tagInterracial LoveBehind the Masks Ch. 06

Behind the Masks Ch. 06


When Lucas knocked on Sanaii's dorm room door,he was greeted by a sour-faced girl with dark rimmed glasses.

"What?" she asked rudely.

Luc gave her his best bored expression

"I'm looking for Sanaii. You're definitely not her." he said raking his eyes over her critically. He knew he hit a soft spot when he heard her take a deep breath.

"Lucas?" Sanaii called quietly from behind her roommate.

"I'm out," said her roommate giving Luc a wide berth as she went through the doorway.

Lucas let himself into the room with something between a smile and a grimace.

"Hi, this is a surprise," she said.

"I haven't seen you around." Luc replied

Sanaii indicated for him to sit in her desk chair. She perched on the edge of her bed one brown leg folded under her.

"I had a cold for a couple of days," she said.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, and glad to know you weren't avoiding me. Uh oh, tell tale lip biting."

Sanaii clenched her hands in her lap, "I confess I was hiding from you, too. I was so embarrassed about what happened that day-."

Lucas threw his head back and slumped in the chair. "Sanaii,relax. It was a hand job. I give myself one everyday. It's not a big deal."

Sanaii took a breath to strengthen her voice, "I know it isn't for you. You're gorgeous and outgoing. You know who you are. You have a million friends. This," she indicated the campus outside her window with a sweeping hand, "is your world. I only have my dancing, and for a little while I had you as my friend."

Lucas leaned forward in his chair and grasped her small hands in his.

"You still do, Sa."

Sanaii looked into her lap.

"Maybe I don't. I really love spending time with you, Luc. You're cute and funny and smart. You challenge me to stand up for myself. You tease me and make me laugh," Sanaii cupped the side of Lucas's face with one hand, "–and it would hurt me too much to feel like none of that really mattered, because you were just doing it to get laid."

He searched her brown eyes and found no duplicity. Lucas swallowed hard as an unfamiliar caused a ghost of conscience pressed heavily on him. Her unconscious insight into his motivations reflected like a mirror, and for the first time he didn't like what he saw.

"Come here, please," said Lucas after a moment. He pulled her into his lap, and she settled into her favorite spot on his shoulder. It felt good to hold her.

"All this week I've missed talking to you, hearing you laugh at my stupid team stories..."

Amused, she huffed against his neck.

He paused uncertainly as he heard himself say what he'd never said to another girl. "I'm attracted to you, but if you don't want sex to be a part of our thing,I guess I can deal. There are plenty of places I can get sex, but you're the one girl I can talk to for over an hour without feeling like I want to blow my brains out."

She laughed and pressed her brow to his.

"I missed you, silly."

"Oh yeah? How about a kiss to make up?"

Lucas whispered and tilted his head. Sanaii licked her lips but pulled back.

"Luc, after everything we just said-"

Lucas leaned closer until his lips brushed hers.

"Hey, if you take on a pussy hound for a buddy, you have to be prepared to toss him a bone every now and again. It's just a kiss, Sa'."

They explored each others lips lightly before Lucas' tongue snaked knowledgably in her mouth. His hands lightly traced the curve of her back. Soon he was hard as a brick. Sanaii wiggled in his lap. Lucas roared and brought a hand down hard against her round ass.

"Ouch!" she shrieked.

"Just because you won't fuck me doesn't me you can be a cock tease." he growled and nipped her earlobe.

"Sorry, that kiss made me forget myself."

"More like remember yourself."

Before she could ask him what he meant, he kissed her again and all was forgotten and forgiven...or so it seemed.


Lucas usually loved to watch his cock sliding in and out of a juicy cunt on her hands and knees, but tonight he closed his eyes, visions of his kitty cat dancing in his head as he rhythmically stroked the pussy of a bounteous red-head he met at the frat party.

"Oh Luc, Oh Luc, yes!... ah ha, give it me baby... oooohhhh!" she screeched as she came tightening pleasantly around his cock.

He anchored his hands on her hips. With a few more hard pumps he exploded into the condom. After he caught his breath, he fell away from her onto his back.

"That was so good, you really are the best." she murmured and placed kisses along his chest.

He found them annoying. Luckily, she stopped and Luc heard her soft snore. He was tired, too. He wanted to follow the post-orgasmic cloud into sleep, but not there, not with her. Luc slowly rose after a moment, discarded his condom, and jumped in the shower of her bathroom.

He walked out of his conquest's room balls empty, and still he wanted to see Sanaii. What was she doing. Was she alone? The thought that she wasn't made him crazy.

Clenching his jaw in frustration, he rubbed the back of his neck as he walked. He had thoroughly lost the plot. This was supposed to be his game. Yet, he was the one getting played. The crafty kitty had painted him into a corner with her sweet smile and innocent eyes. He thought of her constantly. He saw her almost everyday, and when he didn't see her he was calling her like a pussy-whipped moron. No matter who he fucked, it didn't lessen the desire for her. How did everything get so twisted that he was actually not fucking her for the sake of a friendship he never wanted.

"Fuck friendship!" he groused.

Women weren't friends. As a protest, his mind flashed images of his time with Sanaii. He had told her things he'd never told anybody about his mom and his dad. She listened. She never offered pity or lame ass advice. She didn't have one hand on his cock and one hand in his pocket, either. She only ever asked for a bite of his favorite cookie. Even when she had the courage to disagree with him, it was never petty and bitchy. It was thoughtful and honest, like her.

His previously silenced internal defenses kicked in strong attempting to shield him from an emotional downfall.

*Get a grip, Somerfield. This is the same girl that fucked you in a toilet and is now acting like her cunt is a no fly zone because you're a "friend". What, she lets you kiss her sweet and rub her ass from time to time and that's supposed to satisfy you? Don't be an idiot. You're this close to falling in love. *

"No," Lucas said aloud. "Never."

It was time to end this game.


"Everything, ok?" Sanaii asked. Lucas sprawled on her bed with a strange expression on his face as he looked at her. He wiped it away with a smile.

"Come here and keep me company," he said and patted the bed beside him.

Sanaii rolled her eyes in amusement. Her sex-crazed friend was oddly needy in the affection department. He sometimes spent the night curled up beside her fully clothed. Luc was able to ward off the evil Sameera like garlic.

Sanaii slid in next to Lucas on the bed. They kissed softly and customarily he threw his arm across her belly and she rested against his shoulder.

"You're weird today, Lucas," she said after she stifled a yawn.

"Am I?" he said tracing the ghost alphabet on her lean, flat, stomach giving her the chills.

"Talk to me, what's wrong?"

Luc inhaled her strawberry scented hair. She always smelled so good. A part of his heart seized at the thought that this might be the last time he would get to be with her like this, but his baser nature was already responding to the warmth and proximity of her body and the promise of a fuck long denied.

"I'm thinking about going to France to see my mother."

Sanaii nodded her head and touched his cheek as he looked down at her.

"Aren't you going to ask me how I feel about that?" he prompted kissing her nose.

"How do you feel about that, Lucas?"

"Shitty. Guess I have to deal with her sometime, though."

Sanaii stroked his hair.

"You'll be just fine."

"When you say it, I believe it," he said softly before slanting his mouth over hers.

Lucas was fond of kissing her, and she didn't pretend to not love it as well. She tried to be careful about not letting things (mainly her) get too hot. Unlike Lucas, she did not have an outlet for their sexual tension. She feared without his cooperation she could not resist temptation at times just like this.

Lucas rimmed the crease of her mouth with the tip of his tongue before sucking her bottom lip into his. Sanaii felt heat rise between her legs at his kiss and the feel of him getting hard against her hip.

Sanaii breathed hard and turned her head to the side, usually a sure cue for Lucas that she wanted him to back off the loving. Lucas rather than laugh and nuzzle her cheek before pulling away, latched his mouth onto her sensitive neck and started to suck. At the same time the hand on her belly rose to cup her breast.

"Lucas, time out," Sanaii breathed even as she cradled his mouth to her neck for a second more, before she tried to pull away.

Lucas held her and peppered her jaw with kisses as he pinched her nipple through the thin cotton fabric of her shirt.

"C'mon, Sa'. This shit with my mom...a little pussy will make me feel better." He said plaintively as he nipped her dimpled chin.

"Then call Jenny or Heather or whoever!" Sanaii snapped angry and sexually frustrated. She tried unsuccessfully to move his hand away from her breast even as she felt her pussy start to cream as he milked her nipple between his thumb and forefinger

"I don't want them. I want you, Sanaii. I want you so bad. You don't know how much. It's driving me crazy!" he panted against her lips before kissing her in a way that left her weak.

She couldn't fight it as he rolled completely on top of her. His hard on pressed tight against her pussy, and his forearms were a cage on either side of her as he destroyed her with his kiss.

As he slipped his hand underneath her shirt to touch her bare skin, she whispered one final heartfelt plea.

"Don't do this to us, Lucas. You don't want a girlfriend, and I can't go back to the way things were after this."

He closed his eyes against the deep feeling of unease in the pit of his stomach and focused on his swollen cock. That was familiar...that was easy.

"Just let me touch you. I won't put my cock in you unless you want it, unless you ask for it."

She acquiesced with a shudder as Lucas's tongue circled her blackberry nipples. He held her breasts in each hand. She was already grinding her hips against his seeking friction for her swollen clit. He told her how pretty she was, and how hot she made him against her skin before his tongue slid down over her navel.

Her heavy lidded eyes blinked faster when she felt him pull at the waistband of her shorts.


"I'm going to eat this sweet pussy like I've been dreaming about."

Sanaii shuddered with helpless anticipation. Memories of that one night came crashing down on her. Something intangible pulled at her memory. She lifted her hips and soon her pussy was bare and splayed open by Lucas's experienced hands.

It was as luscious as he remembered. He hadn't planned to go down on her that first night, but it had looked so pretty- chocolate flower buds and bright pink inside. Curiosity had gotten the best of him, and he hadn't been disappointed. It tasted as good as it looked.

Lucas wrapped her thighs over his shoulders and proceeded to feast.

Sanaii's eyes snapped open as Lucas lapped at her slit, leaving no corner untouched. Her back arched off the bed when he started stabbing his tongue in her cunt. When her back bowed, he cupped her ass.

"Ride my face!" he ordered breathlessly before returning to his pleasurable task.

"Yes, oh yes!" Sanaii chanted softly. Her hands scratched his scalp as she undulated against his tongue. He sucked softly on the root of her clit, before he lashed the sensitive bud with his tongue. He thrust a finger deep in her channel until she was so close to coming she could feel her belly tighten.

"No don't stop," Sanaii cried out in frustration, as Lucas rose to a kneeling position between her legs and swiftly undressed. When his thick cock with the angry red head was revealed, Sanaii's mouth watered.

"I want you to come on my cock," Lucas growled lifting her limber legs so that her ankles crossed behind his neck, and her thighs rested against her chest.

She was so vulnerable, so open. She felt her pussy leak more juice. Lucas slapped his cock against her pussy repeatedly, and she almost came as it tapped on her clit. Then he swirled the head up and down and around tracing her clit, before he tormented the sensitive nerve endings of her opening by fucking it with his tip. He thrust in short, shallow, strokes just inside her vestibule. He was sweating and straining to hold back, as was she.

"I can feel how much you want this cock, Sa. Let me give it all to you, baby. "

She couldn't take it anymore

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me now." Sanaii hissed excitedly.

A memory- a desire, she couldn't distinguish as after sheathing himself with a condom Lucas thrust down hard inside her breaching her tight muscles until his balls slapped against her ass again and again and again.

It burned, and yet she couldn't get enough of it. Sanaii clutched at the sheets frantically as Lucas ravished her cunt.

"This is how you like it isn't? Hard and deep in your pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, god yes, oh Luc!"

Her pussy was on fire as Lucas stroked like a man possessed. This pussy was his dream. His constant fantasy. It was just as good as he remembered and more. There was no mask this time, and the face of the girl he'd grown so close to was beautiful in its passion. He loved the way the sweat spiked her long eyelashes and her mouth formed that perfect O when he hit her cunt just right. Her eyes were so dark he felt like he could get lost.

He realized too late he was lost.

With a tortured wail, Sanaii clutched at Luc's forearms as her sensitive sheathed tightened all around him. He spared her only a second before turning her over. She was trembling and fragile as he pushed her upper body down into the pillows, raised her ass with his hands, and crossed her feet at the ankles behind him.

Sanaii screamed into the pillow as he penetrated her swollen tissues from behind.

Luc brought his hand down hard on her ass.

"C'mon, move your pretty ass. I know you know how. I know you!"

Sanaii's fevered mind was in a fog. Her whole world at the moment was centered on Lucas's shaft advancing and retreating inside her channel. She moved her hips weaving and undulating, almost like she could hear the music from that night. It had felt just like this- so hard, so good and so big inside her.

The masked man had felt just like this.

Before her mind could catch the thought, she felt herself on the verge of another climax, just as Lucas cried out.

"You fuck yourself so good on it, kitty cat!"

Kitty cat? The words echoed in her head for a moment, but before she could process her pussy betrayed her one more time and clamped down tight.

"Sanaaaiii!" Lucas howled as he spurted long and hard. He collapsed on top of her, and placed fevered kisses along the back of her neck and shoulder.

"Sa'," he whispered reverently in her ear, his defenses demolished. "Nobody makes me come like you do- feel like you do."

"Get out," she whispered.

Lucas felt like a bucket of ice water had been thrown on him.

"What?" he said sliding to his side.

She wiggled frantically from underneath of him.

"I said get out!" she cried clutching at the sheet to hide her nudity as she jumped from the bed. "It was you that night! You knew who I was and you didn't say anything. All this time Lucas, why?"

Lucas didn't waste time trying to figure out what he'd let slip. He'd been stupid. He let his guard down, opened his heart, and gotten royally kicked in the nuts for it. It was time for ego damage control.

"Isn't it obvious why?" he said getting dressed, "I wanted to fuck you again."

Sanaii felt her heart break.

"That's all you wanted? Everything else- you just pretended to care?"

He shrugged running his shaking hands through his hair, "A guy can never have too many friends-with benefits." he finished

Sanaii snatched open her bedside drawer and pulled out the mask. She tossed it at him and he caught it.

"That's who you really wanted, right? Take her. She's yours. Now get out!

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