tagGay MaleBefore Daybreak

Before Daybreak


Snowdrifts and the still of an orange tinted night append a solemn mood. Pick any random corner in his neighborhood and you can find one of the most beautiful houses in the world. In the summer, trees act like canopies above the streets, children play in yards watched over by two mommies or two daddies, and literally hundreds of bunnies live amongst the suburbanites. Skyler sits still in the window where he usually eats breakfast at the front of the house. The sensation of cold air tickles the hair on his balls while his cock is stiffening. The days ahead of him are as hazy as frosted glass.

He has only one evening left before he finishes packing it all up and moves to the ghetto. He finds an affordable studio apartment on the West Side and signs the lease seeing no other choice. The children curse and ride their bikes on the sidewalk, no rabbits, the canopies are burned out by the sun, and gay couples, well what are those? A winter move is difficult, but he arranges for it and pays with some of the savings he has left.

Initially, Skyler had moved to the Avenue reluctantly but fell in love with it. The neighborhood he found was very gay friendly with a couple of neighborhood bars where he could get lucky if nothing was happening online. The second floor apartment is, well was, the best place he'd ever had. The first guy he fucked in the new bed had shown up in a mini van and seemed surprised that Skyler lived in the house. He knew what the implications were but ignored them and explained that he only rented the second floor. It was impressive enough to get a guy wet, especially one who longed for that type of freedom.

Skyler walked slowly up the stairs positioning himself behind "what was his name," he thought "and how many children did the guy have?" The memory of the whom had lapsed but the what, still remained. The details and lines of the face have faded with time. "Did he have a tattoo? Does it matter?" Sky had walked up the stairs undressing his prize one step at a time. The guy who lived below was generally away on business so he could have fucked in the hallway if he'd wanted. He'd fucked an inebriated club kid on the steps once. The smell lingered in the carpet for an entire day and he'd hurt his back.

The guy he remembered most was slightly taller than he preferred and hairy. Skyler remembered the burn he'd felt from those hairs when he came face to face with his meal and every one of them seemed to stand on end when the guy shot. He had that tall well-defined skinny boy look, his ass eagerly took on the challenge of Sky's lineage and welcomed the intrusion. "Oh thank you. Thank you sir" came the murmur. Skyler's prick was at full staff when it burrowed deep into its victim. The blowjob had been phenomenal.

If only he could have held his breath for five minutes straight...

Skyler worked to stir the seed from his loin. To do what needed to be done. He felt his cock slide forward then angle down the back past the uvula and into a constricted airway that felt as though he were fucking anally without a condom. He closed his eyes and fantasized he was doing it raw. He held the muscle to prevent himself from shooting in the hopes that it would finish faster. His load started to seep out. Precum lubed his shaft and the mouth that tasted shaft. He tried harder to hold it back, it lagged. He thrusted faster and harder, holding his cock in place to enjoy the sensation of the newly found flesh.

The guy had wavy black hair, deep brown eyes, and distinctly large shaved balls. He remembers that much. At one point Skyler was within seconds of forcing himself to shoot down biguy25's throat, were it not for breathing he would have succeeded. After coming close to the edge several times Skyler had begun to finger him some hole. It was tight, warm and invitingly moist with natural juice.

The drive to fuck deep and hard was strong. "You want me to play in that tail don't you?" The stranger bucked his body on the bed and tightened his pucker around Skyler's thick digits at the thought of getting some dark cock up his tight little ass. His mouth slick with spit and precum, his eyes moist from having gagged for air. Skyler gingerly wiped away one of the tears with his thumb and tasted it.

The young man sidled up to sit on the bed. He smiled, and kissed away the taste of salt from Skyler's tongue replacing it with that of cum. In the same slow and deliberate movement, the eager cocksucker became a bottom waiting to be ravaged. He made koo sounds and arched his ass while fingering himself. The smell, his smell, there was something about the musk that could be tasted on the air. Something about fucking a guy who settled for having pussy at home but gave out an alias when he begged for dick like a little bitch that was a turn on.

Skyler quickly straddled his victim savoring the roundness of a new ass against his balls. He slammed his cock, slapping the small of the man's back whom later he would not remember, bent to his ear to whisper the name. It was a warning that said "I'm going to fuck you till it hurts" whoever you are. In one motion he reached over the side of the bed for a rubber, pressed the head of his cock against the guy's manhole and felt the temptation of raw flesh, tongue kissed the nape of the trophy neck, sat up and armed his warhead teasingly slow.

Over the next twenty minutes he had fucked biguy to exhaustion in four different positions. The rhythmical clapping of cock, balls and ass kept a steady beat with each thrust driving home the chorus in the form of panting breaths and spasms. "Please, give me your load." Skyler had the guy face down, one hand pressed hard against his head holding fast, suffocating him in the pillow which swallowed the wanton cry. His victim jacked off tightening and releasing, tightening and releasing from the violence of Skyler's dick. It was maddening. His bottom was challenging him in a contest of will, skill and reflex.

Smiling to himself, Skyler remembers not so much the man, but the act.

That night, things ended in a tie. Both men released themselves in unison. Their bodies like gears, turned and worked together to power the singular machine they had become. One, two, three, with each squirt his bottom did the same, leaving a pool of cum on the sheets that was later washed from their skin. With each shot into the body he had beneath him, he felt the tightening and release of pleasure. The synchronization prolonged the affect and for a few moments their body, each for the benefit of the other, was one.

Skyler sits thinking about that first time he had sex on the avenue, and some of the times after. "I'll miss this place," he says out loud, returning to the moment. A lot of the things he doesn't need are collected in boxes he got from the grocery over the last few days. Much of the kitchen stuff except for a couple of plates, and enough cook wear to make a simple lunch, are gone. Clothes that he no longer wants are on the left side of the hall, everything else packed and marked. Unlike the memories, those he will never pack.

There is a nervous still that comes with the snow in him. Not knowing what to expect, or when he will get back on his feet. The job search is going slow, still he isn't ready to apply for anything as desperate as temp. "I've still got a few months before I have to go back to doing that again" he tells himself.

He pulls his knees closer to his chest, hugging his legs, enjoying the sensation of cold on his ass, his cock, his balls. A car passes. It's the first one he has seen, and the first sound he has heard since waking up. The cars parked along the Avenue are covered in blankets of snow. He'll have to dig out in the morning to go to the store, maybe buy a cake. "Might as well enjoy all this free time," he says looking down at his cock. It is hard again.

"Couldn't sleep? How long have you been sitting here sweetie?" Rui stands in the kitchen walkway silhouetted by the shadows.

"Just thinking about stuff."

"The move? Yeah, well nothing you can do about that. Things will work out, you've still got me." Rui smiles, moves in close and tugs at the erection. Skyler feels his cock twitch, responding to the call of being inside Rui for the third time tonight. "Got any more willie warmers?"

Skyler smiles, "bathroom closet."

One more round before daybreak.

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