tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 08

Beetlesmith's Ch. 08


I came out of my thoughts when I heard Denise say to Karen, "I hope you can forgive me about earlier in the dining room. I shouldn't have pushed you away like I did."

Karen just smiled and shook her head, giving her silent reassurance to forget the past.

They kissed again. This time their hands moved down to caress the other's buttocks, gently kneading the other and pushing hesitant fingers between each cheek. Their lower torsos were tight against each other, but their lips never touched. Only their tongues came in contact as each drew heavy sighs of excitement through their open mouths.

"Okay, break it up you two," Jackie said, as she moved a hand between Karen and Denise, "Plenty of time for that later, but right now Cecilia needs to be punished, being that she was the ultimate loser."

Cecilia started to whine, "It's not fair, everyone else got a Robo-cock and I got..."

Jackie led her and the others to the bedroom, saying in a consoling voice, "I know, you got the limp end of the stick..."

I didn't follow as I heard Jackie's voice trailing out of earshot. I still didn't know what I had witnessed, and wanted to think it through. Why, I'm not sure. It wasn't as if I could do anything about it now, but sex was beginning to take a back seat to this new discovery.

It must have been coincidence, I kept telling myself. No drug, no matter how powerful could impart prescience on an individual. That was beyond rational thought.

I finally convinced myself that I was just being paranoid. Paranoia, I finally rationalized, could be an aftereffect of the drug, and a clear warning sign that I needed to slow down on its use. I breathed a sigh of relief as my fears dissipated. Paranoia was at least tangible, rational, and manageable, particularly in the confines of its base cause—overuse of the elixir. That was it. It had to be. Just mere coincidence mixed with an unhealthy smattering of drug-induced paranoia. It makes perfect sense.

It was then that I felt a presence in the room where one hadn't been before, and out of the corner of my eye, standing as an amorphous shadow, I saw a shape looming over me. I instantly flinched and turned my head about to greet the shape...Only to find Karen standing in its place.

"Jesus fucking Christ, you scared the fuck out of me!"

Karen laughed at my reaction, as well as hers, given that my abrupt recoil startled her as much as she startled me, "I'm sorry, I guess I scared us both."

She sat down next to me, laying her head on my shoulder, "What's wrong? How come you're not with the others?"

I smiled, putting on a brave face, "Oh just taking a break. I wanted to sit and think for a moment."

Karen looked hard at my face, and finally said, "I know what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong," I lied.

"You've got that look."

"What look?" I asked, somewhat frustrated by her cryptic statements.

"Oh, it was the same look you gave me earlier when I was fuck...When I was doing my thing with Mark. It's that look that tells me you weren't too happy with what I was doing."

"At first I had a bit of a problem with it, but I got over it," I admitted, happy that she misunderstood my anxiety.

"I thought so. Look, if you've got a problem with me fucking other guys I understand. We don't have to do the group thing..."

"It's not that, really. Yes, I had a momentary bout of jealousy, but I'm over it now. It's passed...Gone. I...I just had a hard time at first, seeing someone else giving you pleasure. It's stupid, I know. I guess it's the romantic in me."

She kissed me hard, putting an exclamation mark to my statement, and this kiss, unlike all the others previous, was very much like our first, complete with her tears.

She sniffed and wiped her cheeks, before saying, "It's not stupid, so don't ever say that again. I love that romantic guy. I want to see more of him. And I don't mind telling you I get kind of turned me on when you get a little jealous."

"Like I said, I got over it. I just wish you picked someone other than Cope. He reminds me too much of Kend...Of that other prick. Anyway, if you want to see the romantic idiot in me, I guess I can put my green eyeshades on every now and again. But what about Robo-cock, don't you want to see him?"

"Oh...Yes...Definitely want to see him."

"Jesus, Jackie's right, you are a slut," I said, laughingly.

Karen put on a seductive smile, and said, "Only when I'm with you."

She kissed me again as she played with my cock. I was back up to full power, and feeling that overwhelming surge of sexual energy once again.

Karen still retained the smile, and said, "Ooh, I think Robo-cock wants to play." She lowered her head down further and started talking to my cock as if it were a pet, "Does Robo-cock want to play with momma? Does Robo-cock want to fuck momma in her tight ass?"

Karen was in the process of mounting me when Denise entered the room, "Hey you guys, everyone's waiting."

A brief look of disappointment crossed Karen's face, which I found more than sweet. However, I reminded her of our duties as host, "Come on sweet cheeks, Robo-cock can do you later. Tell you what, Robo-cock will do you with Mister 'Big Guy' if you like."

"God, you really know how to make me wet. You know that?"

"I'm learning."

Robo-cock was back. I had rationalized my fears away, and rightly so, I think. Yes, the elixir imparted a certain degree of Herculean quality to a person, but all within the limits of normal human ability. It stretched those abilities to be sure, but didn't formulate new ones. However, even though my primal fears were alleviated, the 'coincidence' of inferred clairvoyance continued to nag at me. Therefore, for the rest of the evening I kept a jaundiced eye on everything that went on around me.


When we entered the bedroom, everyone was standing around like kids on a playground trying to decide what games to play. That is, except Cecilia, who was tied up in some weird crouching position, with head down on the bed and her behind jutting up into the air. Behind her, Jackie was teasing her pussy with one of Karen's vibrators.

'What the hell,' I thought. Here they all were. A dark-skinned beauty tied down with Karen's pantyhose, and another light-skinned beauty priming her pump with a vibrator, and they had to wait for us? They're bigger idiots than I thought.

Karen didn't see the humor of the situation. Instead, she concentrated on what was holding Cecilia down, "Those are my good pantyhose!"

"Oh, for crying out loud, Karen," Jackie said, rolling her eyes, "I'll buy you a new pair."

"Four! That's four new pair..."

Jackie barked back, "For fuck's sake, could you just pull the stick out of your ass this one time and enjoy the moment!"

Seeing that both women were venturing precariously toward apoplexy and into another right cross, I moved in between them, "Okay, now remember what we talked about..."

"Shut up!" they both yelled into my face

Seeing now that discretion was the better part of valor—and far better than a swift kick to the groin—I decided to remove myself out of 'harm's way' and slid up next to our captive.

"Hey Cecilia, how're you doing sweetheart?"

"I'm doing okay," came her muffled reply, "I'm a little freaked and a lot horny. You guys aren't into whips and chains and shit, are you?"

Jackie, or whoever tied her down, had Cecilia's wrists tied to the bedposts, while ties secured her elbows to each of their corresponding knees. There wasn't a lot of play to the hold-downs, just enough so that it wouldn't become uncomfortable. Besides, nylon stretches, giving Cecilia at least a sense of freedom—it was expertly done.

I kissed her on her cheek, "No whips or chains, baby. I guarantee by the end of this you're going to want to do it again...And again...And again."

She smiled, but still looked nervous, and I could see her arms were tensing up either out of nerves, sexual arousal, or both.

"Tell you what. After a while if you don't feel right, just say so and we'll let you go. Okay?"

She smiled weakly, and said, "Okay."

"Now, give us a kiss."

Her breath came quick and shallow, and her eyes glowed as they had before, golden with just a sparkle of green jade. From our kiss, I'm guessing it wasn't nerves, but pent-up sexual anticipation. Christ, she was already three-quarters of the way to squirting. This thing is going to kill her.

"Okay Jackie, it's your show."

"All right everyone, this little punishment is called the 'Will treatment,' named after our wonderful host, but I also like to call it, 'should she come, bet she won't.' The rules are very simple, we can do anything and everything to her, everything but let her come. You guys can poke and prod all you want. Shoot your loads 'till the cows come home, but Cecilia doesn't come. Anyone who makes Cecilia come before she's ripe will get the 'Karen treatment' from me, and I won't use just one finger. And, Cecilia honey, you have to do anything and everything to us. Only when we're satisfied do you get your own blast off. Okay?"

"I guess so," she said weakly.

"What?" Jackie asked loudly, in full 'Mistress Jackie' mode.

"Yes!" she barked louder, "Shit girl, we're not at the office. You can stop being such a bossy bitch to me."

Jackie laughed, ignoring Cecilia's mild insult for the moment, "I'll go first to show the newbies what I mean. Plus, it's time I got in on some of this yummy action, seeing that I've been neglected by everyone so far."

"Aw, poor Jackie," everyone said in mock sympathy.

"Okay, okay, sorry, but I just had to treat myself to at least a teeny bit of a pity party. Now, back to business. Will, since you started the ball rolling last time, or should I say got Karen's juices flowing to overflowing the last time, I'll make it your job to keep Cecilia's engine well lubricated. And I think I'm going to need the services of Mr. Cope to start my ball a-rollin'."

Mark, feeling overly cocky, to use an apt phrase, began to strut his tail feathers a bit too boastfully, "See guys, when the ladies want it done right they always go to the heavy hitters with the heaviest bats, first."

Arrogant cocksucker, I thought. I was about to say something snide when Cecilia popped his inflated ego for me, "Heavy 'bat' my ass. Lot of good that limp dick did me. I'm only down here with my ass sticking up in the air because you couldn't get it up."

"Now, now Cecilia, play nice," said Jackie, "Maybe the problem wasn't with the equipment, but with the operator. Let's see what he can do with someone who knows how to use it. Come on Mark, sit your cute ass down here...that's it...A little closer."

Jackie positioned Mark a few inches in front of Cecilia so that his semi-erect member fell across her face. Then taking a hold of his massive tool by its base, she playfully and obscenely rubbed and smeared his cock all about Cecilia's face and head.

"See dear," Jackie intoned, "You have to play with the cock first, caress it. Use everything, not just your hands and mouth, but nuzzle it with your nose, rub it against your cheeks. Make the guy feel you want to do more with it then just to get it hard. Don't just yank on it like it was a lever on a slot machine."

"I know all that, you bitch," Cecilia said with irritation.

"Bitch? Watch your mouth, bitch," Jackie laughed, and slapped Cecilia about the cheeks with Mark's organ.

I figured it was workplace animosity working itself out between the two women. It was supervisor versus subordinate in a battle to see who could be the biggest bitch with attitude and not back down. Contrary to how it sounded, though, both of them were enjoying themselves, and none more that Cecilia. Giggling, Jackie continued to slap at Cecilia's cheeks. Cecilia, in turn, tried vainly to capture the swinging organ with her mouth as it passed from one side of her to the other.

Jackie, seeing Cecilia's vain attempt's, taunted her further, "You want that thick stick in your mouth, don't you? Then open wide...Wider!"

Jackie slipped Mark's still semi-erect cock into her, while nudging Mark closer to Cecilia. Given its still semi-flaccid character, Jackie was able to put Mark about three-quarters of the way into her without Cecilia showing any signs of panic.

"Suck on it," Jackie taunted, "Let me see those cheeks moving so I know your sucking on that fat cock...That's it...Now use some tongue...That's right, let me see you work your tongue around in there."

Then she pulled Mark back out of Cecilia. There was a sharp 'popping' sound as Jackie broke the seal of Cecilia's lips. Half of Mark's tool dripped with Cecilia's saliva. Jackie used the natural lubricant to great effect by slowly pumping his still semi-erect cock with a fist.

As Jackie and Mark were doing the business to Cecilia at one end, I turned my attention to her business end. If there were any lingering doubts that Cecilia was enjoying herself, they were dispelled when I touched her vulva—I felt nothing but a warm wetness that permeated every nook and cranny of her pussy.

As I took a moment to admire Cecilia's seductive form, bound as she was with her beautiful ass jutted up into the air, exposing all of her sweet vitals to my gentle touch, I was struck by an unexpected truth. A truth, I'm sure that has been commented on before by philosophers and kings alike, but of which I am ignorant. That the cartoonish symbol of the heart commonly seen around Valentine's Day was not modeled on the human heart at all, but rather, it's an exaggerated caricature of the female behind—positioned at the ready in all sexual anticipation.

'And why not,' I thought. What better symbol of love—or at least love from lust—than a woman, positioned so, offering herself with full compliance and submissiveness, to allow any and all things to be done to her delicate features?

I looked over at Karen, and said, "Care to join me? I think this needs a woman's touch."

At first, I just watched Karen work her magic on Cecilia. Her tongue and fingers gliding across Cecilia's now swollen labia with the pure intent at increasing Cecilia's aroused state. She was always very careful to avoid touching Cecilia's sensitive button, which was protruding well out from its protective sheath. Every so often, she halted her slow glide about her vulva, to delicately finger and nibble about her openings.

Familiarity may breed contempt, but in this case, Karen's familiarity with the female form gave her prescience in perfectly extending and maintaining the agonizingly slow sexual torture of her captive. It wasn't long before Cecilia's thighs trembled each time Karen dipped her finger into her opening, or nibbled delicately at her labia.

Karen paused for a moment to kiss me—deep and passionate. Cecilia's fragrance was heavy in the air, and I could taste her on Karen's lips. Karen pushed hard into me, herself full of pent-up arousal and lust. Her breath came rapidly and shallowly through her open mouth, as I eagerly sucked on her tongue and licked Cecilia off her lips and chin. She smiled at me, and said, "Come on in, the water's fine."

I joined Karen in the dance. Our tongues darted about our captive and then into each other. We had her moaning incessantly and adamantly for release, begging us to complete the act. Karen and I would only smile at each other, amused and satisfied at a job well done. Then we would stop our torment to enjoy our own, deep embrace, as we fervently kissed and licked Cecilia's essence from our face. It was magical. We were sharing a succulent fruit—its flesh moist and fragrant, its nectar sweet and warm as if we had just picked it from the tree. We nibbled delicately at her, taking small bites, pausing now and again to relish her flavor.

"Please," Cecilia moaned, over and over. She desired her release, but it was the last thing we would give her.

Her legs were in constant tremor. A continuous trickle of wetness ran down her thighs. Wetting my finger with her fluid, I gently tickled her anus as Karen lovingly tongued deep into her pussy. Again, Cecilia begged us for her release, as her lower torso continually shuddered in sexual agony.

Karen giggled, kissed me softly, and said, "We better stop, or she'll pop."

I took a moment to survey the scene about me. Curiously, Jack and Denise were content to watch the proceedings. They were enthralled by what they were witnessing. Their eyes glued to the events unfolding around them as they absentmindedly played with themselves. However, they did so separate from each other, lying on either side of the bed with the rest of us between.

The reason they were so captivated was that Jackie was deep in the throes of her patented 'Jackie slap.' Propped up on her knees so that Mark could slam upward into her with ease, she held up Cecilia's head by her hair. So positioned, the poor girl took the brunt of Jackie's squirting, shattering orgasm right in the face. As her climax ebbed, Jackie had one more bit of deviant panache to inflict on her co-worker. Taking Mark's slickened cock out of her 'hoochie,' she deftly slid him into Cecilia's waiting mouth.

Jackie asked, "Where you at 'Long Dong'?"

"I'm almost there Jackie, baby."

Jackie continued applying long, exaggerated strokes to 'Long Dong's' long dong, while telling Cecilia, "Better get ready bitch. I cooked him up a big load."

Comically, Cecilia mumbled a reply that was inaudible, as she slid her mouth along Mark's burgeoning, purplish head in coordination with Jackie's stroking hand.

At the moment of his release, Mark grabbed Jackie's breasts and did one final thrust forward. Cecilia didn't seem to have any trouble accepting Mark's load, I hardly heard her gurgle, choke, or cough, and as far as I could tell, nothing was spilled.

After clearing her throat and catching her breath, Cecilia asked, "Can I please come now?"

Jackie ignored her, and said, "Okay, Will, Duce, you guys decide who goes next. Momma is ready for another go."

"Hey wait a minute," said Karen, annoyed, "I think momma's ready to shove off and give someone else a turn."

"Oh, come on Karen. Just once more, please. I haven't done anything all night, while everyone else's had 'oodles' of fun. Besides, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and I'm not moving."

Karen shook her head at her cousin's stubbornness, "You are such a slut."

Jackie laughed at that one, "Look who's talking, Miss, 'hey everybody, watch me while I give Mark a blowjob under the table'."

Karen held her tongue thereafter.

Being the gracious host that I am, I allowed Jack to go next. I didn't mind, really. I was having too much fun with Karen at Cecilia's business end.

All of us would have a turn and some more than once. I think Jackie went in for thirds. At one point it was just the men alone with our captive, the women having gone off briefly, allowing Cecilia to simmer on her own. We gathered in a semi-circle around her head, each taking turns thrusting our cocks into her waiting mouth.

I don't mind telling you that it was a bit intimidating kneeling alongside Mark. Being in such close proximity with his tool added a bit of humility to me, seeing how it dwarfed Jack's and my equipment in comparison, and a comparison the 'prick' made sure to point out at every opportunity. Oh well, he was having difficulty keeping up and keeping 'it' up, which gave me some solace and much joy.

Jack and I had a grand old time slipping both our cocks into Cecilia at the same time, while Mark, having lost the battle of endurance, could only stand by and watch. Karen, who finally got back from wherever she was, immediately took a great and lustful interest in Jack and I when she saw our cocks sequestered together between Cecilia's warm and luscious lips.

Breaking the protocol of the game, Karen placed her face alongside Cecilia's, and without word or plea, simply opened her mouth so that Jack and I could do the same to her. There was the most lustful light in Karen's eyes that I have rarely seen in her, and she continually stared up at us with those eyes as we pushed in as far as our close quarters would allow. We passed ourselves back and forth between the two women, both of us sliding along each other as we shifted our hips in a fucking motion.

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