tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 09

Beetlesmith's Ch. 09


I must thank Miss Bella Mariposa for the inspiration for this chapter of 'Beetlesmith,' and for those subsequent. This new narrative tone I'm beginning to exploit struck me as lighting after reading her two wonderful stories, 'A Letter to Sir,' and 'Enslaving Rachel.' The themes of both worked so well with my own plot direction that I found it almost natural I should incorporate their atmosphere to the present tale of 'Beetlesmith.' I wasn't surprised by this; good writers always have this effect on me. They always open up new avenues to places I hadn't seriously considered before, or even knew existed. I only hope I can do her imagery, ingenuity, and creativity some justice with my own ham-handed prose, and if I can capture just a small part of the eroticism conveyed by her stories, then these next chapters will be a success.

Bella, it's said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I hope so, because you deserve as much adulation as I can dish out. Thanks so much!


Once again, it was the small hours of the morning and insomnia griped me. Karen and Denise were lying on either side of me, their peaceful slumbers mocking me as my mind continued to whirl around the events of the past couple of days.

As planned, Denise arrived at our house the next evening around eight. I got us all a glass of wine before we got comfortable in the living room. We chatted for a while. The two women sat together on the couch while I sat across from them on our overstuffed lounger.

It's funny how we can all slip back into the mundane so quickly. Less than twenty-four hours ago, we were in this very room doing the most indecent things with each other. Where Denise sat, she gave me the best blowjob I ever had during Jackie's wild fellatio game, all while taunting her husband in the process. Where Karen sat, she was getting fucked in both holes and between moans of delight was begging me to stick my cock in her mouth—trying to make it the perfect trifecta in her, 'fill all my holes at once' fantasy. Christ, just this morning I gave each of them a patented, Karen 'twofer' right on that very couch. Now, as I stared across the room at the two of them, they were talking about the latest fashions as if all that, and more, hadn't occurred between us.

I was half listening to their conversation and half day-dreaming about last night's events, when that feeling of overwhelming power and invulnerability swept over me. Karen was in the middle of saying something innocuous about our friend Gloria, when I broke in, "That was particularly naughty of you two to slip off like you did, away from me, to enjoy yourselves alone."

Usually a statement like that, interrupting her as it did in the middle of an unrelated topic, would have elicited a scornful glance, followed by a not too subtle condemnation from Karen. Instead, she stammered as if I had caught her in an egregiously deceptive lie.

"You did all those wonderfully, wicked things away from me, and out of my sight. How many times did you make each other come, and I wasn't there to enjoy them with you?"

Karen stammered some more. Lowering her eyes she finally squeaked out, "I'm sorry. You were having so much fun with Cecilia I didn't think you..."

"And you," I said, looking at Denise, "Did you put Karen up to it, to deceive me like she did?"

It was Denise's turn to stammer while turning a lovely shade of scarlet.

"I'm so displeased with the both of you..."

Denise blurted out, "It wasn't my idea!" Karen continued to hang her head, not daring to look at me.

"I'm still displeased at you both, no matter whose idea it was. All those orgasms I gave to you. All of those naughty, pussy-soaked fantasies you each had that I fulfilled for you, over and over again. And you repay me by secreting yourselves away from my sight so that you could pleasure each other, alone."

Both of their lower lips trembled as they continued to stare down at the floor in shame.

"Look at me," and when they did, I asked rhetorically, "What am I to do with you?"

Neither said a word as I stared back at them. For a moment, I thought I saw tears beginning to drop from their eyes. "Take your clothes off," I said gently, but sternly.

They hesitated for a moment, the briefest of moments before complying with my demand. Once disrobed, they sat back down on the couch, naked and ridged. The looks of shame and nervousness on their faces were as if I had just exposed them to all the leers and jeers from all the lechers they had ever known. Then, an amazing transformation occurred as I continued to stare silently at their beauty. They saw my leering and embraced it, and as if reading my mind, they opened up to my thoughts. Lying back on the couch, they spread themselves wide for me. Their hands danced about their bodies, caressing themselves gently, seductively. One leg, intertwined with the other's, as they fondled their pussies for my pleasure. They wanted me to join them. I could see it in their eyes, beckoning me to the couch as they ran their fingers through their pubic hair. The signs of their arousal were stark, as their juices flowed unabated between the plump globes of their ass, onto the couch.

As Denise teased herself with an enticing finger, I saw moisture, thick and heavy, glistening off the nail, and off her folds.

"I see that the juices are flowing freely now, and you didn't need a good fuck or two to get them that way." She blushed at bit, but did not reply. "How many wonderful orgasms did you have together? Well that can't be helped, I suppose, but I want to see at least one from each of you, now."

Without hesitation, they started laying their hands on the other, but I reprimanded them, "No! You're not to touch each other, just yourself."

As I watched my little nymphs, I was struck by how unique everyone was in how they pleasured themselves. Jackie, with her characteristic 'slap' being one such example. Karen likes to spread her labia wide while applying only a finger or two to her clitoris. Occasionally, she will drop her hand down to dip her finger into her pussy, gathering moisture, before shifting back to her clit. Denise, it seems, likes to use all her fingers and palm, massaging the upper half of her vulva with the flat of her hand in a vigorous, side-to-side motion, without parting her labia directly.

Men are the same way, I guess, but one thing is for sure, women are far more 'touchy' with themselves than we men. I guess because women have far more wonderful things to touch.

So it was with Karen and Denise. As one hand stayed centered on the direct pleasuring, the other hand wandered about their bodies producing a more indirect arousal, and adding fuel to their fire. Karen liked to hold her free arm over her breasts for long stretches of time, squeezing them and kneading them with her whole limb. Occasionally she would wet a finger, with either her mouth or dipping it into her pussy, then roll her erect nipple between her moistened thumb and index finger. Denise's circumnavigation of her body was freer flowing and gentler. Her hand shifted continuously between caressing her thigh, to massaging her mons or tight stomach, or touching a breast before ending up near her neck and cheek. I got the impression she was mimicking a lover's touch, seductively exploring her body while another lover was busy between her legs.

As their arousal heightened, both leaned against the other's shoulder. Mostly, I think, out of some womanly camaraderie. Their lips parted but their eyes remained closed. Closed, I suspect, against my leers. They giggled sweetly when they felt the other's caress, usually when their legs inadvertently touched as their limbs and lower torso were in continual motion, squirming, twitching, and shifting as their arousal continued to build. I could hear their breathing, coming hard and forced, and when one moaned in particular delight, the other would giggle before adding her own loud moans to that of her lover's.

I was entranced by their soft, Sapphic caresses to each other. It was always a gentle brush of their shoulders, or a soft rub of their thighs or knees, or a sensual foot running up the other's calf—all done cunningly, as if I wouldn't have seen or noticed. They wanted so much to kiss each other, caress the other more directly with their hands. Mostly, they wanted to dip their tongues into the other's dripping arousal, and make each moan in ecstasy. That, I forbade—and it drove them mad with imbued arousal.

As they neared their final crescendo, both stopped their leg twitching and hand wandering. Their bodies became eerily still, save for that pleasuring hand that continued to rub, flick, and massage with ever increasing fervor. They leaned harder against each other's shoulder. Their heads joined as well in a romantic gesture of companionship and want.

The one and only time either of them spoke was when Denise turned her head, putting her lips close to Karen's ear, and saying almost as a whisper, "I'm so very close."

Hearing that from her friend, Karen did her technique that usually made her quicken to climax. Sitting up on her heels with knees far apart, she wet a finger with her own arousal and touched her asshole. She never inserted it, only pressed, and rubbed her anus gently with the tip. Within moments, her body trembled in climax as she clamped her thighs closed against her still massaging hands.

It wasn't long after that Denise followed suite. Arching her back, I heard her distinctive staccato breathing—three quick draughts through her mouth. Her body trembled ever so subtly before slumping back into the couch.

I teased at her, "You're still the 'quiet fuck,' aren't you? We'll change that tonight." Denise only smiled a response.

They both lay back relaxed. Their eyes, half-lidded and dreamy, stared back at me.

"That was very nice, but it still doesn't soothe my spirit at your betrayal. Now, I want you to go into the bathroom and shave yourselves like Jackie. Take your time. I'll wait. Afterwards, I don't want to see any hair on your cute little pussies. Don't even leave a little tuft of hair at the top. When you finish, wait for me on the bed, but you're not to play with yourselves. Not until I join you. Is that understood?"

They both nodded before running off to the bedroom like a couple of schoolgirls heading to recess.

I heard continuous laughter and mirth coming from our master bath. It took about twenty minutes before I heard Denise's clear, sweet voice say, "We're ready."

When I entered the bedroom, the vision imparted stopped me in my tracks, and I stared at them, breathless. They were both kneeling, sitting on their heels, knees spread far apart. Their heads were bowed in a mock display of subservience, and they held each other's outstretched hand as if giving womanly comfort and courage against their newfound male controller—their Master.

I saw no hair between their legs, just a slight redness from the irritation of shaving. Their large outer labia protruded, mound-like, away from their groins. The stark, pale flesh of their mons and pussy, now exposed from their former, pubic covering, appeared as ripe apples with the thin outer skin delicately peeled away, exposing the white, sweet, fleshy interior to all my appetites.

I took a moment to kneel in front of them, slipping a hand between their legs. I felt the warm wetness of their arousal almost dripping from each. They remained stationary with heads bowed. Their breath came shallow and quick as I ran a finger between their swollen labia. One long, slow swipe of my finger starting at their opening and ending on their clit. They trembled slightly at my touch, as I briefly rubbed their naked mons with my palms while pushing ever so gently on their buttons. I held up my fingers, covered as they were with their arousal, to each of their mouths.

"Taste," was all I said. With heads still lowered and without comment, they sucked their arousal from my fingers. Kissing each on the cheek, I sat in Karen's vanity chair, and continued to stare at them.

"You have such pretty, little pussies now, but you owe me another orgasm. Stay in the position you're in, but turn and face each other. This time I want each of you to make the other come using only your fingers."

Their legs spread wide with knees touching. Each placed a hand on her lover's shoulder, while slipping their other hand between her legs. As they plied fingers to the other, their eyes were wide and bright as they stared into each other's face. A small smile touched their lips as they leaned in to kiss.

They stayed that way for the longest time, lips and tongue attached, while their hands continued to fondle their lover's vulva. The free hand would drop on occasion to caress a breast, pinch a nipple, stroke her buttocks, or add another helping hand to the other one that was doing all the work—doubling her pleasure, you might say. The wandering hand never stayed in the same place for very long, except maybe at the nape of the neck, which they caressed gently while pulling the other's lips tighter against each other.

It was funny how each woman applied her own personal masturbatory technique to the other. Karen gently spread Denise's labia with two fingers as she rubbed her clitoris with her middle one. Denise, of course, was feverishly rubbing Karen's pussy with the flat of her hand, and only occasionally would run a finger or three down, along Karen's labia and clitoris, directly. I think because neither was used to the other's technique, the fingering session was taking much longer than I had anticipated.

As each climbed closer to climax, they stopped their kissing, putting their foreheads together to look down at their bodies. Karen laid her arm across Denise's breasts, cupping one in her hand, while massaging both. Denise's breathing became more rapid at this touch. Her wandering arm didn't wander anymore, staying fixed on Karen's shoulder as if to give herself support. I thought, then, that Karen had her, and it would be only a matter of a few more moments before Denise would come.

"Denise, a hint, my little slut. Karen, the delectable slut that she is, loves it when you just rub her little button with a finger."

I saw Denise smile devilishly before applying my helpful hint to Karen. Karen's breathing quickened thereafter, and she closed her eyes to the waves of pleasure that were rapidly building. However, like the talented little slut that she was, she kept much of her focus on her companion, and increased her finger massaging of Denise's clit.

Both of them were rapidly nearing nirvana at the same pace, and it looked as if both would get there at about the same time. However, I had one last hint for Denise.

"Now, Denise, wet a finger and gently rub her tight, little asshole."

It was such a lovely sight to see Denise, the prim lady, spit on her finger, reach around, and push it between Karen's cheeks, all while laughing like a young girl. She had to shift her finger about some to find her target, but when she did, the results were instantaneous.

Karen fell to the side in violent, jerking spasms, and for each spasm, cried, "That's not fair...That's not fair...That's not fair."

I laughed, "No it wasn't, but neither was your sneaking away from me last night. I know it was you who instigated that selfish bit of betrayal. Now Denise, lie back and spread your long legs for Karen. Spread them wider...That's so nice. As a last punishment my love, eat our friend's delectable pussy. And I had better hear her moan, loudly and often."

Karen dived in with a mouth and both hands, but before she could get started, I added something special. "You can only use your mouth on our friend, and I want to see at least one of your hands playing with yourself at all times. Sluts like you can't just give pleasure to someone. They always need to be pleasured at the same time."

It was another lovely sight for my sexual amusement. I had the women positioned such that I stared straight into Karen's well-shaped behind. Positioned so, I couldn't get a good look at Denise's face because Karen was up on her knees and her ass was blocking my view. I could tell by Karen's head bob and slides to the left and right that she was really going to town on Denise's pussy. However, what I found most erotic was watching Karen's hand as she played with herself. Usually, it stayed within the dark confines of the 'cave' she had created, that triangular opening outlined between her two legs that formed the apex, and the bed, which formed the base. I could she her hand moving in the shadows as she concentrated most of her finger attention to her clitoris. Yet, every now and again, she pushed that hand backwards, out into the light of the room, so that she could give a little attention to her opening. Taking a finger or three and work them into her pussy for a while, before retracting her hand back under her 'cave' to continue massaging her button. Every time she pushed her hand in and out of its sheltered 'cave,' it looked like a cute, little animal, popping itself out of its burrow to scurry around in the search for food—and finding sweet treasure in the next burrow over.

Still the 'quiet fuck,' as she is wont to say of herself, I could barely hear Denise above the din of Karen's noisy passion. I knew she must be close. I decided to add a bit more fuel to the fire. "Denise, I don't think you're treating our little slut with the proper attitude she deserves and, I suspect, wants. Karen's such a naughty, dirty, little slut, you know. She would love to have you smear your pussy all over her face."

The two giggled. I saw Denise's hands take a hold of both sides of Karen's head, and holding her lover steady, proceeded to buck her hips up and down, racking her pussy across Karen's face and extended tongue. The visual was so breathtakingly erotic that I had to stand up to get a better view.

Denise was slightly reclined onto a few pillows. Her feet and heels were under her ass, giving her support and increased leverage against the bed with her legs. She was staring into Karen's eyes with a wild light as she held her head tight against her groin, all the while grinding her hips in a circular pattern. It was as if Denise were using Karen's head as an impersonal object, like some great and bulbous masturbatory toy whose only function was to give her pleasure.

"Come on Denise. Tell that naughty slut what you want. We have to teach her a lesson never to have orgasms on her own."

I thought that I might be talking too much and spoiling the spontaneity of the moment, but each time I commanded them into greater subservience, and into performing an even more extreme lascivious act, their arousal was pushed to an even higher plateau. I suspect that, in the end, their one, true desire throughout the evening was to drift along on the erotic currents I was fomenting with my demands. This was most evident in Denise, who was exhibiting a sexual aggression that I had not seen in her before.

"Stick your tongue out," Denise grunted.

"Don't be so coy, Denise. Call her what she is."

"Slut!" she barked. "Stick your slutty tongue out!"

With Karen's tongue extended, Denise centered her clit directly on her tongue while rapidly shifting her pelvis up and down. Denise let out a loud, throaty moan, and then another. Then, shifting her hips up so that Karen's tongue was centered on her opening, she pulled Karen hard into her.

"Tongue my pussy, slut. Stick it deep," Denise said, in that same throaty tenor.

"That's right Denise, tell that little slut to tongue fuck your delectable cunt. Naughty sluts need to be compliant. Most of all, they want to feel used."

"Oh, yes, fuck my cunt with your tongue you little slut," Denise croaked, all while pushing her groin harder into Karen.

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