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Being of Service


The strangest sex I have ever had was with two lesbian friends...


I knew from the phone number identification that it was a friend from high school.


I hadn't heard from her in several years, not since our tenth high school reunion.

"John! I'm so glad I've reached you!"

I was a math nerd in high school, a member of the "intellectual clique." Shelly was, too. And I was a late-bloomer to sex. It wasn't as if I hadn't gotten offers. I had just turned them all down, uncertain of myself. Shelly was one of several girls I wish I had gotten to know better.

"Hey, Shelly. How are you? How is Susan?"

At our ten-year reunion, I found out that most of the girls I had wanted to sleep with were now lesbians, including Shelly! I met Shelly's lover, Susan, at the reunion.

"Susan's good... she's good..."

Shelly's voice drifted off, as if there was more, but before I could ask, she asked, "We're hoping to visit Boston next month. Will you be around?"

There was a sparkle in Shelly's voice, at least that's how I experienced it. I let her voice crawl in my ear, as if whispered, the way I had fantasized so many times. Like the music of the sirens, her voice drifted inside me, went through my heart, and vibrated all the way down to my crotch.

"We'd love to see you..." she added.

By the time she finished, my arousal was complete.

"Sure," I gulped.

I was glad she couldn't see me, or read my mind.


"How about the weekend of October 15th?" Shelly asked.

I took a deep breath. "Settle down," I told myself, "I'm reading WAY too much into this." I had made THAT mistake many times, thinking I knew what a woman wanted. I took another breath, then remembered how Shelly and Susan had been at the reunion, touching each other, smiling at each other. They were really in love. And though there was a lot of kidding by others at the reunion, they stood fast in their commitment to each other. When a former jock came over and tried to convince them that they didn't know what they were missing, Susan stood between him and Shelly. "Men are pigs!" Susan had said. When the man turned with a snort and left, I said to Shelly, "Not ALL men." "No, not you," Shelly had reassured me. But Susan had had enough, and they left the reunion shortly after, heading back to Seattle. I hadn't seen nor heard from them. Not until now.

"I'm available that weekend," I said, then winced as I was afraid I might have sounded like a jerk.

"Great!" she said. "I'll e-mail you the details. We're really looking forward to seeing you!"

Long after I hung up, her voice continued to crackle inside my body.

On the weekend of the 15th, I picked up Shelly and Susan Friday afternoon at Logan, then gave them a thrilling drive out to my place.

"We're not used to Boston driving," Susan said. "There aren't any lines! How do you know where to go?" Shelly asked. "Driving without boundaries... I'm used to it," I said.

The ladies were quiet as I weaved my car carefully around the rush-hour traffic.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?" I asked.

When I looked over, Shelly's cheeks were red.

"Is it too warm? I can turn down the heat..." "No, it's all right," she said.

We sat in silence for the rest of the drive to my house. When we pulled into my driveway, it was early evening and already getting dark.

"Here we are! Chez John!"

We decided to eat, an early dinner for me, a kind of late lunch for the ladies from the west coast. We had clam chowder, peanut butter sandwiches, and white wine. We didn't eat much, but managed to finish the wine. We moved to the living room and I opened another bottle, a late harvest, sweeter wine from upstate New York. Soon, we were quite relaxed, sinking into the thick cushions of my over-stuffed bachelor sofa set.

"So what brings you all the way out here?" I asked, speaking carefully, trying to keep a harness on the freedom the wine was offering me.

Shelly looked over at Susan. I wasn't sure if she was red from the wine, or from what she wasn't saying.

"No need to be embarrassed," Susan admonished, looking very serious.

Susan was definitely the one that wore the pants in their relationship. She looked over at me, gave me the once-over, and said, "Shelly tells me you're pretty smart? And you're doing pretty well: college graduate, good job..."

I had the uncomfortable feeling that I was being judged. I tried to sit up, but just ended up squirming, trapped in my own sofa cushions.

"You're not married, but you've done well. You seem nice enough... Is there any reason you haven't gotten married?"

I felt like a piece of meat. I looked over at Shelly for some help.

"What, exactly, are you getting at?" I asked, a bit harder than I really wanted. "What's this about?"

Shelly just looked back, opened her mouth, but didn't say anything, then looked down at the floor.

"There's no easy way to say this...," Susan said. "Shelly and I would like to have a baby."

I heard the words. But all I could feel was the wine. I could tell how it was dulling my ability to understand. I blinked, to clear my thoughts.

"You want a... child?" I said, "both of you?" Susan snorted. "Not both of us, just Shelly."

Susan seemed to regret what she had just said. I saw Shelly's face turn sad.

"I... I didn't mean it... not that way," Susan said, leaning towards Shelly. "I want this baby, too. I just meant... you know..."

While the two women were consoling each other, I tried to focus on what had been said. I was surprised to hear myself ask aloud, "What's that got to do with me?"

"I thought you said he was smart," Susan said. The two of them laughed, then looked at me.

Maybe it was the wine. I sat there staring from Shelly to Susan, watching as Shelly turned red, until she couldn't look at me any more. My eyes grew big as I realized what they wanted.

"Yes," Susan said, "we want you to be the father!"

After the initial shock wore off, we talked for another couple hours -- about life, love, why children, why me. Susan explained that I would not have any obligations, that I wouldn't even see the child. When I winced at that, Shelly said that it was just that it was important that the child never know I was the father. I didn't like that. Shelly said she chose me out of all the men she had ever known, that I was the best man she could think of to be the father.

"I'm tired of talking," Susan said. "Are you going to help us, or not?"

I looked at Shelly. She looked back. I let myself fall into her eyes, and got the answer.

"Yes," I said. "I'll do it."

"Good!" Susan said, obviously annoyed, angry that I had agreed. "It's what we wanted," Susan said. "Yep," Susan said. "I'm tired. I'm going to bed."

Susan gave me a glare as she left us for her bedroom.

"Is she okay with this?" I asked. "It's hard for her," Shelly said. "It's hard for me, too. But it's harder for her."

Shelly put her hand on my arm.

"Not so hard... for you, I mean?" I asked.

Shelly smiled and sat down next to me. We talked for a while. I heard Susan finish in the bathroom and close the door to her bedroom. The talk turned more personal, about old times, missed opportunities. We laughed about my uncertainties, my being a nerd.

"I'm still a nerd," I laughed. Shelly just leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. When she leaned back, I leaned forward. She didn't back away and our lips met. We lingered, enjoying our first kiss.

"It's late. We should get started," Shelly said, a little sheepishly.

I looked at her. "Tonight?"

Shelly nodded. "We timed our visit, to match my cycle. We need to try right away, if that's okay..."

"Yeah," I said, "sure. That's okay..."

My bedroom door opened. Shelly came in and quickly shut it behind her. She was wearing a lovely teddy, so sheer I could make out her lovely, slim body underneath. She stood there, letting me look at her from my bed. She had thick curly hair down below her shoulders. I followed the hair down to the dark nipples, easily visible beneath the sheer material. My eyes drifted further down. She wasn't wearing any panties. I could clearly see the neatly trimmed hair guiding me to her crotch. I looked down her legs, then slowly back up, to her face. She was looking at the floor, looked embarrassed. I got out of bed, letting the covers fall away, and stood beside her, naked and nervous.

"Is this your first time?" I asked, "I mean, with a man?"

Still looking down, Shelly smiled and shook her head.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

Shelly's gaze moved from the floor, up my legs, and finally to my eyes. I melted as she just stared into my eyes, then nodded. She sat down on my bed, took my hand, and pulled me to her as she lay back. As I crawled into bed, I filled the void left by her spreading legs. As I lay down on top of her, she lifted her knees, letting her thighs fall even further apart. My hand climbed her thigh, my fingers brushed up and over, until I felt the soft puffiness of her swollen lips. I followed the ridge of her labia, down to where I felt the slick wetness that told me she was ready and willing. I slipped one, then two fingers just inside her lips and dragged my fingers up her slit. She caught her breath, until I found the enlarged bulb that was her clit. I rolled my slippery fingers up, around, and back down the other side of her button. Shelly gasped, then groaned.

"Stop! Stop!"

The bedroom door burst open. Susan ran in, grabbed my waist and pulled me aside. I was caught off balance and tumbled to the floor.

"I can't! I can't!" Susan cried, putting herself squarely between me and Shelly. She hugged Shelly. "I'm sorry. I just can't..."

Angry, but mainly just frustrated, I got my bathrobe and left the two ladies in my room. I went to the kitchen, to make myself a drink. I heard them talking, never yelling, and not loudly enough for me to make out what they were saying. I waited. After about an hour, they both came down. Shelly had changed out of the teddy into a night gown. Susan was the first to say something.

"Look, I'm sorry about that. I know we agreed, but I just couldn't stand not being there, not being part of it."

There was a long silence. Susan went on.

"I... I don't want to... I don't want this to be any harder than it has to be. I mean, I want the best chances, for our child," Susan said, holding tight to Shelly's hand.

"I want it to be natural," Shelly said, more to Susan than me, "like it's meant to be. I don't want a turkey baster baby!" Shelly started to cry. Susan wrapped her arm around her.

I had heard about such home-grown artificial insemination methods.

"I'm not going to masturbate into a cup!" I said.

There was another long silence.

"I have to be there, too, when he does it," Susan finally said. "I want to be right there, with you in my arms, when the baby is conceived."

I was confused, and must have looked a little shocked, because Shelly looked at me with such a pleading look, as if this was her only chance, as if I was the only man that they would agree could get her pregnant.

"Look," I said, "there's something I should tell you..." "I knew he didn't have the balls!" Susan interrupted.

Shelly started to cry. Susan and I glared at each other, which made Shelly cry even harder.

"Please," Shelly cried, to both of us. "please..."

Susan crumbled, and my heart melted, too. I flashed back on a camping trip where I had not had the courage to have sex with Shelly, even though we were sleeping alone. Another challenging glare from Susan and I made up my mind.

"Okay," I said. "How do you want to do this?"

I lay there, waiting. I heard the doorknob turn, watched shadows of the ladies as they entered. First one, then the other lifted the covers and slipped into my bed. I moved over to the far edge. We had agreed that I would wait for the signal. And Susan made it very clear. SHE would decide when I was to move into position.

The two lay for a while without moving. I heard them kiss.

"Are you ready?" I heard Shelly ask Susan. Susan turned over onto her back, so close to me I could feel the warmth of her body. She was careful not to touch me.

"Yes," Shelly whispered back.

We had decided that Shelly should be in the middle, between us. And Susan insisted on having Shelly face her. After some delicate negotiations, we agreed on a way that I would impregnate Shelly: a combination of woman-on-top and doggie-style. Susan would be on her back, Shelly on top of her, facing her, with me entering Shelly from behind.

Another kiss, and Shelly moved on top of Susan. Shelly put her legs to either side of Susan's. As Shelly got comfortable, her leg pressed against mine. She didn't pull back, and I enjoyed having her body touching mine.

Susan's hand touched my leg, jumped away, then found Shelly's leg. Susan's hand rounded Shelly's butt, and Shelly spread wider. I knew Susan had reached her destination when Shelly let go a soft moan. I closed my eyes and waited.

With Shelly's leg pressed against mine, I had a pretty good sense of how Susan was making her feel. And Shelly moved her leg against mine as if she wanted me to know, in a way that quickly aroused me. Between the sound of wet fingers, slippery lips, gentle kissing, and their whispering, it was hard for me to lay still. I distracted myself by paying attention to the tender loving that was being shared between the two women making love right beside me.

Susan was very slow and deliberate. With Shelly's straining muscles, I could sense Susan's fingers as they ran up and down Shelly's back, over her butt, between her legs... After a time, the tension in Shelly's body caused her to squirm. Susan began a dance, bringing Shelly close to, but never over, the threshold. Several times, Susan brought Shelly to the edge, then stopped. I realized that Susan was getting Shelly ready, for me.

"Please, please," Shelly pleaded with Susan, the sound of her voice so hot with desire that I reached down to give my throbbing dick a squeeze.

It was there that Susan's hand that found me. I was surprised, and a little embarrassed, but understood the signal as she tugged at me. I rolled over and crawled behind Shelly. I was careful to avoid Susan's legs, which remained tightly clamped together. Shelly widened her stance, to make room for my knees, straddling Susan's. I rocked forward, my engorged cock shaking with the anticipation of finding Shelly's sopping slit.

"Wait," Susan whispered.

I felt the sexual tension in Shelly's body go limp,. I took a deep breath, frustrated that Susan was backing out again.

"I... I want to be the one who guides it into Shelly," Susan said.

I wasn't sure what she meant, but I soon got my answer. I felt Susan and Shelly shift to let Susan's hand reach between them. When I felt her fingers touching my thigh, I startled back.

"Move closer," Susan said.

I decided not to argue and inched my dick forward. When I felt her fingertips tapping at the head of my cock, I tried not to lose my erection. I turned my thoughts to the wet, puffy cunt just a few more inches away from me. I leaned forward. Susan's fingers wrapped around my shaft. She gave me a good squeeze, then another. It felt good. My cock grew, responding to her pulses.

"It's getting so big!" Susan said, with a voice that made clear her own excitement.

The comment caused Shelly to tense up. I thought she was afraid. But when she arched her back and rolled her butt up, turning her slit towards my cock, I knew she wasn't tense with fear, but with anticipation. I pushed my hips forward. Susan guided my dick. Shelly gasped as I felt the warm wet of her waiting lips. I rocked my hips up, eager to penetrate deeper. Susan loosened her grasp of my shaft and I sank in. I let out a sigh of pleasure as Susan guided my cock inside her lover's cunt.

"Oh god," I groaned, "that feels soooo good!"

I continued to sink deeper into Shelly. When I reached full penetration, she gasped. Susan did not remove her hand. Her fingers lightly brushed my balls. When Shelly began to jerk, I realized Susan wasn't just massaging me, probably wasn't even trying to massage me. I could feel her hand turning as she pressed her knuckles into Shelly's clit. Shelly twitched and groaned as each knuckle slowly rocked over her clit. I started to pull out, to start pumping Shelly's cunt with my cock, but Susan looped her fingers around my ball sack and held on tight. She gave a tug, and pulled me back into Shelly. Holding my balls captive, Susan continued to roll her hand, back and forth, over Shelly's clit. She gradually increased the pace. I was anxious to start thrusting, but couldn't. I decided to relax and enjoy the gentle tugging on my nuts. At some point, I would have to be given what I wanted. In the meantime, I would enjoy the ride.

Shelly started bouncing. She was on her way to an orgasm. Susan stopped and moved her hand away from Shelly. I started to withdraw. Susan squeezed my balls.

"Oh my god," I moaned.

Then she squeezed harder.

"Not so hard!" I said.

But she continued to squeeze, the dull pain causing my erection to soften.

"Ow!" "Then be sure to follow me," Susan snapped. "I'm in charge."

Not waiting for my reaction, she loosened her grasp, but didn't let go. My cock continued to shrink out of Shelly's vagina. Shelly leaned down and whispered something to Susan. Susan gave me a tug on my balls. I tried to push forward, but my dick had grown too limp.

"No...no...," Shelly begged, "please...don't stop..."

But I did stop. My dick was a useless flab of flesh.

"Please...,".Shelly whispered into Susan's ear,

Nobody moved. Then I felt Susan's fingers soften around my sack. She started to roll my balls, gently, in her fingers. She gave a slight tug, and I tilted forward. She lightly fingered my balls again, and gave me a gentle tug back, and I tilted back. I couldn't believe it. Susan was trying to arouse me with a nut massage, And it was working! As Susan carefully, considerately, gently, sensually, lovingly stroked my balls, my cock was growing bigger with each beat of my heart.

"Yes... yes...," Shelly told Susan. "I feel you making him come back, inside me."

We started again, carefully, slowly, rocking together. But now Susan paid attention to my arousal with her tender touch. As I felt safer and more confident, no longer worried about my balls being crushed, I was drawn to the feeling of friction, of my dick head sliding against the walls of Shelly's vagina, which pulsed with its own energy. Within a few cycles, we were working together, as one: Shelly guiding Susan, Susan guiding me, me fulfilling Shelly.

"Yes... yes...," I blurted, giving my body over to these two lesbian friends. I let them use me, for their own enjoyment. I responded to the slightest movement of Susan's fingers around my ball sack. I became a stud horse. Susan was my rider/breeder. Shelly was my mare. I was in a dream, as Susan deftly gave me the signals to please her lover with my cock.

It wasn't long before we neared our crescendos. Susan's tugging at my balls became more and more urgent as Shelly's hips began to dance, bouncing hard into my vigorous thrusts. When I felt I was about to come, Susan would pull hard on my balls and hold me, deep inside Shelly. She didn't let me move, and her thumb pressing into one of my balls, kept me from coming. I felt Susan's hand, rolling her knuckles into Shelly's clit, and then her hand moved down further.

As she stretched my ball sack in her grasp, Susan lowered her clenched fist down and rolled her knuckles, again. At first I though it was to vibrate Shelly's asshole, but her asshole was on my side, not down below. I felt Susan press her knees into mine, opening her legs, which twitch with her rotating knuckles. She was masturbating herself. Her fist went back and forth, between her clit and Shelly's, until they were twitching and bouncing. Susan stopped, pulled back, and I slid my cock back. Shelly moaned, and a groan began to climb out of my chest, deep and guttural. Susan pulled me back into Shelly, and her moaning grew more frantic.

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