Beetlesmith's Ch. 02


She had been married and divorced three times already, and at the present time she was between marriages. I commented once that she should just give up the marriage game, but she only laughed, saying that she was always on the lookout for the next, ex-'Mr. Right.' Unfortunately, she was always on the lookout for the next 'Mr. Right' when she was still married to the old 'Mr. Right;' consequently, three failed marriages. Jackie was also one of those new-age Wiccan types; always latching on to some harebrained philosophy like the healing power of crystals, or the validity of astrology in directing her life, or just about anything as long as it ran counter to reason and science.

Karen was wrong, however; I really didn't think she was an imbecile; I thought her more of an eccentric. It didn't hurt that I had always found her very attractive, a short woman with dark auburn hair, seductively wide hips, and large breasts that she never tried to conceal. That was probably another reason why Karen didn't like her, Jackie had a natural sex appeal that she never tried to hide. Jackie's looks aside, the fact that Karen so disapproved of her was the main reason why I wanted her at the dinner. I was still sore at Karen, so anything that would make her feel uncomfortable I saw as a plus. Petty, I know; but I also thought Jackie's natural sexual aggression, mixed with Karen's and Gloria's natural sexual reserve, and all coupled with Karen's barely concealed contempt toward her would create an interesting dynamic with the elixir.


We had the dinner on Friday, the day before Gloria planned to leave. I thought the dinner part of the evening went well. There were only a couple of cringe-worthy moments, introduced when Jackie commented on Karen's dour attire. Karen held her tongue, but she did shoot me a couple of stern glances reminding me what folly it was that I had invited her.

With the plates pushed to the side, Jackie was now explaining to us in detail about a blue halite crystal she had just purchased, and how the aura surrounding it was bringer her greater peace of mind. I didn't have the heart to tell her that halite was really just ordinary table salt, and that the person who sold it to her probably grew it in their bath tub and just added some blue dye for effect.

Gloria, however, wasn't as tactful as me, and asked, "How much did you pay for it?"

"About three hundred dollars, but it's been worth every penny," was Jackie's nonchalant reply.

Gloria started at her for a moment as if Jackie had just fallen out of a tree, and said incredulously, "Three hundred dollars? For a rock?" and then she turned to me as if I was some expert on rocks, "Will, isn't halite just salt?"

I didn't want to get in the middle of this argument, so I pleaded ignorance, and left the three women so I could prepare the potion-laced coffees.

When I returned to the dining area with the coffee, the three women were still having the same argument. Jackie was now in the middle of defending herself against Gloria's accusations of stupidity, "...I know it's a lot of money, but the crystal is as big as my fist, and it's blue. The guy who sold it to me said it was very rare to find one in nature, and besides, I can feel its energy when I hold it next to me."

"It's still just a rock," said Gloria getting more exasperated.

"So? So's a diamond, and I bet you'd pay three hundred for a diamond," Jackie said defensively.

Gloria looked at her in disbelief, and finally said, "Yes, because it's a diamond. I wouldn't pay three cents for a lump of salt."

"Forget it Gloria," Karen said laughingly, "Logic never worked on Jackie."

"And what's wrong with that?" Jackie said as she took a sip of coffee, "Sometimes we have to follow our hearts. Sometimes the world just isn't logical..."

"Your world rarely is, Jackie, and when have you done anything but follow your heart," Karen asked rhetorically.

The three of them continued with their conversations but I was only paying cursory attention. Instead, I sipped at my laced coffee and concentrated on my impending reaction to the elixir.

Fifteen minutes had passed, and although I had not felt any of the effects myself, I began to notice the telltale signs in the three women. Their speech became more boisterous, interspersed with loud and abrupt fits of laughter. I saw the soft sheen of perspiration developing about their faces and necks and extending down between their breasts; and noticed the faint protrusion of their hardened nipples pressing firmly against their blouses. All of them remarked how warm it was becoming in the room.

Karen started to fidget about, shifting her buttocks to and fro on the seat of her chair as if she needed to go to the bathroom. Finally, she made an excuse to get us some more coffee, and left the table for the kitchen.

Within moments, I heard her call to me, "Will, could you come help me with the coffee?"

As I entered the kitchen, Karen grabbed me hard around the waist and pulled me close to her. She began to playfully fumble with my pants zipper as she whispering seductively into my ear, "Let's call it an early night so we can have some fun."

"What about Gloria and Jackie, we can't just ask them to leave." I said in a teasing manner as I fondled her breasts.

"Oh, fuck them," was her curt reply.

I don't think she fully appreciated the implications of her last statement until I raised an eye brow, at which point she blushed slightly and said in a harsh whisper, "I didn't mean it that way."

"And just how did you mean it?" I asked, lifting up her skirt and sliding my hand down her panties.

Karen's answer consisted of her putting a foot up on the kitchen counter to allow me easy access to her already soaked vulva. When I gently touched her clitoris she just closed her eyes and fell into a trance-like state.

"You didn't answer my question, because fucking them sounds like a good idea." I whispered into her ear. Her leg started to tremble.

Even though I had yet to feel its effects, it was obvious that Karen was well within the grip of the elixir. I decided to continue with my verbal taunts to see how compliant she was becoming, and continued to whisper softly, "Doesn't it sound like a good idea? Wouldn't you like Gloria to go down on you again?

Karen hesitated for a moment, then purred, "Uh, uh...Jackie."

"Oh, that would be nice, wouldn't it? Get Jackie to go down on you, and make her do it over and over until she got it right. Get even with her for all the snotty things she used to do to you when you were kids."

Karen just moaned a reply, and placed her hand over the bulge that had formed in my pants.

I continued with my verbal teasing, "I'd love to see you go down on her, and watch you bury your face in her big melons, or better yet I'll fuck her big melons while you give us a tongue bath."

"Uh, uh...Gloria," she whispered without hesitation.

"Gloria?" I said a bit surprised by her answer, "Oh yes, she's got that little girl lost thing going, and you like that, don't you? Gloria has always brought out your maternal instincts. She's the fragile, gangly wallflower that needed protection and encouragement to push off into unexplored territories. Then she showed you a different side, and you liked it. You liked it when the shy daughter unexpectedly crawled out of her shell and forced Mommy's head between her legs?"

She didn't answer, but only gave me a rabid look of want and desire and pressed her hand harder against my bulge. I stopped massaging her clitoris and took my hand out from under her panties.

"Oh, don't stop," Karen said desperately as she tried to put my hand back between her legs.

I placed my moistened fingers on her lips, shook my head at her and teased, "Not until you answer me."

She did not answer immediately, but instead sucked on my offered fingers all the while staring directly into my eyes. An impish smile crossed her face, before she taunted back at me, "Why would you want to waste my eager mouth on Gloria?"

With that, she lowered herself onto the kitchen floor and unzipped my fly.

When I first administered the elixir to Karen and Gloria almost a week ago, and watched its effects take over their psyche, I could not get used to the brazenness of their behavior. It was delightful to be sure, but I also had a feeling of uneasiness, almost alarm, that a drug could be so completely transformative of someone's behavior.

This time, however, my perception of her behavior was different. Even knowing that much of it was due to the effects of the elixir, it filled me with unexpected delight that my wife of twenty-odd years, would, without care or worry of discovery, suck my cock right out in the open where our guests could walk in at any moment and witness her debauchery. I also know that if we should be discovered, Karen would not feel shame or even apprehension, but would undoubtedly invite the guest to share in her carnal pursuits. Maybe the elixir was finally taking hold of me as well, and I was unaware of its effects, because as Karen fumbled around with my zipper, I uncharacteristically felt that all of this was quite natural, even commonplace.

Karen had finally liberated my erection form the confines of my trousers and gently kissed and sucked the head. All the while, she was looking up at me for my reaction. All types of salacious thoughts flooded my mind. The most prominent, was the urge to call out to Gloria and Jackie so that they could come and watch Karen suck my cock, and knowing the characteristics of the elixir, I knew they would approve. Unfortunately, a darker thought began to invade my consciousness as I watched my wife lovingly caress my cock with her lips, and that was of Roger Kendall. I thought I had control over my jealousy, and had gotten over my negative feels of Karen and her infidelity, but it all came flooding back in full force.

Did she suck his cock with equal attention and enthusiasm? I wondered if he was bigger than me, or thicker than me. Was that why she kept seeing him and stopped fucking me, because I just didn't measure up? Did she jerk off his cock while she sucked his balls so that he came across her face, or did she just beg him to fuck her in the ass like she begged me?

I tried to push it out of my mind, because it would do nothing but ruin the evening. I vainly tried to think again on more appropriate thoughts; about Gloria and Jackie watching Karen suck me and add their own mouths to the dance, but the darker images kept coming. One after the other and they worsened: did he have friends that he shared her with? Did he take pictures of her sucking off two, maybe three men at a time, and all the while she begged them to fuck her in all ways imaginable. Finally, the only image that remained was of Kendall, laughing in my face at my absolute humiliation that he turned my wife into an absolute, recalcitrant slut.

Karen must have seen something dark cross my face, because she stopped and asked, "What's wrong?"

I snapped out of my visions to see her smiling sweetly up at me, "Was I nibbling a bit too hard?" she asked, as she went back to licking the head of my cock.

Don't say anything, I kept thinking to myself. Let it go. Put the dark images back in the box. Lock them away and bury them deep; but I couldn't, and heard myself say as if I were outside myself, "I was just wondering if you sucked his cock the same way."

I saw a look of pain and hurt pass across her face before she lowered her eyes to the floor, dejected. I thought I would feel some remorse for the pain that I had caused her, but instead all I felt was satisfaction.

Karen looked back up at me. I could see her eyes were beginning to water, as she said, "We never did that..."

She was going to say more, but we heard Gloria call to us from the dining room, "Hey, where'd you two go?"

I zipped my pants up, and said, "We're neglecting our guests."

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