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Being bisexual, I have always been attracted a certain kind of man. A man with an in-shape body, dark hair, always shorter than me, skinny, a cute small ass and a pretty boy face. All of that could peak my interest in men. Although I have never pursued anything anal, I had more fun with men on nights I couldn't pick up a girl, or just felt like being with a man. I was more than happy to spend the night making out, mutual masturbation and even a little oral fun.

On a night out with some friends, we took our fun to some of the local clubs on a lazy Friday night. The Clubs ended up being beyond boring. When most of the girls in our party decided to dance at a gay club, most of the guys said goodnight. The girls in the group wanted to go to a gay bar to dance without other men or losers hitting on them. I thought I would tag along, and actually found a boy that matched my criteria for some dancing and maybe more.

I am a tall blonde haired man, on the skinny side, but well built. The boy I was dancing with was shorter than me and was more of the girl as I played more the part of the man as we flirted and danced. We had our fun on the dance floor and feeling each other out. But soon the night was ending and my new friend was going to leave me alone.

Many of my girlfriends said I always picked the same kind of guy and dared me to go outside the norm. As they sat and tried to think up of different kinds of men for me to date I finished my beer and told them to let me know when they had a solution. I went home disappointed and slept off my buzz.

The next morning, Connie, one of the girls that I was out with the night before, called me to tell me what kind of man I should be looking for. I couldn't believe that they were that serious about it.

"I was working out this morning at the gym," she said, "and it hit me, you should be looking for a beefy weight lifter."

I laughed at her. "You can't be serious!"

"Of course I'm serious," she pouted, "someone who is at least 300 pounds of pure muscle and over 6 feet tall."

"Yea, like any of those guys are bi or gay." I just couldn't see it.

"Come on Keith, you took our dare, so why don't you come work out with me later today and we will scope some men out."

I could believe that this is what my drunken big mouth had gotten me into. I reluctantly agreed, and the two of us made a plan to catch a 6 foot, 300 pound brute. We agreed that I would have to be more girly so Connie was going to lend me one of her leotards she sometimes wears to work out.

I showed up at Connie's and was surprised to see what she had planned for me to wear. It was a bright shiny pink body suit that was closed toed and had long sleeves with a low cut front to show most of my chest. Over those was a high cut thong one piece that was black. With black leg warmers and some pink tennis shoes, I took a look at myself in the mirror. The '80s called and wanted their look back.

Even though I felt I looked ridiculous, Connie almost thought it looked sexy on me. The leotard was tight and showed of my impressive package as well as most of the rest of my body. The way the leotard felt against my body felt nice so I thought whatever, even if I just wear this to the gym it may get me out of this ridiculous dare.

Some of my other girlfriends had decided to meet us at the gym and most laughed at my outfit as I took a place behind one of the tread mills. Connie did some scouting for me as I got comfortable looking very feminine and scaring the locals away from me. Connie finally came back to pull my arm over to the free weights and I met a few rather large men, but all mostly looked upon me in horror. The ordeal ended mercifully as we unsuccessfully flirted and talked to 7 or 8 strong men.

Connie finally gave up her crusade and we took off. When we got back to Connie's I decided to just go home and I would send her clothes back after I had washed them. As I drove home I couldn't help but think of some of the men we saw with their hands on my leotard thighs. I was starting to heat up my body with these runaway thoughts that by the time I drove into my parking space, my cock was rock hard in my workout uniform.

I ran into my apartment and pursued my new fantasy. I turned my stereo on to the same classic rock station at the gym. I kicked off my pink tennis shoes and began a little dirty dance for no one. I was imagining I was a sexy workout chick that was trying to turn on one of those burly men. Soon my body wanted to fuck and be fucked.

The tightness of the leotard and the sexy images in my mind suddenly made me explode. I came so hard that Connie's leotards could barely keep it in. I then laid on the floor, letting my body settle and come back from pleasure land. I was such an intense moment that I knew I wanted more. I cleaned up after myself and washed Connie's leotard in hopes of returning it to her and continued on with my weekend.

A few weeks later I was sent on a business trip to Los Angeles. I was excited to go to L.A. for a week that when I packed I came across the leotard I had yet to return to Connie. For some reason I packed it with the leg warmers and pink tennis shoes. I thought maybe in my hotel room after a long day of meetings I could unwind in them. It was a kinky thought, but I liked it.

When I arrived in L.A. and got to the hotel I began regretting packing the leotard as most of the week I would be in meetings. The first couple of days went by with little fanfare, just worked then slept. I had little time to go out and experience L.A. On the second to last day we cut meetings short and I finally had some time on my hands to experience a little of the city.

I decided to get one work out in and I put on my normal shorts and t-shirt and went to the hotel gym. I took a few minutes warming up then hit the stair master. I worked out for a good 30 minutes and then did a little free weight work when I saw him.

He was lifting the heaviest weights in the room. His short dark hair and piercing brown eyes caught my attention, and then it was his well built body. His arms ripped of muscle, his ass was tight and strong, and his thighs were three times the mass of mine. When he stood, he stood a good 3 inches taller than me. He was in a tank and shorts.

I stared at him as he lifted the heaviest setting on every machine and every free weight. He knew I was staring at him because every now and then he would look over and smile. I would freeze and give a quick smile then look away, only to return my gaze on him.

Finally I worked up the courage to at least say hi. As I walked over to him, he stopped his workout and looked a bit puzzled at me. I thought for sure I was going to blow it and keep walking past him. But I decided I was either going to sink or swim.

"Hey, that is quite a workout," I said to him.

"Thanks," he responded a little confused.

"I'm Keith," I said holding my hand out to shake. I remembered what Connie said about being more feminine around these men so I let my wrist be a little limp. His hands were surprisingly soft although I could feel the enormous strength this man had.

"Hi, I am Sean," he said as we shared a handshake. I could tell by his demeanor that he was a bit surprised at my weak handshake.

"Look, I know this might sound a little forward," I started, "but my business associate can't make it to dinner tonight and I was wondering if you would like to join me. I mean the dinner is already paid for," I lied, "and it would be a shame for me just to sit alone. You're the only person I have met today."

It took a moment for this to digest in his muscle bound brain. I felt like bolting away. But instead he started to nod. "Sure," he said, "where is dinner?"

I quickly told him of a restaurant down the street from the hotel and told him to be there at six. He agreed and we parted ways. I immediately went to my room, I was so sexually charged from our brief encounter that my cock was standing straight up. I tried to calm myself down thinking that it may not even be sex. He is probably straight as an arrow, I thought.

Deciding what to wear was excruciating. I finally resigned that nothing would happen so I suited up in my best business attire and made my way early to the restaurant. I got a table that was a bit out of the way and set up the meal so it would just be paid for, no bill. I then waited as 6 o'clock came and past. I was starting to get nervous after another half hour slipped past.

But then there he was, wearing a sport coat and turtle neck. Sean had a wide smile on his face and greeted me with a hug. It totally took me off guard but when a 300 pound man wants to hug you, you better let him.

We started in on dinner and made plenty of small talk. Sean was from Kansas City and enters body building competitions all over the country. He works out twice a day, and loves to keep his body big. We sat and talked, and ate. When dinner was over we ordered one more round of drinks. I was a bit curious so I worked up the nerve to finally ask.

"So do you take steroids?" I asked.

"I do," he said nonchalantly. "You can't win in this sport with out taking them."

"Doesn't that ruin your sex drive?"

"Yea," he shrugged, "but after working out I always get a little horny, and there are plenty of little workout bunnies at the gym that I like to leave with."

"Ah," I resigned. He is straight as an arrow.

"There is just something about a cute bod in tight leotards," he laughed.

"So are you going to work out again tonight?" I asked him.

"Oh yea," Sean said while he looked at a couple of girls walking in to the bar area. "I will be down there after dinner, need to change and then hit the weights."

"How long do you work out in a stretch?"

"About an hour to hour and a half?"

The rest of the conversation was about little things. There was little going on in that head of Sean's. Still he got some of my jokes, and we ended up having seconds on the drinks. Sean was a nice guy, but a stupid one. It was almost a turn off.

Our drinks finished quickly and we shared a cab back to the hotel. I was beginning to feel disappointed about the whole deal when we walked in the lobby together. We said our good byes in front of the elevator and he came in for a hug thanking me for dinner. Then we parted ways.

Standing in my room I couldn't believe that it went so badly for me, and I flopped down on the bed. I tried to fantasize about the dinner going differently. That is when I turned my head toward my suitcase and a piece of Connie's leotard was poking out. Thinking of my conversation with him before, I looked at the clock and decided to take another chance on Sean.

I quickly disrobed, slipping into the hot pink bodysuit. Then I pulled on the black thong one piece with leg warmers and pink tennis shoes. I took a quick look in the mirror. It defiantly looked gay, but I pulled the black thong piece up to give my ass a good wedgie. I gave my ass a nice rounded look in the pink leotards.

I took a towel and wrapped it around my neck and checked the clock again. I should be arriving when Sean would be finishing. I made my way to the hotel gym. My mind was in a whirlwind, a high that I can't really describe. I ignored all of the raised eyebrows in my direction.

Sean was lifting some heavy weights on a bench on the opposite side of the gym. I called his name to say hi then walked straight to the stair master. Sean did an obvious double take. He was in shorts and a wife beater. He must have liked what he saw because it didn't take long for him to walk my way.

"Hey," he said looking more at my body than me, "that is quite the outfit."

I brushed my hand across his chest in a very girly manner. "Oh I am glad you like it Sean."

He stood there and watched a few seconds of me working out. I was so excited that I finally had him on a hook. His strong soft hands began to run up my legs. I must have been very excited because it showed as I marched up imaginary stairs. Then his hands reached my ass and he cupped them. I gave him a coy look.

"Then you must like boys somewhat," I cooed. He didn't respond, just ran his fingers up and down the crack of my ass as I slowed my workout machine down. I was enjoying this little touchy feely moment. I could start to feel the pure sexual power well up in my body.

"I think we should go somewhere," Sean said, still concentrating on my body.

"Lead the way cutie."

He helped me off the machine and we held hands to the elevators. Sean was so much bigger than me that I truly felt womanly as we stood in the elevator in a close embrace. Our arms wrapped around one another, my fingers feeling out his gigantic muscles. We reached his floor and we quickly found his room. Sean fumbled with the key.

Once inside though, his strong hands were all over me. He picked me up with little effort. I have never experience such a feeling of being overwhelmed by somebody. He laid me gently on the bed and resumed his feeling of my body in the tight workout leotards. I arched my back in pleasure and moaning when he did something that felt good, which was everything.

Then his strong hands reached my harden cock and stopped. I looked at him, as I could see the puny little gears in his head turning. I took his hand and ran it gently the length of my cock. Sean picked up that it was okay for him to play with it. The gentle rubbing started to become more of a deep rub. I have never felt such power before as he rubbed my cock making it harder and harder.

Then he leaned in. I found myself driving my tongue into this man's mouth. I wrapped my hands around his thick neck and thrust my hips each time he rubbed my cock through those hot pink leotards. The kiss was intense and both of us were moaning as our tongues danced with one another.

I pulled him away just enough to tell him I wanted his penis. Sean resumed his hard kissing and worked himself out of is shorts at the same time. I was almost shocked when I saw it. Sean was a big muscle man, but he had a tiny cock. It was almost the size of my pinky finger.

I almost wanted to laugh but I held back. I started to rub it hard expecting it to grow, but it was at full capacity. The steroids obviously did a number on him. Sean sat on my chest and tilted my head up towards his member. The forcefulness took me off guard, but in a way also turned me on. I started to suck him off, he was bucking his hips with each stroke.

Sean's body tensed up and I had to find a way to stop him from cumming so soon. I reached my hand to his strong chest in a motion to tell him to stop. Sean obliged and dismounted me.

"I know you want to fuck so bad baby," I cooed at him, "so why don't you soap up that cock of yours and take my ass." I couldn't believe I said it. I never did anything anal. Maybe it was the tiny cock, or the need just to get fucked, or Sean's power over my both physically and sexually. What ever the reason, I wanted my ass violated by him.

Sean took little time lubing up his tiny prick and I slipped out of my leotards and pushed them to my thighs. Just as I bent over to take off the leg warmers, Sean was in me. His cock, though tiny, was red hot and my anus suddenly exploded with pain and pleasure at the same time. I screamed the first couple of thrusts inside me, but then as Sean gained rhythm, I was starting to enjoy it.

At times I couldn't feel him, it would just be his beefy thighs against the back of my legs. But I knew he was inside me, and that was sending my body into pleasurable sexual throngs. My chest was beat red, my neck and thighs also reddened. My cock stayed surprisingly limp during the ordeal, but it felt so good flinging around each time Sean pounded my ass.

And almost as fast as he had entered, Sean's body went rigid, his cock, the biggest I had ever felt it that night, exploded. He was filling my ass with his cum. He let out a huge grunt and made sure all of it had gone inside me.

When he finished I turned and pulled him close. For some reason I felt I needed him to hug me, to have those large arms around me. We kissed standing up for a short while before he lifted me once more onto the bed and kissed some more.

The kissing was electric, and my hands over his strong body sent shivers through my spine. I never wanted to cuddle so badly. I was becoming a big pussy I thought over and over as we kissed and touched, but I didn't care. I pulled the leotards back up over my waist as to not make too much of a mess on the bed. Sean didn't seem to mind because his hands were all over my leotard encased cock once more.

"You didn't get a chance," he said after a long session of kissing.

"I know," I purred. "Do you want to suck it?"

"No," Sean responded. I was a little hurt by that, but was feeling too good to care. "But I will let you jerk off on my body, anywhere except the face."

I pushed him back on the bed and gave him a playful little kiss. Then I pulled my cock out and began to slowly stroke it over his washboard abs. In comparison I was almost 3 times bigger and thicker than Sean's. I smiled at that piece of knowledge as I built up my sexual tension to cum.

Sean turned his head away, he didn't want to watch. That was fine with me, and after feeling his strong chest and abs with one hand and masturbating with the other, I exploded all over his chest. I rubbed my seed around his muscles for a few minutes and then licked my fingers clean.

Sean's demeanor changed. I could tell suddenly he wasn't into it anymore. Rather than try to recreate the previous mood, I took my hint and quickly dressed and started to leave. As I finished putting my leotard back in place and taking a towel to cover the now drenched spots both in the back and the front, Sean disappeared into the bathroom.

I left with out a word and returned to my room. I took off the leotards, legwarmers and pink shoes and jumped in the shower. My ass starting to feel sore and gobs of cum were leaking out. I must have stayed in there for a couple of hours reliving the experience in my head. I made myself cum several times until no more could come out.

The next morning I continued my day of meetings and could hardly concentrate. After a day of meetings I went to a workout store and bought a black and leopard print leotard. I thought I would work out one more time to see if Sean was there. I even wore women's perfume and slapped on some lip liner. But Sean wasn't there. After getting some strange looks from the ones that were there, I decided to go back to my room and pack for the flight back the next morning.

When I got home, Connie was the first girl I saw when returning her leotard, freshly cleaned. I told her everything that happened. She was laughing the whole time.

"So do you have any proof?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What, you think I made this up."

"Oh you just happen to go to L.A. and come back fucked by a 300 pound gorilla?"

We both snickered at the idea. But I told her it was the first and last time I would be seen with such a man. But from time to time I think of Sean working out and I slip into my black and leopard print leotard and fantasize about another night with him.

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