tagSci-Fi & FantasyBelar the Mighty: The Lost Sister Ch. 02

Belar the Mighty: The Lost Sister Ch. 02


I would like to thank my editor and those who provided me valuable feedback!

Chapter Two

Belar entered the stables to find Taria standing beside two horses, saddled and ready to go. A sleepy eyed boy stood next to her, hands filled with hay. His eyes never left her as he raised the hay to the horses' mouths. Taria had shed the white robes of the Amur and was dressed in a dark green tunic and brown riding pants. The tunic and pants hugged her body, showing off curves that the robes had hidden. Gone also was the hood, leaving her jaw-dropping face exposed. Belar hoped they did not happen across any highwaymen; one look at her and there would be trouble. A knife was buckled to her hip and Belar saw the bulge of another near her ankle. Those would be worthless against the Onekyh, but he would let her keep her false comfort.

"It is about time," Taria said with her hands on her hips.

Belar gave her a look that said he was not in the mood and walked to the larger of the two horses. He opened the saddle's pack and took a quick inventory of the contents: two healing potions, two stamina potions, a water flask and a couple bundles of cheese. Belar wondered how many more potions were in Taria's pack. He would try to get them from her later.

"Pay the stable boy and let's go," he said as he pulled himself into the saddle. The horse whinnied in response to his weight.

"Serving Amur is all the payment he needs," Taria replied and gracefully mounted her animal.

Belar turned and gave her a level stare, "Pay the boy."

Those crystal blue eyes remained locked on his as she reached into her tunic and pulled out two bronze pieces. The boy snatched the coins from the air and smiled. Neither rider said a word as they dug their heels in and galloped from the stable.

The orange haze of dawn was only just peeking over the horizon and at that time, they were the only riders leaving Lanos. The surrounding farmland provided no cover and anyone in the city would have been able to see them for miles. Belar ignored the endless fields and focused on the road ahead. He felt the fatigue of the long night and reached into the small pack for one of the stamina potions. He needed his wits about him for this journey. The bottle popped when he pulled the stopper free and Taria looked over at the sound.

"We should save the potions for tonight. It will take a day and a half to reach the Onekyh."

"I know where the Onekyh live," Belar replied, downing the potion, "We will take a shortcut that will have us there by evening."

"What shortcut?" Taria asked, her eyes narrowing.

"We'll cut through Blackrock forest."

"Blackrock forest? Are you insane?"

"Do you want to save your sister or not? A day and a half is too long," he replied, anger seeping into his voice.

The mention of her sister silenced her complaints. He saw the beginning of tears in her eyes before she turned away. He watched her while she looked away, trying not to let him see her cry. Once again, he was enamored with her beauty. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail, away from her delicate face and neck. Her skin looked so perfect and smooth. Nothing like the serving wenches of the taverns he frequented. His eyes crept along her neck and across the two mounds below that bounced with every stride. He had heard that most priestesses shunned men and lived without ever experiencing a man's pleasure. Judging from her actions, Belar assumed Taria was probably among them.

"When did you start training to become a priestess?" Belar asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"I was taken to the farm when I was six," she replied continuing to stare down the road, "My parents were killed when Bologs raided our village."

"You survived a Bolog raid?" Belar asked in surprise.

"My mother hid me in the pantry and covered me in flour."

Clever woman, Belar thought.

"A priest of Amur found me later and took me to the farm."

"You've lived at the farm ever since?"

Taria locked those blue eyes back on him, "For the most part yes, I have traveled some in Amur's name."

"Do you have a husband?"

Her face changed to one of disgust, "Amur is the only partner I need."

Belar laughed, he doubted she even knew what a man's sex looked like.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing," he replied, still chuckling.

Taria gave a loud harrumph and turned back to the road.

By the time they could see the end of the city's fields, the sun's top could be seen peeking over the horizon. Ahead, Belar could see an unmarked trail branch off from the main road. The trail was overgrown with weeds and there were none of the many tracks that covered the main road. It weaved up a steep incline and disappeared into the tree line of Blackrock forest. Belar turned onto the trail and led Taria up the incline. At least we won't have to worry about highwaymen, Belar reasoned.

The climb did not take long and within minutes they were engulfed by trees. Gone were the farms and the burgeoning sunlight, replaced by leafy vines and uncountable branches. The path was lighted by the few strands of sunlight that somehow weaved their way through the overgrowth above. Chirps and hoots from unseen creatures filled the air. They slowed their horses to a trot and continued down the trail. Taria looked back and forth nervously, but Belar remained unfazed. He often hunted these woods and he knew that nothing they would have to worry about would be this close to the edge. The real danger was found within the forest's heart. The building pressure in his bladder caused him to pull his horse to a stop. He felt as if about to burst from all the ale he had consumed earlier.

"Gotta piss," Belar grunted as he dropped to the ground and noticed Taria rolled her eyes. "What? Are priestesses too good to piss?" he muttered to himself and started to unbuttoned his trousers.


He turned to see her looking away, face red.

"Can't you at least have the decency to do that behind a tree?"

Belar shook his head, "Fine."

He pushed the intertwining branches apart and stomped off the trail, cursing the little thorns that scratched his hands and arms. Once he had a few trees between himself and the trail, he pulled his pecker out and released a thick stream into mossy ground.

"Ahhhhh," he sighed in relief. The branches continued to poke at him while he peed, "Damn priestess and her damn modesty," he grumbled and gave one of the branches a shove.

A rustling within its leaves caused him to jump back. A green snake about the width of his finger fell to the ground. It hit the ground and lifted its head high, hissing. Belar lunged at the snake with an animal-like quickness and grabbed the serpent by its head. He pinched its mouth closed and lifted the wriggling creature into the air. Its tail found his wrist and coiled tightly around. His thumb and finger came together and the head collapsed with a sickening crunch. Insides oozed from between the fingers and the body slumped from his wrist.

Amur be damned, that was a poisonous snake, he realized by the markings on its' back. He doubted they had antidotes. She could have gotten him killed by making him piss out here. He was about to close his trousers and give her a piece of his mind when a thought occurred to him. A mischievous grin crept onto his face and his pecker twitched.

"Ouch!" he yelled.

His penis was still hanging free and he was cursing loudly when he burst from the trees. Taria was in a panic trying to figure out what all the shouting was about. Relief washed over her face when she saw him, but shifted quickly to disgust when her eyes dropped to his exposed manhood. She turned away, her cheeks crimson.

"Put that thing away," she demanded.

Belar ignored the comment and dangled the dead snake in front of her, "I was bitten."

Taria looked at the snake, trying to ignore his exposed manhood. She continued to blush furiously.

"You know what this is?" Taria shook her head and Belar shouted, "This is a poisonous tree snake. If we don't get its poison out I'll die."

Taria's eyes went wide, "I… we don't have any antidotes."

Belar barely maintained his serious demeanor; he had hoped as much, "Then you'll have to suck it out."

Taria looked like a cornered animal, "What… what do you mean?"

Belar grabbed her by the tunic and pulled her close, "If I die, your sister dies."

Her face filled with resolve, "What must I do."

Belar felt his cock twitch in anticipation. It was about to be sucked by a priestess of Amur. He released her tunic and pointed to his penis. She followed his finger and turned away in embarrassment. He cupped her chin and turned her head back towards him.

"It bit me while I was pissing," he explained, "The poison has to be sucked from the bite."

Taria cringed and looked down at his penis. It twitched excitedly under her gaze. He guided her down with his hands and she kneeled before his naked penis, her face contorted with revulsion. She inched towards it and quickly recoiled back when her lips came in contact with the tip. Belar savored every second. She took a moment to regroup before inching forward again. Her lips brushed against the tip and he felt the air being drawn in as she inhaled.

"That won't work," Belar told her, "You have to put it in your mouth."

She backed away and looked up at him with distaste. Belar gave her a cold glare and motioned for her to hurry up. She looked back to his cock, took a deep breath and moved forward. The head of his penis slipped between her soft lips and they closed around it. He felt her suck inwards.

"Not like that," he said with frustration, "You have to work the poison out."

He reached behind her head and pulled her towards him. Her eyes went wide as his cock plunged deep into her mouth.

"Like that," he said when her mouth was completely stuffed, "Now suck the poison out."

Her lips tightened around the shaft and her jaw started to move as she sucked on his cock. He grabbed her ponytail and eased her head backwards. The pressure from mouth remained as her lips slid back along shaft and he shuddered with pleasure. He stopped her when she reached the tip.

"Perfect, now this time use your tongue as well."

Belar could not help but smile as she nodded in understanding. His cock disappeared into her mouth once more and this time he felt the soft caress of her tongue along its bottom. His eyes rolled up in pleasure as she worked her way back. He had never experienced anything like this. These were not the broken lips of some dockside whore, but the gentle lips of a priestess. When she reached the tip a second time, she looked up as if to ask if that was right. He nodded and motioned for her to continue. She closed her eyes and plunged down the shaft once more. Everything else faded away as he watched her milk his cock. The Onekyh, her sister, it all suddenly seemed non-existent. The only thing that mattered was this gorgeous creature kneeling before him.

Jolt after jolt of pleasure shocked through his body and he began to moan his approval, "Yes, yes, that's it. Keep going."

Taria continued to work his cock, ignoring the encouragement. Belar shivered, she was getting better. Her lips now slid easily over the wet surface and her tongue was in constant motion. Belar began to hungrily move his hips, pushing his cock deeper and deeper each time she took him in. Excess saliva escaped her lips and trickled down her chin. He slid his hand behind her head and forced her to speed up. Her head bobbed faster and faster and her ponytail brushed the back of his hand as it swayed with the motion. His seed threatened to burst free and he clenching his butt together to try and hold it off. The pleasure from those amazing lips was too much and he knew he could hold it off no longer.

He felt his seed surge up the shaft and into Taria's unsuspecting mouth. Her eyes opened in surprise and she shot backwards. His cock popped free and continued to convulse, white liquid spurting from its tip and onto her cheek. Belar pointed his face skyward as the orgasm coursed through his body. He felt more semen push free before the orgasm died down. He looked down to see Taria kneeling on the ground spitting the white liquid out of her mouth. A grin split Belar's face.

"Good work," he said, "I think you got it out."

Taria's head shot up angrily and Belar noticed a glob of his semen stuck to her cheek. He liked the sight.

"For a dying man, you sure seemed to enjoy yourself," she said accusingly.

Belar shrugged, "Its not my fault the snake bit me there."

Taria wiped the sticky glob from her cheek and looked at it in disgust, "Is this your seed?"

"Aye, it was the only way to get the poison out."

Taria's eyes narrowed as she wiped her finger on the ground, "We've wasted enough time."

She rose and stormed towards the horses without another word. Belar chuckled quietly and stuffed his limp pecker back into his trousers. Francis was right; it is worth having a priestess of Amur along! Taria had already mounted when Belar started walking. He gave his horse a gentle pat and pulled himself into the saddle. Taria snapped her reins before he finished and surged forward. Belar laughed and followed her down the trail.

Neither one spoke as they traveled deeper. Their surroundings grew steadily darker as less and less sunlight broke through the trees above. Belar pushed the pleasant memories from earlier to the back of his mind and focused on the job at hand. He was on high alert as he scanned the dark gaps between the trees. Taria must have been able to sense his apprehension as she began to look around nervously.

The tiny stone in his pocket quivered and Belar yanked his horse to a stop. Taria pulled beside him and opened her mouth to speak. His hand clamped around it, silencing her. He slowly turned his head and scanned their surroundings. Judging from the light, they were not yet in the forest's heart. The tiny stone continued to shudder and Belar heard the crack of a branch. Whatever it was, it was close. He jumped to the ground and pulled the war hammer free. Taria stared at him, eyes wide with fear.

He tossed her his reins and whispered, "Try to keep the horses under control."

She nodded and clutched them to her chest. The stone was now shaking furiously. He dropped the hammer's head to the dirt and started drawing a circle around them.

"Tell me about the Bolog attack," Belar whispered as he drew.


"Tell me what they did," he said more forcefully this time.

Belar did not look up, but could hear the pain in her voice, "They came in the night; it was the screams that woke us. My mother came to my room and rushed me to the pantry. It was too small for both of us, so she told me to wait inside and she would come for me when she could. She said I had to be strong and no matter what I heard to sit as still as possible. I tried to ask what was happening, but she just put her finger to my lips and told me I had to be quiet. She then emptied a jar of flour over me and closed the door."

Belar stood in the center of the circle and listened to her story. He envisioned himself in the house and that Taria was his daughter. Anger began to course through his veins.

"Shortly after, I heard the crack of a door splintering. I knew whatever had come was trying to get in. I heard my father yell, followed by an ear shattering squeal and his screams. I can still hear those screams."

Rage gripped Belar now. He could see the Bolog breaking into his home, attacking his family. He could hear his family's screams. The branches to his left broke apart and a large beast bounded out. Coarse black hair covered its wolf like body and saliva dripped from its toothy grin. Its yellow eyes burned with hunger. Beside him Taria screamed.

Belar set his feet and brought the hammer up as the beast lunged forward. It slammed into an invisible wall just before it reached them. Belar unleashed a primal roar that it would have been hard pressed to match and charged forward. His eyes were blood red and he was filled with rage, with hate. The beast had only just regained its footing when he burst from the circle. The hammer whistled as it blurred through the air, arcing towards the beast's head. It barely reacted in time and the hammer flew harmlessly past. The beast sprang towards Belar an instant later, hungering for human flesh.

In Belar's heightened state, the attack seemed almost as if in slow motion. He saw the beast leap towards him, maw opening wide. He released the swinging hammer, knowing he would be unable to bring it back in time, and instead dropped his shoulder to charge the beast. His shoulder smashed into the open maw and he pushed the animal backwards. He felt sharp teeth puncture his tunic and dig into his flesh as they started towards the ground. Belar used his weight to drive the beast into the dirt and felt bones break beneath him. The teeth slid free of his flesh and the beast howled in pain. Lost in his rage, Belar lunged at the beast's throat. His teeth found the soft flesh of its neck. Hair and blood filled his mouth as they dug in. The howl turned to panicked yelps and Belar felt claws scrape across his chest and thigh. He ignored the pain and bit deeper, searching for the beating artery. He swung his fist around and pounded the beast's head.

Blood spurted from the corners of Belar's mouth and the claws slowed to a stop. He continued to pummel its head with his fist until a gentle hand touched his back. The limp body fell from his mouth and Belar shot to his feet. Dark blood streamed down his chin. He roared and spun towards the new threat.

"Belar, no!" Taria screamed.

His fist stopped inches away from her outstretched hands and the blood drained from his eyes. His mind cleared and he realized what he had almost done. He slumped to the ground, drained.

Taria rested a hand on his shoulder, "Are you okay?"

Belar closed his eyes and breathed deeply, releasing his rage. Pain flared throughout his body as senses awakened. The beast's claws had left deep cuts in his chest and thigh and his shoulder was in tatters. Belar winced as Taria touched the broken flesh. Warmth began to seep into the wound and he heard her chant.

"Amur bless this wound. Amur bless this wound."

Belar's rage flooded back and his hand shot to her throat. She opened her eyes in surprise and gasped for air as he lifted her from the ground. He could smell her fear. Fueled by the rage, he began to tighten his grip. It was her blue eyes that brought him back. They pierced through the blood lust and ignited his memories. She was Taria, his ally. His grip relaxed and Taria fell to the ground.

"Do not use your magic on me," Belar said through clenched teeth.

Taria nodded between teary-eyed coughs, her chest rising with each deep breath. Belar turned away from the painful sight and limped to his horse. He could not believe the horses were still there. He would have to ask her how she had managed that. The horse whinnied at the blood covering him, but he calmed it with a gentle pat and opened the saddle bag to retrieve one of the healing potions. He popped the stopper free and drained the contents. Hot fire flooded his veins and his hands balled into fists. His skin felt as if two giants were using it to play tug of war. The pain was excruciating. Tears filled his eyes and he fell to his knees.

He rocked back and forth on the ground as the potion took its course. After what seemed lifetime, the fire in his veins started to diminish. The pain dwindled to a dull ache and Belar's hand went to his shoulder. Solid skin met his touch and he verified his chest and thigh as well. Everything checked out. Belar silently thanked Francis and rose to his feet. Taria was still on the ground where Belar had dropped her, sobbing. Belar crossed to her and extended his hand. She backed away like a frightened animal.

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