tagErotic PoetryBejeweled with Dew

Bejeweled with Dew

byCal Y. Pygia©

Midnight here among the dying
reds and yellows
among the many other colors
that shock the mind

You and I are wanderers
in this garden of idyllic bliss
neither knowing from whence we came
or why we are here at all
walking hand in hand

Last night he wanted me
he wanted my ass across his knee

He wanted to make my pale full moon
and red
and purple
to match his mood

We are all flowers
blooming in our own ways
recovering thorns
and making movies
no one will attend

The fountain imagines another day
a tomorrow
to replace today
its water jets like semen
unencumbered with sperm

The walls bleed ivy
the trees are rooted in the past
the clouds bring rain
to the parched earth

I walk close by your side
hand in hand with you
your cock erect
my breasts buoyant
and my penis blossoming
and beautiful
bejeweled with the morning's dew

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