tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 02

Beetlesmith's Ch. 02


What follows are chapters 2 through 5 of my 'Beetlesmith's' saga. The first chapter, undesignated, can be found under the 'Mind Control' genre, or by going to my 'Member's Page' and clicking on the appropriate link. The story follows the exploits of Will Henry, who has been given the ultimate aphrodisiac by a man named Beetlesmith. These next four chapters are a continuation of that narrative.

Most importantly, I must thank Bella Mariposa, who was kind and patient enough to edit these the first draft of this mess; and hopefully, subsequent chapters as well. To say that she greatly improved the readability of the text would be a grand understatement. Any errors that remain in syntax, characterization, or plotting are clearly the fault of the author, and no other. Thank you again, Bella. Now, let me top off that glass for you.


I woke early. Both women were still sleeping heavily, exemplified by the almost stereophonic snoring that was coming from either side of me. Although I had many hours before I needed to be in the city, there was no way I was going to be able to drop back into sleep, so I decided to start preparing for the busy day ahead. After stepping under the hot water of the shower, I heard the bathroom door open. Thinking that it was Karen, I offered her an invitation, "Care to join me?"

"I'd love to."

It wasn't Karen, however, but Gloria and it looked as if she was still under the influence of the elixir. I was suddenly worried. It had been almost eight hours since I gave her the spiked coffee, far longer than the three hours Beetlesmith had said the influence of the drug would last. Yet here she was and still imbued with obvious sexual arousal. Why hadn't the drug worn off?

As she stepped into the shower I could see that her pupils were dilated, a symptom I failed to notice in either of the two women last night, and which gave her eyes an even more ravenous, predatory look. She took the bar of soap from me, and with a seductive smile playfully began lathering my cock and balls.

I was immediately hard. Gloria continued to gently play and stroke my shaft and head with her fingertips.

"Where's Karen?" I asked, tying to get a handle on what was going on.

"Sleepyhead's still asleep," she said nonchalantly, and then pulling my head down close to hers, said, "Give us a kiss."

Before I could say anything, she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth as she continued to gently stroke my shaft. Half of me thought I should pull away from her so that I could organize my thoughts and figure out what was going on, and my other half was screaming, 'What; are you fucking nuts? Fuck her brains out, you moron.'

She must have felt my uncertainty, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I lied, "I just thought after you went to sleep last night that..."

She laughed cutting me off, and said teasingly, "I don't know what came over me last night. I guess I was overwhelmed by the thought of finally being fucked by the wonderful Will and his fat cock."

'Finally?' Is that what she said? How long has she been harboring these thoughts, and what kind of a can of worms had I just opened? A whole plethora of paranoid delusions started running through my mind all at once. Are the effects of the elixir permanent? If not, did I inadvertently turn my friend into some raging slut, or worse, did I just unlock a secret desire of hers about the two of us becoming an item?

She lay on the floor of the shower, and spread her legs while casually fingering her pussy. A seductive smile curled her lips before she said, "How did Karen put it? Oh yeah, fuck me until my nose bleeds."

Oh well, I'll worry about that other stuff later.

I tried to start slow like I had envisioned last night, but Gloria would have none of that, and grabbing both sides of my ass, pulled me forcefully into her.

"There's no point in us being timid now, Will."

'Well, so much for gentle,' I thought, as I plunged into her. Loud slapping sounds reverberated throughout the bathroom as I slammed against her water-soaked groin. I felt Gloria trying to pull me further in, her nails digging hard into my ass, all the time demanding, "Fuck my pussy harder."

Her black on deep blue, dilated eyes never left mine. They were unnatural, lifeless as doll's eyes; they remained transfixed on me, unblinking, even when large droplets of water ran into them.

Still murmuring in my ear, 'Harder...Faster,' Gloria wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me tight against her. My ear was close to her mouth, and with each violent thrust I could hear the breath being forced out of her lungs with a soft 'har,' that was quickly followed with a coarser, 'der,' as she tried to replace the air that was lost.

While I pounded into her, I kept thinking about what I had done and what I was doing. Until now, I had always thought of Gloria platonically, much more of a friend or even a sister than a potential lover. Even during last night's festivities, with her and Karen taking turns sucking my cock, I couldn't see Gloria as anything but a dear friend; a lustful one to be sure, but a friend nonetheless. It was different now. I won't call it love, but I know it wasn't just lust anymore. I was beginning to care for her more than I would a sister or a friend, and with each of her little girl pleadings of 'harder,' whispered passionately into my ear, I knew she was feeling the same way about me. The logical, rational half of me knew that what was transpiring between us was all due to the effects of the elixir; but deep down within me, in a darker region, my other half hoped that I was wrong.

I could tell she was getting close as her fingers pressed firmly into my back, and her pleas of 'harder,' became louder and more frequent. I kissed her hard. She greedily sucked on my tongue while grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my head tight against hers. Her breath was coming forcefully through her nose, and in almost perfect rhythm with my inward lunges.

She pulled my head away from hers, and gasped with a hint of embarrassment, "Do that thing to me with your finger."

It was a cryptic demand, but I knew what she meant. However, instead of complying immediately I began to tease, "What thing?"

"You know," she said, while putting her hand over my buttocks as a hint.

"You liked that?" I asked playfully.

"Oh yes...Please."

I pushed firmly against her anus, not enough to cause penetration, but enough to cause her cheeks to clench momentarily. For the first time since she joined me in the shower, her static, doll-like eyes exhibited signs of life as her lids narrowed in obvious pleasure.

She went rigid beneath me, and began moaning loud and uncontrollably. I pushed my finger further in; barely getting the first knuckle passed her sphincter, but it was enough as I felt the heels of her feet hitting the back of my legs in uncontrolled spasm.

Neither of us moved. We lay quietly together, allowing the warm water of the shower to continue washing over us. Finally catching her breath, Gloria said, "Holy crap. Why did I wait so long?"

I smiled, and said with false bravado, "You're welcome. Your nose isn't bleeding but I don't think you'll complain," I turned more serious, "I still didn't believe it until now, but you really haven't been with a man before. Sometime you're going to have to tell me why."

She didn't answer me, but instead sheepishly shrugged her shoulders. I continued to stare at her, wanting an answer, and when she knew her mock gesture of ignorance wouldn't satisfy my curiosity, she just said, "Does it really matter?"

She wasn't going to tell me. Whatever her reasons, she was going to keep them sequestered away in her heart.

I kissed her, and said, "No, I guess it doesn't."


Traffic into the city was unusually heavy for a Saturday, but the slow going gave me time to think about the events of last evening. I pinched myself to make sure this wasn't some elaborate dream my mind concocted. After all that had happened I still couldn't believe that a substance like Beetlesmith's elixir existed, and more importantly that I was privy to it. I thought about all of the various sexual scenarios that would be induced by its application tonight with Karen, Gloria and me, as well as in subsequent days and nights with other...how did Beetlesmith phrase it? ...with other participants. My mind was reeling with anticipation. However, uneasiness crept into my consciousness. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly, except to say that my disquiet stemmed from what I witnessed in the behavior of the two women.

Both of them had been adversarial with one another, Gloria more so than Karen, which I initially prescribed to the deleterious effects of combining the elixir with what little alcohol they had consumed. But the more I thought about this the more I rejected that possibility. For one, Gloria exhibited a high degree of jealousy and envy toward Karen, and it was an emotion I had never seen in her. Still, the circumstances of last night were unusual to say the least, and unusual situations can often bring out abnormal behavior in people, so her outbursts may still just be due to the elixir. Yet, the more I thought of Gloria and her reaction the more I came to realize that what she displayed was not normal, green-eyed envy. There was more of a tone of rebuke behind her jealous tirades, which gave her envy a flavor of disappointment. Not in herself, but in Karen. It's how one would feel if you knew of a friend were squandering a great talent.

I thought about what Gloria said in one of her tantrums with Karen, 'You've got it all, the great house, the great life, and it's all provided for you...,'

How was she going to finish that statement? '...and you're pissing it all away?'

Then there was that bit later in the evening, after Karen had teased her about her naiveté, 'Maybe Will should ask you how you got to be such a good cocksucker yourself, because from what you tell me it isn't from sucking on Will's stiffy.'

I laughed at myself. Now I was just being paranoid. I was taking two statements, said in a momentary fit of anger and jealousy, and blowing them out of proportion. In reality, Gloria was just getting back at Karen by trying to make her feel awkward and embarrassed just as Karen had done to her.

At least that's what I told myself as I pulled up in front of Beetlesmith's store.


All things were as I had left them yesterday. The familiar bell jingled as I entered his shop. There was the same, now pleasant, musty aroma of old bric-a-brac, dust, and mold wafting into my nostrils; and behind his counter Mr. Beetlesmith still sat, thumbing through another of his books.

Beetlesmith lifted his eyes toward me when he heard the bell, and a large grin crossed his face before he said, "Well, Mr. Henry, I thought you would have gotten here earlier. It's near closing."

"I'm sorry Mr. Beetlesmith, but I was tied up at home and traffic was a bear."

"No matter," he said empathetically, "You're here now and that's what counts. I take it events went well last night?"

"You, sir, are a goddamn genius!"

Beetlesmith turned slightly red at my coarsely stated compliment, and chuckled, "As I tried to tell you yesterday, sir. I take it from your reaction that last night was a rousing success?"

"To say the least."

"Good to hear...Very good to hear. You know there's an old adage you've probably heard that I've co-opted as my own, 'Liquor may be quicker, but my elixir is absolute,'" Beetlesmith laughed to himself before continuing, "Now, down to brass tacks, as it so happens I have a brand new batch of my elixir. I mixed the concoction together just last night. So now that you've checked under the hood and kicked the tires, so to speak, how many vials of my elixir will you need?"

I said slightly embarrassed, "I'm just an underpaid, professional Ad man, Mr. B.; I'll only be buying the one vial at this time, unless you're willing to take credit or a check."

"I'm sorry sir, but in these matters I deal strictly in cash. And no need for embarrassment, Mr. Henry, one vial or one hundred, it's all good as far as I'm concerned," Mr. Beetlesmith suddenly dropped his smile and became serious, "Now, before we conclude our transaction there are a few things I need to impress upon you."

"Impress upon me?"

"Yes, it's something I do with all of my first time clients. Sort of my own buyer beware warning label, so to speak," Beetlesmith cleared his throat before continuing, "When I told you yesterday that there were no side effects, I was not being entirely forthright..."

"Goddamn it, don't tell me now that I gave my wife something dangerous..."

Beetlesmith quickly cut me off, "No sir, there are no short term effects to my elixir except those that I mentioned to you yesterday, but I want to emphasize the phrase, 'short term,'" Beetlesmith paused for a moment to note my look of relief, and then he continued, "However, there are certain...how shall I say this...there are certain long term complications that may develop with its chronic use."

"Such as?"

"Well one is psychological. In fact you may have noticed something to its effect this morning that is if any of the other participants were awake."

I started to get mad again, "Goddamn it; you just told me there were no short term effects, and now you're implying some sort of potential psychological problem could have occurred this morning. That sounds pretty short term."

"I'm sorry Mr. Henry. I should have made myself clearer and just have said there is no permanent damage, psychological or otherwise, after only one application."

He sounded disingenuous and waffling, which was not helping my ire or my trust in him. What in the hell had I unwittingly done to Karen and Gloria? I started to stammer something but he cut me off again.

"Please, let me finish. I believe if you give me a chance to explain I can alleviate your fears," he waited for me to nod my head before continuing, "Can I assume that the other participants were still in the mood this morning?"

I nodded my head again.

Beetlesmith smiled smugly as if he was pleased with himself, and then continued, "I thought so. It happens with almost everyone. It's a mild after effect of the elixir, what I lovingly term its 'Afterglow,' but it isn't permanent. Afterglow lasts for about one or two hours after waking. So, even though the elixir itself has been thoroughly metabolized and flushed out of one's system, the psychological effects of being in an enhanced erotic state still linger for a time."

"But it isn't permanent?" I quickly added with some apprehension.

"No, not at this time," he assured me, "She, and I assume it's a she, will be back to normal by the time you return, although they will be lethargic for the rest of the day," Beetlesmith paused again to make sure I understood before continuing, "But you must understand how my elixir works to fully appreciate these side effects. Remember what I said yesterday, that the elixir elevates the libido while simultaneously dampening our moral and ethical tendencies of human nature.

"I like to think of the dampening effects of morals as brick walls that can be breached only under extreme conditions. These walls perform a dual purpose of first shielding us from external pressures of immorality. Not just what one might construe as immoral sexual behavior, but a whole host of legitimate sociopathic behavior as well; behavior such as theft, violent aggression, or even murder. It keeps us from being swayed by the power of suggestion of others. Think how easy it is to influence a child to do something untoward compared to an adult. This is because a child has not built up the necessary walls in behavior to keep them from being so easily swayed. Do you understand me so far?"

"Yes, I think so" I said, "But you mentioned dual purpose."

"Well morals are a two-way street. That is to say that we all have a dual nature, a propensity of doing either good or bad."

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," I said.

Beetlesmith brightened, "Yes, exactly right Mr. Henry, we are all part Jekyll and Hyde. That's very perceptive of you. These moral walls, as I call them, also inhibit us from acting out our most salacious thoughts. Now, none of us are pure of thought but most of us are pure of deed, and that's because these moral walls restrain us, much to society's benefit. Imagine the anarchy that would ensue if we all acted on our impulses. No one would be safe, and society as we know it would crumble. So these walls both shield us from the suggestion of others, as well as shield others from the Mr. Hyde's that live in all of us."

"I take it then that your elixir breaks down these so-called walls."

"Correct again, Mr. Henry, although I would say dismantles the walls rather than breaks, because once the elixir wears off the metaphorical walls are rebuilt."

"I still don't understand this lingering psychological effect, as you put it, why does it occur if your walls are put back in place?"

"You have to remember that our psychological inhibitions are not issued to us at birth but are built up slowly over a long period of time, and they also vary with the individual. Some individual's walls are formidable, like a castle's bulwark; while another's may be low and easily breached, like a stone wall that separates good neighbors. However, whether the wall is strong or weak, they exist, we all have them, and they are all dismantled by the elixir to one degree or another. But I should add that once dismantled, it takes time to build the inhibitions back up again. That's what I call the Afterglow effect."

"I understand your analogy, but what I'm not getting is where the implied danger lies. If our psyches are put back to normal once the elixir wears off, then where is the permanent damage you hinted at?"

"The damage may occur with chronic use of the elixir. If I may go back to my brick wall analogy, consider what may happen when our metaphorical wall is continually being dismantled. Over time some of the bricks may chip, splinter, or crack, some may even break or crumble into dust if overused. The net effect in all of this is that with chronic use of the elixir, our metaphorical walls may not be built up as quickly or completely as they once were, and in extreme cases they may never be built back up at all."

"It will create sociopaths?" I asked.

"Potentially, yes, but only in extreme cases," he emphasized.

I then asked the sixty-four thousand dollar question, "What is an extreme case? Exactly what do you mean by chronic use?"

Beetlesmith thought for a moment before answering, "It's hard to put a concrete number on it given that I've never really studied the effects empirically; however, anecdotally I would say three to four times a week over a period of two and a half to three years could create a psychotic effect."

I breathed a sigh of relief, "Mr. Beetlesmith you had me worried for a minute. I couldn't afford such an indulgence."

"All the same Mr. Henry, but I keep a pretty jaundiced eye on the amount each of my client's are buying, and if I feel they are overindulging, to use your phrase, I will cut them off. I had to do this a couple of times over the years, much to the clients' consternation."

"And that's all that I have to worry about?"

"No, there are certain physical complications that will develop. They are not nearly as dire as the potential psychological complications, but they are a nuisance, and, unfortunately, they are inevitable and irreversible. I can best illustrate the physical effects with a picture," Beetlesmith said, as he handed me a photograph.

The photograph was of a fairly young man, arms folded in front of him as he leaned against a tree. He was probably no more than thirty, very fit and handsome. Some would even say he was dashing, with a full head of hair, and sporting a large grin. All in all, he was a near perfect example of a male human being, and one who probably turned the heads of many a young lady. Looking closer at his face I could see a cursory resemblance to Mr. Beetlesmith, and assumed that the man in the photograph was a nephew, or possibly a much younger, distant cousin.

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