tagNonHumanBeneath a Full Moon Ch. 02

Beneath a Full Moon Ch. 02


"What do you mean, we should move on to our winter quarters? Summer just started."

My voice was raspy as I tried to control my inner beast. I hated having my plans thwarted for any reason. True, my pack had no idea why I wanted to stay in this small town, and I was not about to enlighten them just yet. I wanted to lash out at the pert wolf that had opened their mouth to start this stupid debate.

"Look, Shelly, pickings are slim here. There are no night creatures in this place. We cannot fight. We cannot hunt. It is time to move on."

My second in command, Roberto, spoke to quell my need to rage. By pointing out what I knew to be true, he deflated my anger and calmed me.

"Ok, Berto. I get the point. Give me a few days. I have things to tend to. Things that will not wait til the next time we travel back this way."

I nodded at the rest of my pack and stalked off. I had planned on snooping around this evening, anyway. I needed a real name and address to go with the phantom woman I was beginning to think I had imagined.

I got into my rental car and started the engine. Leaning back, I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to drift back through time. Back to the time, three weeks ago, when I had met and lost her.

I had awakened to daylight. Rolling over, I stretched out my arm, only to feel the coolness of silk sheets. My mystery woman was gone. There was no trace of her, except for her scent and the tang of blood in the air. Anger coursed through me. I had hoped that I had given her reason enough to awaken with me. So that I could learn her real name, where she could be found. Instead, she had snuck away. Maybe my need had frightened her away? The thought that I had come on too strongly had me growling. I bounced out of bed and paced the floor, stooping to pick up a length of black scarf from the foot of my bed. I held it to my nose and caught her scent. I could find her. All I had to do was look.

Opening my eyes, I put the car in drive. Tonight was the night. If I had to drive this damned town all night long, I would find her.

The moon was riding high in the dark velvet sky when I sensed her coming out of a small corner store, a plastic bag in her hand. I followed behind her, far enough away that my rental car wouldn't startle her. Eventually, I saw her stop and reach into her jacket. She pulled out a key and unlocked the door of the brownstone she had stopped in front of.

I parked my car and got out a block away. Then it was a simple case of getting the address and her name from the mailbox outside. I laughed when I saw how close her real name was to the name she had given me the night we met: Shari and Sheri (pronounced Cherie) could be kissin' kin. Pulling a small notebook from my pocket. I jotted down her name and address, determined to return on the morrow. Just then the door opened and she stepped out.

"Hello again. You couldn't just leave well enough alone, could you?"

Her tone of voice startled me. It had never once occurred to me that she would greet me with such hostility. I took a step closer, noticing the bruise on the side of her face, even though she stayed to the shadow to try and hide it.

"Come here, Shari. I want to see you in the light."

I could tell the change was coming, more quickly than I had thought possible. Someone else had hurt her. I could feel my anger at such desecration. No one had the right to touch her face!!

"Look, I don't want a scene and I damn sure ain't coming near you while you mouth is growing teeth as long as my pinky finger. Why couldn't you have just forgotten about me? You told me you would leave me alone."

I shook away the anger and focused on her words. This had happened because she had been with me. More than likely it was the guy she had told me about.

"You do not wish to see me again? Is that why you snuck from my bed?"

My voice became a low husky growl as I stalked toward her. Within a foot of her I smelled her, that scent of lust, fear, need.

"I don't know why you choose to protect someone that would hurt you without your consent, but that has nothing to do with me."

I caught her in my embrace, pulling her close, burying my nose behind her ear, whispering, softly.

"You left my bed without a word, Shari. I know it isn't because I scared you or hurt you. Your multiple orgasms from my teeth, tongue, hands and cock lend truth to my words. Did you scamper away to avoid the scene you were going to have to deal with, hmmmm?

By now my hands were roaming her body, pinching, caressing, stroking. I tugged her closer and traced my hand over her buttock before sweeping around the front and pressing the seam of her jeans into her cunt. A quick intake of air, a whisper: no, yes, please? I backed up and released her, my smile wolfishly wide.

"I leave in 3 days, my pet. You know where I am staying. You know what I want. Come to me, if you dare."

I left her there, her eyes wide, her scent still on my hands. I left her there beneath the silver moon and walked away. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. I hope this gamble pays off. Goddess knows, I need her much more than she will ever need me. If she is real with herself, she will see it as well. My actions will do one of two things: bring her closer or chase her completely away.

The second night found me pacing the floor. She hadn't been near my house. I would have known had she come. I would have smelled her. I was angry inside. I pushed her too far, too fast.

I stalked into my weight room and took a few moments to stretch before pulling on lightweight gloves to work the heavy bag. Left, right, left, right, each punch coming harder and faster until I was moving the bag at least a foot with each blow. I could hear that slight *twang* as the chain snapped back and forth. I stopped, sweat streaming down my face and moved to the speed bag. Left, left, left, right. Left, left, left, right. The rhythm was smooth and I bounced with each jab and hook. Eventually I sped up, hitting the bag fast enough that it soon became a blur. My mind had just begun to empty itself when I heard the doorbell.

I stalked silently to the door and sniffed. I smelled baby powder and soft heated flesh. It was she! I opened the door and stepped back, motioning her inside. She dropped silently to her knees before me, her head down, a swirl of dark hair covering her face.

"Come with me."

I turned to keep from yanking her to her feet and led her into the bright lights of my kitchen.

"Stand up."

She did so, her head still bowed. I could sense her fear and under that something else. It reminded me of vanilla...peace, contentment. She was here for me, even if she had convinced herself it was something else.

"Head up, pretty one. Look at me."

The bruise on her face was muted: green, purple and yellow. I noted a mark on her neck and knew that if I went further down, I would see still more marks to piss me off.

"Why did you come?" My voice was strident as I fought to control my anger, my wanting.

Her dark eyes snapped up at that question and gazed deeply into my own.

"I came because you wanted me." Her voice: husky, quiet.

"There was no other reason?"

"Yes, ma'am. I came because I wanted to."

I nodded at this, my heart filled to the brim with the knowledge that I had not scared her away, after all.

"Good. Strip for me, please. Place your clothing on the table."

Her hands moved of the own accord, removing shirt and pant, with no hesitancy. Her bra (black lace) and panties (the same) soon joined the pile. She had kicked off her shoes upon entering the kitchen, so she now stood ready for inspection.

Her marks did not extend beyond her face, though I noted some swelling across her thighs and belly that had probably come from a cane. My fingers traced her skin gently, probing and caressing as I watched her face and checked her scent. Each place that caused a sharp spike in temperature I made note of: the backs of her thighs, bottom of her belly, her calves. These were places that hadn't healed completely. I would avoid them for the nonce.

"Come then Shari. We will go upstairs."

She stopped me with a look and then a hesitant almost whisper.

"I have a suitcase outside. May I get it?"

I turned to her, watching the blood rush to her cheeks. Either she had left her other or she was leaving town in the morning. At the moment, it did not matter which one it was. Yet, I had to know.

"Why did you bring your suitcase?"

"I brought my suitcase so that I would not have to return home. If you do not want me here then I will go elsewhere."

I shook my head slightly. I had not expected her to want to stay. Part of me wondered why, but I pushed that thought away. It was enough that she was here. I motioned for her to follow and went back to the front door.

"Where did you hide it?"

"Behind those bushes."

I opened the door and retrieved the case. Turning around I handed it to her.

"Now then, love, follow me. We have much new ground to explore this day."

She said nothing, but followed me up the stairs, suitcase in hand.

I led her into my bedroom and motioned for her to drop her case and come forward. She moved slowly, almost dreamily, and I smiled as she came to my side.

"Do you see my cross?"

She nodded.

"Well, I would like to try you on it. Follow me."

The next few minutes was filled with a bit of work. Tilting the cross down, I placed her on it, stretching her arms out and keeping her feet together. Next I wound a length of rope up and over her shoulders and upper arms; left side first, then the right. I checked the connection, making sure she would not be able to slip out or fall and then I moved the cross back to it's original position. She was now hanging, all of the pressure upon her arms and the cross which supported her weight. I grinned slightly and moved away to better look at her. Her hair draped her shoulders, her dark eyes were closed, her skin fairly flushed.

I took a moment to locate (and pick up) my wheel; it's edges sharp and shiny in the low light. Then I began to work: running the edges lightly over her foot, up her leg, her belly, circling her heavy breast with the sharpness. I took my time coming down the opposite side, leaving a track of red pin spots over her pale skin. I could feel her intensity as she focused on the sensation, not painful, only sharp and prickly. I leaned forward to inhale her scent as I finished running the whartenburg wheel over skin.

"You smell ripe; love. Let's see what I can do to help you along."

I spent a few moments, tilting the cross back on it's axis, so that she was once more horizontal. Then I spread her thighs and inserted a small silver motorized egg. I turned it on and closed her legs, using a length of rope to tie her feet together, further anchoring her to the cross. My sensitive ears picked up the slight buzz as I took a moment to lave each nipple with my tongue. As they hardened, I groped for and found, two small screw type nipple clamps. Using my teeth, I yanked each one until it was fully erect and added the clamps. Her scent wafted over me, feral and rich.

"OK, back up now."

I returned the cross to its original position and then stepped away to watch her as the egg did its job. Her body strained ever so slightly against her bonds and with each slight contraction, her belly flexed.

"I will be back."

I left her there, oozing and cumming, up like a criminal on my cross and walked downstairs. I needed a drink and after this, she would as well. All told, she had been hanging for about 15 minutes. I figured another 10 or so and then I would release her, to massage her skin before starting something new.

After getting a drink, I took a moment to heat up some massage oil before heading back to my room and the lovely woman bound to the cross.

Her scent hit me as soon as I entered. Her body was flushed, covered in sweat and shaking. I placed the oil by my bed side and then walked to the cross.

"Are you ready to come down now, darlin?" My voice was low, almost purring in the heat of the room.

"Yes, ma'am."

I tilted the cross back and, starting with her ankles; I removed the shibari rope from her body, trailing my nails over the light track marks from the wheel and the ropes. Soon she was free and I scooped her up into my arms and strode with her to the
bed, lying her gently upon it before returning to the cross to clean it and move it back to it's proper position.

"Over on your belly."

It took only a few moments for her to flip over and for me to reach her side. Pouring warm oil on my hands, I began to give her a massage, using my hands and arms to loosen every muscle in her back. Then the sound of the egg caught my attention. I laughed at myself. How the hell could I have forgotten to take out the egg? "Spread your thighs." I tugged to pull it loose, before turning it off.

"Do the clamps hurt?"

"No, ma'am."

Grabbing a hand full of her hair, I jerked her up so that I could see her face.

"I am not a Ma'am. You will call me Shelly or Sir, never Ma'am. Understood?"

She gasped from the sudden pain but answered me, quickly.

"Yes, Shelly. I apologize."

"Good girl."

I went back to the massage, working the oil into her skin with long, soothing strokes. My fingertips put pressure on the knotted muscles in her lower back before moving downward. Thighs, calves, feet...all got the treatment before I flipped her over. My fingers then went to work on the clamps, unscrewing them quickly. I bent my head to take each reddened nubbin into the warmth of my mouth, sucking gently, flicking my tongue over and around. Her breath sped up from the pleasurable pain, but she never made a sound.

I poured the rest of the warmed oil on her belly and chest, drizzling it down over the front of her legs. My fingers went back to work, moving in circles over her collarbones and shoulders, her breasts, belly and hips. Long strokes made short work of her legs.
She looked so relaxed that I almost wanted to stop for the night.
The wolf in me wouldn't allow it, not until I had fed.

"Get up and help me strip, Shari."

She sat up, her eyes hazy with some unknown emotion and climbed off the bed. Her hands made short work of my clothing and she knelt by my feet, awaiting further instruction.

"We are going to play a game. You can not cum until I do."

She got back on the bed and lay down. I followed her and lay the opposite way, my face planted between her thighs. My lips and nose found her clit and began to suck, gently. I could feel her hesitant mouth on me and it damn near sent me over. I ground my pubis down on her mouth before spreading her inner labia and running my tongue down to her vaginal opening. I began to tongue fuck her, using the fingers of my left hand to lightly circle and pinch her hard clit.

Her body was shaking. I knew she was close but I did not ease off. Instead I inserted 2 fingers into her hole and began sucking her clitoris; long deep pulls in tandem with my finger fucking. Her own mouth was latched onto me: licking, sucking, and teasing. I could feel the explosion about to hit and I rocked against her mouth, whimpering into the warmth of her cunt that lay wetly splayed beneath my questing fingers and mouth.

I came, a nice deep one which shook me to my core. After gathering my bearings, I increased the friction inside of her and the movements of my mouth and tongue. A shiver, body tossing, and I had her. I moved down to latch my mouth onto her hole and sucked, pinching her clit with my other hand until she finally cried out.

Now, now I could sleep.

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