tagSci-Fi & FantasyBerserker Child Ch. 03

Berserker Child Ch. 03


3rd chapter everyone! Thanks for the comments! I am looking for an editor, so be patient please!



The first thing Olivia noticed when she opened her eyes was a large, muscular body next to hers. Seeing his eyes closed, she leaned forward to look at his pretty, salt colored eyelashes. They were nearly longer then hers; she stopped herself just before her finger brushed them. She looked away with a gulp, and then looked back down. She found his eyes watching her. She shrieked and rolled backwards.

Kaane groaned and held his head. "Do you have to scream?"

When Olivia made it safely to the other side of the dead fire, then she scowled. "What do you mean why do I scream? You're the one that takes advantage of woman!"

She watched his features closely for any sign of remorse or guilt; all he rewarded her with was smirk and a look that warmed her to her core. The next words enraged her, making her other side flare up. "My dear, I never took advantage of you. You acted like a cat in heat."

He watched with interest the looks that passed across her face and was stunned to see rage in those pretty, brown eyes. "You son-of-a bitch," Olivia growled, "I wasn't in my right mind!"

"I could tell when you clawed my back and screamed for more." He chuckled. Her next move startled Kaane into yelling.

Olivia in one stride cleared the fire and landed on his naked torso. Long, black claws spanned his neck and dug into his spine. Kaane knew one wrong move she could kill him. Her hands tightened, drawing his attention back to her face. Her eyes had gone completely red. The color bled across the entire width of her eye.

He couldn't help but notice how delightfully her small breasts waved in the cool, morning air. A rumbling growl vibrated down her arm and into his neck. His eyes finally met hers and she coughed out in a rough voice, "Look at my face, not at my other body parts."

"My dear Olivia your "other" body parts are slightly more interesting then your face." he said as his hands traced up her thigh that had him pinned to the ground.

Olivia's body shivered, heat pooling at her core. She shrieked at him, "STOP!"

His beautiful eyes met her without a shred of fear, "Why? Don't you like it?"

She snarled in his face flashing large eyeteeth. "If you don't remove your hand I will remove it, and everything else that's sticking up."

Kaane saw her eyes get darker and knew he was only enraging her but he just couldn't help poking fun at her. He moved quickly and twisted, pinning her under him. He had both her hands pinned above her head and winced as she roared and screamed at him. He wasn't watching close enough and she managed to bite deep into his arm.

Blood ran down his arm in rivulets, and stained her mouth and chest red. He grunted in pain and rolled to side, rolling into the ashes of the fire. Faster then he would believe possible she was up and slashing at his chest with her dagger-like claws. He avoided the first one and the second came close to unmanning him. "DAMN WOMAN! CALM DOWN!" he yelled.

She couldn't figure what was causing her arms to act on their own. What was going on? Why couldn't she control the rage that was burning in hot licks up her legs and arms? She moaned in her head as her new claws dug into a branch in the ground, raking thick furrows in the wood. The pleasure that washed up her arm when her nails sliced through it like butter caused a pleasant tingling to spread up her arm.

Her body stopped when she saw no sign of her prey, where did he go.

'He is supposed to be playing with me.' she huffed.

'Playing with us?' she whispered at the voice in her head, 'your acting like your trying to kill him.'

'SILENCE!' the voice screeched at her and blocked her ability to talk.


Kaane watched from a branch high in a cedar tree. He could see her pale body glimmering through the bushes. A dead weight settled on his chest as he thought back to all his studies as a boy. Not long ago he came across a man of her species. Powerful yet unable to control the monster inside, it raged around like a wounded beast. He had ravaged three Elvin villages before they could take him down. The most powerful of warriors couldn't stand against him.

Why did he of all people have to come across another one, and one he had bedded at that? Oh sure she was a nice lay, but she could have easily torn his heart from his body. A shiver cascaded down his body, he would have to either kill her or train her, and neither was appealing. He sighed loudly and dropped from the tree he was hiding in; he searched for a large rock and bounced it in the palm of his hand.

Not only was he going to try to take her to his leader, he was also going to try to stun her. He was just begging to be killed. Kaane heard a scream from about a hundred yards away, and he slipped through the low hanging branches and ghosted up behind her, without making a sound he brought the rock down on her head. Her body dropped automatically and he caught her. When Kaane turned her around, alarm bells went off in his head. Even though her body was limp in his arms, a predatory rage filled her eyes as she stared at him.


"DAMN IT," Thomas yelled as he paced his small room, "WHY CAN'T YOU FIND HER?"

"My lord, she ran into the forest and as humans we cant step foot into it because of the charms the elves set up." spoke a deep gravelly voice from the door.

Thomas spun around, "Darius! I thought you had left."

"No my friend I haven't left, I can't leave. I am now obligated to tell you what I know." Darius whispered slowly, "I thought maybe she would just go on living as a human but I see that's not possible now."

Thomas had never seen such a look of pain on Darius' face, "What do you know?"

Darius looked at Thomas with eyes so black they resembled a starless night, "give me some wine, this story is not going to be pleasant for the ears."

Thomas's footsteps echoed through the room as he walked to a small table with a bottle of wine sitting on it. The red liquid oozed slowly through the lid and pooled in a goblet with agonizing slowness.

Darius winced as the color brought memories of blood that coated his shirt, pants, and even his hair. Unspeakable death, untold horrors await this female. The saddest part is that she would enjoy it, reveal in it like a rampaging wolf or lion. Thomas handed him the goblet and he downed the contents in one straight gulp.

Thomas raised his eyebrows at him.

"Don't give me that look, you have no idea what she is, what she's capable of doing." Darius hissed between his teeth.

Glaring blue eyes meet his smoldering black ones, "I know she is a frightened young woman, just out of her youth. Her father left her with the heavy burden of his name, and then just left her. She has done remarkably well being an outcast, and you have no right to judge Olivia."

Darius's eyes roamed the small room, a small cot and a table was the only things his friend kept. The sound of his sigh filled the room, "I'm not judging her, I'm telling you how she's going to be, and her mind is only going to be filled with one thing....death."

A chair hit the floor with a loud bang, "Damn you, Olivia isn't like that, she doesn't hurt anyone, and she's never wanted to."

"I never said she did old man!" Darius yelled back, "I'm saying that is how she will become, that is her true nature. As much as the Elves enjoy the chase, trolls the pain, and as much as humans love power, she will crave it and grow weak without it."

Thomas fell back on his bed with a groan. As his head hit the pillow, memories of Olivia's father filled his mind.

'Take care of her, for I can not anymore.' A tall, red headed man growled.

'But James, she's your daughter!' Thomas stated with an alarmed look.

James looked down at his pretty daughter and sneered, 'She maybe my blood, but she's nothing like me, take her before I kill her.'

Thomas remembered Olivia hugging his leg, straining away from her father with a look of total terror. James took one more look at his unwanted daughter, turned, and left.

"What else do you know?" Thomas gritted out.

Darius felt a tear slide down his face, "the day after Olivia's father left her, he attacked an elvin village. He killed everyone there. He was a berserker just like her. It made him ferocious in battle, a force to be reckoned with, but he lost control of the shadows and killed for the power. After two weeks of killing, a dark elf named Kaane finally killed him in his sleep. After that the berserker's name was whispered through the dark, becoming the nightmare of legend."

Thomas looked down in shame, he knew James had been a powerful warrior but he never thought his friend could kill like that. He looked back up to Darius, "How do you know about James and his daughter?"

Darius smiled a harsh smile full of teeth, "I'm James's father, and I am also a berserker, though I learned long ago that if I didn't control the shadow they would take over. I learned that after killing my own wife in a fit of rage."


Olivia sobbed in her head. Pain was all she felt. Her head throbbed with every beat of her heart and the whispering was getting stronger. They were like dark shadows closing in on her mind, staining everything about her soul. She tried to think around the red haze, but she was so tired.

'Yes just let us take control, you have nothing to fear, we will take care of you. Just like Thomas.'

"THOMAS!" Olivia screamed, fighting with the strong arms that held her down.

"What's the matter with her? Who is this Thomas?" a soft voice asked

"I have no idea, what's wrong with her or who Thomas is, but I will find out," stated Kaane.

Olivia opened her eyes slowly, and heard a feminine gasp, "Kaane step away, she a berserker!"

Olivia watched Kaane's shapely head turn and glare at a young woman with grey colored skin, "I know this Sasha, do you forget who killed the last one?"

Sasha looked down with a look of guilt, "No, brother I do not."

Olivia watched Sasha quietly leave the room, the door closing with a click. Her eyes flickered back to Kaane and saw him studying her.

"What's your problem hasn't anyone told you staring is impolite?" Olivia murmured.

'I am truly sorry my dear but your to dangerous to not look at." he spoke quietly.

Tears sprang to Olivia's eyes as she tried to sit up, her head burned as if someone poured acid in it. She found that she was wearing a soft, white shift of some gauzy material that left very little to the imagination. Olivia gasped and tried to shield her body, but found her hand loose bound to the bed. "What the hell is this?" She screamed.

'Like I said you're too dangerous, I can't just let you wander around to kill someone." Kaane said as he frowned, "If you did my king would put you down without a second thought. You maybe strong now, but you wouldn't survive his punishment."

Olivia shivered, why had she gotten involved with the Elves; everyone knew they were sadistic.

She fell back down on the bed and huffed, "Well then what do I do now? Am I to just lay here waiting to be killed?"

A bark of laughter sounded through the room, "That my dear is up to me."

A tall slender male walked through the door, his white hair contrasted sharply with his deep black skin.

Kaane quickly stood up and bowed, "My lord, this is the female I found in the woods..."

"It's closer to searching out a female to rape, you ass." Olivia spat out, she received a sharp look of disapproval.

"Oh splendid Kaane, you found yourself a girl. I must say she's entirely out of your league."

Anger flared bright in Kaane's eyes, "Yes my lord she is."

The other elf did not fail to notice the look of hatred on the other man's face; glee filled his chest. "So I'm going to take her off your hands."


A shadow stirred in a dark house, he could feel her power. Her sheer, raw energy that called to his darker half, enflaming his lust and hunger. He felt his canines lengthen. He could smell her blood from miles away. The shadow concentrated on her energy and entered her red hazed mind. Oh yes this was a mind he could bath in. he could read her blood lust and destruction. Oh, she was not aware of it yet, but he could help her unlock that part. His dark soul looked out through her eyes and saw a room filled with leaves and caught a glimpse of two dark elves. Alarm washed through him that was the dark elvin king.

He gathered his shadow and streamed out of the darkened house where he had been staying, His mind was bent on having her, and no one would get in his way.


Olivia was jerked out of the bed and dragged across the threshold of the room. Copper cuffs clicked around her wrists and neck. She pulled away from the overly rough hands that pushed her down a hall. If she had not been so tired, her mind would have been filled with wonder.

Silver branches with black leaves created a canopy and hung to the ground. The floor was black marble with silver highlights. Kaane walked behind her and watch her reactions, he saw grief, anger, and finally wonder. His sadness and anger hit his gut like a steel blade. He knew what is king would do with her; he would use her berserker side as an assassin, as a weapon. Her life will be filled with pain, blood, and death.

Olivia glanced at Kaane and saw a dark anger. It chilled her to the bone and yet made something in her purr. Her attention was caught by the darkness as they stepped through the end of the hall. She expected to see the stars but a pure black greeted them. Olivia's feet stopped, "Where are the stars?" she whispered.

A guard snickered, "We're underground, the stars do not shine for us."

Olivia glanced at him; a short elf with murky grey hair looked back. She saw his eyes span her body. His eyes flared in lust and he took a step forward, but a large hand stopped him before he could take another step forward, "Take one step further and I will rip your head from your body."

Kaane's oil-slick eyes turned blue as the sky and black nails grew from his fingertips, "Or maybe I'll let the Berserker have you, they are known for their love of ripping hearts out of the body of their prey." He whispered into the pointed ear of the smaller elf.

He paled and tried to take a step away from Olivia. To emphasize the point, Olivia tapped into her power and felt her eyes bleed red. She smiled at the male feeling her canines puncture her lips; her nose caught a whiff of urine. Kaane dropped him in disgust, and he bounced like a ball.

The group continued on, his whimpering faded, as they got further and further away.

They passed many buildings, all covered in the same black marble. She saw small murky, brown goblins, blue colored fairies with large swan-like wings. Even an occasional human, though they looked starved and pale. Her eyes landed on a human girl and felt a pang of sorrow. She was wearing nothing but a halter that pushed up her breasts.

Her pale skin had a multitude of small cuts and bite marks. She was just kneeling taking slaps and pinches to her breasts and butt. Her dark hair was dirty and tangled. Olivia pulled away from her guards and ran to the girl. "STOP! DON'T TOUCH HER!" she screamed.

Kaane walked over and grabbed her arm, "What precisely do you think your doing?"

Olivia turned brown eyes up to Kaane's, "Save her please! No one deserves this."

Her hand reached down, cupped the girl's face, and looked into her tired, resigned eyes. Tears dripped onto the young girls face.

"Olivia that girl is a slave that is what she is made for." Kaane said in a harsh voice.

"I know you don't believe that, she is human, as free as me and you. And twice as brave." she sobbed.

A hand grabbed the girl's dark hair and jerked her away from Olivia. Her scream beat against Olivia's ears. She looked up and her eyes fell on the wide girth of a toad-like creature.

"Leave my slave alone girl, or I'll see the same fate for you." he croaked.

Olivia hissed, "Release her you pig!"

"HA! What's a small female like you going to do about it?" he said as his thick lips tried to sneer. His hand smacked hard across her face. Kaane started forward to deal with the wretch, but his ears caught a small hiss.

Kaane saw Olivia's whole body shaking, her tattoos got blacker and her limbs lengthen. She raised her head and everyone took a step back. Her red eyes glared out framed by sable spikes. Her heavy breathing whooshed out as her teeth sprouted out of her gums.

Everyone looked as her shirt ripped down her back as the sable spikes sprouted from her spine.

Crimson eyes locked on the slave owner, promising vengeance. He took a slow step backward and turned. Savage glee burned in her eyes, his one movement triggered her instincts and she moved.


This time she welcomed the rage. Oh, the delicious fire filled her body. Olivia felt her skin split where her spikes jutted out. She wanted blood; she wanted this person's death. Her eyes locked on his body, the smell of fear and adrenaline spiced the air. She watched his webbed foot move and his body whip around. 'Oh yes, run prey run!' her mind shrieked

He was making the hunt more enjoyable. She jumped once and landed hard on his back, boring him to the ground. Black claws sliced though his warty skin and blood drops sprayed across the stone cobbled ground. Some of the blood landed on the small female that scrambled out of the way. Olivia's attention turned back to the piece of filth that dared to hit her.

She saw salty tears run down his green cheeks; apathy filled her mind but the lust overrode her feelings. She quickly grew tired of playing with him, forcing her hand into his back, grabbing hold of his spine, and gave a hard jerk. His spine separated cleanly from his body and it hung limply from her hand.

Her hands dropped it like a piece of trash and she jumped off his back. Unaware of the blood on her body, she walked to the girl but she stopped, blocked by three of her guards. Her deep growl rumbled through her chest. A quick look of fear passed between them and they separated. Olivia knelt down and reached out for the slave.

The girl fainted and Olivia caught her before her head cracked against the hard ground. Kaane laid a shaking hand on her shoulder, "Olivia leave the girl, and we will take care of her."

He met her eyes and was relieved to see their normal brown, he watched her spines recede back into her skin. He pulled her up slowly, and steered her away from the carnage she had spread. The crowd parted and let them through without a sound.

After walking close to an hour, they came to a large house; unlike the rest, it had a shiny jet covering. It was oddly beautiful in a frightening way. Kaane was worried; Olivia had not made a sound after she killed that slave trader. Even he was horrified at how easy she just ripped his spine from his body. Her shift had a scarlet hue from the blood. Her hair, matted to her head with sweat and blood, curled around her face. Holes in the shift let anyone see her body.

An odd filling of protection filled his chest, before he could act on it the door to his king's mansion opened. Kaane pulled Olivia though the door and walked down the black carpeted floor. The smell of blood filled the room with it dark odor. They stopped at a tall, red door and waited.

Silence filled the hall. Its potent magic making the most harden of hearts quiver in fear. Olivia and Kaane met each other eyes and they just stared. They both jumped when the door suddenly opened.

"Please come in Kaane and bring my new pet in with you." a musical voice called out.

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