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Being Neighborly

byAJ Mosmer©

Something happened to me recently that I had to share with someone. I'm a 34 year-old mother of two that's been married to the same man for eight years. Shortly after we married my husband was relocated to a medium-sized town in the middle of the state. Not having a lot of money, we were fortunate to find a nice house with a yard at a reasonable price located near the local college. We settled down and both worked with me taking a job as an accountant. Four years into the marriage we had our first child, Jeremy, and a couple of years after that Alex followed. Like many people, raising a family and having a full-time job meant I had little time or energy, leading me to a sedentary lifestyle. I ended up putting on about twenty-five pounds, every ounce showing up on my five-six frame and hating it, but lacked the resolve to do anything about. By just about any standard we were a normal middle-class family.

Then last year things started to change. My husband got an unexpected promotion that doubled his salary. The only real negative was that he had to go out of town frequently, but it was a small price to pay for the additional money. Now that we had a steady source of increased income, I quit my job and became a full-time housewife. I soon discovered my energy returning to me and became determined to lose the weight I had packed on over the years. After several months of regular work outs and carefully watching my diet, I was proud to see the return of my 34C-26-36 frame that used to catch all the men's eyes. I was delighted to find I could fit into the same clothes I had worn during my college days. Not only did I have my body back, but I discovered the return of my sex drive, which had been costing in neutral for years. Unfortunately the same could not be said for my husband, who, while a caring man, was never the most virile or imaginative lover around. After several abortive attempts to reignite the passion in our relationship, I resigned myself to standard sex once, and sometime twice a week.

Shortly after my figure returned our next door neighbor sold his house. We discovered that rather than moving in, the new owner had decided to rent the house to college students. Upon hearing that my husband became angry, saying he didn't want to live next to a bunch of kids that would be staggering around drunk partying at all hours of the day. He even talked about trying to find a new house. I took the new information better, telling him that not all college students were party animals, and it wasn't as though he had been in his new position long. It was better to calm down and see what would happen before making any impulsive decisions with money we didn't have yet. My husband eventually calmed down after many reassurances on my part that things would be okay.

I understood the reasons behind his objections to the students living next door. He told me that his experiences in college weren't the best and he had problems fitting in, hating his experience and being relieved when he finally graduated. My ease with the idea of our new neighbors was because I had been the exact opposite. I went to a large school and fit in almost immediately into the college scene.

Like a lot of freshmen who were away from home for the first time without parental supervision, I went pretty wild. Since I was an attractive girl I got invited to a lot of parties and attended as many as I could. I was also pretty promiscuous, hooking up with lots of different guys. It didn't take long for me to get a reputation as a wild party girl who rarely passed up the opportunity for some good cock. I probably slept with close to forty different guys by the end of the year. Like I said, I went wild.

Things changed my second year as I fell for an upperclassman and all but moved in with him. Not only did we have sex nearly every night, but the kinky guy had a thing for threesomes. At first he had to talk me into it, but soon I started loving it. Hardly a week passed by where I wasn't doubled-teamed at least a couple of times a week, and was always eager for more. About the only thing I didn't try was a gangbang. My boyfriend tried talking me into it once, and I almost went through with it, but I chickened out at the last minute.

By the end of that second year I had broken up with my boyfriend and my grades were in the toilet. In order to stay in school I started hitting the books, cut the partying down to once a week, and only had sex with steady boyfriends. It was hard to resist the siren call of becoming a party animal again, but I remained firm and managed to graduate with respectable grades and a degree in accounting. I met the man who would be my husband shortly thereafter and settled down.

Curious about what our new neighbors would be like, I found out what day they were expected and made sure I'd be around. I was alone at the house the day they arrived, and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw what they were like. There were five guys, all of them big with very fit physiques that were plain to see through the muscles shirts and shorts they wore. The most handsome of the lot was a blonde Adonis with one of those smiles that can make a girl melt where she stands. When he saw me watching from my front porch he unleashed that smile on me. I could practically feel my heart skip a beat, despite him being nearly fifteen years my junior.

He motioned for me to come over. I could hardly turn down the offer and still be considered neighborly, and I definitely wanted to get to know these guys better. As I walked across my yard to theirs, all of the guys stopped what they were doing and looked me over, their eyes greedily devouring my body, making me blush. While I had received quite a few stares since dropping my weight, and even had a few passes made at me, most men tried to be circumspect about it. These guys either didn't know how to be subtle or didn't care. It made me a bit uncomfortable until I realized they were just being typical horny college guys, no different from the ones I dated when I was their age. I received lots of looks then and it didn't bother me. I decided to relax and enjoy the attention.

"Hi, neighbor," the really handsome guy said as they nearly tripped over each other introducing themselves. Dominic was the tallest and every bit as Italian was his name. Tyrone was black and the one looking me over the most openly. Roger was nearly as wide as he was tall, and the only one with average looks. Danny was his brother, the smallest of the group, but much better-looking than his brother. The Adonis that had gained my attention, and the most handsome of the lot, was Kurt. He radiated charm and charisma that made me wish I was a college girl again.

I introduced myself. The guys seemed stunned when they learned I was a mother of two and their ardor cooled off somewhat. All that was save Kurt, who was as personable as before, and after a few minutes of conversation had me laughing easily with him. The others relaxed and warmed up to me again when they saw I wasn't some old frump or stick in the mud. It turned out all the guys but Danny were on the college football team (all second and third stringers), which explained their fit condition. None of them belonged to a fraternity, so they decided to get a house together where they could have some privacy and control over their living conditions. We made small talk like that for an hour before I had to excuse myself to pick up the kids from their friend's house. The guys politely said their farewells, Kurt saying he was really glad I was his next door neighbor and that he hoped to see more of me soon.

When my husband came home I told him about my meeting the guys. He became huffy again, complaining about having to put up with a bunch of 'dumb jocks' now, and he became certain they would be loud and obnoxious. I was a bit put off by his stereotypical attitude and informed him that while some jocks were assholes, these guys seemed like nice young men. It settled him down somewhat, but when the guys did have party that first Saturday, the complaints returned. I once again assured my husband that it wasn't surprising they would throw a party on their first weekend back, before they were buried under class work, and it wasn't like they had the party on Friday. Lots of people had parties on Saturdays, not just college guys. He wasn't convinced, but kept his grumbling quietly to himself.

As for me, hearing the dull thud of music reverberating off their walls and the squealing of girls mixing with the laughter of guys made me recall my own partying days. I realized how much I missed cutting loose, throwing caution to the wind, drinking up a storm, and enjoying myself with whatever guy had caught my eye that night. It made me feel old, despite my newfound energy and confidence.

Over the next several weeks every time I saw the guys, and my husband wasn't around, they'd strike up a friendly conversation with me, usually with a bit of flirting on their part. Kurt went out of his way to talk to me, and we instantly connected despite our age difference. I always looked forward to our talks. If I had been younger and not married I'd have been all over him.

Eventually my husband had to leave the state on business and wouldn't be back for a week. My in-laws had been asking if they could have the children over for a weekend, so I decided then would be as good a time as any. The boys were all for it since their grandparents spoiled them rotten. Friday came and I dropped my husband off at the airport, then drove upstate to my in-laws farm and dropped the boys off, promising to pick them up on Sunday. Judging by how happy they were, I think they would have preferred staying there all week.

I returned home late and called it a night, since I planned on waking up early and having the entire day to do what I want. Believe me, a mother of two has very little time to herself, and I wasn't about to let this one slip away. I fully intended on being lazy and doing whatever caught my fancy.

After my morning workout I watched a bit of television and caught up on some light reading. By mid-afternoon I was slightly bored, and decided to grab some sun since my tan needed working on. At first I was going to wear my normal two-piece, but then I decided to be a touch risqué and wore a string bikini I had purchased in celebration of my restored body. Putting it on, I examined myself in a full length mirror and was extremely satisfied. It was yellow, with two tiny triangles over my breasts, a strip in the front of my crotch, and a string so slender it was completely hidden in the crack of my ass. I saw a bit of hair sticking out the of the front of the bottoms, so I took it off and shaved my pubes until there was only a 'landing strip' of hair up the center. It was the first time I had so little hair down there and was a bit surprised at how naughty I felt. Putting the suit back on, I grabbed a bit of wine then went into the backyard to start working on my tan, drinking a bit while relaxing.

I was lying on my stomach in plain view when I heard whooping and hollering coming from next door. I raised myself up on my elbows and looked over to see Kurt racing around the side of the house. Seeing me, he stopped, and unleashed that captivating smile of his.

"What happened?" I asked.

It turned out the team's starting quarterback had been injured late in the game and Kurt had gotten to fill in, leading his team down the field for a winning score. As he spoke, I could tell he was checking me out, especially my bottom, which must have appeared nearly nude from the angle he was staring from. I felt myself become aroused at his youthful attention and had to force myself to keep from squirming.

After congratulating him, he asked me what I was up to. I explained that my husband and kids were gone for the weekend and I was enjoying having a little time to myself, and was catching a tan. He said dressed in as little as I was, I could catch just about anything I wanted, including a guy, if I was so inclined. Then he mentioned he and his roommates were going to have a party tonight to celebrate his one moment of glory and he invited me to come over and help celebrate. I reminded him that I was a bit old to be hanging out with a bunch of college students and that my partying days were pretty far behind me. He assured me I was plenty young and energetic enough to hang out with them. He gave my body a once over again and added that I would stand out, though not due to my age, but because I'd be the most attractive woman there. While privately the flattery turned my head, I was married. Out loud I told him that I doubted I'd be over. He promised me that if I did come he'd personally see to it I had a great time. I laughed at that and assured him I'd consider it, but not to hold things up for me.

I went back inside my house to consider the situation. While it clearly wasn't proper for a married woman to accept such an invitation, I was tempted. Almost involuntarily I recalled all the great times I had during my partying days and how much I missed them. I knew now that if I sat around my home alone while there was a party going on next door I'd be frustrated as I wondered what sort of good time I would be missing out on. It wasn't like anyone would know if I just dropped by for a couple of hours. Hanging out with the guys would be like revisiting my youth, even if it was only for one night. I finally said to hell with it, this was my first weekend to myself in years and I'd be damned if I wouldn't enjoy it to the fullest.

Next up was choosing what to wear. It had to be something that wouldn't make me look like a conservative old frump, while at the same time not making it look like I was trying to hard to fit in. Eventually I settled on a short-sleeved, button-up white blouse that was a little tight across my chest, and a black skirt that was a touch too long to be considered mini. Looking it over in the mirror, I knew I had the right mix of sexy without appearing slutty.

From my window I watched people start to arrive around seven. Loud music began playing after that. I waited about an hour, so that the party would have a chance to really start, before discretely walking over. There was no sense in setting off the neighborhood gossips and having word get back to my husband. This was not something he would understand.

I knocked on the door and Tyrone answered it immediately. He flashed his pearly whites at me. He had a perfect set of teeth that contrasted sharply with his ebony skin. He said, "Holy shit. Kurt said you might be over, but I didn't think you'd come, especially looking so fine."

That comment was all it took to let me know I had made the right choice as all my doubts melted away. I wanted to go inside, but Tyrone remained in the doorway, blocking my path. "Mind if I come in?" I asked.

"Only if you promise to dance with me later."

"I'll be looking forward to it," I assured him. I loved dancing and hardly ever did it since my husband hated it. If Tyrone was as good on the dance floor as he was with his compliments, we'd be dancing for half the night.

Tyrone gestured to the basement where the party was being held. As I walked past he grabbed my ass. The move startled me and I looked over my shoulder. He just stood there, grinning at his bold move. I decided to say nothing, god knows I was always groped back at these things in my college days, and Tyrone was handsome. Good looking guys can get away with a lot of shit. I flashed him a smile before heading downstairs.

The basement was a wide open area that took up almost the whole length of the house. The lighting wasn't the best and the floor was concrete. I saw there were a couple of kegs off to one side and everyone was helping themselves to the beer. It was crowded, with over thirty people jammed downstairs, guys outnumbering the girls slightly. Not wanting to play wallflower, I decided to find Kurt since he did promise me his personal attention.

I moved through the crowd, spotting Danny and Roger across the room and waving at them. Their reaction was the same as Tyrone's: surprise then interest in my presence. I considered going over and talking with them when I spotted Kurt chatting away with a couple of cute girls. Well, I had told him not to wait for me, and obviously he hadn't. Not wanting to make a nuisance of myself, I was about to go over to the brothers when Kurt spotted me. He waved, said something brief to the girls, and headed toward me. They were not pleased with what he said, considering the dirty glares they shot me. It wasn't the first time I had gotten those at a party either. I smirked back at the little tramps until Kurt arrived at my side.

"I was hoping you'd come," he said, almost like a puppy who had been thrown a treat.

"Not everyone is so happy," I said, indicating the girls.

He shrugged as though it was of no consequence. "You're my personal guest, and I did promise to show you a good time."

"Your girlfriend might not be too happy about that," I said.

A curious look crossed his features. "I don't have a girlfriend."

I was stunned. "A handsome guy like you?"

"I have a little... problem which makes keeping girls around difficult."

Now I was intrigued. "What is it?"

He smiled enigmatically. "I'd rather not talk about it, but who knows, if you're nice, I might show you."

Now there was a mystery I wanted to solve, and swore I would before the end of the evening. I decided not to press the issue, which probably wouldn't have done any good since it was obvious he didn't want to tell me now. Kurt grabbed us some beer and the two of us began talking. It was amazing how at ease I was with him. We chatted away like old friends that had known each other for years, and learned a lot about one another. He was definitely a nice guy.

As the beer flowed I became looser and more easygoing, giggling a lot. My tolerance was way down, since my husband rarely drank and I only did so in moderation since it would be unbecoming of me. The years seemed to fall away as the old party girl in me began to awaken. Soon I was being very flirtatious with Kurt, and he responded in kind. He reminded me a lot of my old boyfriend in college, except Kurt was even more handsome and charming. It was all so liberating that it made me feel like a school girl again.

Eventually Kurt asked me to dance. I was a little tipsy, but game for it. We started moving to the music, and it didn't take long for me to find my dancing legs and cut loose. We danced up a storm as best as we could in the crowded room. In between dances, he kept my cup filled, and soon I was feeling warm all over as I started to become truly drunk.

After I'd been dancing for almost a solid half-hour, Dominic put in an appearance. He told me he was delighted to see me as well and admitted to being jealous of Kurt monopolizing my time. He asked if he could have a dance. I smiled at Kurt and said it would only be neighborly to dance with his housemate. He smiled as he bowed out and allowed his friend to take over.

Dominic was a surprisingly graceful dancer. I asked him if he'd had training and he confessed that his mother had insisted he learn while growing up. At the time he had hated it, but once he got older, he was extremely grateful since most women loved a man that could dance. I confirmed his statement saying it impressed the hell out of me.

As we moved, Dominic's hand began to graze across my bottom or my breast. Now Kurt and I had rubbed our bodies together, like everyone else that was dancing, but it wasn't that blatant. Still, Dominic never lingered too long for me to really protest his treatment of me, not that I wanted to since I enjoyed the way he handled me. If anything, the slow and gentle touches were arousing, as though it was a form of foreplay.

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