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Before Our Visit - Birthday Wishes


This letter is a response to my lover who is incarcerated. I asked him to describe to me what his first day home would be like. After he responded, this is the letter I replied with before visiting him the next Saturday. People often ask "why would you stay with a man who is in prison" and secondly "don't you miss the sex"? My replies are 1) a mistake doesn't negate the overall goodness in a man and 2) if you have an imagination there are no limits to the ways you can share pleasure with another. Physical proximity doesn't define a relationship..."Date Night" is our way of connecting. It's a time we set on a particular day to share self-pleasure together...

Honey, I've promised this letter to you for a while now and am finally following through for you. Your letters lately have been so hot! And your description of your first day home, had me wound up for hours - I read it over and over. There's one thing that I would like to add to that day. A good long steamy shower or a relaxing, sexy soak in a nice hot bath.

By now you've read the letter I sent before I came to see you Saturday. It became sort of a record setting day - you got me off three times that day baby. I told you about the sweet dream I had Friday night and how I woke up feeling so good and content after it. I laid there in my warm soft bed feeling so close to you. I had to touch myself. I kept thinking about laying on that blanket with you in the warm sunshine. I thought about I how I love to lay with you and rub your chest, lightly scratching you with my fingernails - moving them across your nipples until they are hard. Then moving my hands up and down along the insides of your arms and then down your sides until you have goosebumps. I know this feels good to you. I like to move my hand down your stomach and tease my fingers over it until you shiver. I know by this time you're hard for me and it's then I slide my hand down the top of your jeans. You are so warm and hard and soft against my hand. At first I touch you softly, just teasing a bit as I move to kiss you at the same time. It feels amazing to kiss you and touch you this way.

I wrapped my fingers around your hardness and stroked you up and down until you started to thrust up into my hand - I could feel you wanting more. In the dream I was wearing a dress - a little red sun dress that tied around my neck. I moved to straddle you so I could rub myself against your hardness. God I love how that feels! I was nervous someone would see us but I wanted you so bad! I unzipped you and moved your jeans just enough that I could get you inside me but keep us covered with my dress. And then I rode you baby, moving slowly but squeezing you inside me at the same time - you know the feeling I mean. I leaned forward just a bit to change the angle and feel my clit pressed up against you and moved just a little harder and faster for you. I could feel how close you were to coming for me - saw it in your face, and then you grabbed my ass and pressed me hard to you. I am so sensitive for you when you are inside me - I can feel it immediately when you start to throb and come inside me. It makes me come at the very second I feel that from you. It's always that way - whether I'm with you or just fantasizing about you.

I felt so good all morning from that. In fact, I was still feeling so happy thinking about you that I did it again in the shower. It really surprised me because I rarely ever do it twice in one day, much less an hour after I've already done it once. I felt so sensitive still from coming earlier, that feeling the hot water raining down on me was turning me on again. I took the shower massage head down from it's holder and changed the setting to a slow pulsing stream. I moved it all over my body - starting on my shoulders and down my arms, over my tits and down my stomach until I was really enjoying all the tingles. I turned the setting a little harder and then spread my legs to let it hit directly on my clit. I was picturing you watching me do this, enjoying me pleasure myself for you - and I came so hard and fast. My knees were shaking! I had to sit down and just let the water spray over me for a few minutes until I could stand again.

I carried that feeling with me all day Saturday baby. So after reading this can you imagine my surprise when you offered me a date night then? And so for the third time in one day, I was touching myself for you. It seemed like so long to wait for your lock in time. I sat on the couch trying to resist the urge not to wait for you. So I sat there, caressing my breasts, keeping my nipples hard and excited. From time to time I slid my fingers down my pants to feel how wet I was for you and slipped my fingers inside to tease myself even more.

When the time was right, I wanted to think about you doing the exact thing at the exact time I was. No fantasy's this time, just picturing you in my mind, your hand on your cock stroking yourself for me. I wondered how you do it. Do you lay on your back and wrap your hand around yourself? Do you move quickly or slowly? Do you fondle your balls? Do you ever lay on your stomach and do it, pumping your hips into your hand like you were inside me? I can't wait to see you do this for me. I was so wet thinking about you like this. Normally, I like to lay down while I do it, but that night I was sitting up on the couch. When I sit like this, I am able to slide my fingers inside myself - I can't do that when I lay down. This way I can slide in two fingers until I feel my g-spot - it's amazingly intense. I can press the heel of my hand into my clit at the same time - not rubbing it really, but sort of grinding it around. At the same time, I was using my other hand to squeeze my tits - not too hard, but not too soft either. Touching myself this way with both hands at the same time makes me wetter and wetter. Every time I moved my hips a little it gave me such incredible sensation. When I was close, I thought of you getting ready to come for me and once again, that's all it took to make me come. I wish you could see it - see how good it feels to think of you that way. I wish you could hear it - hear me breathing hard and saying your name while it happens.

God I love you! I hope you enjoy this little memory of my day. You are without a doubt the hottest, sexiest man I've ever been with and I can't wait for us to be together again...

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