in."

"This place is perfect," Gina Russo said to her New York husband Sal. "I can't wait to see everything." They followed the young couple up the stairs and was shocked to see the mirror above the bed and the red silk sheets.

"This is more like it," Sal grinned. He was not that excited to see old southern places. This was the fourth bed and breakfast and he was quickly getting tired of them. However he was happy to see Tammi's little ass in the short red shorts.

"Take your time getting unpacked. Ted and I will be on the deck." Tammi grinned knowing the sun was setting in thirty minutes.

After the door closed Sal was all over Gina. He pulled off her tee shirt and almost ripped off her jeans.

"Sal stop! Is sex all you think of?" She tried to hold onto her panties but he got them down off her feet. "Let me jerk you off," she said hoping he would let her.

"Come on baby let's fuck. We have time."

"You're so gross," she said removing her bra letting her 34B mounds free. "No, a hand job is all you are getting."

"That's all I ever get lately because you don't want to make noise in these B and Bs." He sighed and sat back on the bed while she quickly jerked off his seven inch cock.


"Hello," Gina announced as they walked onto the patio wearing their bathing suits.

"Over here," Tammi said sitting by the hot tub with her hand in the water. "The temperature is perfect."

"It's really nice back here," Sal said noticing that Tammi wasn't wearing a bra under the thin pink blouse. "Especially when the sun is going down."

Gina removed the shirt over her bathing suit and stepped up on the rim of the Jacuzzi. "Is everyone going in?"

Ted sat back smelling the Catikia getting stronger. He felt the familiar reaction in his loins and saw the passion building in the handsome Italian's eyes. "Go on in. We will be in soon."

"But you are not wearing bathing suits," Gina giggled. Her body was on fire and she was not even in the water yet.

"We sometimes don't wear anything," Tammi said standing and unbuttoning her blouse. "Is that ok with you two?"

"Sure," Sal said quickly. He realized he was rock hard for the first time. He shift his position so he could see her perky titties when she pulled the blouse away.

Normally Gina would be upset but she found herself reaching back and unclasping her bikini top. "If she can do it so can I."

Ted chuckled as the scene unfolded. The sun was almost down now as he stood up and pushed off his shorts and pulled off his shirt. Since he was not wearing underwear his cock was at full length when he walked over to the hot tub. "Got any room for me?" He asked Gina.

"Maybe?" Gina grinned. "If Sal says it's ok."

Sal did not hear a word she said. His whole attention was on Tammi's hands pushing down her shorts while taking her black panties with them. "Wow."

Tammi moved seductively up to the New York stud. "Do you want to go into the tub or maybe go inside?"


Gina had her back to the house and didn't know she was alone with the guy with the long hard cock. "The smell is getting stronger and you...are getting longer." She dropped down into the water and removed her bottoms.

Ted knew he didn't need foreplay but he wanted to touch her breasts since he saw her walking up to the house. He slid into the water and dropped down until his face was lined up with her right nipple. She hooked his head with her fingers and pulled his mouth forward. "Ohhh."

Gina felt his finger pierce her hot pussy lips and knew it wouldn't be long before his cock was buried deep inside. Her hands hung around his shoulders as her hips moved up and around his hips. His hand moved down to guide his poker home. "OH MY GOD!"


Sal was on his back feeling his prick as hard as it had ever been. He looked up in the mirror as Tammi's pink ass cheeks lowered her sweet pussy down onto his shaft. He heard a scream and thought it was Tammi but realized it was his wife's. He really didn't care. For the next twenty minutes Tammi fucked up and down his shaft.

"Are you ready to cum Sal?" Tammi teased squeezing her inner muscles. "I want to feel you inside me."


Tammi was in no hurry to cum because she knew the night was still young. Even after she felt his last release she kept fucking him. He didn't soften as they went for round two.


How many times they had fucked Gina didn't know. An hour ago they had moved from the water and were interlocked on the soft lounge chair. Her face was down into the cushion as he fucked into her virgin ass. Her mind was mush and her body was in full submission.

It was day break when Gina opened her eyes. She tried to sit up on the lounge but her whole body was too sore. Her fingers felt the cum still dripping from both of her holes.

"Come on, I'll help you to your room," Ted whispered.

As they moved slowly up the stairs Tammi walked down in a long white robe. "Sal is out. I couldn't wake him."

"Good, I'm so tired," Gina grinned.

It was 2:30PM that afternoon when Gina walked into the kitchen. "I'm so hungry."

"We know," Tammi said opening the refrigerator and pulling out a tray of fried chicken. "Do you want me to heat it up?"

"No," Gina said grabbing a drumstick and taking out a big bite. She devoured the leg and started on a breast. After finished half the plate she leaned back. "So are we going to do it again?"

Tammi laughed. "You need to rest up." Ten minutes later Sal stumbled in and saw the food.

"Thank God."

It was the next day when Tammi and Ted stood in the driveway watching the couple from New York drive away.

"Fifteen more years. Do you think it will go fast?" Tammi asked.

"I hope not," Ted smiled.

The End.

Ending Note: You just never know what grows in the low country. If anyone wants the address of the B and B let me know. LOL. Don't forget to vote and send me some feedback. Love ya..Slick.

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