tagBDSMBeing Zara Ch. 01

Being Zara Ch. 01


Conventionalism is boring this is why Zara made a promise to herself at an early age that she would never become the thing she so despised, at 21 with the whole world in front of her she never looked back.

She realised that she wasn't normal, and she revelled in it, her startling image was always bound to catch an eye. She found gratification in turning heads as she walked by, she lived for it. Her hair, chocolate brown was highlighted with pink and blue, curled delicately around her shoulders, she was short but she made up for it with the killer heels she would never leave the house without. Her most amazing attribute was her chest, she was 5ft2 with 32f breasts, her ass would have put j-lo to shame. And she emphasised every part of her divine figure with her outrageous attire. Her jeans were so tight you could see the shape of her pussy, in fact if she leaned back in a special kind of way, you could nearly see the tantalising outline of her pussy lips, straining against the well moulded fabric just begging for attention. Her tops, well if you could call them tops were barely allowed, you could call it indecent exposure , if it weren't for every policeman in the area trying to get a piece of that sweet pussy. You could say that when she smiled, every man in the near vicinity got an erection.

Zara knew what effect she had on people she loved it, the sheer fact of it was she was hot and most of the time extremely horny. However she just couldn't seem to hold down a relationship, but her thoughts on this was who needs average relationships, when you could just fuck anyway.

One night alone in her flat with her most trusted friend, a vibrator, Zara was groaning on the sofa spread eagled frantically ramming the toy up her pussy to a random onlooker via webcam. She was so close to that sweet place that she needed at least four times a day. She was a very horny lady and I use the term lady very loosely.

Somebody was knocking her door denying her of the much needed release that she craved. Hastily she pulled up her barely there g-string, shoved her vibrator down the side of the sofa and pulled down her silk nightdress grabbed her robe and slightly disgruntled and agitated made her way to the door.

"Who is it" she called huskily,

"It's Jordan, from two flats down, I was wondering if you had any coffee, I've ran out and I can't function without it"

"Yeah sure, come in" shit she thought he's really hot I smell like pussy and I'm still mega horny.

"Make yourself at home, sit down. Do you fancy joining me for a coffee before you get off, it's so boring here all by myself sometimes"

"Yeah why not" he smiled thinking that this woman smelt of sex, and if he wasn't mistaken and he was never wrong she deliberately left her robe open so that he could see that amazing figure encased in silk.

"I'll just go and get the coffee, make yourself at home" she said licking her lips as she sashayed towards the kitchen.

"This woman is hot" Jordan thought whilst causally rubbing his already rock hard cock, until he heard Zara returning with steaming mugs of hot coffee.

"So, Jordan you do know, I don't appreciate being disturbed at night time, you interrupted me"

"I'm sorry, I hope I can make it up to you"

"Do you know what I was doing? "

"No, I hope it wasn't too important"

"Oh it was"

"Maybe I can help you catch up with your work so you're not to behind?"

"Oh it's not that kind of work"

"Really well what was you doing maybe I can help"

"Oh I'm sure you can defiantly help, but I can't describe what I was doing, well I could but then it would be more effective if I showed you "

"Okay" he agreed for the sake of agreeing, the only thing he could concentrate on was her nipples and how inviting they looked, through the delicate silk material.

"Be a darling and sit in front of me will you?"

With one fluid movement she slid her sopping panties down, hitched her dress up, retrieved her vibrator from the depths of the sofa and took of where she left off. She was so horny right now, Zara loved an audience, especially fit neighbours. Jordan was shocked he couldn't believe it, here he was with the hottest piece of pussy he had seen in a long time, and he was watching her masturbate, with a huge toy. He almost shot his load there and then.

Zara was so close, her cunt was dripping cum everywhere she could feel it pooling underneath her, oozing into her ass hole. She was in heaven, then she looked up into Jordan's eyes and it was the end, wave after wave of sensations swept over her, building up to the crescendo she had been hoping for, she screamed and screamed as her pussy spasmed and squirted her juices all over Jordan's' chest. She was shocked she usually controlled herself to the point where she didn't squirt, she was just way too turned on to care.

She yelled to Jordan "what are you waiting for, get over here, bend me over and fuck me right now, before I really do punish you"

Jordan didn't need telling twice he grabbed Zara, roughly bent her over just like she asked, tore of his clothes, and shoved his cock deep in her pink pussy in one deep thrust. At first he thought he could tease her and move slowly but after she yelled at him several time " stop fucking about, fuck me harder now" all his resolve was lost. He didn't know how she was taking it, he was ramming her so hard, her whole body was shaking, her ass was jiggling but she was loving every minute of it. "Omg Jordan, spank me! spank me now" and he did, he had a feeling she didn't like light spanking so he whacked her hard leaving a shiny red handprint as a reminder, " harder" she yelled, so he did it again and again, yet she was crying out for more. Instinctively, he knew what she wanted next, he turned her over on her front, grabbed her breast and kneaded it with his hands, he pinched her nipple roughly, and she was writhing in pure pleasure. He leaned over her breast and took the hard bud into his mouth and sucked hard, then he bit it, hard, he wanted to see her reaction . She screamed out loud but not in pain, in pleasure she had just cum all over his cock he could feel it. She yelled his name and told him, "I'm a slut, cum in my pussy now I need it" and that was it he gave the whore everything he had and some. He fucked her so hard, he could feel his ball slapping of her ass. He thrust a finger up her ass hole and she gripped his cock so tightly he never thought she would let go, then he was cumming, pumping it into her by the gallon, she was so full, it was dripping down her legs and she still wanted more. He pulled out but he was still cumming he couldn't control it, he grabbed her head and pulled it towards his cock and she sucked it hungrily and nosily drinking down all of his juices. When he had finally stopped realising his sperm and Zara removed his cock from her mouth. Jordan quite simply said "I hope you, know that this means your mine now, your my little sex slave, my slut. I own you"

All Zara did was smile, her life has just become a whole lot more interesting.

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