Being Watched


The hotel was not so far away from home that it was a treck getting here, but was far enough for it to be unlikely that anyone I knew would be there. In any case it was a rather cheap place, three stars at most, and most of my husband's and my friends certainly wouldn't entertain that.

I'd met Arndt playing golf. I suppose you could say he'd swept me off my feet, he'd certainly swept my panties off quickly. We had a couple of drinks and a kiss in the car park the day we met, dinner and heavy petting in his car the next night and he fucked me in his hotel bedroom the next afternoon.

"I was a little naughty" I told my husband of eighteen years Erik on the phone the evening Arndt and I had kissed.

Erik is a geophysicist and was in London on a contract with BP. It was for two months working pretty much seven days a week as it was concerned with an oil rig in the Caribbean that was leaking oil. I had been over to see him a couple of times, but mainly I was looking at the break as a time of 'while the cat's away.......................'

"And how was that?"

"I met a young man at golf."

"Oh dear. And you fucked him?"

"No of course not" I replied a little put out that he would think I would cheat like that.

"Well want to fuck him" he laughed.

"Yes, are you ok with that?"

Erik and I are Danish. We have a vastly different attitude towards sex and faithfulness to most races other than our fellow Scandinavians and some northern Europeans. We believe that sex is to be enjoyed and is not something that should be restricted to with your partner. Trust though is important. So in essence most modern Danes can sleep with who they like, but they need to agree that with their partner. Openness and trust are key to such a free attitude towards sex.

I guess I was going through that typical crisis that women well into her forties has to endure, but then it may just have been that I was feeling unusually horny and Arndt was beautiful, there and available. The twenty five year old lived the other side of Gothenburg where he was studying. It was some two hundred miles away from where I lived near the Tivoli in Copenhagen the capital of Denmark, so further sex was going to be difficult. But hey c'est la vie and just the once would have been worth it.

"I will be in Copenhagen next week" he'd said on the phone a week or so later, instantly exciting me. "Book me a hotel can you but remember I am a student?" I had no intent of letting my young buck pay for the hotel, but I did as he asked.

"Are you sure you don't mind Erik?" I asked my husband on the phone that evening.

"Well I could hardly mind when you have agreed to my fling with Sara can I?" He said referring to the girl he had met at work and had mentioned that he would like to fuck.

I had arrived at the hotel in Dragor a twenty minute or so drive from Copenhagen, alone around three. Arndt rang a little later as he got in a cab at the airport.

"Be ready for me babe."

"Of course, but what do you mean?" I asked.

"Well I haven't travelled two hundred miles to have coffee have I?"

I got what he meant. "We're in room 234, I'll meet you there?"

I was a little worried that in the more cold light of day, literally, than last time that the young man might find my ageing and expanding body not to his liking. I was concerned that he would notice the excess on my tummy, thighs and buttocks. That he would see the wrinkles of my too quickly getting towards fifty face, the sag of my C/D cup boobs and the various other lumps and bumps that are the lot of an older woman. Such deficiencies often make me wonder why so many young men have such a thing about us old wrinklies, but they seem to!

When I guessed that he would almost be here I gently pushed the door to, but didn't shut it. It was a bit of a risk, but not much.

"Fucking hell babe, you really did get ready didn't you" I heard him say after I had heard the door open and someone walk in. I couldn't see him for I was lying on my front on the bed with a sheet pulled up to my shoulders.

I didn't reply, there was no need. I heard him drop his bag and felt his weight on the bed and then slowly the sheet slid down my back. "Oh yes Michy you did get ready didn't you" he breathed as he saw that I was wearing just a black thong and black lacy topped holdups.

Still I didn't speak; there was still no need for words for hopefully my position and lack of clothing would say all that was needed.

He ran his finger over the cheeks of my ass and sighed appreciatively. I slightly wiggled my bum. He slid his fingertips into the crease fiddling them under the slither of silk of the thong and right onto my anal hole. I wiggled again and I felt the fingers on his other hand pushing their way inside the gusset and right onto my lips.

"Fuck me, you're wet" he groaned.

Still not speaking, I opened my legs a little, he slid some fingers up me, maybe two, three or four? I was so wet I didn't know and it didn't matter, but it was lovely. I opened my legs a little more and lifted myself up a bit. He started to finger fuck me. In and out, in and out in a slow surging rhythm, it was wonderful. Then he stopped and he ran his wet fingers out of my pussy, across that tiny patch of skin between that and my ass and right onto my hole. He pressed, I wiggled my bum, he pressed harder asking the question. I moaned softly and pushed back giving him his answer. We had not done anything anal yet so it was right I guess for him to ask if he could finger fuck my ass.

As his, fortunately, wetted finger slid up me, I grunted for there was the inevitable early pain as the sphincter muscle was forced to work in the opposite direction to how it was designed. But that soon passed and quickly I was revelling in the sensations he was giving me. Suddenly those sensations were more than doubled when he slid some fingers on his other hand up my pussy. The feelings were awesome particularly when I felt him pressing the fingers on each hand together parted just by that narrow membrane separating my two channels. So intense were the sensations that my body felt as though it was on fire. I wanted and needed more. I pushed back at his hands, opening my legs and raising myself further from the bed. My face was pressed into the pillow, my ass was in the air and my legs were wide open, I was almost kneeling and my thong was half way down my thighs.

Like that it didn't take Arndt very long to make me cum, which I did moaning, groaning and grunting and reaching for his gorgeous cock that I now so badly needed.

Almost as soon as I had cum he was tearing his clothes off. I grabbed his cock, it is quite long and nicely thick. As young men do he gets wonderfully hard, stays like that for ages and then hardens up again so soon after cumming that he sometimes beats me in being ready again.

The fuck wasn't subtle. It wasn't slow and languid, relaxed or gentle. No it was the fuck of a young stud and an older woman. The fuck of a couple who hadn't been with each other for some time, the fuck of a man and a woman who wanted each other badly. Yes it was a quick, urgent, hard and dirty fuck and it was absolutely fantastic.

"Just got an essay to finsh and email" he told me after we had cleaned up and showered.

"I'll be by the pool then, hurry" I told him.

I hadn't been there long and had just dozed off when the sunbed felt as though it was being shoved into the pool.

"Oh God " I'm sorry a nice looking guy of about my age, mid-forties said almost dropping his cell phone. He was kind of cute. I smiled and told him it was ok. He walked off and I couldn't help staring after him. Why? God knows. I was relatively happily married, I had just had sex with my 'toyboy' yet here I was almost ogling after another guy I hadn't really even met.

"Come on let's go and fuck, Michy" Arndt said after we had fooled around in the pool a bit. "If we don't get out of here soon I am gonna embarrass myself very badly."

"You horny bastard" I smiled feeling so good that this young Adonis wanted me. I touched the bulge in his shorts and he was already hardening. "Anyone would be with you in that fucking bikini" he smiled.

We wandered into the hotel up in the elevator and started walking to my room when I saw you coming towards us. As we passed, you stood to one side as if trying to disappear. I didn't look at you, but felt your eyes on me. I probably emphasized my wiggle a bit as Arndt's hand softly squeezed my bum cheek.

We didn't actually fuck, but instead had intense oral sex with his tongue making me cum two or three times before he splattered his cum all over my little tits. We did fuck after dinner before going to sleep and once in the night.


It was insane really. We had a perfectly comfortable room that we didn't have to vacate until three, for I had arranged a late check-out, but Arndt had pulled me into a room off the reception late the next morning. It was empty and about three or four times the size of a typical hotel bedroom. I guessed that it was a meeting or training room.

The weather was damp and chilly so no sunbathing.

He kissed me.

"No Arndt not here."

He kissed me again and cupped my breast outside the multi-coloured, boob tube type top I was wearing.

"Why not?"

"Someone might come."

"Well I am bloody sure I will and I'm gonna do everything to make sure you do too, that's enough isn't it?" He asked pulling my black skirt up at the back and squeezing my ass cheek through my sheer black silk panties.

Still kissing he pushed me backwards further into the room to where a number of chairs were laid in a semi-circle with a few more stacked up on top of each other. He pushed me down onto a chair.

"Arndt what are doing?" I asked as he walked behind me. Sliding his hands down from my shoulders they went inside my top, right onto my bare breasts.

"Making love to you. Remember we did it a few times last night."

I laughed.

"But seriously what if anybody walks in?"

"I did lock it silly."

"You bastard" I laughed as he pulled my top down baring my breasts.

He kissed my head and messed around with my short blonde with darker streaks hair before moving round in front of me and kneeling on the floor. He licked and sucked my nipples in turn as his hands slowly went up my skirt until one was between my legs and his fingers were rubbing my clit and pussy lips.

"Jesus Christ" He groaned when he pushed my skirt up and looked at my black holdups. "You oldies sure love your sexy underwear don't you!"

"Don't be rude about your olders and betters" I said kissing him and dropping my bag, which spilled its contents on the floor.

"Oh shit" he suddenly said.

"What's up?"

"I must have a pee."

"Come on then" I said.

"No you stay right there until I get back."


"Because Missus Henrikson I am going to fuck you right here."

I started pushing my skirt down, but he stopped me. "No babe, you sit there just like that.

"But the door? Someone might come in."

"That's all part of the crack, part of the buzz."

I hadn't realised until recently just what an exhibitionist streak I had, but now I more and more I yearned for sex in dangerous places.

My mind was on the time my lover had undressed me in his car for the first time so I was miles away when I vaguely heard the door open; my eyes may even have been closed when I heard footsteps approaching me.

"Mmm Arndt" I murmured looking up and to my utter consternation seeing you and not Arndt. "Oh God" I groaned pushing my skirt down and pulling my top over my boobs "I thought you were going to be Arndt."

You explained that you had the room booked for a meeting with a client, but actually sounded apologetic, almost as if you were jibbing in on us.

"I'm sorry" you said as I finished covering myself feeling part embarrassed, but also I have to admit, slightly turned on by the way you had looked at my body. We said little more for a while until the shrilling of a phone made us both jump. I hadn't noticed it before, but there was a small room with a window off to one end of the larger one. You went in there and answered the phone. Just as I finished gathering the contents of my bag and shoving them all back in you called out.

"My meeting has been cancelled so the room is all yours. I've paid for it so you won't be disturbed so you guys have fun."

"Thanks" I said getting ready to leave. As I did Arndt opened the door.

"There's my lover" he said crossing the room quickly and saying quietly. "Why have you got dressed?" As he took me in his arms again.

"Arndt wait" I replied aware that you hadn't left the room.

"Don't be daft, I can't wait" he hissed taking my hand and pressing it against his hard on inside his shorts. God it felt so good. I kissed him back forgetting that you were still here. He pushed me across the room a little until the back of my legs were pressed against a table. We kissed. Deep, tongue probing kisses. He squeezed my tits and pulled the neck of my top down so they were bare. I suddenly remembered you were still in the little room and I went to stop him. I looked over Arndt's shoulder and saw the windows in the small room realizing that if you peeped out of them you would see us. That excited me even more so I said nothing. Instead I peeled his top off and whispered.

"Undress me Arndt."

He needed no second bidding. Quickly he peeled my top up, over my head and pulled it off dropping it casually onto the floor. I shook my head to get my hair back in place making my tits jiggle.

"God I love to see your tits wobble like that" Arndt said grabbing both of them and shoving the nipple on my right breast deep into his mouth. He sucked hard, perhaps a little too hard really, but then he is young and not very experienced.

He slid his hand up my skirt taking that with it as he fumbled his fingers inside my black panties. He found my hot spot, my clit immediately. That made me shudder.

"Oh yes baby yes" I moaned grabbing his wrist and pressing his hand and fingers more firmly against me. "Right there baby" I groaned as he pulled my skirt down and off then slid my panties down my legs. He started with my stockings. "No leave them on."

"No I want you completely naked" he whispered right into my ear making me feel so wanted and precious to him. He peeled them off one by one and threw them onto the pile of clothes on the floor. Leaning back a little he said slightly louder. "You like that don't you?"

I needed to feel him. He has such a great cock and I badly wanted to touch it and press it against me, suck it or lick it or anything. I managed to fiddle the zip on his shorts undone and got my hand inside, he wasn't wearing underpants. His cock felt lovely and I rubbed it.

"Oh god baby. Yes" I moaned pumping it a bit inside his shorts.

He had his fingers up me and was pumping them in and out of my cunt. I could feel an orgasm starting, but wasn't ready for that, not with you looking on.

Twice so far I thought I had seen the top of your head through the window, but I hadn't actually seen your eyes on me. For some reason that was exactly what I wanted to see. I wanted to watch you watching me as Arndt made me cum.

Speaking louder than was necessary so you would hear I said. "Time to take your shorts off I think."

Arndt and I pushed them down so that we were both completely naked. His hands went back to between my legs and mine to his lovely, big cock. He was finger fucking me as I masturbated him making me think this was probably how we would finish with him maybe shooting his load over my thighs, tits or stomach, an act I knew he liked for we'd done it before.

It was then that I saw you looking. I watched your eyes roam over my body and then lock with mine. I held your gaze. Jesus what a charge that gave me. I kissed Arndt and turned him slightly so that you would see me wanking him as he fingered me. I said to him, but looked at you.

"Now you can fuck me."

Arndt muttered something I didn't quite catch and slid between my opened legs. He grabbed his cock and pressed it against my lips. I was very tempted to let him fuck me bareback for I knew we would both get greater sensations and pleasure, but somehow common sense prevailed; after all young hunks like him probably have a multitude of girls, maybe boys as well for all I knew.

"Whoa hold on tiger" I grunted sliding off the table and feeling in the pocket of my skirt. "Over here" I whispered sitting him back on the chair facing away from where I knew you were looking.

He looked gorgeous sitting there waiting for me as I removed the condom from its packet. He has a fit, muscular body, which is nicely tanned and a fairly hairy chest that I like for it stimulates my nipples. But of course looking at him in that position his crowning glory was his cock. Nearly as thick as my wrist it soared up his flat stomach like a beacon beckoning me. I slid the condom on him giving his stomach and cock a loving caress as I did.

As I finished the 'necessary evil' I looked up at the window to the small room and I caught your eye. I expected you to duck away, but wonderfully you didn't, you simply stared right at me. Our gazes locked and stayed like that as I straddled Arndt's lap, took his erection in my hand, pressed it against the lips of my pussy then let myself slide slowly down it until it was up me to its hilt. The feeling of being so filled, overstuffed I sometimes thought, was wonderful and it made me grunt. I knew that you would have heard and seen that.

Reluctantly I broke our gaze and looked at Arndt, after all it was he who was my lover, not you, you were my voyeur.

I concentrated on fucking him. I worked hard at it, showing him and teaching him the ways of sex. After all isn't that what an older lover is for?

It was a good, if quick fuck. He was well buried in me, my straddling position providing him with not only deep penetration of my inside, but also easy access to me breasts as well as a strong stimulation of my clit.

I started to cum and I stroked his face. He was so lovely, so strong and so wonderfully young. He pulled me against his hairy chest crushing my small tits against his hairy chest, that was lovely.

"You like my pussy, baby" I totally unnecessarily asked as I felt his entire body stiffen. It then started shuddering as he filled the condom with his thick, creamy cum.

His spurting coincided or caused my climax to start and those waves of wonderful feelings broke over me.

"I think I love you" Arndt was saying as he held me through the near convulsions of the heavy orgasm. Holding me by my ass he lifted me up and laid me on the carpet, fortunately facing the window through which I had seen you several time as I'd fucked my young lover. He removed the condom, but I had no idea what he did with it and I almost smiled thinking what a surprise it might be for the next meeting in the room.

"It's just the sex talking" I said running my fingers over his chest and downwards across his flat stomach and onto his cock, which amazingly was still hard. I lay on top of my boyman.

"Maybe it is" he said.

As I felt his cock pressing into my stomach I replied. "And maybe it isn't" the idea of us being in love hitting me. 'Could that happen' I wondered?

I looked towards the small room and saw you staring. I smiled at my voyeur before leaning forward and kissing my lover. We kissed and tongue fucked for some time before Arndt turned me over onto my back. His cock was touching my pussy lips and I could feel that it was still wet from his cum, but I couldn't worry about that, although I did worry that you might pop your head up at a time when he was looking in that direction. I grabbed his erection and started to wank him again. I love doing that at any time, but with you looking on it seemed special. I decided to go for broke and put on a real show for you. Cupping my mound I fiddled two fingers up my pussy and started to rub my clit with my thumb. I took a chance for I knew Arndt was watching me and looked up to catch your gaze. From the look on your face you could well have been masturbating behind that wall and window, but regrettably I couldn't see. However, I wanted to put on a real show for you. Why that was I had no idea.

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