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Behind the Masks


When Sanaii received a dance scholarship to the prestigious Hill University, it was a dream come true for her hard working, small town parents. Their daughter would have a chance to pursue her artistic dreams, and their modest middle income tax bracket would not be a barrier to her receiving an education at a school with tuition exceeding their combined income.

For Sanaii, it was another story. She had always been shy except on the dance floor, and she looked forward to college being the time she could really break out of her shell to reinvent herself as the dynamic individual she dreamed she could be.

In reality, the Hill culture had forced her into a box labeled "spaceship" and sealed it shut. "Spaceship" was one of the less obnoxious names people like her on campus were called. They were students who were not rich, not white, and in every way "other". They might has well have been from another planet, hence the term spaceship. There were other even more blatantly racist names, but the appearance of PC was still very much the fashion.

Sanaii was considered one of the lucky ones by the other spaceships. She had a full ride and a stipend. Sanaii was too quiet to protest that in some ways it was worse for her. There was at least the perception that the other 'ships worked and earned their keep. Sanaii fought the stereotype that she had been given everything, not by her talent, but by some unseen quota hand. She danced until her toes bled sometimes to prove to everyone, even herself, that her talent was paying for her education and nothing was given for free. Loneliness was the ultimate price she paid. She missed her family. She couldn't overcome her innate shyness, and it only took two girls she met the first week of class to spread the rumor among the other 'ships that she was stuck up. The rumor coupled with the fact she didn't have to do work study and was one of the only 'ship classical dance majors effectively sealed her doom. She was an outcast among those who should have welcomed her and invisible to those others who would not consider her worth an invitation.

Dance was her only home.

She read in the school newspaper an announcement for a "Mask" night at a local club and figured what the hell. A chance to dance and be invisible sounded like it was made for her. Another night of being ignored by her roommate and potato chips was much less enticing.

That night Sanaii wore a red skirt with a deep slit and a bronze colored halter top. She slipped gold plated bangles on her toned brown arms and turned her twisted hair into a free flowing knot. She turned the gold Venetian inspired mask she picked up at a costume shop in her hands. She thought briefly of the old Venetian legend that when one wears the mask, one becomes it.

She smiled looking at the fancy, sexy mask.

"If only...," she whispered. *******

She stumbled into the club alone. As she presumed most of the patrons were white, but the music was a contemporary mix and the music was what she came for. She slipped on her mask.

Sanaii quickly learned anonymity was not the same as invisibility. Being overlooked and seen through made one feel small. Anonymity was a mystery that lent itself to seduction. Without a face, without a name or reputation, she was the sensual, agile animal that flowed like water from note to note without fear or restriction. Sometimes she danced with a guy or girl in close proximity, but most often she danced alone and people watched. She was acutely aware of the attention, and rather than cower from it she played it like a virtuoso. She reveled in the envy or lust she glimpsed in some of the shining eyes surrounded by odd decorations. She paused only to quench her parched throat with club soda she ordered, but as the night wore on mysterious drinks appeared in her hands.

She felt so uninhibited she didn't question or care. She just kept dancing. She started to feel dizzy as the club overcrowded, and people pressed into every side around her swaying and playing grab ass. She felt strong arms come up behind her as if to steady her

"Thank you," she whispered softly as she leaned into the support of the stranger's strong chest.

His cause was clearly not benevolent, as he curved his hips against her ass and she felt his erection. At the same time the music changed to a slower tempo, and her body on auto pilot started to sway seductively.

"You're so sexy." The stranger's breath whispered harshly in her ear as he gripped her low on her hip and sealed her tight against his body.

Sanaii's nipples hardened and her clit throbbed as arousal rolled through her body. She reached behind her and looped her arm around his neck to press his lips close to her ear. His straight hair slide over her fingers like silk.

Her skirt whispered past her thighs, and she realized too late that his other hand was there slipping past the slit to touch her bare legs.

"No," she hissed tearing away from the stranger's arms.

The quick motion set her head spinning again, and she found herself pushing and stumbling through the crowd to reach one of the bathrooms.

The club had a big unisex stall facility. Sanaii was hesitant about wading through the crowd of people milling outside the stalls. She felt her way along the dark walls looking for somewhere more private. She managed to find a single bathroom with an "Employees Only" sign on the door. She uttered a silent apology for breaking the rules and let herself in. It was blissfully quiet and mostly clean.

She started to feel less queasy and dizzy after she splashed cold water on a paper towel and ran it across the back of her neck. Slipping off her mask to splash her face, she closed her eyes for just a second, and the bathroom door opened and closed quickly behind her.

She turned to see a guy in a Zorro mask. He was not super tall but he was built, and she worried maybe he was a bouncer.

"I'm sorry; I know this is for employees only. I'll leave."

"You're not going anywhere, kitty cat." He whispered.

Her heart sped up.

"You shouldn't have left me on the dance floor like this."

He indicated his crotch and the way the fabric stretched tight over his erection.

Sanaii's face heated.

"I'm...um... sorry, I didn't mean to. I have to go." she said softly and started for the door.

She yelped as he blocked her, grabbed her tight in his arms, and walked her back until her back was pressed against the wall. He pressed his cock into her belly and buried his face along the curve of neck. He nipped her soft skin with blunt teeth.

"No, please, I'm sorry," Sanaii struggled ineffectually as she batted at the muscles of his back. She still felt faint and he was so strong. She couldn't hold back the sniffles as tears leaked out of the corner of her eyes

"Stop crying, kitty cat," he said his voice sounding incredibly sober as he kissed her cheek and brow almost tenderly, and flexed strong fingers in the small of her back as he thrust his cloth covered cock head against her lap. She couldn't deny the arousal as his motions created friction against her clit from her silky panties, but it didn't override her fear.

"Please," Sanaii pleaded softly into the curve of his throat, "I didn't mean to. I just wanted to dance. Please don't hurt me."

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to get off. I almost came in my pants watching you tonight. The way you moved your body...you want it. I know you do," he hissed as he licked a spot under her ear that made her shiver.

"No, just let me go."

He laughed harshly and brought his hands up to cup her round breasts, the tips were hard enough to cut glass and to Sanaii's shame she felt a taut line being drawn between her nipples and her pussy.

"Let's make a deal, kitty cat. I want you to show me that sweet pussy of yours. If it's dry, I believe you don't want it and you walk out of here cum free. If it's wet, I fuck it hard, and you walk home with me running down your leg and have a good cry if that's makes you feel better about being such a bad girl. How's that sound?"

Sanaii moaned deep in her throat as her mind spun. She knew what he'd find. The dancing, the liquor, his vivid, dirty words...she was soaked. She figured if she played along, it would buy her some time at least.


Humming, he pulled away from her slowly giving her just enough breathing room, but still too close for her to make a dash for the door.

She watched him hold and rub himself as she reached under her skirt and lowered her panties. Her hands were trembling, and she had to take deep breaths not to get too dizzy. The fabric of her skirt bunched in her fingers as she raised the hem slowly. He didn't rush her. His eyes were mesmerized to the spot where her coily-haired pussy appeared behind the curtain of red fabric.

Sanaii swallowed hard; her eyes darted between what she could see of his face and the door.

"Spread your cunt lips." He breathed.

With eyes squeezed tight with shame for a moment, Sanaii's trembling fingers complied. The wet clicking sound of damp flesh sliding against flesh was unmistakable. Before she could react, with a growl he was on his knees in front of her. His fingers pressed into her thighs to keep them farther apart as he buried his nose in her bush before he attacked her pussy with his mouth.

Sanaii yelped in surprise. Her hands moved to push him away initially, then squeezed his shoulders to steady herself as her legs turned to jelly as he worked her with his mouth, hungrily licking and sucking her pussy lips.

She wasn't a virgin. She had a nice boyfriend back home, Glen, who wanted to marry her when she finished school. Their lovemaking had been just like the two of them, tentative and gentle.

This was dirty and nasty and oh god it felt good!

She held herself open with her fingers and watched through new, pleasure slanted eyes as "Zorro" concentrated on flicking her scarlet clit rapidly with his pink tongue. Sanaii's back arched against the wall, and she cooperated fully when one of his hands moved her thigh over his shoulder. She felt his finger push past the delicate tissues of her opening, and more of her juices run out of her onto his hand and lips.

He was making the most obscene slurping noises as he alternated sucking her cunt lips and nibbling her clit.

"Oooh...ahhh!" she trilled as he wagged his head voraciously from side to side working his blunt teeth over the stalk of her clit.

Biting her lips so she wouldn't scream she came hard in his still masked face.

"Yes!" he groaned breathlessly after swallowing her juices.

A boneless and shaking Sanaii slid down the wall.

"Never tasted chocolate pussy before, mmmm, mmmmm, good," he whistled excitedly as he undid his zipper. His thick, long reddish cock sprang out. "... Can't wait to fuck it. C'mon get up." he said pulling a drowsy Sanaii up by the arms and positioning her so that she was bent over, hands against the wall.

"Damn, you have a great ass." he smacked it soundly and that perked her up.

Was that a smile on her face?

The shock of the experience with the stranger put her in a twilight place. She felt like she was the woman in the mask again ready to play to her body's music- no shame, only pleasure. She heard the ripping of a foil packet. He pressed tight against her, bending his knees to curve himself into her like he did on the dance floor. His stiff cock flopped between her thighs for a moment before he positioned it. She felt intense, burning pressure against her pussy as breached her tight opening.

He was so big!

She tightened and tried to pull away. He anchored her to him around her waist.

"Hurts!" she cried.

"Relax. Take it, kitty cat," he moaned and rotated his hips pushing inside her another inch, "Take it all in your sweet black pussy... God, it's soooo good!"

He thrust hard and plunged balls deep inside her. After a few strokes she softened, and her pussy muscles gloved him like a custom fit.

Sanaii's eyes rolled back in her head as he started to fuck her hard just as he'd promised. He pulled almost all the way out only to push back in deep and fast using her hips as an anchor. She walked a shimmering line of pain/pleasure and it was more intense than she ever knew sex could be.

Instinctively she started to dance again. She rolled her hips rhythmically like a snake to catch him and hold him where his cock hit just the right spot that had cream running down her thighs and her breath coming in pants

"Oh, fuck yes, baby! That's it.... fuck yourself on it... dance that pussy for me ...gonna' make me blow it so hard!"

"Yes, yes, yes" Sanaii heard herself chant as her back arched and she rose almost to her toes as she felt an exquisite pressure build.

Just then the bathroom door opened. Quickly, he pulled her up tight against his body as if to shield her from the intruder, but he didn't stop fucking her.

"Out!" he shouted angrily turning his head.

"Sorry!" squeaked a woman's voice.

Sanaii could no longer silence her own voice as he pushed her back against the wall; the cold tile abraded her nipples as he slammed back into her. She was so ready to come, but she needed one thing. She'd never asked for anything sexual in her life.

"Touch my-my clit." she whispered softly.

His mind was in a pre-orgasmic daze, that stupid cunt that opened the door had backed him off his wad blow, but it was fast on him now as he stroked his little dancer's tight, juicy slit. It took him a moment to realize she was talking to him.

"What?" he breathed his mind grasping for reason when all he could think about was coming.

"My clit," she cried out loud for the first time, "touch it-please"

"You need to come again?" he teased reaching underneath her. His fingertips played with the soft curly hairs on her pussy.


"Say it!"

"I need to come, please help me come, Zorro!"

He shook briefly with laughter at her calling him Zorro, but the freight train of his orgasm raced from his balls up his spine stealing his laughter. He labored and thrust erratically as he quickly rubbed her button. She cried out and clenched around his cock like a fist. His whole body stiffened for a long moment, and blood rushed to his head so fast it hurt when he came.

Sanaii came apart at the seams. Her lips parted in a silent scream, and a string of saliva from the corner of her open mouth seemed to fall in slow motion to the floor as she watched. She snapped back into her consciousness with an indrawn breath as deep and frantic as if she were drowning.

She felt his arm go slack around her waist as his knees buckled, and she slid down to the ground again with her cheek pressed to the wall and her pussy still throbbing. She heard him breathe heavily where he crouched above her. He supported himself against the wall with one bent arm and his forehead.

"Damn!..never came so hard," she heard him mutter before he whistled contentedly.

Still on the floor, she turned to rest her back against the wall after he moved away. She felt shaken to her core.

To be continued...

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