Bedroom Slave


So far Spring Break wasn't turning out that good. It was an improvement from what I usually did, which was going home to Canada, but I was still bored out of my mind. I went home with my roommate, Jeff, who lives in Texas. It was a 10-hour buss ride from college, which was a lot cheaper than the flight home, and he promised me time at the beach and lots of girls in bikinis.

However, when we got home, his dad, who was in construction, said they were short a couple guys on their project, and asked if we wanted to earn a grand over vacation. Being a Canadian, I couldn't work legally without the right paperwork, but Jeff could, and I couldn't argue with him wanting to earn good money. He told me to hang out at home and we would go out each night.

So far we hadn't done anything. He came home after dark, exhausted from a hard day's work, and he kept promising we would do something the next night. The next night came and it was the same thing. Now there were only two days left in break, and I hadn't really left the house.

It was a nice house though. They had a huge entertainment system with a big screen and surround sound. They had a large game room with pool and foosball. They also had a large pool in the back yard, and I spent a couple hours outside each day working on my tan.

The only real highlight was his sister Katherine. She was a senior in high school and very hot. She looked like a Cowboy Cheerleader, with blonde hair, tan skin, and all the right curves. I saw very little of her though. She came home from school and usually went out with friends right away, getting home pretty late.

It wasn't until last night (Thursday) that Kate came home relatively early and spent some time out by the pool. She wore cut-off jeans and a bikini top, but she was doing homework for a big test the next day. I didn't want to be the creepy college guy, so I basically just peeked at her from an upstairs bedroom. She spent the whole time with a book in her lap, catching a few rays, so it wasn't that great to watch. After I had lost interest, I heard a splash and ran back to the window to see that she had finished studying and had dove in to cool off. Her shorts were lying by the lawn chair she had been sitting in.

I ran downstairs to get a better view, but by then, she was done cooling off and had a towel wrapped around her and was coming back in from the back porch. I pretended like I was heading to the basement, and she didn't even look at me as she made her way upstairs with her books. I listened to her showering in the upstairs bathroom, and images of her standing naked in the streaming water wouldn't leave my mind. It seemed like her shower went on for an hour, and it drove me crazy.

Eventually, father and son came home, and the mother, who lived in the basement watching soaps and game shows all day, came up to serve dinner. Kate was at the table wearing jogging pants and a cutoff, mid-sleeve sweater. Her hair was wet, and she looked really hot, but I had to engage in conversation at the table and couldn't just stare at her.

Now it was Friday. School started again on Monday, and we had bus tickets for Sunday. Jeff promised me that we would do something on Saturday, but even if he didn't have to work, I was guessing he would be too tired to stay out late or have any real fun. The coast was 45 minutes away, and they told me I could catch a bus to the beach, but going there alone on a bus was not my idea of a good time.

Instead I watched a couple movies, and then decided I should probably do a load of wash before we went back to school. If we did do something tomorrow, I wouldn't have time, and it wouldn't be very smart to take a bunch of dirty clothes back to school with me when I could do them for free here.

The laundry room was upstairs between Jeff and Kate's room. I brought my duffle bag up and loaded my clothes into the washer. When they were done, I opened the dryer and found a towel still in there. As I pulled it out, something else fell to the floor. I picked up the smaller items and saw I was holding Kate's bikini from last night. The bottoms were side ties with a tiny triangle in the front. I cursed myself for not being at the window to see when she had taken off her shorts, and then for not being fast enough to be downstairs when she had pulled her dripping body from the water.

The top was made up of two small triangles with a loop over the neck and a tie in the back. I had seen that on her, but had never got a really good look at it because she had always been holding a book in her lap with her head down. I put the swimsuit on the top of the dryer and loaded my clothes in and started it. I would make sure I remembered to put the towel and suit back in after I was done so Kate wouldn't know I had handled her suit.

I looked around briefly to see if there were any of her other clothes up here. Maybe I could find some panties or a bra. All I found were Jeff and his dad's dirty work clothes. It was frustrating until I realized that her bedroom was just down the hall. I hesitated a moment. Could I really just go into her room and root through her drawers?

It was 2:30 in the afternoon. She wouldn't be home until about 4, and the mom wouldn't move from her lazy boy for at least another 3 hours. She was two floors away in the basement. With all the frustrations of this vacation so far, I figured I had to make good on this temptation.

Kate's door wasn't locked. It looked like a typical teenage girl's room. Ironically, there was a poster of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders on the wall. The blue and white theme was continued in the bed spread and curtains. There was also a boy band poster on the wall that she had probably put up 4 years ago and just forgotten to take down.

Before going to her dresser, I looked at the bed. Her pajamas were there. They consisted of a tiny half shirt that looked like her breasts would hang out the bottom of, and a tiny pair of gym shorts that I know her butt cheeks must hang out of. I guessed she probably wore this to and from the bathroom each night and morning, and I would have to remember to get up early tomorrow to see that.

On a hunch, I checked in the small gap between her bed and the wall and found a prize. In zip lock bag, half stuffed under the mattress, was a little rabbit vibrator. I was tempted to pull it out and take a smell, but I decided not to. I pushed it back into place as best I could and then, with a full erection now, turned to her dresser.

The top drawer was predictably full of underwear. She had regular white cotton bikinis, thongs, and boy shorts. I pulled out a few and held them up, trying to imagine them filled with her body. They all smelled clean, and I don't know what else I expected. The second drawer held bras and bathing suits. She had a few more bikinis as well as some one-piece suits. The bras were 34B, with several push-up styles.

I pulled out a white lacy bra and laid it on the floor and then took out a matching thong and put it underneath. They were a sexy combo, but this fantasy of mine was falling short. I might as well take a trip to JC Penney's and get off in the underwear section. I stood there with my arms crossed when I heard female voices in the hallway. The mom?

No, it was definitely Kate's voice. There was also someone else's voice, but it sounded too young to be the mom. The voices were getting louder, and I panicked. I shoved the drawers closed and then saw the bra and panties on the floor. Without time to put them back neatly, I grabbed them off the floor, and then ran to the closet. I opened the door, ducked in underneath the hanging clothes, and pulled the door mostly closed before the girls cam into the bedroom.

I peered through the crack of the closet door and saw that it was Kate and another girl her age that I didn't know. The second girl was a brunette. She was a little taller than Kate's 5'3'', and was curvier too. I caught a brief glimpse of her before they walked out of my field of vision deeper into the room.

I could only see the bedroom door and the lower portion of the bed. The dresser and desk were on the other side of the room. I picked up their conversation as soon as they walked in.

"He was watching you the whole time?" It was the brunette talking.

"I'm pretty sure he was. All the way up to the end anyway."

"Did you get any studying done?"

"Not really, I kept reading the same paragraph over and over. I think I bombed the test today. I doubt the teacher will accept my excuse."

"Where is he?"

Were they talking about me?

"I don't know," Kate answered. "He's usually here when I get home. But then, I usually get home around 4."

"Who needs Bio," the other girl said. "I'm sure they won't miss us in study hall either."

"We're seniors. We've earned the right to leave early if the last two classes are boring."

As they talked I also heard the sound of rustling clothes. They were changing less than fifteen feet from me, and I couldn't see them.

"So should we go down to the pool if he isn't here?"

"He's probably here, just downstairs watching TV with mom or something. We can go down and make some noise in a bit. Mom doesn't need to know we're home yet."

"What should I wear?"

"I don't know, pick any of my suits. They're all probably too small for you, which he will only like better."

They both laughed. I was getting very anxious. I was pretty sure they were talking about me. It sounded like they were going to go to the pool with the knowledge that I was going to watch them. This was great. If only I wasn't trapped in their closet. I just had to wait it out. Eventually they would change, and then head downstairs. When they were out by the pool, I could show up, and they wouldn't now where I came from.

"I don't know about this," it was the brunette. "After that test, I'm not really in the mood."

"You need a little help?" Kate suddenly came into view, jumping onto her bed. She bounced on it for a second or two and it took me a while to realize she what she was wearing. She was in a bra and panties. They were nothing special, but it was incredibly sexy to see her frolic on her bed dressed like that. It was a push-up bra, and her cleavage bounced as she moved.

It surprised me even more when her hand went behind the bed to where I had replaced her vibrator. "This should help," she said and tossed it across the room to the other girl out of sight.

"Did you change the batteries since last time?" the other girl asked.

Last time? Did high school girls have masturbation parties often?

"Yea, they're fresh. Fresh enough, anyway. I used it after dinner last night. He was staring at me all through the meal. It made me horny."

"He better be as cute as you say he is."

"Don't worry," Kate assured her, staying on the bed and leaning against the wall so her feet were pointed toward her friend.

Then I heard the unmistakable sound of the vibrator turning on. "Ooohh, these are good batteries. Your mom won't hear this?"

Kate didn't answer but rolled over toward the head of her bed and partly out of view. When she rolled back, she had a remote in her hand, and soon I heard music in the room. It was some rapper I didn't know talking about his sexy bitches. Two of those sexy bitches were in the room now, and as one masturbated, the other watched from her bed. Kate didn't do anything but watch, but the expression on her face was too much for me.

I had to see what was going on by the desk. The door was too far closed to create a gap by the hinge, and I would have to open it a little further to get any chance at a view. I kept an eye on Kate as I pushed the door open a millimeter at a time. Her eyes never went my way, and soon I saw a slight crack of light from the hinge side of the door. However, from the angle I was sitting, I could only see the wall right next to the closet. I needed to shift over about two feet.

I moved the first foot very carefully, not wanting to rush anything, but not wanting the show to be over before I could see it. I took another careful step and put my foot down on something I thought was secure, but it was a high heel shoe, and as I transferred my weight, it tipped and I lost my balance.

There was that moment of panic as I hung in the air, and then I knew I was going to fall forward. My hand reached up for the doorknob, hoping to somehow keep myself in the closet, but I only batted at the knob, throwing the door wide open and spilling out onto the bedroom floor.

A pair of screams greeted me, followed by an intense scuffling of the girl by the desk, until she was safely hidden behind the open door, and then by laughter from Kate. I looked up from my sprawled position to see Kate still on the bed. She had pulled her body into a tight sitting position and had a large pillow in front of her, but she was laughing.

"Danny boy," she said, "you big pervert. What are you doing in my closet? Have you been trying on my underwear?"

"Huh?" was all I could respond back. I pushed myself up and realized my right hand was still clutching the bra and panties I had set out on the floor. That's why I hadn't been able to grab onto the knob.

I knelt there, just outside the closet, holding out her underwear as if it were an explanation. As if they had been lost in the closet and I was just finding them for her. To my right, around the open door, the brunette poked her head around to look at me. I had no idea how many clothes she was wearing. She only half frowned, and laughed at me.

"Meet Crystal, my best friend," Kate introduced us. "Crys this is Daniel." The brunette only nodded briefly at me and then hid again behind the door. I heard more rustling clothes and figured she was pulling them on this time.

"We were just talking about you, Danny. But then, you probably know that, don't you?" She was all smiles as she looked at me, still holding the pillow in front of her. "Had we known you liked wearing girl's underwear, we would have made different plans."

I thought she was taking this very well. If only I knew how to respond. I just dropped the underwear I was holding on the floor. "Yes," she said. "Those look good on me, but I don't think they would fit you. Why don't you get back in that closet, and I'll find something for you to wear."


"I said get back in the closet." She got off the bed and held the pillow high in the air as if to hit me with it. I took in her gorgeous body underneath, and my hesitation cost me. She whacked me hard on the head with the pillow. It didn't hurt, but I instinctively did as she said and moved back into the closet.

Kate used her foot to move the bra I had dropped out of the way, as the door wouldn't have slid over it, and then shut the door on me. "Now, you stay in there like a good pervert until we tell you to come out."

I don't know if it was the lack of air flow with the door closed or if it was just my sudden confusion of emotions, but I found it hard to breath at first. What had I got myself into? The girls seemed playful enough, given the circumstance, and it had sounded like they wanted to me to check them out and that they even got off on it, but doing something in secret and doing it in the open were two different things.

But then, I might pose as a certain fantasy to them. After tomorrow, they would probably never see me again. I might come back next year, but then they would be in college. They could do what ever they wanted and not have to worry about any type of relationship happening. Plus, I hoped they thought I looked cute. I didn't spend all that time in the weight room in college so girls wouldn't look at me.

But what was Kate talking about girl's underwear for. She had to know that I was going through her drawers to see her unmentionables, right? I mean, she knew I didn't really want to try them on.

Outside in the room, I heard a bunch of hushed whispers and giggling. I could hear drawers being opened as well as the unfortunate sounds of close being put back on. After a couple minutes, the door finally opened and I saw Kate looking down at me. She was dressed again, but looked really good. She was wearing the cut-off shorts from yesterday, which were a dark blue denim and a tied together half-shirt that didn't even cover her ribs. Add some white boots and pom-poms and she could be in the poster on her wall rooting for the Cowboys.

I saw off in the corner on the pile of her clothes that she had taken off the bra and panties she had been wearing while sitting on the bed. Had she put on the ones I had picked out for her? I got up and walked into the room. Crystal was still wearing her school outfit: a narrow knee length denim skirt and a button down blouse that was short enough to reveal her pierced navel any time she moved her arms.

There was a chair sitting in front of the closet door. "Have a seat," Kate said. She was clearly the leader. "Now you obviously heard what we were planning to do. I've been watching you check me out all week and am getting sick of you not doing anything about it. We were going to invite you to swim with us this afternoon and have some fun, but now that you know about it, there's no point."

I guess playing hard to get doesn't work if the guy knows the girls actually want to be gotten. It made sense. They wanted to tease me into making the first move (or maybe even betting if I would do anything) and now that game wouldn't work.

"Because you spoiled or game," Crystal said. "We are going to play a new one."

"If you are a good boy, we will give you a show. If not, then you get nothing and can go to bed wondering what could have been. And if you try leaving right now, then I will tell my father and brother that you were in my room going through my underwear drawer and they will drive you to the bus station tonight."

I nodded. I had no intention of leaving the room. They wanted to have fun with me, fine. If they embarrassed me, fine. If they made good on their promise to give me a show, I would not complain. Like I thought before, we would never see each other after tomorrow. If I was their private joke for all time, I didn't care.

"Good," Crystal said. "Now strip."

That was all? They just wanted to see me in my underwear? I had no problem with that. I stood up and began to pull off my shirt.

"Wait!" Kate said. They had turned off the music when I had been in the closet, but now she went back to the stereo. Her IPod was plugged in and she shuffled through a few songs and then hit play. The song was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

You're kidding, right? I was pretty sure this song came out before they were born. Probably before I was born. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled off my shirt. Crystal "ooohhed" and my smooth, tanned, and muscular chest, but Kate frowned. "We said 'strip,' not 'take your clothes off.'" She shook her hips a bit to the music. "If you don't do it right, the games off."

I sighed. They apparently weren't going to make this easy. I moved my hips a bit, trying to find some type of dance beat in the heavily synthesized music. I moved to the belt on my jeans and looked down to see I was also wearing socks. I took a seat and tugged off the white socks in beat with the music and then whirling them over my head before tossing them into the corner of the room.

The girls laughed and cheered, and I tried to feed off their energy. I stood again and pulled my belt off through the loops. I doubled over the leather band and slapped my hips with it, turning half way to invite them to look at my ass. I turned all the way then, undid the front of my jeans and looking at them over my shoulder. I bumped the pants down an inch at a time to the music and then dropped them all the way. They cheered again as I continued to move my hips.

I was wearing boxer briefs, which I feel is the perfect underwear for guys. Tighty whities look dorky no matter how good a body you have, and anything tighter than that is just weird. Boxers, on the other hand give no support, and aren't in any way sexy. I thought I looked pretty good, and I turned around to show the girls. They clapped and cheered some more. I moved a little more to the music, but I was pretty much done. Eventually I just took a seat.

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