tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 14

Beetlesmith's Ch. 14


Once again, a big thank you to Miss Bella who took the time to edit this chapter, as well as for her technical advice on the use of certain adult toys described in the story.

I first asked my wife if she'd wanted to try it out, but she was a bit reluctant to be a guinea pig. I think her exact words were, "Fuck you!" and "Stick it up your own ass if you need to find out!" After that, I had to seek other avenues for information.

Lastly, a very special thank you to Miss C and the very special stories she writes.


The next day, the first thing I did was call some of those to whom I had administered the elixir, and determine if they were also experiencing any weird phenomena. I didn't want Karen finding out about these calls, which would inevitably set off alarm bells in her head given recent events.

I called Jackie first. Our conversation was long and confusing—it was Jackie, after all. In between all the Jackie babble, I was able to discern two things: first, Brenda was still pissed at her for only inviting Cecilia to our dinner party; and second, to my relief, she wasn't experiencing anything out of the ordinary. What constituted 'out of the ordinary' for Jackie was still a mystery to me, but I did gather she wasn't having any weird dreams. She did say that her cats were acting up lately, something about a bad aura invading the house, or some such nonsense. I left our conversation on that note.

My next call to Gloria needed to be more discreet. I knew if I were too overt with the nature of my call, it would probably get back to Karen, and worry her. Now I know Karen and Gloria had been talking with each other at least once a week since she left, and from what Karen relayed to me, Gloria was doing fine. However, I really needed to talk to her directly, without Karen as a go-between.

Gloria was her usual, chipper self when she answered her cell, "Hey Will, didn't expect to hear from you. Is everything okay? How's Karen?"

"She's doing fine, sweetheart. Do you have a minute to talk?"

"Sure, I've got some time before I go on rounds. I bet you're going to try and woo me back so that we can run away together," she giggled.

"There's a thought," I said, laughingly, "But there are some things I wanted to ask you since you're a nurse, and I'd rather not let Karen know. It's probably nothing, but you know how she tends to worry."

She voice suddenly became full of concern, "Will, what's wrong?"

"Nothing really, but lately I've been having pretty bad fits of insomnia and I haven't much of an appetite."

She drew quiet for a moment as if in thought before answering, "Usually that kind of stuff is caused when you're overly worried, or too anxious about something," she paused for a moment, "Will, if you're worried about Karen and that thing she did...You know...With that other guy, I can assure you she feels terrible about that. Please believe me. I don't think she'd ever do that again, if that's what's been worrying you."

I was happy to hear she guessed wrong on what was troubling me, and more than happy to hear her opinion on Karen. Moreover, the fact she thought my problems were with Karen specifically would make it less likely our conversation would get back to Karen. I continued along these same lines, "You're right. I have been worried about Karen, and hearing you say those things is taking a load off my mind. Plus, things at work have been pretty chaotic lately. All of this crap is probably weighing heavily on my mind."

"See, that's probably all it is. Quite worrying about stuff and you'll be able to sleep. And really, you can stop worrying about Karen. From what she's been telling me, you've really lit a fire under her bottom. She can't get enough of you, the lucky snot."

"Yeah, things have been going well for us, but what about you? Have you had any problems eating and sleeping?"

"Me? I've been eating like a horse, although I've had some sleepless nights...Thinking about you." She giggled. I could almost hear her blushing.

I asked, slyly, "Oh, so you're dreaming about me now?"

She paused when I mentioned 'dreaming,' but after a long moment of quiet thought she answered, "No, no dreams, just thoughts of you. Speaking of that, when are you and Karen going to pay me a visit?"

"I think we can swing a trip your way in a couple of months, just as soon as I get things quieted down at work. Okay?"

"Okay," she said, brightly, and then blurted, "Oops, I've got to run. Rounds are starting. Bye Will!"

When she clicked off, I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that whatever was happening relative to the side effects of the elixir was confined to just Karen and me.


With my mind relieved, I tackled my vow of sobriety concerning the elixir with gusto. I kept my thoughts as far removed from it as possible, and continually told myself, 'never again' as far as its use. I even kept my thoughts fairly pure as they related to any extramarital partners for Karen and me, given my mental influence of those around me. This wasn't too difficult to do. Karen and I continued to rage in passion for each other, and spent many an hour or three 'playing together' every morning and night. When I wasn't occupied with Karen, the rest of my time was spent trying to fix the disasters Kendall had left me at work. These occupied most of my waking thoughts outside of my marital sex life, and kept my mind squarely centered on those problems, alone.

So, for the first week of my 'sobriety,' things were going pretty well. As far as I could tell, Karen wasn't diddling with any of the neighbor's kids, particularly Barbara, and none of the other women in my life, particularly Lisa, came sniffing around for special treats. I almost had one lapse in my resolve, however, and it came when I paid a visit to our local adult novelty store.

I was anticipating this coming Saturday with Denise and our scheduled fun and games session, and decided that a couple of anal plugs for my two lovelies would be a wonderful added bonus to the festivities.

The store was deserted, save for a guy who was thumbing through the adult DVDs, and a store clerk who looked bored behind the counter.

The clerk was a twenty-something woman, one of those Goth/Emo types whose attitude and dress I never understood or found appealing. Typical of the genre, she had jet black hair, which was complimented by her solid black attire and matching, heavy black boots. She was covered with numerous tattoos on her arms and neck, and piercings along her ears and lips. I'm sure she had a tongue piercing, although it wasn't obvious when I talked to her. I did see a large butterfly tramp stamp surrounded by thorns and a single rose tattooed on the small of her back, peeking out from under her short, black blouse. All that aside, she was very sweet and helpful. She must get a kick out of the older patrons, like myself, who ask about marital aids, because when I asked her about anal plugs, she dropped the bored look on her face and immediately came out from behind the counter to help.

After she finished showing me the various sized plugs that the store had in stock, I asked, "When these things are in, do they interfere much with...You know, vaginal penetration?"

She smiled before answering, "It depends on the size of the lady and on the size of the man. Usually if the plug's too small and the guy's too big, it pushes the plug out. That's really a buzz kill, 'specially if you have to fish around in the dark trying to find it on the bed." Pointing to the larger plugs, she continued, "And with these, 'fuck-me-that-will-never-fit,' plugs, although they won't pop out, it's best to tease your lady with one of these thinner vibes, or use a pocket rocket on her...Well, you know."

As she picked up the various items to show me, another gadget caught my attention, "How about that egg vibrator?"

"Ooh, good call. I was just coming to those. They work really well. Just slip it into your woman...You know...Into her 'you know what'...When she has the plug in that is. Then watch the fireworks...Or should I say waterworks." She giggled into her hand after that last pun.

I got a kick out of her newfound modesty, which seemed totally out of character given her attire and pervious, hard-boiled attitude when she described the plugs. Smiling at her, I said, "Okay, I'll take two of those medium-sized plugs..."

Cutting me off, she said, "Hmm, his and hers. I like it. Now, I don't want to tell you what to do, but my boyfriend only likes using these smaller, finger-sized plugs on himself. He's such a guy. Anyway, as a guy, maybe you should dial it down a notch until..."

It was my turn to cut her off, "Well, they're really hers and hers."

She stared at me in embarrassment for a moment, and then said, sheepishly, "Wow. I mean sorry, I didn't mean to jump to conclusions."

"That's all right. I do it all the time, myself. I'll take two of those egg vibrators, as well."

As she was ringing me up, I noticed her breathing becoming labored, and a fine sheen of perspiration had formed along her brow, neck, and down between what little cleavage she possessed. By now, I knew that look, and it told me I was headed for trouble. It was the same reaction I got from Beth and Kimberly at the coffee shop.

After paying for the items, I was about to beat a hasty retreat before things spiraled out of control, when she said, "You know, since you're new to their use, I could demonstrate them for you. Show you how I put them in and stuff. There's plenty of room in the back with a real comfortable couch. Just give me a minute to lock up."

I felt that surge of sexual power and invulnerability again. I never felt more aroused and at the same time nauseous, as I tried to fight back against its control of me. Images flashed through my head:

The Goth girl was down on her elbows and knees on the floor, her skinny ass pointing right at me. It was covered by a spider web tattoo, and on her left buttock, as if it were crawling out of her anus, was tattooed a Black Widow spider. I watched as she worked one of the larger anal plugs into her asshole. I saw her arousal, glistening and trickling down her thighs. With the plug properly seated in her ass, she looked back over her shoulder at me and rasped a plea, 'Fuck me now! Fuck me like a rabid banshee!'

I closed my eyes to the clerk and pushed the images out of my head. The sickness welled up in me with full force.

Through the fog of nausea I heard the clerk ask, "What's wrong?" All I could do was run for the door.

As soon as I hit the parking lot, my stomach emptied as I vomited, spraying some person's white-walled tires and soiling a little girl's shoes as she was skipping by. She turned and ran back to her mother, screaming, "Mommy, mommy, that man just puked on me!"

I ignored her and her mother as I stumbled to my car.

Once inside, all I could do was sit motionless with the air conditioning blasting into my face. After about five minutes, the nausea began to recede.

I continued to sit wondering how long this would continue. Would the sudden attacks of sickness eventually end, or was this how my life will be from now on?

When the last wave of sickness had finally passed, I was able to drive home without incident, although I continued to feel light-headed for the rest of the day.


Fortunately, I had no more incidences like the one at the novelty store for the rest of the week. By Saturday, I was feeling my old self again, and both Karen and I were in steeped anticipation for Denise's arrival.

I started to gin-up Karen early by having her wear a pair of hot pants I had purchased for her sometime before the novelty store incident. I wasn't exactly sure of her size anymore, given her recent weight loss, but I made a reasonable guess.

Even with her weight loss they were tight—so tight I could easily see the impression of her 'camel-toes' in the crotch. Along with the pants, I made her wear a matching, tight-fitting tube top that exposed her flattened midriff and made her nipples protrude obscenely through the fabric. To finish off the outfit, I had her wear a pair of her spiked heels—colored red, of course.

Dressed as she was, I took us for a drive around town. Every so often, I would stop at a convenience store and tell her to go inside and buy something, a pack of gum, cold drink, anything. The only condition I made was that she had to spend at least five minutes walking up and down the aisles before coming out with her purchase.

At the first convenient store, she came out red-faced and well before the required five minutes. Throwing a pack of gum into my lap, she stared daggers at me, saying, "I can't believe you're making me do this."

I said, laughingly, "Naughty sluts need to show themselves off."

"You don't know what it's like to have all those asshole slobs gawking and drooling at you as you walk through the store, or see some mother cover her son's eyes. Please, can we just go home and not do this?"

"Oh relax. You probably gave all those guys a raging hard-on. They've probably never been harder in their lives as they watched your tight ass shimmy and your tits bounce as you walked by. I bet all those assholes race home to rub one out, or give their wives the monster fuck of their marriage, and it's all because of you. In fact, I bet the only thing those guys will be thinking about as they pound into the 'little woman' is you, and that tight ass of yours. They may be shooting their loads into their wives, but they'll be dreaming of those pert tits and sassy ass of yours."

I saw a wry, seductive grin crease her lips as I pointed that fact out to her. It started to turn her on, thinking that some other guy would run home to jerk off just from looking at her.

By the fourth convenience store, Karen was taking well over five minutes to complete the task I set for her, and a noticeable wet spot had developed, darkening the fabric around her crotch.

When Karen emerged from the tenth convenience store, she was followed out the door by what looked like a trio of migrant farm workers. She walked ever so slowly toward the car, purposefully and lewdly swaying her hips. Even from a distance of about fifty feet, I could easily see a large, darkened patch of moisture covering almost the whole front of her hot pants. I could imagine it looked the same from her back end.

When she got to the car, she leaned in, resting on the door while handing me a bottle of iced tea. Sticking her ass far up and backwards, she shifted her weight between each leg, causing her tight ass to sway obscenely. Giggling, she asked, "Are those guys still looking at me?"

"You better believe it, baby, and each one as a bulge that can't be concealed. Jesus, major tent-pants alert! If those assholes get any harder, some cop's going to arrest them for indecent exposure."

She continued to wiggle her ass back and forth, and said, "You have no idea how much I want to taste your cock. My cunt's just dripping for you."

There was that word again. It gave me an instant hard-on whenever she said it now. I briefly entertained the idea of having Karen fellate me on our drive home, but figured we didn't need to spend the afternoon wrapped around a telephone pole being cut out of our car by the 'Jaws of Life.' I saw myself trying to explain to the emergency workers how Karen's head got wedged under the steering wheel with my dick crammed down into her esophagus, and cringed.

I just smiled at her, and said, "We'll see about that. First, I think we've done enough damage to those poor miscreants, better get in before they try to jump your bones." She was about to open the door, when I added, "Wait! Say the magic words first."

I had no idea what she'd say, but was more than pleased when she rasped, "I'm just a slutty cunt who wants to suck your cock!" She turned and waved to the three migrant workers still ogling her, and then jumped into the car.

When we got home, Karen wanted to make good on her offer, but I turned the tease up higher, saying she would have to wait until Denise arrived. Karen spent the rest of the afternoon whining and soaking in her hot pants. I doubted the stains would ever completely come out.

By the time Denise showed up, Karen was close to stripping a gear.

It was around seven-thirty, and the bright light of the day was just beginning to fall into twilight, when we heard the doorbell. Karen and I both greeted her at the door, and she was stunning. Remembering my last command to her, Denise stood in the doorway, hands on hips, wearing nothing but a short raincoat—barely long enough to cover her fine, bare ass—and fully opened in the front exposing her beautiful body. She laughed at our stunned expressions.

Karen was about to yank her inside and close the door, when that surge of power hit me. This time I didn't fight it back, but embraced it, wholeheartedly.

I stopped Denise with a hand, and said, "Stay in the doorway and widen your stance." Denise slid her feet out against each door jam. Looking at Karen, I commanded, "Greet our friend properly. I want her nice and wet for me, just like you."

Karen looked at me incredulously, "What, right here?"

I just nodded my head in answer. Denise snickered. Reluctantly, Karen started to slip a hand between Denise's legs, but I stopped her with a reprimand, "With your tongue, you cunt!"

Upon hearing that word, a rabid light flashed in her eyes, and she fell to her knees.

Holding Denise tightly by the ass, Karen pushed her face and tongue fully into her vulva. Loud sucking sounds drowned out most of the other sounds from the outside, as Denise slowly closed her eyes to the pleasure of Karen's skillful treatment.

I moved closer to the two of them. Running gentle fingers across Denise's mons, I said, "I see you're keeping your pussy smooth and clean for me." Keeping her eyes closed, she just purred softly and smiled a response.

I slipped my hand further down. I could feel Karen's playful nose lewdly nuzzling Denise's clit, as she tongued deeply around her opening. Pinching Denise's clitoris between my index and middle finger, I ever so gently pulled her button away from her body, exposing it from its protective sheath. Karen knew instinctively what I wanted from her, and I felt her warm, wet tongue flicking rapidly across Denise's clit.

We stayed like that for some time. During our endeavors, a couple of cars passed by, as well as a barking dog followed by its owner on a bike. Karen only flinched slightly when she heard the bike rider ringing his bell, but really, there was little worry of our detection given the sheltered nature of our front porch. Still, the near-public display our lewdness added an incredibly erotic heat to our already simmering sexuality.

I slipped my other hand along Denise's backside and up into her groin. Her inner thighs were slick with her arousal. When I slid two fingers into her pussy, I felt nothing but a heavy wetness saturating every aspect of her. When Denise's legs started twitching and her knees were close to buckling, I made Karen stop.

"I want you two to go into the bedroom and prepare yourselves like before. Remember, you're not to touch yourselves or each other. I'll join you shortly."

Karen grabbed Denise's hand, as they sprinted to the bedroom. Because of her moisture-laden groin, Karen's hot pants made loud squishing sounds as she ran.

I figured they wouldn't need much time to prepare, although Karen was probably going to require a crowbar to get out of her hot pants. I heard some giggling and a lot of grunting as the two tied to pull Karen's pants off her. A few minutes later, all was quiet again.

I found them in the same erotic position as last time.

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