tagSci-Fi & FantasyBegging to be Used

Begging to be Used

byJoseki Ko©

She crawls into the metal cage she turns with a start as she hears the gate of the cage close behind her fiery auburn hair cascading over the white silk clutched in her tiny fingers as she holds it closed around her. Her Master looks on with interest as she turns slowly backing away as she sees the hunger in the eyes of the strong men that surround the cage she turns with a start as someone reaches through the bars and tugs at the silk.

Her eyes filled with fear her shoulders tremble as she stands in the center of the cage thankful for the bars that protect her from the touch of the Masters her body quivers beneath the silk when suddenly her arms are flung wide as if tugged by unseen bindings as she struggles to pull the silk back around her shamed of her nakedness she gasps and struggles against the restraints as the white silk sheet is torn from her and falls from the cage now covered only by the collar of a slave girl with a single white ribbon tied to it and the bells of a slave around her tiny waist.

He watches the girl fascinated as sinks to her knees trying to escape this exposure tears springing in her eyes as she hears the laughing of the Master. Wanting only to please she raises her hands above her head pleading for this not to happen her auburn hair cascading over her back as the tears shimmer over her cheeks her head turns quickly her auburn hair whipping around her shoulders as she hears the crack of a whip and the command of her Master. She slowly rises to her feet her thighs parted the innocent treasures between her thighs glistening she closes her eyes and draws her fingers over her gentle curves slowly she gasps as if the touch of her fingers burn.

She knows Master has trained her for this dance yet she is not sure she is ready she draws her fingers up through her hair lifting it from her neck as she tips her head back her hips rolling rhythmically but with passion perhaps if she just finishes what He taught her He will let her return to her kennel away from the piercing glaze of the Masters as watches her with enthrallment. Her hips sway to the driving beat her slave bells beginning to ring the fire in her belly grows her arms snake out from her body she flings her head down to submission to the Masters her hair whistling through the air she hears the music swell her eyes widen as her belly quivers what is this feeling that stirs within her.

She lifts her head and looks again at the Masters a fire burns in her dark blue eyes a desire she has never known before her firm full breasts rising and falling with each gasping breath the nipples darkening as they swell and harden like ripe berries, she paces to the edge of the cage her breasts parted by the metal bar her arms stretching out reaching for a Master her fingers enticing a Master to approach. Her little shaven mound pressed to the metal bar her hips grinding against the bars which now keep her from seeking a Masters touch she groans in frustration and turns spinning as she moves around the edge of the cage the dance her Master taught her finished now she dances the fire in her belly reaching through the bars to the Masters she stretches her leg out through the bars her hips grinding against the bar it glistens with the fresh slave oils the sweet oils of her innocence her hips roll and pull with the fiery need that burns in her belly.

The girl wraps her firm ivory leg around the bar her eyes wild with the new found passion she arches her back lowering her hair to the floor of the cage as her fingers caress and stroke the soft flesh of her swollen breasts as she brings her tiny feet to her bottom lifting her writhing hips from the floor her orchid of pleasure glistening with passions dew. The girl rises on her knees no longer kneeling as a tower slave but as a true passion slave her thighs parted widely her heat swollen and flushed with the oils of passion as her Master watches with interest. She caresses her belly her shoulders shimmering to the music she lifts her breasts she arches her back and lowers her head to the floor behind her feet her thighs stretched tent pleading to be opened to the Masters as the music fades. She rises from the bow and thanks the Master for allowing her to dance the dance of the virgin as she steps from the cage.

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