tagBDSMBelinda's Tail

Belinda's Tail


Belinda had always been one of those girls at the school who could tighten my trousers whenever she was near, so I was pleased to see that she was in my literature class that fall. I don't know if it was pheremones or the sight of her body, but I never tired of imagining her as my lusty little nymph. If she only knew what lewd, shameful things she did with me in my mind... Her big, hazel eyes always looked innocent and curious.

The shine of earnest desire to learn in a young student's eyes is what keeps me in my profession... there is truly nothing like it.

After the third day of class, she stayed after the bell to ask me a few questions. She had been right in the front row, looking at me the whole time, her full, creamy tits nearly squeezing out of the top of her dress. She seemed to cross her legs often, like she was trying to control her lust with shyness.

She had such a nice, simple blue and white little dress, with lacey little frills around the edges, sexy as hell.

My urge to fuck her was a palpable force - she had that firm, rounded sort of plumpness, like an Irish milkmaid, and the sort of pert, round bottom which always seemed thrust out, begging for attention. Her girlish clothes always complimented her shape, and I could sometimes catch a glimpse of white panties when she bent over for dropped pencils. She always seemed to catch my eye when that happened.

So when she was the last to leave, waiting for the others to go before coming up to me, her coy, girlish demeanor made my heart beat faster. And that sweet, high voice of hers was like the sound of sex. She asked a couple of basic but sensible questions, blinking, shy and nervous. I love full lips like hers, the ones that look as good as they taste...

"I'm going back to my office," I ventured, "why don't you walk with me, if you have more questions. Perhaps you could tell me about yourself as well - I like to get to know my students."

"Um, okay..." she said softly, and got her book bag, and joined me down the hall and outside.

My office is conveniently located in my house, just across the street from the north end of the campus, and while we walked through the autumn sunlight and leaves, she told me her story. Her father had died when she was only 9, and her mother had never remarried, and grandfathers and uncles were too far away to see often. She sounded wistful about it, and alluded to "lame" boyfriends. I liked how deferential and respectful she was to me, but I liked it more when she warmed up and seemed friendly, after we had shared a couple little jokes.

In my house, as the door closed behind us, I swear she blushed as she put down her bag on my kitchen table. As she was looking around my little place and commenting on the artwork, I could tell there was something on her mind that she was too shy to bring up.

She brushed against me more than once as I gave her the house tour, and her flushed happiness was as erotic as her soft hands on my arm.

"I think you're a wonderful professor," she blurted out, "I mean... you explain things, and... I get it."

"Thank you," I said, "you seem like a fine student, and I think it will be a pleasure to have you in my class."

She blushed again, and said softly, "I hope I'm a good schoolgirl..."

Not "student." "Schoolgirl." Hmmmm...

I decided to go out on a limb... with a chuckle, I said "Well, I sure hope you're not one of those 'naughty' schoolgirls I've heard about!"

She laughed a little too much, out of nervousness, and drank some of her tea, and there was an awkward silence. Just when I had decided I had just made a bad move, she said with a playful smile, "Why is that, Professor Wilson? What happens to the naughty ones?"

Right then I knew she was mine. This girl wanted to be bent over and... satisfied.

"You don't know?" I said in mock surprise, "Why, they get their bare bottoms spanked, of course! Often bent over the headmaster's desk, or over a teacher's lap!"

"Oh, my!" She said with pretend worry, and put her hands over her open mouth, giggling. We both laughed. "Really? How embarrassing... I've never... I wonder how..." she trailed off.

"Never?" I said, and she shook her head, looking at the floor. I couldn't hold back - "Well, my curious young schoolgirl, would you like me to tell you more?"

"Oh, I just... I mean, I don't..." She was breathing a little harder.

"Well, I think you do, or you wouldn't have asked. Schoolgirls have been spanked in various ways, with various results, in schools like this for years. You might as well learn about it. Just come here and sit on my lap, and I'll answer any questions. After all, a girl should know what the consequences might be if she's ever naughty. Come on, don't worry..."

She shyly got up and came over to the easy chair by my desk. I took hold of her hips and helped her onto my lap. She eased her bottom onto me, wriggling a little, and put her arm around my neck.

"Oh..." she said, "this is... nice... so... what, um, what would happen to me if I were one of those naughty schoolgirls?" She was nervous and blushing, but trying to be casual, and it worked very well.

"Well... I guess you'd probably... be pressing your bottom against me just like... yes, like that..."

"Oh, well! That would be naughty!" she said a little breathlessly. "I'm sorry... but I'm just sitting on your lap... I'm not trying to do anything, Professor. Is... is that better?" She moved a little more.

"Very good..." I said, "Um... so, I would turn up your skirt, and bend you over my desk, peel your panties down and start your spanking..."

"On my bare bottom, with everything... um, showing? If I was naughty?" She was wriggling a little, gyrating against me. She pressed against me and her lips nuzzled my ear. "Like, if... if I acted inappropriately with my teacher? Mmmm... what if I asked about the hard thing in his pants? Would that be naughty?" I could feel her very warm softness, and then our lips met in the steamiest kiss I ever felt. I tasted and held her for a few moments, then I knew I had to take charge.

"Alright, you asked for it, young lady!" I said, and grabber her waist, half carried her to my desk as she squealed "Oooh! What are you doing?"

I bent her over face down on the desk, and lifted up her short dress, revealing a lovely, firm bottom in delicate white panties. "You do know you deserve this, don't you?" I asked.

"Oh, come on, no! I was just asking about-"

SMACK! I gave her a stinging spank, she yelped "OOH!," and started clenching and unclenching her bottom, breathing harder.

"You were doing more than that! You tested me, and now you'll get the results! Those little panties are coming down..." and they did, down to mid thigh, twisted into a soft cord. She squealed "NO! No, you can't!", and wiggled her pert ass back and forth, but she stayed put.

Not ten minutes in my house, and she was bent over and exposed.

That beautiful, round upthrust bottom, quivering a little from her nervous excitement, was so perfect, and so deserving of a lusty fucking... it was hard not to release my raging prick and plunge it into her on the spot. Instead, I had to give my attention to her spanking.

I suspected she would come from being spanked, so shamefully exposed, and she had some dew on her lily already. I brushed her plump little pussy with my knuckle, so she knew I could see it.

"Oh! Nnnng... naughty..." she was barely coherent, and moving her bottom around as if she could not control it.

"Keep that bottom up! Up! Arch your back! Stick it up!" I had to yell to get through to her, and knocked her feet further apart with my foot. She obeyed, and thrust up. "Good girl! Now your naughty little quim, and even your bottom hole, are right in front of me! Yes, your bottom hole! See, I can even touch it..." I tickled it a little. "I know what naughty girls' pussies and bottoms look like, and now I see yours!" She whimpered, nearly crying already.

I put my left hand on the small of her back. "Are you ready, Miss Belinda? You're going to have your bottom spanked for real, and boy, is it going to sting! This is going to be more than you bargained for, young lady. I said, are you ready?"

"Uh-uh-uh, uh, yes, si-"


"Oh! Ooooh! Uh! NNNNNGG! OWEEE! Waaahhhh!"

Oh, man, did I make that bottom quiver and bounce, and how she squealed and panted... I was breathing hard, and so excited I could hardly stand it.

I kept at it, the spanking sounds and her cries ringing through the house. "Stop that wriggling!" SLAP! SMACK! "Control your bottom, Miss!"

"Waaaah-haaa! Ow-weeee! Aaaah! Oh!! OOOWW!" She was wriggling uncontrollably, and it occurred to me that I would have to keep her still somehow... "Aaaaahhh!! Waaaaaaahhhhhh!" Really crying now, and no wonder, with my sharp spanks making her bottom bounce and redden.

Did I dare? Yes. That was it - the only solution. A way to tame that bucking, writhing ass... I couldn't take it any more.

I stopped spanking, and my hands went to my belt and down went my trousers and shorts. She still writhed and whimpered. I got right behind her, and began to caress that beautiful bottom... I got the bottle of hand lotion from the desk, and squirted some onto her now hot pink bottom cheeks, working it in, then some more...

"Uuhhh... ooooh... please... uuhhhhhh..."

"Now, Belinda," I said, a little nervously, "I just can't have you moving around so much... I'm going to have to do something to keep you still..."

"Ohh... I'm sorry! Please... I'm sorry... I can't help it... can't stop moving... uh... please no more... I'm so... so sorry...l" She was crying a little bit, while I put more lotion on her bottom.

"I'm going to... I have to get behind you, and... I have to press up against you now, Belinda... because you wriggle your bottom so much when... when I spank you..." I was barely keeping my hands from shaking. "And... you're going to feel my prick against your bottom now, Sweetie..."

"NNNnng!" She ground her hips involuntarily, whether from fear or lust I don't know, but I had her in my hands, and there was no going back. The feeling of pressing my upright prick into the crack of her bottom, the base of it firmly pressing on her slick, mushy pussy, made me groan and gasp, and she made a high, soft squealing sound, both of us panting.

"OhmyGod! Professor!" She was quivering, and clenched her cheeks against my prick. "Oh, god, this is so naughty of us..."

"Yes," I said breathlessly, "yes, it is... you are a naughty schoolgirl after all... making your professor so hard..." I gripped her hips and pressed harder, my prick sliding deliciously between her bottom cheeks, and I started a fucking motion... I couldn't help it. I rubbed it right against her little pussy and her rosebud...

She started the motion with me, and I had to do something to keep from coming.

"I... I have to finish your spanking now..." I said. "Your bottom is so naughty, you bad girl... rubbing your professor's prick like that..."


"WWAAAAAAH-AAAAH!!! OHHH! EEEEEEE!!! ...Waaaa-haaaaaaa....!!

Her lewd spasms began after six or seven spanks... that girl came so hard, bucking furiously, her pussy grinding against the base of my prick, I had to stop spanking and grab her hips to hold on. The sight of that heaving, thrusting bottom, blushing pink from spanking, slick from the lotion, with my prick sliding up the middle... just thinking of it now gets me hard.

Her motions slowed down, and she was saying "oh, Professor... oh... oh, my god... Professor..." over and over.

"Belinda," I said, "My naughty, shameful girl... I have to see how naughty you are..." I gently started playing with her bottom hole, my finger massaging it, pressing it a little. "Do you like that?"

"Oh! Oh my god! That's bad! Oh... that's... it's... that's really naughty! Professor, you shouldn't... Oh! That's not where... ohhhhh.... ooohh..."

I slowly pushed my finger into her bottom, my prick still pressed against her delicate, plump little pussy.

"OOH! I'm so embarrassed! Oh, god! " Her bottom was slowlly bucking and squeezing my finger, and she was panting, eyes closed, moving back and forth... against her will, her luscious bottom wanted to be fucked. It was inevitable, and my prick knew it.

"But you like it, don't you?" She whimpered and sobbed a little. "You have to learn... what naughty girls get, Sweetie..." There was no denying it, the line had been crossed - I was finger fucking my little student's bottom, and massaging her pussy with my prick, and she was nearly delirious. The strange sensation in her ass was growing, and she was getting used to it.

Girls' bottoms must be gently seduced, even when they are helplessly bent over my desk, and such girls must understand that their naughtiness will only build and swell without loving attention and stinging punishment... I explained all this to Belinda while sliding my prick up and down against her pussy lips and teasing her little rosebud.

She moaned and mewed and sighed, bucking and grinding slowly. I was going to fuck her, and my prick was going to squeeze into that tight, round bottom, and we both knew it. I was going to plunge my rampant prick into a sweet, young little girl's perfect, tender ass...

"I'm going to show you what naughty girls' bottoms want, and what they get, Belinda... You're going to see how bad, spanked girls fuck their professors, when they are so shamefully naughty like you have been... You'll still be a virgin, but you need to be fucked, and fucked well, or else that little quim of yours will get you into trouble... such a sweet, wet little pussy, but I can't really fuck you there, as you know... so we're going to do some very, very naughty things. But remember, it doesn't really count, if it's in your bottom..."

"No, please, professor... that's just... so bad! I must never! That's the naughtiest place! Oh, please... you can't! Uhhh..."

But she kept up her lewd fucking motion against my prick...

"But you're a naughty girl, remember?"

I laid a sharp spank on her bottom, and raised my voice.

"Good girls don't get their little pussies all tingly and steamy when they get spanked! Good girls don't grind their bottoms on their professor's lap! Look how wet and slippery you are down there! And another thing, good girls don't come like you just did from being spanked!"

"Ohmygod-ohmygod.... I can't help it..." She started quivering again.

"I know, Sweetie. But you need to be well fucked, or all that energy will just fester... you need to release it... Now, Belinda, I like you... and I'm going to give you a little treat, but this is very, very naughty. You should never do this. You just... need to learn..."

"Mmmm... huh? A... treat?"

She was still slowly grinding her bottom and plump, juicy quim against me,

"Yes... I think you'll like it. Now, hold still..."

I dropped down, and pressed my face against her upturned pussy, my nose to her rosebud, and I began to twirl and probe with my tongue. I did it for a few minutes, tasting her slippery salty pussy, as her spasms increased, and finally, with a finger tickling her little love button, I moved my face up a little, and took the plunge - I stabbed my stiff, long tongue right up her bottom hole, at least a couple inches. I was vigorously probing and licking her ass inside, and she squealed with delight.

Her anus clenched around my tongue hard, but I kept thrusting a little more, until I was tired, and I got up.

"Did you like your treat?" I whispered into her ear, my prick once again nestled between her cheeks.

"Oh...OH! oh, my god... I'm so embarrassed..." she gasped, "...but it was so... good... oh, I love that... your tongue, it was up my bottom! I can't believe you stuck your tongue up my bottom hole!" She was amazed... "Oh, my... I never knew...oh... Professor?"


She was nearly whispering... "I'm kinda scared... is your... your prick really.... is it going to fit in my bottom?"

"I think so, Sweetie. We're going to find out now... just hold on to the edge of the desk, that's it... now, just relax... stick your bottom up for me, yes, that's good..."

She was a little frightened of the unknown, and it was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I got a handful of lotion, and coated my prick... her little pink pucker was already slick from the licking and the lotion, and her bottom was ready.

She quivered a little, as my cockhead pressed against her bottom hole, and I began to slowly squeeze it in... She yelped a surprised "OOH!" when the head slipped in... I held her hips, and grunted a little as I pushed... What a picture we made, a lusty little girl bent wantonly over the desk, impaled on a man's cock.

"Oooooooh!! Uh! Oh, my GOD! OH, that is so BAAAAD!" She was gasping and whimpering, but I pushed on... my prick could barely squeeze into her bottom. "OH, Professor, this is so bad.. oh, my god, this is the naughtiest thing ever... Ooooh!"

"Yes.. it is..." I grunted, squeezing in a bit more...

"Oh... oh, god... Professor, I need something!"

"Yes, what?"

"Can I... it feels so strange, and it's just... too naughty, and I want..."

"It's okay, Sweetie, what is it?"

Both of us were breathing hard, and I was almost fully up her tight, round little bottom.

"I want to pretend you're my Daddy!" she blurted. "Because - well it's not as bad if I pretend you're my Daddy, please? Can I? Then I have to do it! ...Can I pretend?"

I almost came, but managed to grunt "Yes! Oh, yes, Sweetie!"

Slowly, I began sliding back and forth, right up into her bottom, and she slowly began to push back, and soon we were really, fully fucking - slapping sounds, her squeals, moans, wet sounds, and she was crying out in such a cute, high little girl voice...

"OH, Daddy... be my Daddy... OHGOD! Oooooh.... Daddy, you're.... your prick... right up my bottom!! Uh! BAD DADDY!! Ohmygod this is so naughty....DADDY! OOOHH!! Oh, Daddy, this is really... bad... Oh, Daddy!! Not.. supposed to... UUhhhh!! ...Fuck your little Belinda's bottom!! OHGODOHGOD!!

"Oh, yes," I gasped, "Daddy's big prick is... right up your bottom.... such a naughty little ass... Fucking you in the naughty place... Bad girl! Uhhh... so bad..."

She writhed and bucked and squealed, and whimpered, and cried... but she kept fucking me with that plump, bouncing bottom, and sobbing out tears with wave after wave of spasming orgasm...

"OH, Daddy!! Sp - spank! Spank me... This is naughty, Daddy!! I can't... AAAH! WAAAAAA-HAAA! OW-WEEEE!" I slapped and spanked her quivering bottom, as vigorously as we were fucking...


She was full on wailing, the tears flowing, out of her mind with a growing orgasm and the stinging spanks, and her ass was gripping and spasmodically clenching on my prick. Her pussy was soaking my balls, as I held her full, firm tits, kissed her neck, and thrust into her bottom again and again...


I held onto her vigorously writhing hips, grunting, watching my shiny prick impale that luscious ass, her pussy making both of us steamy and slick...

Then I spanked her hard one last time, gripped her hips, and thrust deeply into her heaving bottom, and as her screams reached the highest pitch, I exploded, and kept exploding, for about an hour, within about ten seconds...

The next thing I remember, we were on the couch, nestled together, and my prick was still inside her, and she was kissing me, and making soft, happy sounds. We snuggled and fondled and kissed and held each other for a long time...

Now it's several months later, and it seems like about once a week or so, young Belinda will get caught in some unbecoming behavior, and she will have to learn it all, all over again. But I suppose the girl needs a daddy to guide her, at least some of the time.

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