tagSci-Fi & FantasyBerserker Child Ch. 02

Berserker Child Ch. 02


Second chapter everyone!! Hope you enjoy it, all comments and votes welcome!



Olivia bent over the wash stand and dry heaved. What the hell happened out there? All she could think about was the feeling of battle humming through her blood and finally pooling around her lions. A soft moan echoed through the room and Olivia turned from the bowl of water. She sat on her bed and held her head in her hands, as she look around her sparse room she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror.

Her ash-brown hair had more of a grey glint to it then normal, but she saw something that made her stand up. Her feet shuffled toward the long mirror and she gasped. Something black was running under her shirt. Olivia ripped the white undershirt off and stared awestruck at her skin. Black swirls ran around her neck, over her shoulders, down her chest, across her breasts, and stopped in a sunburst pattern on her stomach.

Although beautiful, her mind wouldn't focus on how they got there. Tattoos were forbidden by the council members. Nobody in the village could have them, just like women couldn't cut their hair and men couldn't have long hair.

Pulling herself together, she took one step away from the mirror and turned to walk away, when her eyes caught another marking on her back right above the top of her pants. Half a heart lay facing up with crimson ink dripping from the design.

The young female heard the gong outside ring the hour out and she grabbed her shirt and slipped it back over her head. What was she going to tell the council members, that the tattoos just appeared out of nowhere and that she had nothing to do with it? They'll think I'm crazy, she thought.

Her feet hit the golden dust of the wagon cut road outside at a dead run. She had to see Master Thomas and explain that she never meant to hurt him. 'yes you did' Olivia stumbled as she heard the voice. Her shapely head looked around for the source of the whisper but could see no one in sight. 'I'm right here my dear.' She realized the whispering was coming from her own head and salty tears spilled down her cheeks. Why couldn't her life just be simple.

'because that's not who you are' the voice hissed in her ear

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Olivia screamed out, her feet pounded into the earth as she ran for the edge of the forest. She couldn't face the council, she couldn't face her mentor, she had failed. Her sobs echoed through the thick bush. Why couldn't she please her father's memory. More and more tears came down to stain the white of her shirt as branches snagged her hair and scratched her face.

Her feet lead her blindly into the woods, not caring for anything, as her grief filled her mind, making her weep in sorrow.


Unknown to Olivia she was being watched. The forest had long be the realm of the dark elves and the moment she set foot in the shadow of the trees she had a mark on her. Kaane watched her with his oil-spill eyes. His sharp ears picked out that the human female was alone, while his eyes saw she had no weapon on her person. A smirk graced his blue-black skin as he slipped around the tree and disappeared into the growing night.


Olivia tripped and hit a pile of soft leaves, she saw her hands buried in the dark humus and cried out. The tattoos had spread around her fingers and they had bled under her finger tips making her nail black with red tips. She lifted her head and saw that darkness had fallen and blue shadows surrounded her. She also realized that she had no weapon, no means of fire, and she was hopelessly lost.

Grunting in the underbrush caught her attention, whatever it was it could be potentially dangerous. Olivia's brown eyes flickered about her trying to find some means of a weapon, but none presented itself. 'Damn' she thought, 'I run from the council right into the hands of darkness itself.'

Her eyes caught a fairly straight branch about 7 feet above where she was crouched, she bunched the muscles in her legs and jump upward. Her hands caught the branch and she swung upward just as a large troll made his way under her. His rumbling roar filled the forest, and the inhabitants knew he had found himself a meal.


Kaane watch the little human trip and saw her cry out but his attention was diverted when a strong huffing and a disgusting odor assaulted his nose. A stab of fear speared through him when he remembered the girl on the ground. She could not protect herself from a troll.

He climbed down several branches ready to pull her up should she be spotted. As he looked down at her he notice that she realized something was hunting her. Kaane saw the muscles clench in her legs and saw her jump just as a bull troll burst through the timber straight at the small mortal.


Her leg scrabbled against the tree truck as she lifted her weight up the tree. As she gained height, she realized that the troll was staring at her. The grey skinned beast with black warts and piggy eyes glared at her hungrily. She stuck her tongue out at it and laughed. Her adrenaline making her stupid and reckless. The enormous bull troll roared and charged the tree. But instead of hitting the tree head on, he showed some semblance of intelligence and began shaking the tree back and forth.

Olivia screamed and tried to hold on to the branch below her, just as she was about to slip off. A large, rough hand grabbed her shirt and hosted her further up the tree. Her scream made the dark elf above her grimace. "Shut up!" he yelled at the shrieking girl, and shook her for good measure. Her screaming stopped and he gave a sigh of relief. 'damn she was loud.' Then he notice the girl in his arms had fainted away. His attention was drawn back to the troll shaking the tree and he laughed at the beast and completely disappeared from the area taking the beast's dinner with him.


Rough leaves and rock underneath her woke Olivia from her slumber, 'where am I?' she thought. She opened her eyes and looked around, her eyes widened as she thought of the troll, she was in a clearing with a small fire that flickered blue and green, with figures running around chasing each other. As she got closer to the fire her attention was focused on the figure on the other side of the writhing flame. She squeaked and fell backwards at the visage before her. Instead of the troll, a rugged blue black face grinned at her. White hair cascaded around his shoulders in loose waves.

Olivia swallowed, he was beautiful. When she met his gaze all the colors of the rainbow danced in them. A energy was washing off him and was mingling with hers across the flames. She took a deep breath and stood up at the same moment he got to his feet. Although she was average for a female, he was a giant. 6 foot 5 at least and all hard muscle. Olivia's heart started beating faster and she nearly moaned as the fluidness in his moments as he step toward her.

She took one step back for each of his steps forward. Her hands flew out and she stuttered, "Sir I am grateful for you saving me but please let me on my way and I'll gladly leave"

A rough chuckle came out of plush kissable lips, "I think not, you nearly busted my ear drums with that scream and you nearly got both of us killed by a full grown troll because you couldn't resist a little fun"

Olivia gasped, "You're the one who grabbed me and then so rudely told me to shut up?!"

"Right you are my dear, see elf ears are quite a bit better then yours and you hurt my ears and I require an apology." the dark elf grinned evilly.

"I'm sorry for hurting your ears." she managed to choke out as his gazed turned predatory.

His eyes left her face and traveled down her ample curves and back up finally landed on her soft pink lips. She unconsciously licked them, and drew a growl from his chest. He made a dive for her and she rolled to the left avoiding his grip. Kaane didn't know why he suddenly wanted her so badly but his senses could smell her slight arousal and something in him responded.

Olivia scrabbled to her feet about to take off and gained four feet when a heavy weight hit her back. She was flipped over and was face to face with her savior. She saw hunger in those oil slick eyes and felt an answering echo in her body. 'take him!' the voice in her whispered and she moaned as she felt his lips trace her jaw bone.

"WAIT!" she cried out. "What?" his husky voice whispered in her ear making her shiver.

"What's your name?" Olivia asked quietly. He turned his head and look in her eyes, "Kaane, what's yours little one?" he asked as he continued to lick and suck his way along her neck and collar bone, nipping when she squeaked out, "Olivia."

His hand slipped beneath her shirt and Olivia tried to wiggle out of his grasp and was rewarded with a hard nip on her neck and a growl. "Wait, what are you doing?!" she yelled at his hand brushed the underside of one breast. "I'm taking my reward, Olivia" he said as his hand grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled upward. The moment his eyes refocused on her skin, he grunted in surprise. Olivia blushed as he stared at the new tattoo marks across her skin. Her breath caught when he lowered his head and ran his tongue around the lines tracing upward toward her breasts.

The shooting feelings started low in her stomach and the combination of his silky hair and rough tongue was traced up her skin was driving her crazy. She moaned and lifted her hips off the hard ground and ground them into his. At his groan she met his eyes and saw his widen in surprise. But she was already to far gone as she latched onto his lips with her own. Hunger filled her stomach. She wanted him desperately and couldn't wait. "Please, I need you!" She pleaded, he appeased her by jerking of his shirt as she watch with hungry eyes.

The look of lust and need nearly had him coming then and there. His hand undid his leather breaches and they pooled in the soft grass at his feet. He saw a look a surprise and fear as she caught a glimpse of his weapon. He comforted her with a searing kiss and his tongue explore her mouth and he sucked her tongue into his mouth and his hands undid her pants and slipped them down her muscular thighs. His hands then slipped past the cotton underwear she was wearing and found soft curls and liquid heat.

He groaned in her mouth as he felt her core, and she let out a gasp as he touch her smoldering bud. His hands grasped her underwear down and off in one sift motion. Olivia felt his hardness against her belly and knew what she wanted. Her hands ran down his bluish colored chest and rock hard abs and touch him. Kaane jerked in her hand and he push her head back into the ground as he ravished her mouth.

"Kaane, please." Olivia whispered, his hand reached down and grabbed her butt in his hands and thrust into her. His length stretching her, taking her flower. She screamed an animalistic scream and bit into his shoulder, he grunted when he realized she broke his skin as he started thrusting.

Higher and higher she soared. This was love, this was need. Her hips lifted and fell in time with his. She ignored the pain and concentrated on the pleasure of his hard body rubbing into hers. His breath and even his hair mixed with hers. They met each others eyes and let go. She shrieked to the heavens and as she was spasming around him, he roared and let go. They collapsed, breathing hard. He licked the salt of her skin as she shivered. He looked down at the tiny human and saw she had fainted away. He slipped out of her slowly and picked her limp body up, admiring the way her skin reflected the light.

He laid her down on her back by the fire and stretched out beside her. Drawn to the warmth of the blanket beneath her she rolled over on her stomach. Kaane watch her butt muscles move and remembered the power in them. He quickly hardened. He quietly chuckled to himself. How could he want someone so much, he didn't even know her.

His eyes roamed to the small of her back and he saw two halves of a swirling heart tattoo roping together right before his eyes. A surprised cry came from his mouth as he sat up, he look closely at the mended heart and saw a jagged line that was pushed together in the middle of the heart. He frown but decided to leave it for another day. And he cuddled against her warm body and sank into a light but restful sleep.

I hope you enjoyed the story. More will be posted soon!!!

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