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Heavy lidded eyes slowly opened against darkness. Trying to lift her arms to wipe at her eyes Jasmine realized to her horror that her wrists were held immobile above her head, her feet barely touching the floor. She realized to her horror and embarrassment that she was completely naked. She screamed into the darkness and received an evil chuckle in return.

"Scream all you like my dear; not many can hear you here and those that do hear your cries, don't care," a silky voice said. She jerked her face away from the hand that brushed her cheek.

"Where am I? Who are you? What do you want?" her questions flying from her lips, her heart racing in her chest. She was panicking and there was no way she could stop herself. Remembering where she had been before now was hard, but she succeeded.

Jasmine had been strolling through the woods behind her father's home when she had heard what sounded like someone following her. Frightened as she was she thought quickly and instead of turning around and running blindly back home, she took a path that would lead her in a large loop right back to her home. Though she still heard the sounds of her follower occasionally as she walked, she kept to a normal pace until the house was in sight. As soon as she saw the familiar shape of the house she had broken into a run.

After taking no more than three steps she found herself out of breath and on the ground with a heavy weight on her chest. Looking up she wanted to scream but her voice wouldn't come. Suddenly she was lifted and carried away. He moved with supernatural speed. So quickly he moved that Jasmine soon fainted from the nausea his speed caused.

She had no idea how long she had been unconscious, but here she was. Bound and apparently blindfolded, her heart racing as she feared for her life. His response to her questions jarred her back to the here and now.

"You are in my home now. I am Thomas, but you shall call me Master. And I will take whatever I wish from you whenever I desire." The beating of her heart only increased as she listened. His voice had come closer to her as he spoke, until finally she could feel his lips on her ear as he finished his statement.

She turned her head trying to get as far away from him as her restraints would allow. Suddenly there was something sharp at the back of her head, a quick tug, and the blindfold fell away. Jasmine squinted her eyes expecting to be blinded by a sudden flood of light, but when she finally opened them there were only a few candles in the room.

The room itself was round, with her being in the direct center. The walls were of stone with only one door that she could see. No windows were visible. There were several long tables placed against the walls around the room, along with some other contraptions that Jasmine had no idea what their uses might be.

She finally looked at the man who held her captive as he walked back around to face her. He was tall, darkly handsome, with a square jaw and short cropped blond hair. The eyes were what bothered her though, if not for those solid black eyes, she could have been attracted to this man. Those eyes held something she couldn't identify, but it felt like pure evil.

Her arms were aching from being held aloft, the metal of the manacles biting into her wrists. Trying to avoid looking into his eyes and distracted by the pain in her arms, Jasmine didn't notice that he had moved again to stand behind her. His hands on her back startled her, making her jerk away from his touch. The manacles bit deeper into her flesh as she pulled against them.

"Resistance is no use to you now, my pet. You should give in and relax; fighting will only make this more painful for you." He paused as his fingernail traced a line down her spine to the ripe curve of her ass. His hand cupped the firm globe as he spoke again.

"Or maybe you should fight; that would be more fun for me," he whispered against her ear. His breath was warm against her skin. Her skin crawled as his lips touched her shoulder, then moved up the column of her neck. She had one brief moment of panic when she felt the sharp points of his teeth against the skin of her throat. Quickly the panic passed only to be replaced with pure terror as she felt those sharp points pierce her flesh.

She tried to pull away only to have his hands grab her and hold her to him as he drained her life force from her. Slowly, she felt her pulse slow as everything went dim. Before the darkness engulfed her she felt him remove his mouth from her, only to place his open wrist at her lips. She tried to force the foul liquid from her mouth only to have him press harder, forcing her to drink from him. After a few moments, everything went black as she felt her heart still.

Again, Jasmine awoke a time later to darkness. She was not blindfolded, but was just in a darkened room. Her limbs felt heavy and stiff. She was finally able to sit up on the hard slab of rock she had been lying on. At the same moment she was about to rise to investigate the room, the door opened and Thomas entered the room.

"Come with me," he said as he reached to her neck and attached a length of rope to the leather collar he had placed around her throat as she slept. He then led her out of the room down several hallways, and around many corners until they were back in the circular room where she had awoken earlier. He ran the rope through a ring in the ceiling pulling it tight, making her stand straight with her feet flat on the floor. Tying the rope off, he walked across the room to one of the tables. He slowly folded the cloth back to reveal several whips of varying lengths and materials. The panic inside Jasmine rose forcefully to the surface as she eyed the vicious looking strips of leather.

"You look confused my dear." That silky voice spoke as his hands moved over the instruments of torture on the table.

"But I suppose you do at least deserve to know what you have become. You are now a vampire, like me. And in this world you belong to me, because I am the one who turned you. I am your Master. As such I will use you I as I choose." The panic returned at those words, terror filling her even as she realized the import of his words. She was given little time to dwell on the new information as she felt the first crack of the whip against her back.

Crying out in pain, her knees gave way and the collar around her neck began to cut off her circulation. As quickly as she could, she got her feet back under her and stood again. She could feel the blood trickling down her back and the tears falling down her face as she did her best to stand tall and not strangle herself. Again and again the whip cut through the air and into her flesh.

Several hours passed as Thomas handled the whip, slicing open her back, legs and arms. Listening with growing arousal to her screams and cries. Then when she looked as though she would pass out and cut off her breathing, he stopped and pulled a rope hanging by the door.

A moment later a servant entered the room. Thomas walked with the boy to the center of the room. He lifted the boy's arm, taking his fingernail and cutting into his wrist just across the blue artery that ran just beneath the skin.

"You should feed; I want you strong and healed for round two." Thomas said maliciously as he thrust the boy's wrist beneath her nose. Jasmine turned her head as the scent of the youth's blood hit her nostrils.

"No," she said sharply. She was not going to take the life of the child to sate her new hunger, even if her body was screaming at her to bite into the wound and drink her fill. As the scent grew stronger, she felt a tingling in her mouth and felt her incisors lengthen considerably. Thomas stood there holding the open wound in front of her face, the blood oozing from the gash, the scent of it filling the air.

Finally Thomas grew tired of waiting and forced her head down, her mouth opening instinctively to cry out. Her teeth bit into the boys arms as it was pushed into her mouth. As soon as the blood touched her tongue, she was lost. The liquid flowed thick and rich into her mouth and she swallowed greedily. After several mouthfuls Jasmine remembered what she was doing and jerked her mouth away. Disgusted with herself for behaving like she knew her captor probably would.

"Rest now pet," Thomas said as he looked into her eyes. An evil grin played at his lips as she realized he was doing something to her mind. She didn't know what, and even if she did she was still too weak and inexperienced to defend herself against it. Then the darkness descended again.

The next few days were much like the first. Her wounds from the previous sessions would disappear as she rested, only to be replaced by new ones each day. Thomas would take her to the circular room, torture her until she could no longer stand and then force her to feed. Jasmine had lost almost all hope of escape by the end of the first week. Her heart ached at the loss of her own life, and the lives she was being forced to take. Already she had quit crying out at the touch of the whip. The pain was now in her heart not in her flesh.

Jasmine's face was blank as they entered the room yet again. She let her eyes scan the room and wondered at the object in the center of the room where she was usually tied. Thomas led her over to it and shoved her down. She was bent at the middle over this thing. He tied her wrists and ankles to the legs of the device and stepped away.

"You have become accustomed to the whip. We shall try something new this time," he said as he walked around her, lightly touching her body here and there. Then he walked over to the wall and removed his robes. Naked, he chose a different whip from the table and strode back to where she was tied down.

She could see the muscles bulging under his flesh as he walked. Her eyes widening as she looked upon the thick member hanging between his thighs. Her mind tried to grasp the thought that a new terror awaited her this time. Then all thought was ripped away as the tiny stones tied to the ends of the whip cut into her back.

Over and over the whip cut into her back, thighs, and buttocks. Each time she cried out she could hear his chuckle at her pain. He walked around her laying the whip across her flesh. As he rounded her head she noticed he was becoming aroused as he inflicted pain upon her. Several times she felt the warmth of his tongue as he lapped at the blood coming from her back.

Then he was behind her and she knew what was about to happen. She felt his hands on her ass, groping and moving the blood around to cover the globes instead of just trickling down her legs. She felt him at her entrance, her most private place; she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, waiting for this most awful violation.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside of the door. Thomas jerked away from the girl as the door burst inward, followed by several men. They were all advancing on the nude vampire with swords drawn and, Jasmine was shocked to notice, fangs bared. Quickly, Thomas moved toward one of the candleholders in the wall and jerked it down. A hidden panel slid away and the vampire was through it into the darkness before the others could stop him. All but one of the men raced after Thomas.

The one remaining vampire ran over to Jasmine. He released her and lifted her off the table. Grabbing the robe Thomas had left behind, he wrapped her in it and carried her down and out of what she could now see was a huge castle.

"I am Raife. What's your name?" the vampire said as he laid her gently next to a small pond at the edge of the forest outside.

"Jasmine," she whispered. "Why did you save me? What are you going to do with me?" She was slowly trying to inch away from him as she spoke.

"Calm yourself little one. I am here to help you. I am going to clean your wounds and then you will rest so they can heal. But we must hurry; the sun will be rising soon."

As he gently cleaned her cuts, Jasmine looked over her shoulder at the vampire who had saved her. He was very handsome. Long raven black hair hung halfway down his back and his eyes were a light blue, almost silver. She remembered his height as he carried her and the way the muscles in his chest rippled as he moved.

Shaking her head to remove the thoughts, she turned her head away from him. She had just been rescued from torture and almost rape, and here she was thinking what this man's full lips would feel like against hers. She had to get away.

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