tagNonHumanBen'hamin Ch. 07

Ben'hamin Ch. 07


For the first time since hearing this story, Dirge prayed the nurse had not suffered too much that night. "When they woke camped along the road the next morning, they had a dead nurse and a squalling babe, and no clue what to do." He smiled in sympathy, probably for the poor pitiful male.

"They took me into the nearest town asking around for a new nurse. As luck had it, Andy found the dead nurse and carried her body into town for a claiming. He didn't know any who knew her and speculated about the new men in town. But," Dirge held up a hand to pause the story, "Andy says he knew exactly what had happened."

"When we passed near where she lay, I stopped screaming and reached toward her with a grin. None of the kidnappers noticed this. Andy was a young warrior and his temper grew hot at the mistreatment of the unknown nurse, but it grew more so when he discovered their intent to hire a new nurse."

"Honorable, young man," Everest mumbled, "most people would not have made it their problem."

"Well, I don't know where he was beforehand, but as it were...Andy's father is there and Andy says, 'These men are attempting to lure another unsuspecting young mother into the same fate. Dear father, we cannot allow this! The poor babe needs caring for, but we cannot allow them to use the infant to kill young women in such a shameless way.'"

"His father asks him if he is more concerned for their women, or the little baby."

"Andy frowns not understanding. He tells him 'both' fiercely and asks if it makes a difference."

"His father states cautiously that 'the most honest thing to do also requires the most work'. He then goes on to explain that if they leave the babe with the men, it will need a nurse putting women in danger. If they take it away, it will need a nurse, no danger, but someone must adopt the poor child."

"His words did not have the intended reaction. Andy's father wanted him to think about what he was doing more carefully because of the potential consequences."

"Andy swore foully and raced away! Andy rushed up and killed all of the men except one who he questions about the infants relatives. Only the man was too afraid to talk," Dirge explained.

"Finally, he kills him too and questions the locals trying to trace their path backwards. It takes him months to learn that the men had traveled on a ship from this continent and had traveled overland to that ship from the capital city."

"By now, I am nearly two-years-old and constantly at his side."

"He walks into the capital with me asking his usual questions about missing men and an infant. Because of the items wrapped in the blanket, they recognized who I was and several people attacked him for various reasons."

"Andy was captured three times trying to rescue me. It is a long story about how brave, determined, and downright stubborn a pissed off male can be," she said with a fond smile.

"Then eventually, he grabs me up and runs to the castle seeking sanctuary. He prayed in the church for ten whole hours before my father came...as he did every day...to pray for my return. They talked for a long time."

"My dad didn't immediately realize that the infant was his lost daughter until Andy explained the entire story. My father told his own tale hoping against all odds that this stranger held the key to finally being reunited with his child."

"Andy showed him the babe..."

"The king was stupefied. He told Andy he would never want for anything his kingdom could grant so long as he lived. Andy was a hero of the realm. He told him that he would personally see to it that Andy could never be harmed in this kingdom so long as Andy lived," Dirge stated ruefully.

Not wanting her to dwell on the end of that, Everest mused thoughtfully, "That is quite a story." Everest escorted her back to her own room in silence. "You should rest, sugar, you need your sleep."

Everest didn't return for nearly three days where she practically slept the entire duration to make up for the energy she spent getting up. Then, he roused her for dinner once more.

"I hope you feel better, my queen. People are asking about you all over town," he teased. "Would you like to come to the hall after dinner? No business," he was quick to assure her, "not for you, anyway. I just think people should see you are alive."

She nodded letting him chat away for several hours before walking with her to the hall. Her bed chaise was gone. In its place was a much smaller, softer chaise. It was still big enough to accommodate two people. She lay down on it trying to ignore everyone's stares of surprise...and curiosity.

Everest began to discuss business almost immediately. Dirge found herself slipping in and out of sleep. Before long a familiar sound woke her and she sat up just enough to scan the room. It was filled with the usual regulars and many who were unknown to her.

There was the usual collaboration of uniquely gorgeous men in showy, flashy outfits that bared a great deal of skin to anyone curious enough to look at them. It was fairly normal for people to look and dress that way, so Dirge ignored them despite the lust-filled eyes that followed their movements.

There was a tall, brawny male with dual swords crossed at his back. Unusual because he wore only a loincloth and gauzy pants over his leather boots, she thought as she studied him. His bared chest was a picture of rippling manhood like sculpted stone that seemed to gleam in the light of the halls torches. He had hair as white as his skin that curled in a riot of motion.

There was a harem of youths dressed outrageously in flashy outfits of every color in a far corner of the hall. They were loud and happy, a motley crew of boys and girls with hair and skin as colorful as the outfits they wore. None of them were too young to be sex slaves, or old enough to be warriors. They were thin, lithe and supple. Someone paid good money for them. Someone was not worried they would be stolen away, or escape either, she noticed.

Also, a tax collector stood ill-at-ease waiting impatiently for Everest's attention. Everest would not be happy to see him standing there! Obviously, the tax collector had been waiting long enough to grow sullen and irritable. Usually, it was her job to comfort him while he waited, but due to her absence he knew better than to ask.

Two slaves stood at his elbow holding files and mountains of paperwork that the tax collector was too lazy to carry himself. The two looked miserable. It was apparent they did not like belonging to him. It was shame to waste the two. They were lovely.

There was a bulky figure standing against a wall near the banquet table with his head bowed. The large slave was sporting thick chains on his thick, bronzed wrists heavily cloaked and concealed by a thick material from head-to-toe. Only those overly large, manly hands were within sight.

There was a very short, frail boy...He stood in the concealed, muscleman slave's shadow huddled there even though the big slave ignored him. Brown-white hair with a touch of red-yellow shorn to the height of his ears peaked out of his own thick, concealing cloak. She could see olive toned, brown-white skin running over the boy's thin, far-too-scrawny arms.

And there...that must have been what woke her, she thought in amused disgust as she looked beyond them to the banquet tables.

Piggy was back. The short, balding man was just as chubby as ever. He was eyeing the banquet table and talking to two other men who were regular traders in town.

"Are you hungry?" Dirge gasped and turned back to Everest with pinkened cheeks. He was smiling patiently. "You sleep well among the noise."

"I have had a great deal of practice," she murmured.

"Have I treated you so abysmally? You should spank me for that," he advised with a sly sort of grin.

"I will consider it if you bring me a bowl of fig pudding," she begged adorably.

"Done, princess..." Everest leaned over and kissed her lightly before striding across the room to dish up a bowl of her favorite dessert.

Piggy met him there and Everest grinned speaking to him at once. The others around the room remained content for the king to call them forward.

Piggy's more friendly nature was not normal behavior. If he had that much in common with Everest, he was certainly bad news. A shudder of apprehension passed through her when Piggy's glance swiveled in her direction, obviously curious.

Everest finally left the table and brought the bowl of pudding to her with a spoon. "What did he want," she found herself asking.

"Who? Piggy," he whispered with a smirk. She flushed realizing he had read her rude thoughts about the man. "He says he wanted to know if you were better. It was genuine concern. He says you looked very bad when he was here last...and much better today," he informed her.

He studied the flush on her face and nodded. "He is right. You do look better. How are you feeling?" Everest certainly knew how to play the role of a concerned husband, Dirge thought sourly.

"No more soreness or bleeding...just tired," she answered truthfully. There was no point in trying to lie to a psychic.

"Your little pig is unusual, sweetie. I cannot browse through his mind like I usually do most people. His prisoner is completely blocked. All I get from him is a dark rage," Everest stated with amusement.

"The man in chains," she asked startled. "What did he do to be treated so?"

"Last time he was here...Piggy, I mean...he was with a boy that was in chains. Now, he has a boy slave and a big man...I don't really know. I am curious, too."

"Why don't you ask him? I am surprised you let him wander around when you don't know what business he is in."

"He is in the business of trafficking live flesh...non animal." Everest smiled at her grimace of displeasure. "I am merely interested in the details of it. Who does he run them for...what purpose? That kind of thing," he speculated.

The pudding was making her thirsty. She refused to ask for a second item from him, but he realized she had a need and went to fetch it.

It gave him another opportunity to talk to his resident slave trader, Dirge noticed.

Everest escorted her to her room early on so she could regain the strength the day's excursion had taken from her. She slept off and on for the remainder of the day.

During the night, Dirge felt a familiar presence close around her. She didn't wake. In fact, she slept more deeply than she had since her parent's deaths.

Dirge woke feeling warm all over and her body still felt the impression of a man curled up against her back.

There was no one there, but Dirge could almost smell him. It didn't feel, or smell, like Everest. The fact that she woke up content with a feeling of security and happiness baffled her. She must have dreamed it, Dirge decided dismissively after a lengthy contemplation.

When she dressed and wandered around the room, Dirge found a small, white flower sitting on her vanity table. The tiny bloom was smaller than her fingernail just sitting there where it used to sit so long ago.

Dirge held her breath in surprise, not daring to breathe, as if it would make the tiny flower flutter away if she exhaled. She darted a glance around, but there was still no one in the room.

Everest came to see her later in the morning advising her attendants to lock her in soundly and only open the doors when hell froze over.

She asked him what had happened. He told her Piggy's prisoner had escaped in the night. The merchant was hunting him down and fully expected to find him soon.

He was still loose that night, however. It disturbed Dirge deeply wondering if he had been the one in her room. It made her sleep more restless that night.

Again, Dirge nearly surfaced from sleep with the impression of arms...a large arm curled and locked over her stomach and a thick, muscular arm pillowed under her head. The chest breathed evenly comfortable with simply holding her. The presence was like an old remembered dream, but she could not remember why.

When she recalled the escaped prisoner, her heart raced in fear. Sharp teeth nipped lightly on the back of her neck and latched on gently as a low, rumbling purr tugged her back to sleep.

Dirge woke this time to the feel of a light kiss on the side of her neck and a man rolling away from her. His scent was sharp this time and she recognized it!

Before she could turn over and see him, she heard his voice in the early dawn. "Sleep, Destiny...just sleep for me." Andy, her mind screamed. Andy really was alive! He had come back to her!

She woke the second time that morning groggy from too much rest as Everest walked in, but then she remembered and her heart leapt in excitement!

Everest sat on the bed and studied her. His expression told her distinctly that he knew. "I am sure I am wrong," she said swiftly in his defense. "It can't be him...Why would he come back?"

"Maybe he didn't have a choice," Everest said thoughtfully. "He came back in chains. Perhaps seeing you only gave him the motivation he needed to escape," he suggested. "Then, he couldn't resist. Maybe he heard you were injured," he mused, "that would do it."

"Or he just saw you the other day and realized he missed you." Everest shrugged. "I have no doubt it is him, and he is not very fond of me right now, I would think."

"I have already called in extra people to hunt him down. Perhaps," he stated firmly, "he will simply be driven away again without any harm."

"Maybe," she agreed, but silently she disagreed. Andy had curled up to her when she was a child, but when she began to really notice the feel of it...it had stopped abruptly. Now, it was Andy reminding her of what he once did not want her to feel.

"He had come for you, hasn't he? It may have been an accident, but news of your near death concerned him. I think he is planning to steal you if you will agree to leave us." Everest fingered the sheet absently. "Are you going to leave, Destiny?"

"Why are you calling me that? You haven't acted nice, or called me Destiny, in a long time, Everest," she complained in confusion.

"Shh...don't ask that, princess."

His finger tapped her nose and lips before stretching back to run lazily over her cheek and jaw. It was an old move that he had done often while courting her. Sure enough, it curled around the nape of her neck just as his face descended for a kiss. Her breath left in a rush!

"Oh, my Gods, you are really going to kill him this time!" He pulled back to frown down at her as he felt the sudden fear tense her body. "Aren't you? You are only sweet when you are planning murder! I knew..."

Everest hushed her with gently persuasive kisses nibbling his way over her obstinate mouth with the skill of a man who had once won her vulnerable, young heart. "Everes..."

He took advantage of that momentary protest to push deeper into her shifting his body closer as he used both hands to carefully cup her face. The chemicals on his tongue instantly set a dull throb to aching in her nether regions.

Dirge shivered as chills rushed along her skin! "Destiny," he teased as he pulled on her lips with his teeth to infuriate her, "you taste just the way I remember you!"

"Funny," she panted unable to catch her breathe, "I don't recollect you at all!" It was a lie...Oh, he knew it was a lie!

Everest laughed trailing deliberate kisses down her collar. "Then, I think it is past time I reminded you." He laved attention to her breasts, dipping his head for a very long stroke of his tongue as he held and moved it in his hand. "Gods, Destiny," he whispered enjoying the view. "You filled out better than I expected, you know?"

"No, I do not know...You have been fucking me for hundreds of years, Everest. I have been right here!"

"True, you were here being fucked," he agreed distractedly. Then, he glanced up at her with a heated look of lust. "You haven't been made love to by me in a long time, princess. Relax...I won't hurt you; I know what I am doing."

"That is what I am afraid of, actually."

Everest chuckled pushing away the sheets as he continued to explore her voluptuous little form. "Gods, you are so soft, sweetie," he purred petting her skin everywhere he could reach and nibbling over her sensitive ribs and tummy.

His hands were driving her crazy. No one but Everest knew that subtle brushes of skin caused her blood to race quicker than suckling a pert nipple! The sound of his voice was the icing on the cake. His vocals moved and her body was his to command! That gentle purr was wicked!

"You smell so sweet, princess. I forgot how wonderful you feel in my arms. You tempt me to stay curled up in your lap for eternity," he whispered making her mind fill with silly dreams of him loving her gently for the rest of their days.

Then, she gasped and moaned in a desperate protest, "Oh, Gods, no, Everest!" It was too late!

He seized her between his teeth and purred sending a gentle vibration around the knot of bundled nerves. Her entire body trembled in response flowing with moisture that met his probing fingers the instant they parted her flesh!

He turned her over on a sudden impulse to ram his fingers deep into her ass. Dirge jerked in surprise! "Everest, what are you...Oh, my..."

Everest fed his dick into her carefully. He knew it had never been done to her before, but he also knew that many fingers had been worked into it often enough in the past to widen it for him.

The entrance was far smoother than he would have believed possible and her tight ass clenched him as hard as a virginal youth...male, of course, he added in a sudden, wicked thought.

"Oh, Gods, princess...that is fine! So tight and perfect," he whispered coarsely in a daze of barely contained lust.

He moved gently, spreading her legs and working the clean fingers of his other hand into her front. He massaged his own dick up in there stretching her entrance around his fingers as he did so.

The side of his hand tugged along her swollen clit as he fucked both ends slowly but forcefully, and using more skill than she had thought he would have knowledge of.

When she orgasmed, it was so hard she found herself screaming and seeing dark spots framed by light in her vision.

Everest moved far faster and harder against her sending her muscles into meltdown as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her. The spots grew and she fell to the bed. Everest removed his hand and spread her legs wider as he shoved up hard and deep clamping his arms down over her shoulders to help pull his body up.

Then, he ground his hips at the top of the upstroke and swelling within her to bursting! A growling groan and a gasp signaled his loss of control before bursting in harsh spasms inside of her.

He nibbled her neck in exhausted pleasure purring against her as he held her close. "I should have done that to you the second I saw you," he sighed.

"I don't want to spoil the moment," Dirge gasped content to lie there with his weight collapsed upon her, "but who the Gods are you?"

Everest laughed merrily cuddled up slightly to the side of her. "I am your husband, princess...just your husband." Dirge sighed shaking her head as she drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Everest waited before he could fall asleep with her. He felt the other presence in the room and quietly ignored him.

He could also sense how disturbed the man was mentally. Everest waited to see if he would make a move.

When he did not, he carefully disentangled his limbs from his wife and left the room, leaving the creature he assumed was Andy alone with his wife. He instead went in search of the kitchens.

Dev and Kiev were there, but Dev was quick to excuse himself, leaving the room quickly behind him. "My lord, can I get you anything?"

"Yes, please...A full carafe of wine, a small loaf of herb bread, and some very rare meat. You can bring it to my room when it is done," he said waving distractedly at him over his shoulder as he left. Kiev looked nervous and he didn't want to give the young man a reason to back out of it.

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