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Being Lara


When I want something, a new pair of shoes, a new dress or whatever, I usually drive over to my husband's office to surprise him. He gets a bit flustered at work, so he usually says yes pretty quickly. Today was one of those days.

I walked through the crowded building to his office, enjoying the frequent glances I was getting. Not that any of the guys interested me, far from it. My husband designs videogames, and most of his co-workers list Lara Croft as their dream women. I'd met a few of them and they all seemed very wet. I suspected some were still waiting for puberty to hit! They certainly coudn't handle me. I'm 26, 5"7 with a slim but curvy build, long dark brown hair, and I don't have any trouble getting attention. Whether this is because of my long legs, tight ass or generously sized breasts, I don't know, but I like to think my wicked smile has something to do with it. I know I'm sexy and I know men want me. It isn't arrogance, it's just a fact.

I opened the door without knocking, to find my husband, Greg, with one of his associates. Interestingly, it wasn't anyone I'd met before, I definitely would have remembered. He was sitting opposite my husband, and I quickly took in the important details in my first glance. Shaven head, tanned, muscular, he smiled at me. I quickly turned to my husband, who looked very small and skinny in comparison.

To be fair, if my husband sat next to Harry Potter, the effect might be the same. Before we married I found him quite cute, and he's certainly intelligent. It was the big fat bank account that led me up the aisle more than anything however.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me?" I said to Greg.

I found out his name was Marko, he was Italian-American, and had just moved here from the US, when my husband was called out of his office.

I stood and smiled at Marko, pushing my hair back over my ear. He sat back in his chair, looking me up and down as we talked. To be honest, I was doing the same. His body looked great in his designer suit, his big hands resting on his thighs as he talked. I took a seat on the sofa, crossing my legs, allowing my mid-thigh length skirt to ride up a little. He told me how he was trying to get accustomed to British life but was finding it difficult, not knowing many people or places. He had an American accent I couldn't place, but deep and authoritative. I leaned forward, resting my weight on my hands, knowing this would show off my cleavage nicely.

All too soon Greg came back. Thinking quickly I suggested Sean come home tonight for dinner. My husband protested a little, I persevered, and like always, I got what I wanted.

Marko was arriving at 7, and I was very excited. I'd chosen a light blue very tight top, with a v-neck to show off my tits a little. I had a matching very tight, short light blue skirt. Underneath, matching bra and thong. I made sure I answered the door, and as soon as Marko saw me I knew I'd made the right choice. His initial shock quickly turned into a very cool smile, as he looked me up and down, taking in my long slender legs, bare midriff, and pert delicious tits bursting to get out.

"I've been looking forward to this all day." I purred, before turning and letting him follow me into the house. I knew his eyes would be glued to my asscheeks as I walked, the thought made me the tiniest bit damp.

Marko and Greg clearly didn't know each other that well. They talked about work while I finished off the meal, but the conversation quickly ran dry as my husband struggled to think of anything interesting to say. Great for me! I sat opposite Marko as we ate, chatting and giggling about lots of different topics. He talked about his life in America, his travels in Europe, his passion for sports, and almost unconsciously I felt my legs parting under the table. Even when the subject moved into the world of Sonic the hedgehog and friends, a subject that usually reduces me to tears, he kept my interest. It was maybe the articulate way he expressed his passion, or the wit he could weave into such a dire topic. On the other hand, it might have been the image of him ripping off my knickers and taking me, an image that played in my head all through dinner.

We finished the wine, and for a reason I can't remember, I decided to show our guest the video of a recent trip we took to Spain. Greg looked very uneasy as he went to do the washing up. Marko sat next to me on the sofa.

The wine had made me more ambitious. It wasn't enough to have this man in my house, I needed him in my bed. I knew I should at least try to be loyal to Greg, but even the angel on my shoulder gets horny sometimes. I got down on my hands and knees in front of the videoplayer to insert the tape. Marko, sitting directly behind me, would've had an exceptional view of the tight material of my skirt, pulled taut over my ass. I wiggled my hips a little as the tape slid inside. Maybe he's too nice a guy to do anything, I thought. Maybe he's gay. I'll just shake my ass on the floor a little, and leave it to fate. The look on his face when I looked around was priceless. As I sat down next to him, I noticed for the first time the hardness that had appeared in his lap.

The tape was a great move, lots of shots of me in summer dresses, my bikini, looking tanned and gorgeous. There was one moment where Greg had taken the camera into the shower, (I'd forgotten about it). I'd managed to turn and cover my breasts in time, but my cute little ass was on perfect view. I looked down to see Marko's cock twitching in his trousers. It looked big, really big. I looked up into his eyes, he was staring into mine, total lust etched across his smile. I felt his arm behind my head, pull me close to him, his lips touched mine and his tongue delved between them. Without thinking I put my hand out, reaching for his cock, holding it, squeezing it, tugging it gently through the material. He groaned into my mouth, our tongues still playing with one another. I felt his hand brush against my breast, holding it in his big hands, fondling it, pressing his thumb into my already hard nipple. I was about to give in to him completely, I wanted this man to take me, roughly, I wanted to feel his rough hands all over my naked body, his hardness in my mouth, his head between my legs.

Instead, I pulled away. My husband had walked back into the room, thankfully flicking through a game magazine as he entered. I had enough time to sit back before he looked up.

He took a seat to the left of us. It was so thrilling to sit between these two men, my husband and my soon to be lover. We watched the holiday video, me enjoying the sensation of my damp thong, imagining Marko naked on top of me. After the video we chatted for a while, our guest taking every opportunity to eye me up, when Greg wasn't looking. Marko had drank a little too much to drive, so I told Greg I'd make up the spare bed for him. Soon afterwards we all went to bed, Marko alone, Greg and I together.

I didn't sleep though. I considered it, toyed with the idea of being a good wife. Just because he's big doesn't mean he's a great lover, I thought. My husband, while nothing special, can usually satisfy me, just about. Sometimes. Well, occasionally. What's the point in possibly ruining your life just for a fuck?

But, well, life's a game, isn't it? Not a stupid role-playing fantasy, but a game all the same. It may be selfish, but it's also a game with only one player. You. That thought makes me sad too sometimes, but I'm not so dumb as to deny it.

Yeah, I married for money, but how many people really, truly marry for love? And what about Greg? We have nothing in common, and the few times he does talk to me, really talk I mean, I can see in his face he's doing it grudgingly. Conversations with him feel like an interview, the last one of the day when the new employee has already been chosen. I can see he's counting the minutes until he can go and do something more interesting. We talk like other people clean behind the fridge, a duty to be performed once a month, reluctantly, stoically.

He thinks I enjoy these talks, because to him I'm not a person, I'm an empty book. I'm Lara Croft. I married him for money, and he married me for my tits.

I made myself quite sad, lying there in the dark. The only difference between us it seemed was that I knew I was deceitful. I could see all the angles, but you can't do that with a videogame.

So I got out of bed, and I left the room, tired of brooding. Fuck it, I thought. Sex always cheers me up, anyway.

It was around 3am when I pushed open the spare bedroom door. The lights were off, but from the streetlight outside I could dimly make out the outline of Marko's body on the bed. He was awake. I stepped inside quietly.

"Horny little bitch, aren't you?" He growled.

I nodded, reaching over to turn on a lamp. He was lying on top of the covers, naked. His broad shoulders came into view, his perfectly toned stomach leading down to those thick thighs. Resting on one, still soft but getting harder was his meaty, fat cock. He opened up his arms, his deep blue eyes drinking in my image.

I kissed his thigh first, gently, enjoying the warmth of his skin, the sight of him above me, running my hands up and over his chest. He held me by the forearm, tightly, and dragged me up level with himself. My breasts, still packed tightly in my bra rested on his chest, as his big hand glided down over my asscheek, squeezing it between his fingers. I nuzzled at his neck, bucking my pussy into his side. I let my hand slowly slide down his stomach, through his pubic hair, over his hard cock. It felt good in my hand, thick and certainly bigger than Greg. He unclipped my bra with one hand, something Greg has never been able to do. It fell off my shoulders, and I pressed my nipples into his chest as he stroked them, groaning blissfully as he did.

I kissed my way down his chest, smiling up at him, into his eyes, a smug smile across his face. I teased his cock for a while, toying with it, rubbing it over my cheeks, kissing his balls, before swallowing it. He let out a moan which I'm sure Greg must have heard in the next room. I realized Marko was staring past me, and I remembered the long mirror on the wall behind me. As I sucked him I started to pull my thong down my ass. Marko moaned again at the reflection of my naked butt.

I released his cock, travelling back up his body. I stopped halfway to allow him the sight of his hard member nestled between my tits. He pulled me up and kissed me deeply as I positioned myself on top of him. He teased my clit for a while with his cockhead before entering me, the full length of his shaft burying itself inside me.

"Oh Marko, fuck me honey, please." I begged. He held my thighs steady, and pushed into me. I bounced up and down, my body arched, his hands rubbing my tits, enjoying the feel of them in his hands. I raised myself up slowly, almost letting his dick out before swallowing it back up quickly. I leaned forward, allowing Marko to bury his face in my tits as he fucked me. His hands glided up and down my back, over my sides, squeezing my ass, slapping it excidedly. I let him roll me over on my back, my arms wrapped around his, kissing and biting his forearm next to me, admiring the rippling muscles as he drove his cock between my legs.

The orgasm welled up inside me and broke quickly, I couldn't control myself, crying out, my pussy drenched in my own juices. I came again, much later, shortly before he did, exploding inside my pussy, finally allowing his strong body to rest on top of mine.

Upon leaving, I turned around and promised him my pussy. Greg's got a Lara, why can't I have a Super Marko, I thought. He might even have a nice brother!

"When can I see you again?" He asked.

"Don't worry." I whispered. "You'll get to play again soon."

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