Bello's Dog


She pounded her fist into his face once more. A trickle of dark red liquid fell from his nose and lingered at his lip.

His eyes closed again as he grunted against the pain, but when they reopened, the defiance was back.

"That it princess?" He paused to spit the blood out of his mouth and readjust himself in his restraints in the chair, his hands behind his back. "You can hit me as hard and as long as you like...but you'll still be just one of Bello's dogs...just his whore. I won't tell you shit." He chuckled.

She turned on her heel to get some momentum and swung her leg up to catch his jaw with her leather boot. Standard issue for the rebels, leather boots, dark hardwearing jeans, white vest, black jacket. Occasionally when the weather got bad out here, which was often, they got a bulky padded coat too. But in this July heat, when the days were dry and scorching, and the nights sweaty and humid; those coats stayed mothballed in a cupboard somewhere.

Right now, after working up a sweat beating this captive to a pulp, Lola stood in her vest, the perspiration dripping down her chest and back. She wiped the blood off her knuckles onto the already dirty material of her jeans and nudged the moaning man in the chair.

"Call me a whore again." She was a woman of few words. This was the first sentence she'd uttered during today's beating.

She waited to see his mouth turn up in a smile and he started to spit out the word, when the heel of her hand came up to his nose again, another fountain of blood spilling out. Down his already bloodied white shirt and jeans. The crimson swirling in patterns as it mixed with the sweat soaked material.

A buzz of a walkie talkie distracted her, and a few mumbled words that Alex couldn't work out through the haze of unconsciousness, had her shrugging on her jacket and leaving.

Alex sat and waited, Bello would surely be here again soon, waiting to see if he was ready to talk. It was only day three, and from the reports he'd heard back at the headquarters, the torture got increasingly worse. He'd seen nothing yet.

That Lola...Lola Neive, he knew her name from the police files they had on the rebels. Pretty little thing, vicious too. He thought to himself. Kidnapped by the gang when she was young, maybe for use as leverage, her parents were high up in the government at the time, but once they died, a terrorist attack he recalled, she stuck with them. They trained her up; she became a real little fighter. Knew how to hurt people, knew where to strike. Well, he knew that first hand.

Alex wasn't big in the police, only knew what he read in the few reports he'd been allowed to see, but he had potential in the field, smart, strong, fast. They put him in special ops and assigned him to this mission. Following dozens of others who had failed. He needed to gather information about an upcoming heist. But this lot were tight knit, and a slip up by his partner had them caught. His partner took a bullet for his mistake, and they kept Alex to torture something out of him. They could try.

Bello did make an appearance. Alex pulled his aching head up high, the lights blurred his vision but he put on a brave face...don't let them see weakness.

"Alexander Savos" It wasn't a question, so Alex stayed still, staring the overweight sweating man out.

"My little friend, Neive, she worked you over good. But she has so much more in the barrel." He pulled up a chair and sat inches away from Alex, mopping his brow with a handkerchief before carrying on.

"So...You going to answer me yet? Who's your mole?" Bello asked it casually, if he didn't want to answer yet, Bello could enjoy another day of watching Lola at work.

Alex tried to pull his mouth up into a smile, but his cracked lips stung. "Fuck you." He spat out.

Bello gave a dark chuckle and stood up.

"I won't but Lola certainly will." He left the room, taking one last look at Alex before turning away.

Lola did. He spent two more hours in that room. Silent except for the thuds of his flesh being pummelled, and the slaps as she brought him back to consciousness.

He was dragged back to his room at some point. A dark damp room with just a hard mattress and a disgusting toilet that gave the room a wet, gag inducing smell.

He tried to sleep, knowing that he would get an hour or two max before the beating began again.

But he tossed and turned, the noises outside his door kept him in a fitful half sleep. His body craved the rest, but outside his door, bangs and shouted voices seemed to be getting closer.

He gave up all together when something slammed into his door. He stood, startled and pressed his face to the wall, listening in, he heard the clink of a key, and before he had chance, she came whirling in. She had the door locked behind her before she even noticed him. When she did, she scowled.

" Well just sit the fuck down and keep it zipped. They're just having a few little problems out there. So I'm staying out of the way while they kill each other off. Got it?" She placed the set of keys in her back pocket and pushed past Alex to sit on the mattress.

Alex made a note of the bloody handprints across the white material and the bruise forming around her left eye. So she's not infallible.

Anger filled him, but hope as well. He had a chance out of here. Before he had chance to rethink He flung himself on her, watched her eyes open in shock as he landed over her.

She was quick, but he was strong and unrestrained now. She struggled under him, bringing her knee up to his crotch and her fist up to his face before he could stop her. She reached to the waistband of her pants, to reach for her gun, but he had caught her out, took her by surprise.

He backhanded her hard and flipped her onto her stomach, straddling her back, scattering the gun across the floor.

A stream of profanities left her mouth.

"Quiet now, we don't want those blood thirsty bastards out there finding you do we..." He laughed. Oh how the tables had turned.

Lola lay still. Shock took over her mind. She should have never gave him a chance like that, how stupid she was! She let her guard down.

Alex spoke quietly as he started to rip material from the crusty mattress to bind her hands.

"Now. We are going to stay here, and you are going to shut the fuck up. And when they quiet down out there. You are going to get me out. And I'm not going to hurt you...too much. Ok?"

Lola stayed silent. If he just shifted a little, she could get some force to flip them over, but he held fast and the material ripped at her skin as he tightened it around her wrists.

When she was bound, he flipped her over again, and she lay under him panting. Her teeth clenched and her eyes burning. Her chest heaved and pressed hard nipples up into the thin material.

Alex slid off her, a bulge beginning to form in his pants that she didn't need to know about.

He looked down and watched her struggle.

"Nice tits." The words slipped out of his mouth. And he chuckled to himself, not sure how that was the first thing that came to mind.

"Well look all you want...I've seen your pathetic excuse for a cock when they brought you in and washed you down. It's not impressive. Laughable maybe."

Alex chuckled at her cute attempt to anger him. He debated giving her a few good hard slaps to teach her some manners, but something else came to mind.

"Ok...Don't mind if I do." He smiled and brought both hands to the hem of her vest. In one sharp tug he ripped it up the entire length, leaving two flaps of material hanging by her sides.

She gasped, and her face turned an adorable shade of red.

Alex joined her in a gasp; he was expecting tits, but nothing like these. Perfect little mounds sat high on her chest. Pale pink nipples, hard and begging to be sucked. He quickly turned the gasp into a grunt of approvable. Keeping up appearances.

He pressed his palms against them and exhaled a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"You fucking pervert, you fucking touch me, and you'll never get out of here alive." She made sure to keep her voice low.

He didn't reply, he ripped another chuck of material off and tied it around her mouth, gagging her. Her muffled cries of anger turned to sobs as Alex twisted the soft velvet skin of her aching nipples around his thumbs.

He looked at her now wet face and his cock grew larger again...Fuck, what was he doing.

He had torn at her laces before he could stop himself, her boots slipping off, and he peeled the jeans down her legs. Avoiding her kicks with ease.

"Oh fuck." He moaned. Perfect perky body, pale and taut flesh inviting him. She wore black panties and nothing else. And Alex could see a small dark patch forming already were her thighs met.

"You are a whore after all." He leaned in close to panties and inhaled, holding her still when she squirmed away.

"Wet already. You want this." He laughed and rubbed small circles across her shaking stomach.

"Shall I show you how much I want this...?" He asked. Looking up at her face to see her shake her head. Begging him to stop. Tears fell thick and fast now.

Alex rose to his feet and undressed. Watching her eyes follows his moves, hearing her whimpers.

When his underwear slid to the floor and his cock sprung free, she squealed and tried to shuffle back, but he caught her ankles and brought her into the middle of the mattress again. Her jokes about his 'pathetic' cock, were unfounded.

He was very very ready. But teasing her was far too fun to end it all now...

He pressed his face to the junction of her thighs again and watched her head lift up. Her eyes wide as she watched him pull down her panties with his teeth, flicking them to the floor. His hands held her thighs wide and she shivered under him, he leaned in and pressed his mouth to her warm flesh.

Her head falling back as she whimpered again. Alex chuckled at the sound, the vibrations causing her whimper to turn swiftly into a groan.

Alex wondered if she would cum like this...As he pressed his tongue against her clit, and she moaned and writhed under him, he knew she could.

He pressed his face against her harder, flicking his tongue back and forth. She ground her hips up to meet him, lost now and needy.

As he lifted one hand to plunge a finger deep inside her, she bucked and started to clench deep within. Her breathing erratic and her whole body tense. Alex held his mouth firm and enjoyed the mewing sounds she made as she came down from her orgasm. Her bucking turned to little spasms and eventually she stilled, her breathing heavy.

Alex rose up to lie next to her again, untying the gag and waiting for her to speak...would she?

"Please. Stop this..Please let me go." The brave strong woman had fled, leaving behind a scared little girl. Lola looked up at him and new tears started to roll.

"Please.." She looked up at him, with her best scared vulnerable little girl eyes and prayed.

Alex smiled and stroked her face, wiping away the tears.

"I won't ruin your pretty little cunt, I wouldn't do that to you."

She gave a weak somewhat confused smile. If only he knew, she wouldn't dare tell him, a bastard like him would make her suffer for it...

Alex took her arm and rolled her onto her stomach, settling in between her thighs. Lola relaxed, assuming that her ties would now we released. But Alex didn't touch her bindings. He spread her cheeks wide and pressed his head against her tiny puckered arsehole.

" no no..please" She struggled with renewed vigour now, thrashing and shouting under him.

Alex pressed her face into the bed and pressed his cock into her.

She was so tight. Too tight maybe. She must be here? With these animals? Never fucked in her arse? Wow.

With a satisfying pop, his head entered her hole and he couldn't help the guttural growl that fell from his mouth. She was screaming out into the mattress, her fingers clenched into her forearms hard enough to draw blood.

"this is what you want isn't it...fucking whore. This is what you need."

She was in agony, he had just given her a wonderful, albeit forced, orgasm. And now this horrible burning stretching pain. She squeezed her eyes shut and hoped to god it would be quick.

His thrusts were slow at first, measured and controlled. But her tight hole clenching around him was too much, and he rode her like an animal. Thrusting hard and quick. Humping her soft flesh into the hard mattress. The blood serving for lube.

She gave up screaming, the sobbing returned and when she had the strength to lift her head from the mattress, she took raggedy pained breaths in.

His grunting matched the rate of the thrusting now and he felt his balls tighten.

"oh yess..come on precious..come on"

he slid his hand under her and pressed his fingers against her clit again, rubbing furiously in time with his fucking. She shook violently under him and he felt warm wet fluid cover his hand as she came again. Lola cursed herself. He followed shortly after, filling her hole with his cum and collapsing on top of her.

He unbound her arms, knowing that he was safe from her escaping for now, she lay sleeping quietly on the bed. Bruises starting to show on her pale arse.

He retrieved the keys from her jeans and once dressed, pressed them into his own pocket.

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