tagNonHumanBeloved Ch. 05

Beloved Ch. 05


Jasmine woke slowly, allowing her achy muscles to stretch and her mind to come into focus. Her heart rate kicked up a notch at the delicious memories of the soreness brought back to her. Turning to look on the face of her savior, she again thought of her plan to leave.

Even after having making love with him she still felt she needed to get far from him. She was torn now though. She really liked this handsome man with the chiseled jaw and the silvery hair falling over his sleeping face. She had felt that he wanted her. But, her mind kept coming round to the fact that she was damaged, possibly beyond repair.

The things Thomas had done to her had to have warped her in some way. She just knew it. She also felt that this handsome brave man shouldn't have to continue to deal with her problems. She also didn't think she could handle rejection from him.

As quietly as possible, she left his room and found her way back to her own room. Finding Isleen in the hall, she inquired about a meal and a bath.

"Certainly, Milady. Would you like Seamus or may I offer myself?" the small blond asked quietly.

"I think Seamus may be getting a bit attached. So yes you may offer and I accept. Thank you." Jasmine responded with a small giggle. Thinking of the look on Seamus' face the last time had come into her head. The pleasure on his face had made her think he had been thinking about something entirely other than her feeding from him.

As she waited for Isleen to return with bath water, she began packing her bag. When she had packed all of the cloths into the bag she shoved to the farthest corner of the wardrobe, then sat on the edge of the bed.

She had been sitting for only a few minutes when the girl returned with several others carrying buckets of warm water. When the tub was filled, all but Isleen left and Jasmine fed. After Isleen too had gone, Jasmine disrobed and stepped into the large tub, allowing herself to remember the wonderful feelings Raife had given her.

Finishing her bath, she decided to leave the following evening. She would be far from here before he even knew she was gone. Stepping from the tub she found a large fluffy towel and dried herself. Just as she was sliding her arms into a light robe, there was a loud knock on her door.

"Just a moment." She called as she finished covering herself. Before she could finish tying the sash, the door burst open and Raife stomped into her room.

"Why did you leave me?" He asked just a little too harshly, the worry for her coloring his words.

" I...I...I wanted a bath." She stammered in the face of what she perceived to be his anger.

"Why did you not wake me? You could have bathed in my room?" his voice softening bit in response to fear he could feel coming off her in waves. When she didn't respond e continued.

"Have you fed yet?" he asked her softly.

"Yes." She whispered.

"Good. I must meet with my men; I will be unavailable for awhile. Can you find something to occupy yourself?" He said, as his eyes traveled her form clad in only the robe. If he didn't leave soon he would ravish her again, and he didn't want to push her too far too quickly. At her almost imperceptible nod he turned and headed toward his office.

He found his own meal and mentally called to his men, to check if they were within his range yet. If not he could have a few moments alone to calm himself. He had thought that having had her once would be enough. Now he knew it never would be. Just seeing her had him hard and aching yet again.

With no answer he continued to his off ice to ponder the evening's events so far. When he had awoken to her gone he had nearly flown from the room to find her. He was shocked and angered at himself for not hearing her leave his bed. He needed to be more aware. And he needed to find Thomas and dispatch him so that he could finally be somewhat calm when she was not in his sight.

The fear he felt as he had spoken to her had hurt him right through to his heart. He hadn't realized until then that he had been so harsh with his words. Hopefully after his meetings were finished and his men situated he could go to her and explain that he had only feared for her.

Shaking his head he called to his men once more, he needed to get her out of his head if only for a few moments.

"Dominic. Cian. Are you close?" He asked mentally.

"Just walked through the front door actually." Dominic responded.

"In my office. WE need to talk before you find your rooms."

'Shortly the men stood before him. Both standing at attention awaiting the orders of their leader.

"Have our men been sent? Have they got any leads yet?" Raife began, asking the most important questions he could think of. This time Cian answered.

"Yes, they were given instructions yesterday. We have not received news yet from them. But they were told to check in mentally daily. The appointed hour has not yet arrived."

"Fine. Do you both have your things? I'll show you to your rooms myself. But first I must reiterate the rules in my home. First you may only feed from my people if they are willing. No killing in my home. My people or otherwise."

Dominic and Cian both did their best to hide their laughter.

"Sir. If I may interrupt your tirade. How many years have you known us? How long have we been working together? This woman must have you in quite a tizzy if you can't even remember that we are not that kind of people." Dominic said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"No offense sir, but we are slightly offended that you could think that of us." Cian added, sounding sincerely hurt.

" Ok, you're right; she does have me quite a bit out of sorts. She is going to be mine. I have fallen in love with her." Raife stated.

Then it started both of his best men, his highest lieutenants, were poking fun at the mighty leader felled by love. He led them to their rooms thinking again of the fear he had felt from her.

"I need to go to the next village tonight. I need you two to remain here and protect Jasmine." Raife told them at doors to their rooms.

"The nearest village is a full night's travel, even for our kind." Cian said.

"I know, I will have to find somewhere to spend tomorrow and I will return before the next sunrise. Please keep her safe." Raife said as he turned to go to her room.


Jasmine stood by the bed replaying what Raife had just told her. He was leaving. He would be gone for almost two full nights. Her heart ached that he was leaving her but her mind was yelling that this made her plan even easier. She could leave and not have to slip past him. He had said he was heading to the village to the east. She decided she would head west.

She spent the rest of the night in the huge library. She read what little she could find on vampire lore, and then she searched for maps of the area. She memorized every, cave and cavern between here and the next town, hoping she could make it to these places before the sun came up each day.

She had even made a plan as to what to do with herself when she got there. She would be a barmaid. It would be easy enough to make money arriving after dark each night. As the sun neared, she thought she had done the best she could in time she had allowed herself. After finding a meal and bathing she went to bed. Thinking of her one night with Raife she drifted off to sleep.


Dominic found the servants and requested meals for the both of them. He had decided that Alice would fulfill his desires quite nicely for the evening. He gently steered her toward the bed and sat her down.

"Does Raife fuck you when he feeds?" he asked her as he trailed his lips across her ear. He felt her shudder against him as she responded to his touch.

"No. He doesn't. But the bite is always pleasurable." She whispered.

"Are you willing to let me make it better?"

His fingertips slid gently up and down the flesh of her arms, as he noted her slight nod. He kissed his way from her ear to her lips, letting her feel the sharp points of his fangs as he bit her bottom lip gently. She moaned and pressed her body closer to him.

The desire he aroused in her was not from the trance like state Raife normally used. This was sheer lust and passion, brought forth by a man touching her flesh for the first time in a long while. Goosebumps prickled her skin as he continued his assault.

"So pretty." He whispered as his fingers deftly removed her dress and apron. Soon she was naked, her flesh bared to him and he hungrily drank in the sight of her. He could smell her arousal, as he kissed his way down the column of her throat and across her stomach to the juncture of her thighs.

Holding her down with one arm across her hips, he licked at her folds. Pressing between the puffy lips, he savored the taste of her. Flicking his tongue across her bud, he felt her lose control. Her hips bucked and he continued to lick against her. He plunged his tongue deep inside her channel and felt her hand pulling roughly at his hair.

The curses that crossed her lips as she came against his mouth had him almost coming undone. He was hot and hard, ready to be inside her. Quickly he moved up her body, biting a nipple as he went. He pressed his lips to hers for a passionate kiss before he left the bed for a brief moment to rid himself of his clothes.

Returning to the bed, Dominic flipped Alice onto her stomach and pulled her hips up to meet his. He rubbed his hardness against her wet, swollen flesh for a moment. Feeling her press back against him was all he needed. He quickly placed himself at her entrance pushed inside in one solid stroke.

Crying out loudly, Alice nearly came again just from his penetration. He gave her a split second to recover before he began thrusting hard and fast into her.

His hands moved over her body, one began flicking at clit, the other moving to squeeze her ample breast and pinched her hardened nipple.

She threw her head back and moaned loudly again at the pleasure he was bringing her. AS her climax neared yet again, Dominic lifted her from the bed and pressed her back to his chest. His arm around her midsection, and his cock pistoning inside her were all that kept her upright as her orgasm neared.

Dominic knew what was coming and knew also he was close as well. Also he knew just what would bring them both crashing over the edge into bliss. He moved her hair off her neck and began licking and kissing her neck, right over her pulse point. Just when he felt he could go no longer, he bit down and tasted the lust laden flavor of her blood explode on his tongue.

He felt her hot sheath clamp down on his cock as she came apart in his arms. He thrust a few more times before he exploded himself, emptying his seed inside her.

Exhausted they both fell to the bed. In moments they were asleep.


Dominic awoke and noticed the empty bed next to him. Oh well, he thought to himself. He had hoped she wouldn't be too clingy. He tried to remind most of his conquests that he wasn't ready for a relationship of any kind. Many of his trysts were more than one night stands, but none lasted longer than a few weeks of hot sex, and him sating his thirst.

He rose and a found a servant to draw him a bath. As he sat in the warm water thinking about his duty, and wondering hwy Raife had left to begin with, he suddenly got the distinct feeling something was wrong. He rose from the tub and went to his door. Before he could get it opened he smelled the smoke.

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